8 Top Rated Queen Beds under $1000 – Updated for 2020

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Are you one of those people who enjoy sleeping in a large bed? Do you think your current mattress doesn’t satisfy your needs in terms of space and comfort?

With so many brands nowadays, it’s challenging to find the top queen mattress under $1000, which allows you to have a soothing and restful sleep. More or less, they all offer similar features! However, one small mistake can significantly jeopardize your health and cost you a lot of money.

Sure, you can spend thousands of dollars on a new bed, but is that really necessary? Actually, no! There are plenty of great products to choose from, and all of them are under the $1,000 benchmark.

In this article, we reviewed some of the top options on the market to make sure you get a suitable unit for your needs.

Best Non-toxic

Small Product image of Brentwood Home Cypress
Brentwood Home
Best Non-toxic
9-inch gel-infused memory foam and 2-inch gel cool comfort layerClick Here for Price
Best Bed in a Box

Small Product image of Sleep Innovations 12-inch
Sleep Innovations
Best Bed in a Box
Two types of memory foamClick Here for Price
Best Temperature Regulation

Small Product image of Lucid Bamboo
Best Temperature Regulation
Features gel memory foamClick Here for Price
Best Odor Control

Small Product image of Zinus 8 Inch
Best Odor Control
CertiPUR-US Certified and Green-tea infused layerClick Here for Price
Ideal for Back Pain Relief

Small Product image of Sweetnight Queen
Ideal for Back Pain Relief
Memory Foam and cover from a soft and breathable Rayon cotton fabricClick Here for Price
Best Luxury

Small Product image of Home Life
Best Luxury
Combination of foam and coilsClick Here for Price
Best Cooling

Small Product image of Olee Sleep 9 Inch
Olee Sleep
Best Cooling
Gel cooling, convoluted airflow foam and a firm baseClick Here for Price
Best Inflatable

King Koil small product image
King Koil
Best Inflatable
Eco-friendly materialClick Here for Price

Queen Mattresses Under $1000 Reviewed

Brentwood Home - Best Non-toxic


  • Medium-soft
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Made in California
  • Features gel-infused memory foam
  • Eco-friendly

In our opinion, the best queen mattress under $1,000 is Brentwood Home.

With the progress of technology, the majority of bedding companies resort to new technologies to create premium products. However, the most significant improvement we’ve seen so far concerns eco-friendly and non-toxic materials used in the production process.

Therefore, if you need a bed made of natural materials, then Brentwood Home might be a suitable solution. This 9-inch gel-infused memory foam model features 2-inch gel cool comfort layer, capable of adjusting to the shape of your body. On top of that, it will relieve your pressure points, and keep you cool at night.

However, be aware that heavier people might find this option to be a bit soft. If you fall into this category, then buying a firmer mattress topper could solve the issue.

Brentwood Home is covered with a zipper bamboo cover, which is washable and removable at the same time. Brentwood Home is also CertiPUR-US certified, meaning it abides by U.S. regulations regarding zero mercury policy, no heavy metals, lead, or any ozone depleters.

Sleep Innovations - Best Bed in a Box


  • Cozy
  • Medium soft
  • Two types of memory foam
  • Soft quilted cover

Sleep Innovations managed to achieve almost a perfect balance in creating a bed suitable for people with various needs. It’s not firm, but also not too soft.

The company decided to take the middle road and designed a bed for those who don’t have particular preferences or just don’t know which one to get.

Shiloh is a medium-firm mattress and can be an excellent compromise for couples, whose tastes vary in bed firmness. Simply put, in terms of comfort, it is more likely to suit a wide variety of individuals. The combination of two types of memory foam is the reason why many sleepers find Shiloh so comfortable.

On top of that, the deluxe quilted cover will offer you a luxurious feel and improve your sleeping experience.

LUCID - Best Temperature Regulation


  • Soft
  • Thick
  • Comfortable
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Features gel memory foam

Feeling hot at night is a regular occurrence, especially if you sleep on a memory foam mattress. However, Lucid has developed a unit you might truly love. It contains a 3-inch gel-infused memory foam, which improves airflow and regulates the body temperature.

This bed is on the softer side. So, if you are a stomach sleeper, then it might not work for you unless you get a mattress topper. On the other hand, the level of softness shouldn’t affect other sleeping positions.

Due to its thickness, Lucid can keep your spine correctly aligned and prevent back pain. Who says that only firmer models are suitable for orthopedic disorders? What matters the most is how your body feels while sleeping.

Furthermore, Lucid comes with a comfortable and super soft Tencel cover, which is CertiPUR-US certified for safety.

When it comes to motion transfer, Lucid will absorb the pressure from your body, preventing any motion disturbance.

Zinus - Best Odor Control


  • Odor-resistant
  • Comfortable
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Green-tea infused layer

Memory foam beds are often linked to odor and unpleasant smell which tends to remain for months. For that sole reason, many people are quite hesitant when buying a new foam bed. However, Zinus has managed to solve this issue and even improve the manufacturing process by adding a green tea-infused layer.

It combines three types of memory foam, which offer a pleasurable sleeping experience while promoting pressure relief. Some consumers have found this product to be a bit thin. Considering it’s a personal preference, you can add a topper to increase the thickness.

Green tea and castor oil are natural antiseptics, which will decrease odor and keep the bacteria away. Additionally, Zinus features a knitted jacquard fabric, to boost the comfort level and allow proper body posture.

Since this product is CertiPUR US Certified, it will offer you safety, durability, and suitable performance.

Sweetnight - Ideal for Back Pain Relief


Sweetnight has designed a 10-inch memory foam mattress. Compared to other materials, people often think of foam to be incredibly comfortable, as well as suitable for relieving the stress, pain, and pressure points.

Therefore, Sweetnight memory foam bed is designed to help people with orthopedic issues, and get rid of achiness and pain. It is made of four different layers while featuring a gel infusion technology. All of them play a significant part in allowing you to have a peaceful and restful sleep.

However, if you like firm sleeping surfaces, then you are out of luck because this model. According to many consumers, it feels pretty soft. But, if you are a fan of soft beds, then you’ll find Sweetnight quite enjoyable.

Memory foam tends to retain heat, thereby leading to hot and uncomfortable sweaty night. But, that’s not the case with Sweetnight. This bed has a great temperature regulation due to a gel-infused layer and eliminates motion transfer.

Also, you get two mattresses in one; you can flip it over and test the other side. The cover is made from a soft and breathable Rayon cotton fabric, which naturally prevents stains, odor, and mold.

HomeLife - Best Luxury


  • The combination of foam and coils
  • Beautiful design
  • Euro Top

Don’t let the price of this product full you! Even though it falls in an affordable range, the features this mattress offers are more than luxurious. HomeLife has a comfortable firm feel suitable for people with back pain.

Measuring eight inches, it’s thick enough to provide you a suitable sleeping experience, while the pocket spring technology keeps your spine properly aligned.

But, be aware that some people found the pillow top to be on the thinner side. However, this shouldn’t significantly affect your sleeping experience.

The HomeLife features green memory foam, which is an acceptable eco-friendly solution if you are into natural materials. Additionally, 15-gauge pocket coils are independently placed to offer stability and comfort while sleeping.

Last but not least, Home Life has a Euro Top built in to provide softness and as well as firm feel. Therefore, we can say that this bed has a medium firmness, which should work for the majority of sleepers.

Olee Sleep - Best Cooling


  • Regulates body temperature
  • Breathable
  • Cozy

With more than 35 years of experience, Grantec International has been manufacturing spring and foam mattresses. Over time, the company managed to build a significantly large base of customers due to the affordability of its products.

Olee Sleep is a budget-friendly option, suitable for average users. Due to a lower price, you may expect this bed to have a lot of drawbacks. However, it features a highly advanced cooling system, especially beneficial for hot sleepers

The Olee Sleep combines three types of memory foam: gel cooling foam to regulate body temperature, convoluted airflow foam to improve breathability, and a firm base to support the body and prevent sinking in sensation.

Additionally, it will eliminate motion transfer and allow you and your partner to have a peaceful sleep.

King Koil - Best Inflatable


  • Built-in pump
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof top

Many would think that air mattresses are a thing of the past. However, this multi-functional unit has the ability to offer you luxury sleep, accommodate unexpected guests, or follow you to camping trips.

King Koil is a brand mostly famous for its foam and innerspring beds, but they also make inflatable models. This company claims to have user-friendly, comfortable, and long-lasting units, which support posture and allow proper spine alignment. 

As the name suggests, King Koil has implemented an advanced coil beam technology to distribute weight evenly. Even though this bed feels a bit sturdy, it offers a nice cushiony feel which molds according to your body. 

The waterproof top is buttery soft and will keep the sheets in place, as well as provide a warm and velvety sensation. Additionally, King Koil comes with a repair kit, containing two patches. This set can repair minor damage, and according to online reviews, it’s highly efficient.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Queen Beds Less Than $1000

A superb mattress is not a piece of clothing you buy every other month. The entire experience involves a lot of time, and it’s quite a strenuous job. However, there are a couple of things you should consider in buying an amazing queen bed that will get you through this process.

First of all, think of the comfort and durability. These two ensure you have a high-quality unit that supports your body and allows you to enjoy the bed for a long time.

Next comes the firmness and weight capacity. Even though firmness is completely individual and depends on your perception, weight capacity makes sure the model can handle one or more sleepers.

Finally, things like materials, fire resistance capability, and thermal regulation property can only improve your sleeping and offer you a good night’s rest. Usually, these factors can help you determine whether some mattress fulfill your needs and should be taken into account before any purchase.

See more options under $1000.

Type and Size

Regardless of the price, standard queen size mattresses have the same dimensions. They measure 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. In comparison to other models, queen bed is smaller than a king-size mattress but larger than a full-size bed.

However, you can explore other options, and test a good California bed, which is 4 inches longer than a traditional unit, or Olympic that offer 6 inches in width. Also, the split queen has the same width and length as a conventional queen bed; only it combines two separate units.

Sleep Position and Comfort

Before buying, you should consider your sleeping habits. For example, are you a solo sleeper, or do you share a bed with someone? Do you tend to move a lot during the night? How comfortable you want your new mattress to be?

For active sleepers, this type might be an excellent solution. It offers you enough space to toss and turn the entire night, without disturbing your partner. When it comes to comfort, nowadays, there are a lot of materials available on the market, and they all offer a different type of support.

Your Budget

Since all the products we are discussing here cost less than $1,000, it goes without saying that they fall into a medium price range. Of course, you can always buy a bed for $100, but you may not be happy with it in the end.

See all budget friendly models.

Sometimes, it pays off investing in a high-quality unit and then enjoy the benefits of your hard-earned money.

But if you’re looking for something a little more on the budget end, check out our top picks below $500.

Room Space

You will be happy to know that queen size beds can be ideal for small bedrooms and guest rooms. Additionally, if you are looking for ways to save some space, then this type can help you out.

But, before you decide on a queen mattress, measure your space and where you plan on placing your bed. Refer to our size section, if you require more details.

Additional Info About Queen Beds Under $1000

Type of Mattress Available for Queen Beds


A gel is a popular choice when it comes to mattress material. Units that feature gel-infused memory foam tend to decrease temperature and are more suitable for hot sleepers. Also, the upholstery layer offers a slightly different feel compared to traditional queen size beds.

Also, gel-infused mattresses have great orthopedic properties, which properly align your spine and back, minimizing the discomfort, while offering you full-body support. On top of that, these types of beds often have hypoallergenic features, which means you’ll be free from mites and common allergens.


Commonly known as coil beds, innerspring mattresses use metal springs for better edge support and additional bounciness. However, the number of coils, as well as distribution, determines how comfortable the product will be, which also affects the back support.

Considering they have outstanding orthopedic features, these beds are mostly suited for stomach and back sleepers. Considering the advantages on the side, they tend to decay a lot faster than other mattresses. The high motion transfer and resistance to mites significantly contribute to this fact.

For that reason, regular maintenance is necessary to keep it mite-free. 


The hybrid bed is a combination of innerspring mattress and latex or memory foam. This could be an excellent choice for people who are looking to combine the best of two worlds. Compared to the coil, the longevity and motion transfer is typically higher, while it offers great motion transfer features.

Therefore, it’s suitable for couples, since it keeps any motion isolated, and allows you to sleep on a cool surface. However, some people may experience issues with off-gassing and weight. But, this is a common problem considering the odor disappears after a few weeks.

Memory Foam

Probably the most popular material among sleepers, memory foam adjusts according to body and can assume any sleeping position. Unfortunately, it’s famous for its heat retention feature, which can cause you to experience sweaty nights.

To regulate the temperature, you can buy a breathable cover that will increase airflow through memory foam. These beds contain a thick layer of form, resistant to sagginess, so there is no need to flip the mattress. Additionally, it offers proper back support, can be hypoallergenic, and durable.

Image of different bed layers


Ever since the latex appeared on the market, companies have been replacing the traditional memory foam with a layer of latex. Considering it is biodegradable and infused with natural wool, latex acts as a fire barrier.

On top of that, it’s hypoallergenic and lasts longer. The queen size mattresses made of latex can accommodate different sleeping positions and reduce pressure points on your body.

Since this material is naturally porous, it will boost the airflow and keep the sleeping surface cool. They usually cost more money than the previously mentioned models.

Can I Buy a Quality Queen Mattress Under $1000?

You sure can! Bedding industry became very competitive in the last couple of years. We now have new technologies which allow people to buy affordably without breaking their bank account.

Many online retailers offer generous discounts, which can help you get a premium product at a reasonable price. But, before you go shopping, make sure to check our guide because one wrong move can lead to a lot of trouble and sleepless nights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Pillow Top Types Under This Amount?

Pillow top creates thick padding, which is attached to the top of a mattress. It will provide a soothing and relaxed sleeping environment, and help your body loosen up and get proper rest.

When it comes to price, it significantly varies depending on the manufacturer. But with a bit of research, you will be able to find a pillow top under $1,000.

Are There Brands For Stomach Sleepers?

If you are a stomach sleeper, then you’ll want to find a mattress suitable for this sleeping position. There are many brands on the market which offer beds for this purpose. However, you might want to go for a firmer mattress, since they keep the spine in proper alignment and prevent “sinking in” sensation.


Buying a new bed comes with a lot of responsibility, and a queen size mattress is no exception. If you are dealing with a small bedroom, then this type can help you save some space, while providing a comfortable sleeping surface. 

A lot of people love sleeping on bigger beds, so this could be an excellent opportunity to test the features of queen size mattresses. On the other hand, make sure to go through various models and explore their features before you make a final decision.

Regardless of the sleeping position you assume, a high-quality unit should country your body, keep the spine properly aligned, and allow you to have a restful sleep.

Our list of products includes various products suitable for different types of sleepers, and you are just one step closer to discovering a mattress that will offer you the next level of enjoyment.

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