Our 7 Top Rated Sealy Mattresses Reviewed – Which One Should You Buy?

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Do you wake up tired, with a nasty pain in your back? You must be asking yourself where it all comes from. You may not have realized it, but it’s probably time to say goodbye to your old mattress.

How do you go about choosing a good product, with such a vast range of models on the market? Starting with a renowned manufacturer sounds is a great option! Sealy, one of the leading American brands, is definitely worth considering.

Sealy mattress models come in a variety of designs, sizes, and specific characteristics. They offer comfort and support to all kinds of sleepers – with both innerspring and memory foam options available. 

So, let’s have a look at some lines of products by this brand with a long tradition and millions of sound-sleeping customers.

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Best Pressure Relief

Small Product image of Performance
Best Pressure Relief
3″ gel memory foam layerClick Here for Price
Best in Support

Small Product image of Response Premium
Response Premium
Best in Support
Cool Gel layer and Extra Soft Top Foam layerClick Here for Price
Best Cooling

Small Product image of Cocoon
Best Cooling
Dense memory foam and Phase Change Cover Material for cooling effectClick Here for Price
Most Durable

Small Product image of Conform Essentials
Conform Essentials
Most Durable
ComfortSense gel layer and
Strong memory foam support base
Click Here for Price
Most Comfortable

Product image of Product image of Response Essentialsosturepedic
Most Comfortable
Combination of gel memory foam and coilsClick Here for Price
Most Budget- Friendly

Small Product image of Response Essentials
Response Essentials
Most Budget- Friendly
Combination of memory foam and coilsClick Here for Price
Ideal for Cribs

Small Product image of Baby Ortho Rest
Baby Ortho Rest
Ideal for Cribs
Non-allergenic layers for supportClick Here for Price

Sealy Mattress Reviews 2020

Performance - Best Pressure Relief


  • 3″ gel memory foam layer
  • Soft, plush cover
  • Medium-soft support
  • Great level of responsiveness
  • No harmful materials

In our opinion, the best Sealy mattress is the Performance.

Does your body long for a sleeping surface which will fully conform to its shape and give it the perfect level of support? Sealy Performance is there to ensure you get a fair share of good night’s sleep on this 3″ gel topper. 

This quality product features ComfortSense gel memory foam, giving you the feeling of ultimate comfort. It releases the tension of your body and helps you nestle cozily in your bed. Its medium-soft support adjusts to the movements of your body, bringing an end to irritating morning back pain.

With a CertiPUR-US Certificate, it rules out the use of any harmful substances such as heavy metals, formaldehyde, and so on. Its washable, hypoallergenic cover adds another touch of softness. Even if you tend to sleep hot, it will release your body heat efficiently.

Response Premium - Best in Support


Outstanding support and maximum of comfort are what you get with Sealy Response Premium Mattress. The Posturepedic Technology, targeted at providing support to those parts of the body that need it most, ensures complete relaxation and pain-free sleeping experience.

This 14″ thick mattress incorporates the innerspring system, giving it a great level of responsiveness. Its 2″ Sealy Cushion Extra Soft Foam top layer adjusts to your body for maximum comfort. The winning combination of the ultra firm foam layer and a Cool Gel layer gives it a supreme extent of both durability and softness.

Its SupremeLoft cover will keep both moisture and germs away, making it suitable for allergy sufferers. This product incorporates the DuraFlex Edge System, a dense coil-border reinforcing the edges for extra sturdiness.

It is specially designed to be compatible with adjustable bed bases, too.

Cocoon - Best Cooling


  • Phase Change Cover Material for cooling effect
  • Dense memory foam
  • Customized firmness
  • Great support and durability

If temperature regulation is one of your major concerns, this product may be the key to a pleasant and refreshing sleeping experience. This 10″ quality mattress will prevent excessive heating and ensure many hours of sound, rejuvenating sleep. With this great model, hot sleepers can finally sigh a breath of relief.

Cocoon by Sealy makes use of exclusive technology in its stretch-knit cover. Its “Phase Change Material” offers a unique cooling effect, letting the excessive heat out. Its smooth surface adds an extra sense of appeal and comfort.

Owing to its memory foam, it conforms closely to the lines of your body. To suit your preferences fully, you can choose between a softer or firmer inner layer. A specially designed strong base builds up its sturdiness and durability.

Moving it around will be an easy task once it is delivered to your door in a light-weight box.

Conform Essentials - Most Durable


  • Ultra-stretch comfort loft cover
  • ComfortSense gel layer
  • Strong memory foam support base
  • Increased durability

Can you count on your bed to provide you with durability and high comfort at all times? With a Sealy Conform Essentials Mattress, this is exactly what you can expect! This quality product combines all the features that will ensure the ultimate sleeping experience.

Conform Essentials features the Ultra-stretch Comfort loft knit – fabric cover, giving it a gentle feel. Each part of your body will be supported comfortably and firmly, for a night-long rest. The mattress will adjust to the shape of your body easily, providing firm support at the same time.

With a total of 10.5″, it incorporates a 2″ ComfortSense gel foam. This new technology results in an excellent conformity level, your body will be grateful for. Due to its highly-durable support base 8″ memory foam layer, it will keep its shape for many years to come.

Posturepedic - Most Comfortable


  • Combination of gel memory foam and coils
  • Comfortable and firm
  • Breathable cover
  • Excellent support to the body

You are not willing to compromise when the comfort of your mattress is in question. If your expectations are high and you perceive your sleep as something precious, it is time to look at Posturepedic Hybrid Cobalt Mattress by Sealy.

This outstanding product utilizes the best of two technologies. It combines gel memory foam and specially designed springs. By doing so, it reaches an extremely high level of both comfort and support to your body. It adjusts to the contours of your body while you are sleeping, offering firm support, and proper distribution of weight. 

This 13″ model features a stretch-knit cover, which allows for a great deal of airflow, making the mattress itself breathable. For the maximum usage of the sleeping surface, it applies both the Zoned Sealy Embrace Coil and SolidEdge HD Premier System.

Response Essentials - Most Budget- Friendly


  • Reasonably priced
  • Combination of memory foam and coils
  • Highly breathable
  • Great support to the body

Quality products don’t always come at high prices. Response Essentials by Sealy is proof for that. It will provide you with comfort, coziness, and proper support without breaking your bank. This combination will be the key to your sound, restful sleep.

This 11″ mattress contains the exclusive coil system, making sure your body gets the right type of support for a pain-free night’s rest. Additionally, two inches of super firm foam adds to its durability level. At the same time, the SealyCushion memory foam, designed in a way to ensure sufficient airflow, builds up its level of comfort. 

Response Essentials features a fortified edge, for the maximum usage of the mattress. It makes a good surface to sit on, too, with a knit cover giving it an additional appeal of smoothness.

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Baby Ortho Rest - Ideal for Cribs


  • Ideal for cribs
  • 150 steel coils 
  • Non-allergenic layers for support
  • Good support and durability

Your baby deserves nothing but the best. It is probably a premise on which you base your choice of a mattress for your little one’s crib. The staff at Sealy joined forces to come up with an excellent solution and cater to the needs of sensitive little people. 

Sealy Baby Ortho Rest is a specially designed mattress, aimed at providing the right type of support to your beloved kid from day one. That is achieved by incorporating as many as 150 heavy-gauge steel coils into the mattress. It promotes both healthy sleep and proper development of your child. 

In addition to this, this product integrates two non-allergenic layers. It is a great feature, having in mind how severe and frustrating allergies in children triggered by germs and dust can be. Your little one will enjoy the softness and smooth texture of its cover.

Image of Sealy premium bed

Important Key Features When Choosing Sealy Beds

Type of Mattress Available

Memory Foam

Do you enjoy immersing your body into the softness of your mattress at the end of an exhausting day? If this is your idea of relaxation and regaining your energy, you should take a closer look at mattresses from Sealy Conform collection. Its combination of special advanced foam, memory foam, and gel results in a rejuvenating sleeping experience.

Products from this group will give you plenty of comfort, yet providing an adequate level of support. Designers at Sealy achieved this by combining various types of memory foam layers. In this way, it is possible to customize it to your preference and sleeping style and go for the one that suits you best.

Free airflow is another feature of this group of products. Hot sleepers should find sleeping on these beds a pleasant and cooling experience.

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This standard solution is still preferred by a vast number of customers who sleep best when firmly supported at several critical points. Stealy Response line of products meets such needs efficiently, offering a broad palette of innerspring support mattresses.

Well-known for their Posturepedic Technology, which focuses on the heaviest parts of the body and points of pressure, Sealy’s models provide substantial support, resulting in sound, pain-free sleep. They are marked by a high-level cushion comfort, which contributes to a great sense of coziness and has a profoundly relaxing effect.

The optimal transfer of motion is achieved due to separately coated coils, for maximum performance. Extra reinforcement is added to the edges of the mattress, to increase the usability of the sleeping surface.


You may find yourself in two minds about whether to go for the innerspring or the memory foam mattress. Inevitably, each option has its upsides, so it might be hard to pick the right one for you. But what about combining the best features of both technologies, for a brand new sleeping experience?

Sealy’s line of hybrid mattresses offers strong support generated by the integrated coil system. At the same time, the super-comfy memory foam top layer adjusts to your body shape and movements for maximum relaxation. This way, the mattress efficiently caters to the needs even of the most demanding sleepers.

Sealy’s hybrid line products come with an ultra-stretch cover, adding the higher sensation of softness. They will ensure balanced support and conformity for a good night’s sleep.

Feel and Firmness

Advanced technology applied in incorporating memory foam at several levels results in a high comfort customers experience with Sealy mattresses. Designed to provide substantial support to the body, it does not neglect coziness either. Specially engineered types of memory foam, including strong base and cooling gel, create a superb feeling you get by sleeping on the mattresses by this manufacturer.

In terms of firmness, the products are designed to meet the needs of different types of sleepers and their ideal level of support. If placed on a firmness scale, they range from medium-soft to medium-hard, enabling you to select the most optimal solution without too much effort.

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Comfort for Back Pain

An increasing number of people are suffering the symptoms of back pain. It is often the result of uncomfortable or unsuitable mattresses. If repeated over a more extended period, it reflects negatively on one’s general wellbeing. Sealy Posturepedic Technology aims to provide ergonomic mattresses which guarantee a pain-relieving sleeping experience, focusing on the commonly affected body parts.

Reviews by numerous customers confirm that specially designed products by this manufacturer do help in solving the back-pain issue. With just the right level of firmness and proper support to the heaviest parts of your body, it helps release the pressure, helping the pain go away.

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Introduction to Sealy Mattress

What Make Sealy Stand Out From the Rest of The Mattress Brands?

Despite fierce competition on the bedding products market nowadays, some companies stand out, delivering high-quality products and offering reliable customer support. Sealy, the most famous American bedding products company, has become a household name owing to a wide range of produced items which conform to the highest standards within the industry. 

When it comes to mattresses, the company’s primary goal is to make them orthopedically correct (see top picks), enduring, and above all, comfortable. Each piece is carefully designed to suit different sleeping styles and customers’ requirements. 

Thorough testing is carried out continuously, to make sure all the quality standards are met. Research into new technologies is the number one task of Sealy’s NATA accredited research and development center.

Innovative technologies implemented by the company is another game-winner. Continuous improvements to upgrade the quality of its products rank Sealy among the top names in the field. A prestigious award, Canstar Blue’s ‘’Most Satisfied Customers’’ received in 2017 is another testimony to this.

The number of sold products is evidence of the company’s outstanding reputation. According to customers’ reviews, they highly value the overall excellence of purchased items, with durability, comfort, support, and value for money being at the top of their list. Sealy Posturepedic has been widely sold as the company’s most famous product.

How it All Began...

Sealy has built an unrivalled reputation over the years, developing its brand and helping so many people to sleep well. But where and when did it all start and what was the key to the company’s tremendous success? 

Back in 1881, a cotton gin builder named Daniel Haynes came up with the idea of making mattresses and stuffing them with cotton. This is how a small town of Sealy, located in Texas, saw the birth of what was to become a world-wide known bedding company.

Initially, a modest manufacture was set up to supply family and friends with cotton mattresses. It did not take him long to develop an innovative technology of using compressed cotton. 

Within a few years the business took off and was bought by Lord Edwards in 1906. He started selling the products across the country, naming the company Sealy – after the town from which it originated.

Since 1923, Sealy was expanded to Australia, too, thanks to its new owners, and set up its manufacture in Brisbane. Boosting the local economy and providing employment for skilled workers, it gained the respect of the entire community.

Up to the present day, it has been delivering quality products to an endless number of satisfied customers. Constant improvement, innovation, and reliability are still the company’s primary targets.

Tips on How to Care for Your Sealy Beds

If you want your new mattress to live up to your expectations, it is crucial to maintain it properly. If you neglect the basic rules of how to handle it, how to keep it clean and prevent the possible damage, you may not get the best performance and longevity out of it. So, what are you supposed to do to make the most out of your Sealy bed? 

  • Remove the plastic cover safely as soon as it is delivered.
  • Always carry your mattress on its side.
  • To position your mattress, use the handles. However, it is not advisable if you need to lift or carry it.
  • Keep it spotless by using some of the available protectors.
  • Inadequate dry cleaning chemicals can do severe damage to your bed. Always check the recommended ways of cleaning, specified on the label.
  • Folding is not recommended, as it can destroy the edge support wire.
  • If a mattress retains too much moisture, it becomes a home to molds and germs. Keeping it dry at all times is quintessential.
  • Air it regularly, to get rid of these nuisances and eliminate potential odors. 
  • Don’t take chances with small kids! Use a protective waterproof cover to avoid wet stains.
  • No matter how amusing it can get, jumping on your bed is not the best idea.
  • A sagging mattress is almost useless, as it can’t provide you with excellent support and real relaxation. This doesn’t have to happen if you rotate it once in a while, ensuring an even distribution of pressure.
  • Make sure you use an adequate type of bed foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Good For Hot Sleepers?

The Sealy Performance and Premium lines are engineered to promote cool sleeping. The innovative gel memory foam layers help hot sleepers to get a better sleeping experience by absorbing and dissipating the body heat

The unique structure of inner memory foam contributes to a higher level of breathability. All these elements contribute to more efficient temperature regulation. If you come from a particularly warm environment, though, more specialized options are worth considering.

Does it Sag Easily?

The durability of products is what this company has been aiming to maintain over a long period. Advanced technology which incorporated a special extra-durable base foam and coil support build up the endurance of mattresses it manufactures.

If handled properly, they will keep their shape, minimizing the sagging potential. There have been several reviews which reported an above-average indentation of the sleeping surface in the case of sleepers weighing above the average.


We may have an impression that we are spoilt for choice with such a vast number of bedding products available on the market. Nevertheless, some people seem to underestimate the importance of the right type of mattress. 

Fortunately, a group of responsible, quality-oriented companies delivers top-class products that leave almost no room for mistakes. Sealy’s palette of bedding items caters to the preferences of the pickiest customers.

Its long tradition and cutting-edge approach to mattress-making and unique Posturepedic Technology have given it the title of a top-rated company in the field. 

A vast number of content customers testify about the quality and high standard of Sealy’s products. So it’s definitely worth giving it a chance and picking one of its carefully designed and manufactured models.

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