Our 10 Highest Rated Sofa Beds Reviewed for 2020

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Do you often find yourself in a situation where you have an unexpected guest coming for a sleepover? If this is the case and you don’t want them waking up with neck pain, you should consider investing in a proper sofa bed.

This piece of furniture is a favorite choice of many due to its practical design which can fit any room. With many manufacturers, including this item in their offer, you can now easily find modern and fashionable pieces.

We’ve put together a list of top sofa beds to help you in making the right decision.

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Best Inflatable

Small Product image of Intex
Best Inflatable
AirbedClick Here for Price
Best Modern Design

Small Product image of Convertible Coaster Home Furnishings Convertible
Coaster Home Furnishings
Best Modern Design
Vinyl bedClick Here for Price
Best Adjustable

Small Product image of Dilleston Sleeper
Best Adjustable
Dilleston Sleeper
Black leatherette with two rows of white stitching and button tuftingClick Here for Price
Best Innerspring

Small Product iamge of Frame and Mattress Set Futon
Raw Futons
Best Innerspring
Mocha finish frame and an innerspring mattress Click Here for Price
Best Convertible

Small Product image of Jerry Sales
Jerry Sales
Best Convertible
Hardwood frame and an 8-inch coil mattressClick Here for Price
Best Functional

Small Product image of Giantex Fold Down
Best Functional
The superior sponges and the flocking surface of the mattressClick Here for Price
Most Durable

Small Product image of Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens
Most Durable
Metal construction with 8-inch coil mattressClick Here for Price
Most User-friendly

Small Product image of FDW
Most User-friendly
The fabric is made from PU leather with pocket coil seatingClick Here for Price
Most Budget Friendly

Small Product image of E M I L Y
Most Budget Friendly
Made with tufted faux leather upholsteryClick Here for Price
Ideal for Gaming

Small Product image of Merax Floor Sofa
Ideal for Gaming
Steel frame and
waterproof and anti-dirty surface
Click Here for Price

Our 10 Best Convertible Sofa Bed Reviews

Intex - Best Inflatable


  • Queen-size couch
  • Practical for storage and travel
  • Spacious enough for two people

In our opinion, the best inflatable sofa bed is Intex.

Are you looking for a low-cost couch that will provide you with sufficient room for two people to sleep on it without having to crouch? Intex Inflatable Bed may be an excellent choice for you.

A convenient 2-in-one system can convert this comfortable couch in a Queen-size bed in no time. An easily foldable item, this product is a perfect choice for a camping trip or for anyone lacking space. You can inflate and deflate it within minutes using two valves. A pump is not included.

Apart from providing a comfortable base for sleeping, this piece of furniture also has backrest and armrest for a pleasant sitting experience. Bear in mind that the humidity, location, and the overall temperature may affect the firmness of the bed. You may need to periodically re-inflate the couch to maintain the desired level of firmness.

The measurements may vary depending on how the customer inflated the couch. With that in mind, the airbed measures 76 x 87 x 26 inches.

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Coaster Home Furnishings - Best Modern Design


  • Couch which converts into a futon
  • Removable armrests
  • Material is vinyl

The simple and modern design of Convertible Sofa Bed in brown vinyl will accentuate your living room by providing it with a fashionable look. This versatile couch, which transforms into a futon by simply folding the back will serve a dual purpose, enabling you to accommodate your guests quickly.

The short chrome legs and the button tufting add to the modern design, with large removable armrests serving as pillows while sleeping. The futon can accommodate two persons with a weight limit of 300 lbs.

The brown leatherette sofa comes with a kiln-dried wood frame and comfortable foam seating. It requires assembling.

Dilleston Sleeper - Best Adjustable


  • Finish color is chrome
  • Assembly is required

A sofa which quickly transforms into a futon, this product will be your favorite place for lounging and relaxing. Equipped with adjustable armrests and a cushioned pillow-top seating, Dilleston Sleeper Couch is an excellent choice for anyone requiring a couch and a comfortable bed in one.

Upholstery is made of black leatherette with two rows of white stitching and button tufting. The legs are made of metal, and a frame is from solid wood with foam for superior support. The modern and simple design make this piece of furniture easily combined with other items in the room.

The assemblage is required, but it’s a piece of cake, and you will have your sofa in no time. Transforming it into a futon is equally easy, only recline its back and put the armrests to the side. The manufacturer also offers a matching chaise and a storage ottoman, so, you can have the whole set if you wish.

Raw Futons - Best Innerspring


  • Choice of colors
  • Full size
  • Aspen style

This lovely looking futon with mocha finish frame and an innerspring mattress will provide you with the much-needed back support while giving your room a sophisticated and stylish look.

Colorado Reclaim Sofa with its space-saving design is made from saddle leather and hardwood which is grown on a plantation. The innerspring mattress comes vacuum-packed and, after it inflates, it measures around 7 inches. The suede fabric is equipped with 294 coil-hinged density foam.  

The couch requires assembling, but with straightforward instructions, you will have your piece of furniture in no time. When converted into a bed, this product reaches full size. The mattress provides a sturdy yet comfortable feeling for uninterrupted sleep.

Jerry Sales - Best Convertible


  • Sofa dimensions 80X37X33 inches
  • Bed dimension 80X54.5X22 inches
  • Frame is Queen size
  • Assembly required

Jerry Sales Eldorado Futon features a hardwood frame and an 8-inch coil mattress. The frame system makes it easy to transform this sofa into a real bed, perfect for overnight guests. The tufted mattress from suede microfiber fabric exists in various colors.

The manufacturer offers the possibility of buying a drawer set to help you with the storage. Pillows are not included. The construction provides sturdy support while making everyone feel comfortable on it. 

The product comes in boxes, and assembly is required. The instructions are clear and easy-to-follow. Do not worry about the mattress, when it inflates after two or three hours, and it gives a firm and comfortable feeling.

Giantex - Best Functional


  • Versatile usage
  •  sofa, a bed, and a laid-back lounge
  • Fixed “magic sticks” for enhanced security

This tri-fold sofa bed from Giantex is a great solution for apartment dwellers and anyone else lacking space. Its innovative design enables you to use this product not only as a sofa but as a bed as well. What’s more, two fixed magic sticks on both sides of the cushion will give the extra security for your back while you use it in the sofa position.

The superior sponges and the flocking surface of the mattress will provide you with a comfortable experience. The ergonomic design and simple appearance make this item a great place for lounging and relaxing. The brown colored cover is skin-friendly and removable.

Apart from saving you a lot of space, this affordable piece of furniture will come in handy when you have guests staying over.

Better Homes and Gardens - Most Durable


  • Full-sized futon
  • Easy assembling is required
  • Metal construction with 8-inch coil mattress

If you are looking for a new trendy addition to your living space, the modern and practical Better Homes and Gardens Futon may be the right choice for you. This sofa is made from a durable and stable metal frame with solid wooden arms.

The oatmeal linen color mattress covered with soft twill will blend with any room design. This 8-inches thick futon mattress has independently encased coils in quality foam, which provide comfort and ensure durability. When laid down, the bed reaches full size with a weight limit of 600 lbs.

The product requires assembling, and all the necessary instructions and equipment are provided. The couch transforms into a cozy bed instantly and doesn’t entail any effort. The soft twill cover makes it an excellent choice for any room décor.

FDW - Most User-friendly


  • Corner sofa
  • Adjustable seats
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Sponge is highly-resilient

FDW Sectional Couch is an excellent option for anyone looking for a spacious corner sofa which they wish to arrange to their needs. The included seats can be mixed and matched to make a shape that will best fit your room. The fabric is made from PU leather with pocket coil seating.

This modern sofa is easily combined with other pieces of furniture due to its simple and effective design and black color. It comes with two removable matching cushions made of dense foam. The frame construction is from wood with a practical metal mechanism.

This piece of furniture is spacious enough to accommodate you and your children, providing everyone with sufficient place to enjoy sitting and relaxing in front of a TV. The chaise is about 75.2-inches long, giving you enough room to doze off while watching your favorite show. When transformed into the bed, it will reach Queen size.

The material is resistant to stains as well as moisture; you will only need a cloth to wipe off the excess liquid. The assembling is simple, and you only need to connect four legs and two hooks to the product. All the necessary tools are shipped with the product.

E M I L Y - Most Budget Friendly


  • Convertible couch
  • Vanilla color
  • Modern and sophisticated design

If you are on a budget and you are searching for a modern and stylish convertible sofa, opt for this vanilla white Emily Couch. Made with tufted faux leather upholstery, this beautiful lounge furniture with elegant chrome legs would fit perfectly in almost any home.

A versatile piece of furniture in L shape, this couch is easily transformed into a comfortable futon, suitable for guests staying over. The sophisticated look and design will brighten up the room and offer plenty of space for sitting. The chaise measures 61.4 inches in length and 30 inches in width, with a height of 32 inches.

The transformation from couch to a sleeper is quick and simple. The sleeping dimensions are 70 x 30 x 15.4 inches, which some may find unusual because it does not fit standard US bed sizes. However, the spaciousness of the product, as well as its sturdy support, will make up for it.

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Merax - Ideal for Gaming


  • Floor sofa
  • Steel frame with five different positions
  • Waterproof and anti-dirty surface

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution for your kids’ leisure activities, check Merax Foldable Floor Couch. The black folding floor sofa comes with two leather pillows for extra comfort. It’s a great piece of furniture not only for your kids but for you as well, and it can be used for watching TV, relaxation, and reading.  

The couch is equipped with a durable steel frame, which the option to adjust the back part in 5 different positions. The surface is PU leather, which is tear-resistant as well as waterproof. The inside is filled with high-density foam for superior comfort.

Another great thing about this product is that it is lightweight, so you can move it without breaking a sweat. A quick assembly is required with all the instructions included. You can use it as a chair, lounge, or for sleeping.

Image of girl using laptop

Features to Look For When Buying a Fold Out Sofa Bed

Is it Comfortable?

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself when you go sofa bed-hunting is what is the primary role of this sofa. Is it mostly for sitting or for guests staying over? If you mainly use it for sitting, focus on the comfort that a mattress provides.

Memory foam mattresses will isolate motion transfer and relieve pressure points, enabling you to sleep without interruptions. Apart from choosing a superior mattress, a solid frame made from either wooden slats or wire-mesh support will ensure the construction can hold the mattress and people on it. Go for mattresses that are 5+ inches thick to ensure you and your guests don’t feel the coils or the metallic bars on your back.

Another thing you should consider is how easy the couch transforms into a bed. It would be best if you could find a piece that can be unfolded by a single person.

Is it Durable?

When purchasing a sofa bed, you need to take into consideration how often you will be using it. If this couch is intended for guests who come once in a while, consider a less-extravagant model. If, however, you and your visitors will be frequent users of this sofa, search comfortable and durable options.

Also, if you are thinking about moving a lot, a lighter product which is also a space saver should be a better alternative. Alternatively, if you have already settled, you can be free to choose whichever model you wish and can afford. If your room dimensions allow it, it may be best to opt for a more substantial couch which will provide comfort and space.

The luxurious sofa beds often come with many years of warranty, which can also cover manufacturing flaws. Be sure you check all of this before you purchase the wanted couch.

Who Made it?

With so many options on the market, it may be challenging to find the right couch for you. To narrow down the possibilities, make a list of the desired features you wish your piece of furniture would have. Opt for manufacturers who build durable and long-lasting sofas with a warranty. 

What are the Materials Used to Build it?

As it is the case with any other type of bed or mattress, materials used in the construction of couches are equally important. The frame should be made from a durable and firm material such as metal, hardwood, or a mixture of furniture-grade plywood and hardwood. Similarly, a mattress should provide sufficient support and ensure you don’t feel the sturdy base.

Today’s market offers numerous choices of mattresses ranging from bouncy innerspring to comfortable, plush memory foam. It is up to you to pick the one that suits your needs the most.

Other Key Factors to Consider for "Hide a Beds"

Where to Place the Couch Bed?

One of the key considerations when buying a new couch is the space in which you are going to put it. A living room couch needs to blend in with the rest of the furniture, but be attractive and trendy at the same time. If, however, you are looking for a couch for your study or den, choose practicality over style.

If you lack space and you still need a convertible sofa, think about a loveseat or a great futon. They are great space-savers and will serve the dual purpose you need. If you are not space-constrained, consider buying a traditional couch that can quickly unfold and provide your guests and you with both space and comfort.

Image of sofa bed in living room

Do You Really Need it?

If you lack space in your house or an apartment and you have frequent visitors in need of a place to sleep, sofa beds come really handy. Unlike inflatable beds that never provide the needed support and may fail you in the middle of the night, couches are a safe option. With their dual purpose of providing a cozy seating area during the day and a comfortable solution for the night, sofas have been a popular choice of many for years.

Sofas not only save the precious space and offer a bed for your wearying guests but also are easily transformed from one thing into another.

What are the Benefits?

Doesn't Take Much Space in a Room

For many people, especially in cities, space is a precious thing. In order to use it to the best of their ability, many people will choose a sofa bed for its versatile and space-saving features. Having such a piece of furniture in your room, you have a place you lounge and sit, and at night sleep.

With the space saved by this kind of product, you have more room for other furniture.

Extra Bed for Guests

We all wish to be great hosts whose guests will feel relaxed and well-rested. To ensure this, it is always better to provide your visitors with a comfortable option that will not cause neck pain and soreness. Inflatable beds, although an affordable option, won’t provide the coziness of a couch.

See more mattress options for guest bedrooms.

Easy to Store

Many sofa beds come with a storage area in which you can put extra pillows and quilts which you do not use on a daily basis. Also, by providing a sleeping area as well, the couches serve as an excellent substitute for inflatable beds which regardless of their practicality, also take space when stored.

If you’re interested in other space saver solutions, take a look at our overall top storage beds list.

Easy to Set up

One thing we probably all love about sofas is the ease with which we can transform it into a bed. With just one or two moves, you get the bed which only requires bedding and pillows and its ready for sleeping.

Additional Information: What is a Sofa Bed?

A sofa bed is a place for lounging and relaxation during the day, and sleeping during the night. This piece of furniture is a favorite choice of many due to its practicality and functionality. By buying this item, you get a comfortable couch to enjoy during the day while watching a film and an excellent solution for accommodating guests.

A couch usually consists of a sturdy frame made of metal or wood which must be resilient to endure constant change from one form to the other. On top of the base construction is the mattress. The manufacturers offer many choices of mattresses, so make sure you choose the one you like the best.

Parts of a Sofa Bed


The spring’s structure is made of coils covered with a polyurethane layer, which provides springy and firm support, similar to innerspring mattresses. The density of the coils should be around 345, with higher quality being anything twice above this number.

Air Coil

In most cases, they are much cheaper, especially if you take into account that conventional beds require both a frame and a mattress. That can increase the cost manifold.

Great foldable mattresses are also cheaper than good folding beds and sofas. So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add an extra bed to your cramped apartment, they can be the ideal solution.


The frame is the base and the skeleton of a sofa bed. This part must be made from durable and high-quality materials, which will ensure that the couch can go back and forth without wearing and tearing. Two most popular options for this part are metal and wood. Although metal is a sturdy material, kiln-dried hardwood is considered to be the superior option.

Many manufacturers offer frames from pine or other more pliable which are aesthetically pleasing, but they won’t hold as long as hardwood. Another feature you should pay attention to are the edges. The smooth, rounded corners are a much better option than the rough ones which can tear and rip materials and cause injuries.


The thing that everyone first notices is the mattress. In sofas, the bed does not only serve its primary purpose of providing the desired level of comfort and firmness, but it also shapes the entire look of the couch. Because of this, many manufacturers offer versatile choices of fabrics and colors of mattresses, which can fit everyone’s needs.

Memory Foam

The benefits of memory foam are now widely familiar. Its ability to conform to the shape of a body, isolating motion transfer, and relieving pressure points, is the reason why this invention has been so popular. Its features benefit many but remain most popular with side sleepers who find troubles in relieving pressure from their shoulders and hips.

Popular Sofa Bed Styles Available in the Market

A Frame

This type of couch requires you to pull forward lower part of the bed, which in turn unfolds its ‘A-shaped’ structure into a bed with a flat surface for sleeping. You can transform it back into the sofa position by pulling it up and back.


Corner sofas are usually one of the most stylish options with an additional platform located beneath, which easily aligns with the rest of the couch by simply pulling it out. In most cases, the sleeping area doubles when the platform is raised.

Image of corner bed

Folding Futon

A folding futon is designed for regular sleep use, and it features either memory foam or innerspring mattresses. This mattress is folded beneath the sofa, and it can be unfolded in just two moves. This kind of furniture provides comfortable sleeping conditions.

Clic Clac

Clic Clac probably has the simplest conversion mechanism which involves a slight push of the back part of the sofa to unlatch the locking system, after which the couch unfolds into a flat surface.


A conventional style couch, this piece of furniture transforms into a flat sleeping surface by almost-vertically pulling the seating up to release the lock, and pull it back down.

View our best pull-out sofa bed guide.


This type of sofa has a drawer beneath the couch. It transforms into a flat surface by pulling out the drawer from beneath. After this, the bed pulls up, and the legs fold to situate over the drawer.


If you lack space, a cantilever sleeper chair may be the best choice for you. When unfolded, this chair reaches the twin-sized bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy a Couch Bed?

Today’s market is abundant with couch choices. Ranging from more traditional ones, such as pull-out beds, to stylish and spacious corner sofas, you can easily find whatever you want. If you opt for online purchase, your possibilities will be endless, just read the product specifications and customer reviews.

Are Pull-out Types Comfortable?

Yes. Pull-outs usually include a set of comfortable cushions, suitable for hours of cozy sitting in front of the TV. Similarly, the mattress that unfolds after you pull it is usually thick enough to provide pleasant conditions for sleeping.

Which Brand is the Cheapest?

Majority of brands offer both luxurious and more affordable options, which are suitable for anyone’s budget. Depending on what type of couch you are searching for, make a list of priorities and feature you wish to have, and then start looking.


Sofa beds can do wonders to your living space; you just need to find the one that will fit your surroundings the best. Couches, ranging from traditional-styled ones to modern and trendy can brighten up your room and provide you with a lounging place you won’t be able to leave.

Apart from being a synonym for coziness and relaxation in many homes, sofa beds are an excellent option for anyone lacking space for a guest room. With this type of furniture, you won’t have to worry about accommodating unexpected guests and family members.

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