8 Top Rated Roll Away Beds – Our Ratings and Reviews

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Wouldn’t it be great to put a good old friend up for the night, even though your apartment is really tiny? Sadly, sometimes you have no choice but to turn them down. Some places, including your own, may simply be too small even for more compact options.

But, what about buying a real bed which you fold up in half and put away as soon as you get up? A rollaway bed may just hit the spot for you!

With such a wide choice available on the market, how can you be sure to pick the best rollaway bed? We know how challenging this task can be. Hence we will try to assist you in selecting the best option. 

We did some research and compared the best-selling items, taking a close look at buyers’ experience and feedback. In this article, we will give an overview of important aspects and characteristics you should look for in a quality rollaway mattress.

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Most Durable

Small Product image of Zinus standard
Most Durable
Steel frame and 5″ Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best Support

small image of Lucid
Best Support
Metal frame and 4” Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Most Luxurious

Small Product image of Milliard
Most Luxurious
Metal frame and 5″ Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best Space-saver

small image of inofia
Best Space-saver
Stable frame, 3.5” Base Foam and 1.5” Memory Foam layersClick Here for Price
Best for Overnight Use

Small Product image of Linon Home Dcor
Linon Home Dcor
Best for Overnight Use
Metal frame and Top Memory foam layerClick Here for Price
Most Portable

Small Product image of Best Choice Products
Best Choice Products
Most Portable
Matal frame and 3’’ Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Ideal for Adults

Smile Back product image small
Smile Back
Ideal for Adults
Metal frame, 5’’ CertiPUR-Us certified foamClick Here for Price
Best Mobility

Small Product image of Best Choice Products Single
Best Choice Products
Best Mobility
Steel frame and adjustable Memory FoamClick Here for Price

Top Roll Away Cot Reviews

Zinus - Most Durable


  • 5″ mattress with memory foam
  • Strong steel frame
  • Supports up to 250lbs
  • Alleviates back pain

In our opinion, the best rollaway bed is the Zinus. You are looking for a durable and sturdy rollaway bed which will be a guarantee for a comfortable sleep, too. With Zinus Memory Resort, you can bring your search to an end. This durable piece of furniture with a 5″ memory foam mattress will give you the experience and coziness of sleeping in a real bed.

Thicker than most standard mattresses available with this type of product, its polyfoam base is topped with a memory foam layer, for maximum comfort. Its high level of conformity results in significant back pain relief. With the 19″ height, it belongs to the group of more elevated beds. This twin size sleeping space can accommodate an individual weighing up to 250 lbs

Its heavy-duty steel frame, in combination with metal slats, keeps the mattress firmly in place. It can be folded with ease and rolled away to be stored due to steel-framed casters and straps.

LUCID - Best Support


  • Comfy 4” memory foam mattress
  • Spring-supported deck suspension system
  • Strong foldable metal frame
  • Lockable casters for smooth moving

Your guests will no doubt enjoy their stay at your place, nestling comfortably in your LUCID rollaway bed, featuring a 4” memory foam mattress. This quality piece will serve as an excellent substitute for a conventional bed – yet it will not take up your space during the day. 

A sturdy metal frame with the addition of a hammock-style suspension provides reliable and stable support for the mattress. The absence of metal crossbars rules out any feeling of discomfort. Once it is delivered to your door, it will take only a few minutes to set it up. Folding and rolling it away for the sake of storage will be equally smooth, as well.

The locking system of the four wheels prevents it from moving even the slightest during the night. Positioned at 11” above the floor, it leaves your guest with a good amount of space for your luggage underneath. 

The mattress cover made of bamboo rayon will add to its softness and enable the airflow. And this reliable product comes in three available sizes – Cot, Twin, and Twin XL.

Milliard - Most Luxurious


  • Sturdy and stable
  • Extra sense of comfort and high conformity
  • Easily movable
  • Compact when stored

Luxury and an ultimate sense of comfort do not only come with traditional beds. The manufacturers of Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed set themselves a goal to prove this. And they did so, by designing this sophisticated product. It is marked by both extreme stability and a high level of coziness. 

The durable metal frame is 75’’ long, and 38’’ wide, with its upper surface at 17’’ above the floor. Its wire lattice base guarantees a strong support to the extra-comfy, 5’’ mattress, made out of memory foam. Its IFD (Indentation Force Deflection) rating is 12, indicating a high level of softness and comfort. It will keep your body relaxed and help you regain your energy and strength through sound sleep. The smooth cover is soft and washable, creating an additional appeal. 

Four supporting legs will keep it motionless while you are sleeping. Owing to its lockable wheels, moving it away will require minimum effort. When folded up, its width amounts to 14’’ only, making it convenient to store.

Inofia - Best Space-saver


  • Compact and practical
  • Comfort of memory foam layers
  • Strong and stable frame
  • Great mobility and easy storage

Your apartment lacks extra space, but friends and relatives just love dropping by and staying overnight. With Inofia Foldable Rollaway Bed, this issue can easily be fixed. Due to its convenience and quality, it will make an excellent sleeping space alternative. 

Its frame, covered with an anti-rust coat of paint, guarantees stability and a long life-span. Your guests will enjoy their time and rejuvenating sleep on the combination of 3.5” base foam and 1.5” memory foam layers. These will adjust to the shape of the body and provide just the right amount of support. It is available in the Twin size, its dimensions being 75”- 38” – 11.5”.

Setting it up once you unpack it is extremely easy. The same goes for folding it up and moving it to the storage area, taking advantage of lockable casters placed at the center of the frame. Unzip and remove its cover in just a few steps, to get it washed and cleaned.

Linon Home Dcor - Best for Overnight Use


  • High level of comfort and conformity
  • Durable frame
  • Wooden slats base
  • Compact and easy to store

Luxor Memory Foam Folding Bed by Linon Home Dcor will provide visitors with a cozy spot to spend the night, waking up energized and pain-free. You can fold it up and put away in no time, too, so it doesn’t get in the way.

Its base consists of a durable metal frame. Together with 15 wooden slats, it provides strong support to a quality twin-size mattress, featuring a top layer of memory foam. It will conform tightly to your body, giving you the feeling of sleeping in a real bed. It is coated with elegant, beige damask cover

Moving it around will be an easy task, too, as the casters make it extremely mobile. Its compact size when folded up makes it an ideal solution for rooms with little space.

Best Choice Products - Most Portable


  • High durability and maximum weight limit
  • Good level of comfort
  • Small storage space needed
  • Easily portable

By picking this product, you have found a smart solution to the problem of extra bedding spaces. Your guests will find it comfortable and enjoy a good night’s sleep, while it won’t take up any of your living space during the day. 

Available in a Cot size, it features a resilient metal frame. The 3’’ memory foam mattress provides a good deal of comfort and proper support to a sleeper’s spine. It rests upon 32 carbon steel springs and two metal bars, which add to its stability and durability. Its maximum weight limit goes up to as many as 300 lbs.

The folding procedure is rather simple and takes literally a minute. Its small dimensions when folded make it incredibly easy to stow away, as its width amounts to no more than 10’’. Flexible wheels help it glide smoothly down the halls or elevators.

Smile Back - Ideal for Adults


  • High-density foam
  • Sturdy support frame
  • Compact storage size
  • Great mobility

Your guests will wake up with a smile on their face after a night in this quality rollaway bed. It is an excellent option for those in need of spare space to accommodate a guest, as it takes no more but a couple of minutes to set. With the appeal of a traditional bed, it makes a practical solution for smaller, urban flats. 

Its heavy-duty metal frame, painted with an environmentally-friendly paint, holds both the mattress and your body firmly in place. Its maximum weight capacity reaches 220 lbs. You will feel the benefits of 5’’ CertiPUR-US certified foam, which will keep your body in the optimal position and allow for a quality rest.

It comes in Twin size and stands 12’’ above the floor level. Its wheels will help you move it with ease and put it away in storage in no time. They can be locked in position for the sake of extra safety and stability. With only 14’’ in width when folded, it is compact and very convenient.

Best Choice Products - Best Mobility


  • Adjustable memory foam
  • Strong steel frame
  • Five positions
  • Seven flexible wheels for excellent mobility

Give your guests a warm welcome and accommodate them cozily for the night with this portable spare bed. It is designed to offer both comfort and compactness, featuring a high level of quality, too.

A durable steel frame provides a stable base to its memory foam mattress, which will adjust to your body for the maximal comfort. What is more, it can be set in five different positions, and transformed into an amazing lounging spot. 

As soon as you are done using it, putting it away can be completed in just a couple of quick steps. The total of 7 wheels makes it highly mobile, requiring no extra strength or effort to maneuver it. 

Its dimensions are 74.5″ L, 31.5″ W and 17.5″ H, while its maximum weight capacity amounts to 440 lbs. Its cover comes in brown color and can be removed and washed.

Image of lonely woman sleeping in bed

Factors to Consider When Buying

Material and Construction

Before you make your purchase and get yourself one of these beds, try to make yourself familiar with the main characteristics that mark a high-quality product. The way in which it is constructed as well as the use of various materials can make a considerable difference. 

A top-class rollaway option should provide both firmness and a significant level of comfort. Renowned manufacturers achieve this by constructing heavy-duty frames made of resistant and durable steel, to guarantee stability and a long life-span. Wooden slats, hammock-style suspension bases, systems of elastic springs or a wire mesh are used extensively for reliable support.

The choice of natural, dense, and conforming material in the production of mattresses also plays a significant role and adds to the overall appeal and ultimate sleeping experience.


A lot of attention is paid to the quality and design of rollaway mattresses to achieve a high level of comfort. Though it might sound surprising, they can compare to real beds, as sleeping in one of these can be a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Memory foam, innerspring, and air mattresses are the three most common types. The first two are generally known to provide better and stronger support to the upper body and spine. They quickly regain their original form once the weight of the body is removed. The latter is typically easier to store.

The thickness of these usually ranges between 2.5’’ and 5’’. Thicker ones are generally more comfortable.


The main role of a frame is to ensure sturdiness and stability. At the same time, it should be as lightweight as possible, for the sake of portability and easy folding. Frames are for this reason produced of tough, durable tubular metal or steel. Some have cross-bars and two foldable legs for additional support. 

To prevent rusting and damage, they are usually covered in a rust-proof, eco-friendly coat of paint. A proper frame has to be easy to fold, too, and often features a click-clack system.


Size is one of the most important things to consider before buying one of these pieces. You should be able to squeeze it into your room already limited in space, so make sure you check its dimensions beforehand.

They are typically designed to accommodate one person. That is why the vast majority of them comes in Twin Size and Full Size. Some minor variations are also available in stores, so you can also find them marked as ‘’Cot’’ or ‘’Narrow Twin’’ sizes. 

Less common options are the ones in Queen Size, as they are made in limited numbers.

Weight Capacity

You certainly do not want your rollaway bed to fall apart or break just because your guest is of weight which is higher than the average. To avoid such awkward situations, make sure the one you pick has been tested and can hold even those sleepers who are on the heavier side.

It has to be adequately constructed using heavy-duty materials to increase its weight capacity. The combination of a durable frame and different types of mattress base should guarantee the weight capacity of at least 200 lbs. In some models, this figure is significantly higher, reaching as many as 440 lbs.


It can vary from product to product, but on the whole, a greater thickness of a rollaway mattress is likely to provide better support and a higher level of comfort overall. The vast majority fit between 4-5’’. 

A thinner one is usually described as less cozy, as the sleeper can sometimes feel the pressure of supporting bars, springs or slats. However, those belonging to a thicker group are less compact when folded up, and call for a greater deal of storage space, which can be a possible problem.


Many people tend to look down on this type of beds, believing they can by no means compared to traditional ones, in terms of comfort, stability, and durability. However, this is one of the main misconceptions when rollaway beds are in question. 

It is true that not each and every one will live up to your expectations, and you might find your guests waking up grumpy and in pain. Still, top-class products from this category are unexpectedly comfortable and offer the sleeping experience almost identical (or sometimes even better) to that of a classical bed. 

Thick, conforming, and dense memory foam mattresses that come with such beds contribute to getting a good deal of rest and pain relief. (Discover more pain relieving beds.)

Ease of Use and Storage

These pieces of furniture have gained in popularity due to their high practicality in the context of urban living. Not only are they able to provide more than decent overnight accommodation to visitors to your place, but they are extremely simple to operate as well. 

Most of them do not require assembling, as they are ready-to-use as soon as the need arises. Once you do not need it anymore, it only takes a few seconds to fold it up and move out of your way. 

And their most significant advantage lies in the fact that they are space-saving, since they can be put away into tiny spaces such as closets, as a result of their compact dimensions.


This is one of the key characteristics that make rollaway beds such popular items which are in high demand. You roll it away once your guests leave your place, investing minimal physical effort – and it is as simple as that. 

The set of four casters, 360 degrees rotating ones, enable smooth movement, despite a heavy-duty metal frame and bulky mattress. You will often see them being rolled down hallways in hotels or dorms smoothly and with ease. Some models are equipped even with a higher number of wheels.

Most of them weigh between 30 and 60 lbs. A wheel – locking system will keep them in place when set up or folded, for safety and stability.

More portable options here.


You should aim for the best quality at all times, and a good bed from this category needs to meet the criteria of providing reliable support while you are sleeping. A shaky and unstable piece will lead to interrupted and poor sleep, affecting both your mood and physical state negatively.

To support your body in an adequate way, it has to incorporate the combination of both a sturdy frame and a cozy, conforming mattress of an optimal level of firmness. When appropriately supported, your spine will maintain a proper position throughout the night, and the risk of developing a back and neck pain (see top beds) will be minimized.

Different technical solutions (slats, springs, wire-mesh) used to hold the mattress itself also impact on the nature of support your rollaway bed offers.

Durability / Heavy Duty

You should not expect this type of bed to last as long as a traditional one. On average, its life-span extends up to seven years. It is when most mattresses tend to deteriorate and call for replacement.

Most common problems and damage occur regarding the frame and its elements. The extent to which you use it (whether you set it up only occasionally or on a regular basis) will also impact on the length of its shelf-life. 

If handled with care and maintained and stowed away adequately, it is likely to serve as an alternative sleeping space for quite a long time.


Visitors pay a call to your place now and then, and you need a good solution to put them up for the night. However, you are not planning on investing a considerable sum of money to buy another standard bed or sofa. Due to its economical price, a rollaway bed may be just the cheap thing you are looking for.

These beds are reasonably priced, taking into account the material and construction. Serving as a satisfactory substitute for a conventional one, you can save a lot by choosing this option. If we talk about the figures, the majority of quality ones can be purchased for less than $500.

Image of roll away bed outdoor

Extra Info: What You Need to Know About Rollaway Beds

What are Rollaway Beds?

The term stands for a handy piece of furniture found in a number of homes, hotels or places such as students dormitories. It makes a great substitute for a real bed, as it can accommodate an overnight guest comfortably. As the name suggests, rolling it away to store it out of sight is one of its most significant advantages.

Though their size and construction may slightly vary, the majority consists of a foldable metal frame, supported by several legs and a couple of sets of rotating wheels. You can pick the one that best fits your space, taking into consideration the features of its accompanying mattress.  

Quality rollaway beds provide excellent support to your body and ensure a pleasant sleeping experience.

Different Types of Rollaway Beds for Sale


One of the options available in stores is the ottoman rollaway bed. Its metal frame resembles that of standard ones. However, it is constructed in a way which makes it possible to be folded in thirds – unlike conventional beds folding in halves. It is closer to a cot than a twin bed. 

Once you fold it up, it acquires the form of an ottoman. It usually comes with a matching cover, which is placed on it when in the ottoman mode. Its multiple functions are the most significant advantage. When not used as a spare bed, it can make a handy coffee-table or a footstool.


These are the most common types of rollaway beds, which make excellent alternatives to conventional ones whenever you need an extra sleeping space. There is a large number of manufacturers and makes present on the market, and there are a few different construction options. 

They all feature a frame, which is typically made either of tubular or angular steel. These are known to be sturdy and durable. To support the mattress, some use a wire or spring mesh, wooden slats or polypropylene as the mattress support. 

Several dimensions are available, with the width usually ranging between 30’’ and 48’’. Their height can also vary, reaching 23’’.

Cabinet Folding

Some rollaway beds are designed in the so-called cabinet-style. It means that they resemble a cabinet when you fold them up. Both the frame and the mattress are hidden inside a folded-up piece, which can also feature a door. 

These beds also come with casters, so you can quickly move them around. Some of them can have headboards and footboards and are usually costlier than the standard. You can choose one of the three size options, which include twin, double, and queen

Cabinet version of these beds is generally considered to be more classy-looking when compared to standard options with metal frames.

Image of convenient roll away bed

Benefits and Drawbacks

Reasons Why Should You Buy a Rollaway Bed

  • It is Lightweight

They usually weigh between 30 and 60 pounds, which is far less than the weight of traditional beds. Although they are sturdy and provide good support, they do not require too much effort to handle them. What is more, you can install them, fold them up, or roll them away with ease. 

A set of at least four swiveling casters facilitates the process of moving them around. The fact that they are not too heavy, yet offer a pleasant sleeping experience, makes them a very convenient solution for those in need of an extra sleeping space to accommodate a guest. We should note that the innerspring system increases the overall weight of these beds.​

  • It is Convenient

The urban living style calls for smart and practical solutions when it comes to different pieces of furniture and their design. It is not surprising that buyers highly appreciate these beds for their convenience. Small apartments, dorms, or hotels make great use of these quality sleeping space alternatives

They require almost no time or skill to set, and stowing them away is equally simple. They offer a surprisingly high level of comfort and support. But the best bit of all is that you can have all the precious space back by putting them into storage. With their compact dimensions, they will take up only a small portion of your storage space. 

  • It is Affordable

You do care about your guests’ comfort and want to make them feel at home. Still, you might not be ready to pay through your nose for a traditional bed which will only be used on rare occasions. Reasonable price ranges in which rollaway beds come are certainly one of their most significant pros. 

To buy a good quality one, you will not have to invest more than $500. More affordable options can also be found. The price of each piece is usually dependent on the quality of construction, materials used, durability, and design. By choosing the one with the best price/quality ratio, you can both have your guests content and relaxed, but also save a considerable amount of money.

  • It has Good Temperature Regulation

Some people tend to sleep hot. In other words, their body temperature rises while they are asleep, and they sweat excessively. It can considerably hamper the quality of sleep, as they start developing a sense of discomfort. For this reason, beds with breathable mattresses with proper temperature regulation are in high demand. 

How well a mattress regulates the temperature and enables the airflow depends on several factors. The material it is made of certainly affects its breathability. It is also its thickness that can determine this feature. Thinner ones are typically more breathable, while the thicker versions tend to retain the heat of the body. 

Rollaway beds are generally considered to have good thermoregulation properties.

Possible Drawbacks

  • It is Noisy

People who have used these beds often mention their potential for noise-making as one of their main downsides. This can be accounted for by the type of material used in their constructions. A higher amount of noise is reported in makes with more elements made of metal. 

So, besides the frame itself, part such as a spring or wire mesh are responsible for sounds usually described as squeaking and creaking. It occurs more frequently with individuals who tend to sleep restlessly and move a lot while sleeping. It can be a significant drawback, as it can deteriorate one’s quality of sleep to a great extent.

  • It Does Not Last Long

Users sometimes complain that rollaway beds do not last as long as they might expect them to. That is generally true, as the nature of their construction makes them more prone to deterioration. Some of their parts, such as the hinge, spring, or slat structures, may simply wear out or even break down. 

In addition to this, mattresses can also lose their quality, firmness, and form over time. Hence you may need to replace them sooner than planned. If used extensively, the majority of rollaway beds will not have their shelf-life longer than seven years. It is significantly shorter when compared with conventional beds. 

  • It Has Limited Warranty

Whenever you purchase a product, you want to make sure that it was a good buy and that your investment was a wise one. However, products from this group do not always come with a warranty, or at least not a long-lasting one. Trial periods are not a common practice either. 

That is what many customers see as a significant downside. On the other hand, traditional beds typically have a warranty for several years, giving the buyers a greater sense of security. 

  • Can Be Unstable or Lack Support

Some users question the stability of beds from this group of products. They wonder if they are sturdy enough, mainly when used by taller and heavier individuals.

Although most models are supplied by additional foldable legs for extra stability, not all of them can compare to real beds.

Just make sure to read the reviews or try a product for yourself. Every body is different and has different needs. And not all products are of the highest quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Rollaway and Foldable Beds?

These two terms are often used interchangeably. It is not surprising, since they have a number of similarities, and people use them for the same purpose. Nevertheless, it is possible to point out some specific differences which may help you distinguish between these two.

The former features a heavy-duty steel frame, as well as several types of mattress support. The mattress’ thickness may vary. In terms of material, they incorporate memory foam almost without exception. Their frame integrates at least four rotating wheels. They make it possible to move and transport them with minimal effort. 

Folding beds do not always come with a mattress, i.e., it is sold separately (see our top folding mattresses here). Although you can fold them for the sake of storage, they do not have the system of wheels for greater portability.

Are These Comfortable For Guests?

Your guest may be unexpectedly surprised by the quality of sleep and support these pieces of furniture can offer. It all results from the combination of a durable frame and a dense mattress (reaching the thickness of as many of 6″) made of memory foam. Owing to its high conformity levels, it adjusts to the sleeper’s body, releasing pressure and making the back pain go away. 

Models produced by renowned manufacturers following high quality-standards provide a comfortable sleeping experience.

See more guest mattress options.

Do Hotels Use It?

Hotels are places where you are more than likely to find these types of beds used regularly. Their practicality and compactness make them ideal in situations when more guests need to be accommodated in a single room. As a result of their portability and a smaller amount of space they take up, they can be relocated between rooms and floors rapidly. Plus, they can be folded up to save space and put away as soon as they are not needed for the time being.


Practical and compact pieces of furniture have been gaining in popularity over the past few years. This is especially the case with the concept of modern, urban living, where the lack of space is one of the most significant issues.

Rollaway beds definitely meet all the criteria of being a superb addition to small apartments. These convertible pieces will be the part of your warm welcome to a friend or relative staying at your place overnight. 

Is there another sleepover in sight anytime soon? Don’t hesitate to get one of these then, if extra sleeping space is what you need at your place. We genuinely hope our tips will come in handy during the selection process.

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