5 Highest Rated Serta iComfort Beds

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If you are hunting for a new bed and you are thinking whether or not Serta should be on your list, or which of their products is the most suitable for you, don’t worry. We’ve made a list of top Serta iComfort Mattresses to help you with your choice.

Apart from offering you our top 5 picks, we’ve also made a guide which can assist you in your shopping. Or, if you’re looking to expand your search even further, meander through our great beds guide.

Best Support

small product image of Blue 300
Blue 300
Best Support
The upper layer of memory foam is infused with gel beadsClick Here for Price
Best Cooling

small product image of Blue 1000
Blue 1000
Best Cooling
The highly responsive memory foamClick Here for Price
Best Versatility

small product image of Blue 100
Blue 100
Best Versatility
TempActiv Gel Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best Pressure Relief

small product image of Blue 200
Hybrid Plush Fusion 200
Best Pressure Relief
Hybrid coil support systemClick Here for Price
Best Hybrid

small product image of 500820873-1050
Best Hybrid
The hybrid coils and the specialty foamsClick Here for Price

5 Highest Rated Serta iComfort Beds Reviewed

Serta iComfort Blue 300 - Best Support


In our opinion, the best Serta iComfort mattress is the Blue 300.

Are you looking for a bed that will give your body proper support? If this is the case, you should consider Serta iComfort Blue 300 mattress. The high-quality, 11.25 inches thick design will ensure you rest and uninterrupted sleep.

A five-layer construction has a durable base made from Ultimate Edge Foam Support Core, which strengthens the edges and ensures stability and durability. The Deep Reaction™ Memory Foam will give the firm feel and significant support. The upper layer of memory materials is infused with millions of gel beads, which help in the cooling process by storing and dissipating heat.

The foam will contour and shape with your body, relieving you of pressure and distributing the weight evenly. The beads will create a pleasant and comfortable environment for sleeping, making sure you don’t wake up hot in the middle of the night. The construction is compatible with different frames, including slatted frames, adjustable foundations, as well as box springs.

Serta iComfort Blue 1000 - Best Cooling


  • Six layers
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Great cooling

You won’t have to worry about sleeping hot anymore if you opt for Serta iComfort Blue 1000 mattress. This product is 12.5 inches thick, and it consists of 6 layers that cushion your body and offer support.

Strong and durable edges and the base is ensured thanks to Ultimate Edge Foam Core, which will keep the bed construction firm and stable. TempActiv™ Max Gel Memory foam consists of millions of beads that do wonders for heat dissipation by storing the excessive heat and dispersing it around the mattress. The additional cooling feature is included in the cover, which is cool to touch, which helps you fall asleep.

Although the product offers a firm level of comfort, the highly responsive memory foam will provide cushion-firm feeling, enabling your body to feel comfortable during sleep. This highly recommended product is also suitable for different bed surfaces, including adjustable foundations, box springs, and slatted frames, making it a practical item for purchasing.

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Serta iComfort Blue 100 - Best Versatility


  • Gentle-firm comfort
  • Versatile
  • Good at temperature regulation

Serta iComfort Blue 100 in queen size will provide you with gentle firm feeling and make your nights pleasant and comfortable. TempActiv is there to keep the mattress cool and help you sleep better.

The construction is 12.3 inches thick, and it consists of three layers. The Ultimate Edge Foam core provides stability, strengthening the edges and providing a stable base for the bed. The middle part consists of EverCool Gel Memory Foam, which not only regulates the temperature and ensures cool nights but also keeps your body pressure and pain-free. 

The top TempActiv Gel Memory Foam does wonders for temperature regulation thanks to infused gel beads that capture and dissipate heat. The construction will support every curve on your body and ensure a comfortable sleep. The high-quality materials ensure durability.

The mattress is highly versatile, and it’s suitable for all bed frames, including adjustable foundations, slatted frames and box springs.

Serta iComfort Hybrid Plush Fusion 200 - Best Pressure Relief


  • Queen size only
  • Plush soft feeling
  • Hybrid construction

If you are looking for a comfortable bed that will provide you soft comfort and pressure relief in one, consider Serta iComfort Hybrid 200 mattress. Its hybrid construction will provide you with everything you need for uninterrupted and pleasant sleep.

The durable and stable design of this product, which measures around 13.5 inches in height, consists of multiple layers. Serta hybrid coil support system keeps everything stable and ensures your body receives the needed support.  The TempActiv gel memory materials improves breathability, whereas EverCool Gel Foam not only creates a cool atmosphere but also deals with pressure relief.

The cover is made from TempAciv Balance Fabric, which gives a plush feeling, while it also regulates both moisture and temperature.

Serta iComfort Hybrid - Best Hybrid


  • Hybrid construction
  • Good at temperature regulation
  • Suitable for Serta adjustable beds

Serta iComfort Hybrid bed in gray color is created to provide the ultimate comfort, making you feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud. The queen size product will enable you to rest and wake up full of energy.

The hybrid construction, which measures 14 inches in height, consists of five layers.  The hybrid coils serve as a base and ensure stability and durability. The specialty foams provide comfort and ensure proper airflow, which keeps your bed cool and the nights pleasant.

You won’t have to worry about waking your partner with your tossing and turning since the construction is built in such a way to isolate motion transfer. The searchable knit quilted pillow offers coziness and regulates temperature, creating a cool and comfortable sleeping environment.

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Buyer's Guide for Serta iComfort Mattress


One of the first things we all think when we go mattress shopping is a comfort. Since comfort is quite subjective and varies from person to person, Serta made sure that everyone’s taste is taken into consideration. Some people will say that an ideal bed is the one with lots of coils that provide bouncy effect, whereas the others will say the sinking hug is the best feeling in the world.

It is entirely up to you to choose which suits you the best. Serta creates all kinds of mattresses, so you only need to find the right one for you.

Material and Construction

Serta’s iComfort multi-layer construction ensures a proper level of comfort and durability. With its hybrid structure and the use of different materials, these mattresses provide the sleeper with a comfortable sleep. The materials such as latex (top bed picks here), memory foam, gel, and coils ensure a peaceful sleep.

The hybrid construction provides the benefits of all the materials used and abolishes the negative sides of each. Therefore, if you choose an option with, e.g., coils and memory foam, you can rest assured that the foam will eliminate the overly springy feeling the coils may produce, whereas you won’t sink as much into the material due to coil base. Therefore, hybrid beds may be the most suitable option for the numerous benefits they have.

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image of iComfort layers


The support refers to the way your body interacts with the bed and to the feeling you get while lying down. A proper bed should provide relief to your pressure points, such as the neck, shoulders, and hips, and cradle them, without letting them sink too much. It is important to know that, if you feel the smallest amount of pressure and discomfort in these areas, the mattress may not be the most suitable choice for you.

Serta constructs mattresses that suit everyone’s needs and weight. By using a combination of different materials, Serta made sure they have the right product that fits everyone’s needs.

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Back Pain

iComfort mattresses with a medium level of firmness varieties are a suitable option for anyone suffering from back pain as their construction helps relieve the pain in the back (check top picks here). However, if the product starts to sag after a period of time, the best option would be to replace it since it can only worsen the condition of your aching back.

Mattress Size

One of the first and most important features that a customer should determine before doing the shopping is the size of the mattress. Firstly, you should measure the room and see how much space you have for the bed. Moreover, the choice of size will also depend on whether you sleep alone or with a partner (check ideal beds for couples here).  

With all that being said, most people opt for Queen size beds because this size is suitable both for single sleepers and couples. If, on the other hand, you desire more space for you and your partner, a King size or California King might be a better choice. Furthermore, Twin or a single model is a perfect choice for your kid’s room since they don’t take up much space.

Firmness Level

Another essential characteristic a buyer must consider is the firmness level. Different people feel comfortable with different levels of firmness, which is why the Serta company made sure they have a variety of options to offer. If you make a mistake and purchase a product that is either too soft or too firm, you might experience serious discomfort, which may result in sleepless nights and pain.

Choosing an appropriate bed in the context of firmness is not an easy job, which is why it is important not to rush and give yourself time to find the one that suits your back and your body.

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Additional Factors to Consider

Your Budget

Having only a few products with a price below $1,000 (check top beds in this price range), it is understandable that this brand might not be affordable for those buying within a limited budget. The reason for higher prices lies in the high-quality materials used in production, which offer both comfort and durability. It is important to note that the company offers a high-quality product that justifies the pricing.

Firmness Inconsistencies

While some customers may have complained about the firmness of certain products, it is important to note that the level of firmness is highly subjective. Two people lying on the same mattress may experience different firmness levels due to their perception of it. Also, it is relevant to mention that the desired level of firmness largely depends on the person’s weight (heavy people bed options here).

Therefore, it is crucial to do proper research before purchasing the product to make sure you choose the right one for your body type and weight.

Cooling Feature

Being constructed with cooling gel foam, these beds usually provide cool and refreshing sleep. However, it is important to note that some hot sleepers may still experience some heat retention.

Mattress Types

iComfot Foam

Serta’s iComfort mattresses come in a variety of sizes and firmness levels, with multiple layers. The gel-infused memory foam is placed in upper layers for both the comfort and the cooling effect. Some more affordable options feature gel-infused memory foam in the top layer and offer medium-firm feel and contouring.

They also offer options with thicker layers of gel memory foam and even more contouring. Some people find the materials prone to heat retention as well as the prices may be a bit high. The benefits, on the other hand, lie in not only diverse levels of firmness and multiple sizes available, but also in different price ranges.

iComfort Hybrid

Similarly to the other types of mattresses, the hybrid types are also available in different sizes and at different price levels. The iComfort Hybrid beds also feature gel-infused memory foam in upper layers, with the base made of pocketed coil support systems for better support. These items also come in multiple sizes and with diverse firmness levels, which are quite appealing to the customers.

Some buyers found issues with the durability of particular products and the firmness. The others, on the other hand, praised the variety of choices both in sizes and price range.

image of adjustable serta bed

Special Features of Serta iComfort Mattress

Air Suspension Technology

One of the great features of Serta’s iComfort beds is air suspension technology. Thanks to elastic polymers used in construction, the general airflow is improved, and a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere is created. Apart from this, bouncy support also exists due to this technology.

PillowSoft™ Foam

The extra-soft technology of poly-foam in the upper layer of the product is designed and placed in such a way to enable the additional cushioning effect. Your body will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Ultimate Edge Foam Support Core

The ultimate edge support is developed with the intention to allow the customers to use the entire surface of the bed. This is particularly useful for people sleeping with partners and who wish to stretch to the edges of the bed. Also, you won’t have to worry about sagging the edges of the bed by sitting on them all the time.

Triple Effects™ Gel Memory Foam

Triple effect technology refers to the memory foam, which is infused with multi-purpose gel. This kind of material will not only provide you with a nicely regulated temperature which offers cool nights, but it will also alleviate your pressure points. The third effect refers to the overall spinal alignment and body support, which will help you sleep pain-free.

ActivBalance™ Support Foam

Apart from enhancing the airflow and enabling you to sleep comfortably, this technology offers you a suitable, pleasant sleeping area. This is made possible due to poly-foam infused with gel, which provides a highly-responsive sleeping surface, which enables you to move freely without feeling stuck. 

EverCool® Plus Memory Foam

EverCool feature refers to the mattress’s ability to offer a sleeper the right, cradling support, while it eliminates heat retention at the same time. The proper support is made possible thanks to the open-cell viscoelastic material used in the construction.

Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam

The freshness and comfortable, cool sleep of Serta mattresses is made possible due to this Cool Action technology. The gel memory foam is infused with tiny gel beads which regulate the humidity and temperature, leaving your bed cool and pleasant for seeping.

TempActiv™ Technology

TempActiv Technology refers to yet another feature of Serta, which provides temperature regulation by dissipating excessive heat. This hybrid mechanism is made possible due to gel beads, which are infused in gel foam. Your body will not only experience proper temperature regulation, but it will also receive sufficient support.

Deep Reaction™ Memory Foam

The deep reaction feature is reserved for luxurious options, and it is used in firmer units. It provides a rather sturdy-feeling, which is the opposite of the sinking, soft effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it prone to sagging?

The level of sagging largely depends on the type of bed you choose. The softer and more affordable beds are more prone to sagging than firmer and more luxurious ones. Sagging also occurs sometimes if the bed’s softness level is not suitable for particular body weight, so make sure you choose the product that will fit you.  


Serta is a brand that offers a wide variety of options that cater to everyone’s needs.  You can easily find the bed you are looking for, regardless of the type and materials because the company offers products from latex, gel, memory foam, or innerspring bed, as well as other options. The prices, although not the lowest on the market, are there for a reason since the materials and the construction are of high quality and long-lasting.

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