6 Highest Rated Soft (Plush) Mattresses Reviewed for 2020

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Are you seeking an incredibly comfortable sleeping space to cuddle your body gently at the end of a tough day? Are you a side sleeper of average weight or below? 

If this is what describes you closely, then it is time to take a look at some of the best softer beds the market has to offer. 

These mattresses are popular with a large number of people who find them more conforming than any other type of beds. The fact that they successfully relieve the pressure from critical body parts is another feature that makes them rank so high on the list of many people’s favorites.

However, not everyone would get the same type of positive experience sleeping on these beds. It is thus recommended to explore other greatest mattress options available.

Best Pressure Relief

small product image of Zinus Premium
Best Pressure Relief
Green-tea infusedClick Here for Price
Best Cooling

small Product image of Linenspa 12 inch
Best Cooling
Innerspring supportClick Here for Price
Best Support

small product image of Classic Brands 14 INCH
Classic Brands
Best Support
Gel-infused foamClick Here for Price
Best Bed in a Box

small product image of Ashley Furniture Signature Design
Ashley Furniture Signature Design
Best Bed in a Box
Memory foamClick Here for Price
Ideal for Any Sleep Position

small product image of AmazonBasics 8 inch
Ideal for Any Sleep Position
Conforming memory foamClick Here for Price
Best in Comfort

small product image of Molby 8inch
Best in Comfort
Three layers of memory foamClick Here for Price

6 Top Picks of Extra Soft Mattresses

Zinus - Best Pressure Relief


  • Very comfortable and conforming
  • Solid base foam
  • Green-tea infused
  • Excellent pressure relief

In our opinion, the best soft mattress is the Zinus. It is incredibly cozy, adjustable, and gives you a sense of plush comfort, making you forget about the aches and pressure. That is what customers have to say when it comes to this quality memory foam mattress by Zinus.

This 12″ queen-sized bed incorporates several levels of foam, in charge of providing an ideal combination of proper support and ultimate comfort. A high-density base ensures good support to your body weight, preventing it from collapsing. Comfort layers assist in minimizing the degree of pressure in your neck, shoulders, and hips.

A 2″ memory foam contains green tea and plant oil extracts, creating a pleasantly cool and fresh sleeping environment. Its top microfiber cover integrates another layer of quilted foam, softly contouring around your body. No harmful substances have been added to this product, which is confirmed by the CertiPUR-US certificate.

Linenspa - Best Cooling


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Reliable innerspring support
  • Cooling effect
  • Isolates motion effectively

Freshness and good ability to regulate temperature play a vital role when opting for a new bed. When paired with the feeling of plush comfort and reliable support, it is undoubtedly what you have always dreamt about. The experts at Linenspa created this high-end hybrid bed to help your dream come true.

Once you place your body down onto this 12″-thick bed, your weight gets evenly distributed, even around the mattress edges. That is due to a system of sturdy 8″ coils, each pocketed individually and encased with isolating foam. In practice, this has a significant effect when it comes to reducing the transfer of motion. 

In terms of comfort, this quality option ranks high owing to its rich layers of both comfort and memory foam. Not only will they ensure a cushiony feeling conforming around your body, but will keep you pleasantly fresh as a result of cooling gel added to it. Many customers describe this bed as one of the comfiest products available on the market. 

See more cooling bed options here.

Classic Brands - Best Support


  • Adequate body support
  • High adjustability
  • Gel-infused foam for breathability
  • CertiPUR- US certified

This beautifully quilted two-colored mattress lives up to the expectations of even the pickiest sleepers. It covers all the vital aspects of ensuring an ultimate sleeping experience. These include proper support, extreme coziness, and a high level of breathability. 

A high-density base foam integrated into this widely-sold bed makes sure your body is optimally supported. Topped by a layer of breathable comfort foam, it successfully addresses the issue of pressure and aches in your neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips. The addition of gel beads creates a pleasantly cool sleeping surface, which many sleepers find essential for a sound sleep.

You can be peaceful regarding the product’s safety, as it uses no harmful substances. The CertiPUR-US certificate confirms its quality in terms of performance, durability, and emissions. Finally, this top-class option is suitable for adjustable bases and comes with two foam-filled pillows.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Best Bed in a Box


  • Strong core base for support
  • Highly-adjustable memory foam
  • Cozy, breathable top cover
  • Quick set-up and easy maintenance

This fantastic bed-in-a-box memory foam mattress is made to last and provide you with many years of fast, rejuvenating sleep. It relies on several types of foam, which together contribute to creating a pleasant sleeping environment.

The core foam marked by a high degree of density makes sure the body gets the right type of support. Your spine and neck will align properly, making the pain and pressure go away. At the same time, this quality bed eliminates disturbance by neutralizing the transfer of motion. 

Two layers of memory foam create a highly-comfortable surface to sleep on. It features a great ability to conform to the contours of your body, taking a considerable amount of pressure off your neck, shoulders, and back. A breathable top cover generates an added sense of plush comfort.

Conveniently rolled-up and shipped to your door, it can be set up with minimum effort and in just a few minutes. Seventy-two hours later, you will be able to enjoy the excellent performance and top-class comfort of your fully-inflated new bed.

Check top picks of bed-in-a-box in our guide.

AmazonBasics - Ideal for Any Sleep Position


  • Stable support and even weight distribution
  • Conforming memory foam
  • Suits various types of sleepers
  • CertiPUR-US certified

If you are a type of sleeper looking for an added sense of softness and coziness, this 8″ memory foam model by AmazonBasics will be the right pick for your bedroom. Owing to three different layers of foam combined for the best of performance, it creates a cloud-like sleeping surface that will cuddle your body from head to toe.

Any model needs a durable support layer to ensure stable support and optimal distribution of body weight. With this product, a 4″ dense foam with a wavy top provides not only this but increases the product’s breathability, too. A central comfort foam layer, combined with a 2″ memory foam top join forces in creating a highly-conforming bed, that will help you sink into the world of dreams in no time.

The soft top cover in this comfy option contains no potentially hazardous substances. It is also CertiPUR-US certified in terms of emission, performance, and durability.

Molblly - Best in Comfort


  • High level of comfort
  • Sturdy support
  • Removable cover
  • CertiPUR-US certificate

The quality of sleep is what impacts on the quality of your life and overall well-being. The experts at Molblly are well aware of this, so they integrated their vast knowledge and experience in creating this outstanding mattress. By opting for this widely-sold product, you will get a great deal of comfort and reliable support at a reasonable price.

Three layers of foam are used in creating this bed, each adding to its overall quality. Its base layer makes sure your body gets firm support. At the same time, critical parts typically exposed to a more significant deal of pressure feel the benefits of comfort memory foam. Owing to its high adjustability, your body will feel cradled cozily for a relaxing night.

The safety of this product has been given enough attention, too. It has been certified for durability, contents, and performance with the CertiPUR-US certificate. Its top cover can be removed and washed easily, plus it has the fireproof features.

image of messy white bed

What Users Should Consider Before Buying a Soft Bed

Your Body Weight

What makes an ideal sleeping environment is a matter of our personal preferences. We all have our favorites when it comes to the choice of mattresses, and several factors usually condition this choice. When firmness is in question, it is largely our body weight that plays a role in opting for the right type of bed.

Sleepers of various bodyweight will find different types of mattresses most suitable. That has to do with the kind of support, ache, and pressure relief a bed can provide. When speaking of soft beds, they usually make an ideal match with people who are of average weight or below.

To be more precise, a person who is considered to be of average weight falls between 130 and 230 pounds. Those lighter than this are seen as below average, whereas those weighing above 230 are considered as heavier. So, how can a bed firmness affect the quality of their sleep?

Average weight sleepers (or those below the mentioned borderline) find sleeping on soft mattresses the most enjoyable. While firmer surfaces fail to provide them with a sufficient level of conformity, soft beds allow their bodies to sink in comfortably and feel the full impact of cushiony, adjustable mattresses.

It is, however, not typically the case with heavier individuals. Softer beds may not be sturdy enough to support and distribute the weight of their bodies, making them sink in too deeply. The resulting pressure and pain in the neck, shoulders, hips, and back may present a serious problem in these situations.

If you fall into this category than it’s better to look for a solution in our mattresses for heavy people guide.

Bed's Conforming and Contouring Property

Many sleepers emphasize the high conformity level as one of the decisive features when picking a new model. In other words, a sleeping surface that can contour around their body ensures the maximum level of relaxation and a full rejuvenating effect.

Soft mattresses usually integrate materials such as memory foam or latex, known for their strong ability to adjust to the shape of a sleeper’s body. For many of them, this is one of the major preconditions for sleeping sound throughout the night. Being cuddled comfortably by a soft layer of foam or latex helps these sleepers relax fully, spending an ache-free night.

Softer beds will feature a higher degree of conformity, and they will adhere to the contours of your body in no time. While heavier sleepers may frown upon this idea, average or lighter ones will find it extremely comfortable, providing them with a cloud-like effect for an ultimate sleeping experience.

Your Sleep Position

The way you sleep is what you must not neglect when hitting a store. If, by some chance, you ended up having the wrong model delivered to your door and installed on your bed frame, this can become a source of real trouble.

What is the link between one’s preferred sleeping position and the type of bed they choose, especially when the degree of firmness is in question? This section looks at some of the possibilities and recommends the most optimal types of sleeping surfaces, depending on how you like to sleep for the largest part of the night.

You know you have chosen the right type of mattress if it effectively ensures proper spine alignment as you sleep. Soft beds are generally known as the most efficient in achieving this task. Yet, not all types of sleepers will find them equally satisfactory.

If you sleep on your back, your spine is most likely to maintain its natural alignment. However, side sleepers seem to benefit the most from choosing a soft to medium-firm bed. In addition to keeping their spine properly aligned, these beds remove a substantial amount of pressure from parts, including the neck, shoulders, back, and hips (check for more mattress options for side sleepers here).

Stomach sleepers will, on the other hand, be the least in favor of soft sleeping surfaces. That is due to a sinking-in effect, awkward head position, and increased pressure in the neck and shoulders region. If you already have such problems, search for top mattresses for neck pain instead.

The link between a sleeper’s body weight, preferred sleeping style, and adequate mattress firmness is outlined in the following table:

 of below-average weight (less than 130 pounds)
of average weight (130-230 pounds)
heavier individuals (230 pounds and above)
Side sleepers
soft to medium (3-5 degrees on a mattress firmness scale).medium soft to medium firm (4 to 6 degrees on a firmness scale)medium to medium firm (5 and 6 degrees on a firmness scale)
Back sleepers
medium-soft to medium-firm (4-6 degrees on a mattress firmness scale).medium to firm (5 to 7 or 8 degrees on a firmness scale)medium firm to firm (6 to 7 or 8 degrees on a firmness scale)
Stomach sleepers
medium-soft to medium-firm (4 to 6 degrees on a mattress firmness scale)medium firm to firm 6 to7 or 8 degrees on a firmness scale)medium firm to firm (6 to 7 or 8 degrees on a firmness scale)

What to Look for When Buying a Soft Mattress

Check if Has the Ability to Relieve Pressure

As long as we wake up pain and pressure-free, our bed is serving the right purpose. Unfortunately, this is not what all of us can say about our beds. Once you feel it is time to bring this issue to an end, it is vital to find a proper substitute for your old mattress that will help you forget about the aches and pressure.

Many soft mattresses are designed to address the issue of increased pressure efficiently. Owing to special layers of comfort foam incorporated into the core of such products, many sleepers can feel a significant improvement in the overall level of comfort, with the neck, shoulders, and back pain vanishing for good.

More great bed options for back pain relief here.

Check the Thickness of the Mattress

To avoid the inconvenience of buying a mattress that does not fit your bed frame/base in terms of thickness, always keep this feature in mind when opting for a new bedding product. Since they incorporate several layers of various types of foam, some of these beds can be on a thicker side, reaching a height of 16’’ or even higher. 

image of extra soft mattress

Check the Price

Most of us do not have money to burn, right? So, investing in a new one requires careful planning, and you should take some time to find best mattress for the money. Several quality products from this group are available at an affordable price, though finding the best one can require a bit of research.

Which price category do most soft mattresses fit in, compared with other products available on the market? It is the material used in making these models that determines how much such beds typically cost. Moreover, the type of design and construction can also make a considerable difference when the cost is concerned. 

A quality soft mattress can offer both sturdy support and a desired level of comfort. To achieve this, manufacturers typically incorporate several layers of different types of foam (high-density, comfort, memory). These may make the price of the final product go up a little. 

Some thinner, less reliable bed options can be obtained at a lower price. However, the performance, durability, and longevity of such items may often be somewhat questionable. 

On the other end of the scale, luxury models featuring top-class, natural materials can be rather costly.

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Other Deciding Factors to Consider

Using the Right Pillow

Those who are in favor of soft beds know that one of their most prominent characteristics is the sink-in effect they generate. Ther adjust to the shape of your body, so that it creates an imprint which follows its contours, for the maximum level of coziness.

Have you also considered all the available options when picking a pillow that will make an ideal match for your new soft mattress? Having in mind that your body sinks in to a certain extent while you sleep, it is essential to keep your head properly supported, too.

Most sleepers find low-profile, thinner pillows most suitable for these types of beds, as they are least likely to cause pain in the neck and shoulders area.

Flippable Mattress Options

Do you really need to pick just one type of bed and take it home, wracking your brain about whether you had made the right choice or not? What if your sleeping preferences change after a while, but a new mattress is nowhere on your shopping list?

Certain manufacturers offer a convenient solution for indecisive individuals or sleepers with multiple preferences. What they have in store are the so-called flippable options. In these beds, a common core is topped by two layers marked by a different firmness level. 

Even if you have a sudden change of mind regarding your favorite type of sleeping surface, all it takes is to flip your mattress over, and the transformation happens right in front of your eyes.

Take Advantage of Sleep Trials

Can you be sure at all times that the choice of mattress you have just made is what you actually need and will live up to your expectations? You are right – most of us will find it rather challenging to make this decision on the spot.

That is why a visit to a mattress showroom should be informative and give you a clearer picture of what you want, but not necessarily be the spot of final decision. It often takes quite some time before you give your new bed thumbs up!

Bedding products manufacturers are familiar with this issue. As a result, to make their customers happy and satisfied, a lot of them allow for a trial period, usually lasting between three to four months.

Once you have no doubt your new bed is your new best friend, you are ready to continue sleeping peacefully and uninterruptedly for many nights to come.

Always Read Warranty Coverage

On some occasions, the new product that has recently been delivered to your door may show signs of deterioration quite too soon. Furthermore, damages, indentations, odor, or similar problems may be the reason why you want to return a product, substitute it with another one, or have your money refunded as well. 

Before purchasing a bedding product, you should make yourself familiar with the type of warranty your new bed is subject to. In practice, this involves learning about the kind of warranty, how long it lasts and what type of deficiency is recognized as the subject of warranty. 

In most cases, if your soft mattress sags more than 1 to 1.5 “, you can expect it to be repaired or replaced with another one. Sometimes this will be done free of charge, whereas in some situations you will be charged a certain (usually smaller) amount of money.

Choosing Dual Firmness Options

Your partner’s sleeping preferences can be quite different from yours. While in theory this does not have to look like a serious issue, in real life, it can be a source of great frustration. While a soft bed can be your dream come true, your partner can see it as their worst nightmare.

Is there a way to overcome this problem and help both partners get plenty of quality sleep they both deserve? It sounds like a mission impossible when traditional mattresses are concerned, as their level of firmness is the same across the entire surface.

Yet, certain manufacturers have come up with a way to cater to the varying needs of both partners. It has been done by designing dual firmness mattresses, i.e., products which feature two halves of different firmness levels. They ensure the type of surface that suits each person, contributing to the quality of sleep.

The only downside of these products lies in the fact that they typically cost considerably more compared to standard models.

For more outstanding mattresses for couples check our full list here.

image of parents and daughter

Overview of a Soft Mattress

Mattress Firmness Level

The firmness level is probably the first and foremost feature you need to consider when purchasing a new mattress. Nevertheless, many people feel puzzled when having to opt for one particular type. How can one be sure they have made the most optimal choice?

This characteristic is rather tricky to define, as it widely depends on an individual’s personal sleeping preference. Namely, different sleepers may perceive the same sleeping surface in a completely different way. What may feel too hard for one can feel soft and cozy to another person.

So, is it possible to demystify the notion of firmness? The answer is yes, and it can be achieved by referring to the mattress firmness scale. It provides the basic features and guidelines regarding this characteristic.

There are four types of beds, their firmness ranging from 1 to 10 on the scale. These include soft, medium-soft, medium-firm, and firm ones.

  • Soft beds are labeled as level 1 or 2 and are marked by the weakest level of support. They conform closely to the shape of the sleeper’s body, making it sink in deeply. They suit side sleepers of average or lower weight and are good at relieving excessive pressure.
  • Medium-soft beds ensure a somewhat stronger level of support and fit within levels 3 and 4 on the scale. They are highly conforming, although not the best solution for people with back issues.
  • Most sleepers will find medium-firm beds most appealing. They meet the needs of sleepers who seek both conformity and solid support core. Their firmness level on the scale typically ranges between 5 and 7.
  • Firm beds, ranging between 7 and 10, do not allow your body to sink into the mattress but keep it firmly on its top surface. Though some sleepers may find them uncomfortable, heavier individuals and those dealing with back pain issues sleep best on this kind of surface.

What is a Soft Mattress?

In this section, we take a closer look at soft mattresses, what they are, and what kind of sleepers they suit best. 

A soft mattress is the one whose firmness level ranges between 1 and 4. Still, it is essential to note that barely any of these products are labeled by level 1 firmness. What you also need to keep in mind is that these products will not be able to provide substantial support to your body.

Speaking of comfort, these items ensure a high degree of coziness. They cuddle your body, gently adhering to its contours. Side sleepers will find this particularly beneficial, as these beds successfully cut down the amount of pressure such sleepers experience in their neck or hips.

Memory foam is the most commonly used type of material when these products are concerned. To achieve such a high degree of softness, several layers of material need to be incorporated. That may drive up the cost of these beds.

Due to a lack of a solid core, soft beds are likely to lose their shape sooner than some other types.  Some customers may see it as a serious downside. Heavier individuals suffering from backache or other spine-related issues should definitely avoid these products and look for more adequate solutions.

What are the Drawbacks?

What are the things customers most frequently complain about when soft mattresses are concerned? What follows is a list of commonly recognized drawbacks.

It's Harder to Move on a Soft Bed

The very moment you lie down on one of these bedding products, you will feel its ultimate level of comfort. Of course, this is true when sleepers who favor this kind of surfaces are in question. 

Still, one thing they all feel cross about is the fact that moving on these beds tends to be quite hard. That is the case both when sleeping, but also sitting on most of them. It can be explained by the simple fact that there are no firm cores or bouncy coil structures inside them. Quite the contrary – it is the sink in effect that primarily marks them.

Not Responsive

Unlike models containing a system of inner coils known for their high degree of responsiveness, soft beds belong to the group of least responsive bedding items. In other words, once your body sinks in cozily into its surface, there will be no bouncing-back effect.

People looking for a highly responsive bedding solution will find them rather disappointing in this respect. That is particularly true of sexually active couples. For them, soft beds may feel somewhat uncomfortable and feature a rather poor performance.

Will Sag and Form Indentations Over Time

Strong support is not what you should be looking for in one of these products. Since their core is usually not on the firmer side, they have a higher tendency to form indentations and sag.

If this is your favorite type of bed, you should be aware that you may have to replace it sooner than you have planned in the first place.

Not Recommended for Hot Sleepers

What contributes to a high degree of softness in these items largely rests upon the type of material they are made of. Memory foam is the number one material the vast majority of these products contain.

Unfortunately, no matter how much they enjoy the coziness they offer, hot sleepers will not be so thrilled when we talk about their thermo-regulation features. As is known, memory foam is a dense material that tends to retain body heat.

As it sinks into it quite deeply, the heat your body releases will remain trapped inside a mattress. It can seriously deteriorate the quality of your sleep.

Off-Gassing Problem

Various types of foam, the primary material most soft beds are made of, is a combination of different chemicals. These are usually polyfoams and memory foams, which sometimes have a bad reputation for producing unpleasant odors.

It is called off-gassing and is typically more intense during the first couple of days your new mattress is unpacked and set up. Though the unpleasant smell goes away quickly in most cases, sometimes it tends to persevere much longer, affecting the quality of one’s sleep negatively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Older People Use a Soft Mattress?

No mattress will make an ideal match for all types of sleepers. On the contrary, each of us has specific preferences and expectations we seek in a perfect mattress. It is usually not our age, but the overall physical condition of our body that may call for a particular type of bed.

When it comes to senior citizens, the first thing that comes to our mind is possible health issues, most of them relating to the neck, spine, lumbar area, and hips. A highly soft bed is usually not recommended to such individuals, for two primary reasons. A medium to firmer mattress will ensure a better spine alignment and make getting in and out of bed significantly easier than a soft one would do.

Check more reliable bed options for seniors, here.

Can it Cause Back Pain?

A mattress you chose should be able to ensure plenty of sound, rejuvenating, pain-free sleep. To avoid possible mistakes when picking the best one for you, keep in mind its essential features and your needs as a sleeper. To those looking for the best soft bed, its ability to keep you free of ache is vital.

However, some sleepers may experience a great deal of discomfort after spending a night in one such bed. People who weigh 230 pounds or above are the riskiest group who may feel the negative effects of a bed which is excessively soft. Those sleeping on their stomach will most likely feel the same type of consequences, resulting in persistent back pain.


Many people take a great deal of pleasure sleeping on soft mattresses. A wide array of these products available on the market today leaves customers spoilt for choice. Before opting for one of these models, do a bit of research to make sure it will cater to all of your needs and sleeping preferences.

What numerous satisfied customers find most appealing about these products is the high level of comfort and conformity they provide. Cuddling your body softly and giving it the feeling of sleeping on a real cloud, they contribute to a great, rejuvenating sleeping experience.

So, if you are certain this is what you need to get plenty of deep, pressure-free, energizing sleep, hit the store and dream away on your own sleeping cloud.

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