8 Best Rated Pillow Top Beds – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide for 2020

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Wouldn’t it be ideal to find a bed which provides a good deal of support combined with an ultimate feeling of coziness? With a range of products known as pillow-top mattresses, this is actually not a mission impossible.

These mattresses incorporate the features of traditional innerspring systems and softer, highly-conforming plush layers attached on top. In this way, they ensure a strong base to sleep on, cushioning your moves and gently adjusting to the contours of our body.

Nevertheless, you may feel unsure about how to pick the best pillow-top mattress

To make this choice less challenging, in this article we look at some of the best models available on the market. We hope you will find our review handy in narrowing your list of options down and making the most optimal pick.

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Best Hybrid

Small Product image of Mercer
Classic Brands Mercer
Best Hybrid
Wrapped-coil inner system and
cooling gel memory foam
Click Here for Price
Most Durable

Small Product image of Mattress America
Mattress America
Most Durable
Medium-firm memory foam top layerClick Here for Price
Best Cooling

Small Product image of Sweetnight 12 inch
Best Cooling
775 coils individually wrapped innerspring and Gel Memory Foam Click Here for Price
Best for Pressure Relief

Small Product image of Modway Jenna
Best for Pressure Relief
System of inner pocket coils, each wrapped individuallyClick Here for Price
Best in Support

Small Product image of Signature Sleep 12 inch
Signature Sleep
Best in Support
Firm inner coil core and
conforming Memory Foam top
Click Here for Price
Best Mattress-in-a-Box

Small Product image of Textrade USA
Textrade USA
Best Mattress-in-a-Box
1000 15-gauge tempered steel coilsClick Here for Price
Best Organic

Small Product image of Smith & Oliver
Smith & Oliver
Best Organic
Certified memory foam top and soft organic cotton coverClick Here for Price
Best Inflatable

Small Product image of Serta
Best Inflatable
33-coil inflatable mattress for good supportClick Here for Price

Our 8 Pillow Top Mattress Picks

Classic Brands Mercer - Best Hybrid


  • Wrapped-coil inner system
  • Cooling gel memory foam
  • Breathable cover
  • Great for all types of sleepers

In our opinion, the best pillow top mattress is Classic Brands.

An innovative combination of traditional-style bedding and modern technologies resulted in Mercer Pillow Top Gel Memory Foam mattress by Classic Brands. Sold in white color and different sizes available (including the standard queen size all the way up to California King), it inures a pleasurable sleeping experience for a maximum level of relaxation and tension relief.

This new-generation hybrid model uses the system of wrapped innerspring coils to provide firm support to your body during your uninterrupted, long-lasting sleep sessions on your mattress. At the same time, a super-comfy layer of gel memory foam embraces your body gently, allowing you to de-stress fully. 

On this 12’’ model, the mattress top features a beautifully-knit cover. It is marked by a high level of breathability and heat dispersion, contributing to the better quality of your sleep. The CertiPUR-US certification standards are met in this great product, meaning that it is resistant to mold and bacteria and hypoallergenic, too. 

Its orthopedic support layers of foam will release the pressure from the critical points on your body, such as your back and hips, helping you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Mattress America - Most Durable


  • Sturdy support to the body
  • Medium-firm memory foam top layer
  • System of inner coils
  • Quality top cover

High-quality and proven durability is what qualifies this product as one of the buyers’ favorites. It offers a great sleeping experience based on a firm 10″ Pocket coil core paired with a 3″ responsive, cushiony memory foam pillow top.

The manufacturer’s long tradition and experience in the field reflect in this top-class product, chosen by a vast number of customers. Its durable cover features a high level of breathability. Hot sleepers will find it particularly convenient, as it will keep them sweat-free during the night. 

Your back will get a proper amount of solid support, combined with a medium-firm sleeping surface. The motion transfer is minimized, ensuring a peaceful sleep without disturbance. 

Materials used to make this outstanding bed are free of hazardous chemicals and eco-friendly, labeled with a CertiPUR-Us certificate. Frost 13 Inch Hybrid is largely odor-free, and this mattress may take up to two weeks to fully inflate.

Sweetnight - Best Cooling


The sense of ultimate comfort is the main priority the manufacturers of Sweetnight pillow top mattress are determined to achieve. This reasonably priced, quality model is constructed with great care to offer proper support, gentle contact with your body and a significant cooling effect, too.

The inner core of this 12″ thick mattress contains heavy-duty, steel coils. Each one is wrapped separately so that the motion transfer is neutralized to an amazing level. That will result in a peaceful, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Moreover, your back will maintain a pressure-free position, not suffering the irritating morning pain.

Several layers of foam made from memory materials add to a premium level of comfort, offering medium-firm support to your body. Owing to its breathability, it promotes an excellent regulation of temperature. You will sleep cool and sweat-free throughout the night.

Cotton cover fabric creates an appealing, gentle feel. The use of harmful chemicals and heavy metals is ruled out, making it safe and eco-friendly.

Modway - Best for Pressure Relief


  • Pressure and pain relief
  • Adjustable memory foam top
  • Suits all types of sleepers
  • Minimal motion transfer

Is it possible to get rid of the pain in your back, shoulders, and hips you feel every morning after you wake up? Ultimate Quilted Innerspring Mattress by Modway offers an effective solution to this unpleasant issue.

This 10.5″ thick mattress utilizes the system of inner pocket coils, each wrapped individually to provide stable support and resistance to motion transfer. Even if your partner tends to sleep restlessly, your side of the mattress will remain motionless for an undisturbed sleeping experience.

The pillow-top set above the coils features high-density foam – the egg crate and responsive layers. It adjusts to the shape of your body, helping to release the pressure and eliminate the pain to get a maximum level of rest. Firm-knit polyester cover is fire-resistant, increasing the overall feel of comfort.

This quality mattress is easy to set up and takes about 24 hours to reach its full size.

Signature Sleep - Best in Support


  • Firm inner coil core
  • Conforming memory foam top
  • Reduces pain and pressure
  • Successfully combines sturdiness and comfort

Are you in search of a mattress which will hold up your body firmly, without having to give up on the cushioning feel of comfort? Signature Sleep Contour Hybrid combines both these features, crucial for a night of sound sleep and maximum coziness.

This 12″ premium quality model integrates a system of high-performance coils into its core. Each possesses individual wrapping, ensuring the minimum transfer of motion and potential disturbance while you are sleeping. At the same time, the overall feel is a firm pillow top mattress to support to your body weight, distributing it properly.

The mattress top of this comfy product incorporates a memory foam and convoluted foam layers paired to make a conforming pillow-top. Owing to its high responsiveness, the pressure on the critical points on your body is reduced to a minimum, allowing for a pleasurable sleeping experience. It is marked by a high level of breathability and free airflow.

Its soft, plush polyester-rayon cover boosts the general feel of softness and coziness.

Textrade USA - Best Mattress-in-a-Box


  • Medium-firm support
  • Strong innerspring core
  • Quality cover
  • Prevents motion disturbance

The designers at Textrade USA created a quality innerspring pillow top mattress in a box to cater to the needs of even the pickiest consumer. They integrated as many as 1000 coils into its inner part to provide the best support to the body. In combination with memory foam, they generated an ultimate sense of comfort while sleeping on a firm foundation. 

Its 3’’ thick top layer made up of memory foam features a high level of responsiveness. It helps you nestle comfortably and relax your body for a rejuvenating night’s sleep. A gentle Damask cover gives it an extra appeal and sense of softness and feels plush. At the same time, it will remain still and silent even if your partner keeps tossing and turning in their sleep. 

A lot of satisfied customers appreciate the product’s durability, easy setup, lack of odor, and reasonable price, and that is reflected in their review. Above all, it is the quality of sleep this comfy bed in a box provides you with that makes it a best-seller.

Smith & Oliver - Best Organic


  • Soft organic cotton cover
  • Certified memory foam top
  • Pain and pressure relief
  • Strong coiled base

Do you want to feel the touch of pure, organic cotton while you are sleeping? Smith & Oliver made it possible by designing this supreme pillow top mattress for the most comfortable sleeping experience. It delivers both proper support and plush, soft contact with your body, keeping it ventilated at all times. 

The inner part of this model includes tempered steel coils. Each is individually encased and responsible for providing sturdy support to any sleeper.  A 6″ memory foam top is placed above the coiled core to ensure a sufficient level of coziness too. 

The 100% green certified foam reduces tension and pressure to your body, making you feel energized and rejuvenated.

One of the most significant benefits of this quality product is its super-soft organic cotton cover. It is made to allow a high level of breathability, owing to the innovative technology of production. You should sleep very well on this cooling mattress and feel comfortable throughout the night.

Look at more organic options.

Serta - Best Inflatable


  • 33-coil inflatable mattress for good support
  • Comfy pillow top
  • NeverFLAT pump system
  • Plush, washable cover

Have you considered getting a superb air-bed, with an added pillow top for increased comfort? Serta’s Raised queen size Pillow Top inflatable mattress could be a smart choice, especially if you often put up guests for the night or simply need an extra sleeping space. 

This mattress comes with a set of 33 inner coils, to improve the level of support your body gets. Its pump takes only a few minutes to inflate or deflate it entirely, after which it shuts off automatically. It also features a special NeverFLAT pump, which maintains the desired level of air pressure consistently and silently.

Apart from choosing your preferred level of mattress firmness, you can also rest comfortably in its plush, soft pillow top. It comes with a washable cover made of quality material. This cozy top layer will help you relax fully, giving you the feeling of sleeping on a fluffy cloud.

Interested in more from this brand? Check out the Serta iComfort models.

Image of Hybrid Pillow bed

Key Features to Look For Before Buying

It is reasonable to expect a bedding product you buy to last long and perform well. To make sure you are not letting your money go down the drain by purchasing a poor quality pillow top mattress, a few things should be kept in mind before you pay your visit to a store.

Your Budget

These beds are usually more affordable than some other products with a similar purpose. An innerspring, memory foam, or a hybrid top class mattress may be out of your reach or require you to spend a small fortune. If you are not in a position to get one, pillow-top beds can serve as an excellent substitute, and you can have them shipped to your door for an acceptable sum of money overall.

Click to discover more budget options.

Quality of Materials Used and Construction

Not every model from this group of products will live up to your expectations, as the quality of design, construction, and materials used can vary to a great extent across different manufacturers. Materials used to make both the core part of the mattress, as well as those utilized in the making of a top layer, widely impact the overall performance and longevity of a product.

To avoid those that will sag, get damaged or worn out in no time, go for models by renowned manufacturers that use reliable materials and advanced construction technologies. For example, pocket coil/innerspring systems, dunlop latex mattress, talalay latex mattress, and memory foam tend to outlast other types of materials, though they are usually costlier.

Comfort Level and Support

These beds, especially the ones of better quality, can provide a sufficient level of comfort, no matter what type of sleeper you are. Pillow tops, designed to adjust to your body, usually features several layers, most commonly made of memory foam. They are responsible for generating the feeling of coziness and contribute to a night of better sleep.

Softer versions usually appeal more to side sleepers, as they allow the body to plunge into the cushiony layers of memory foam and get rid of the pressure from critical points. Back sleepers, on the other hand, might prefer firm pillow top mattress surfaces, as they hold up the body in place, providing orthopedic support to the upper and lower back. 

When it comes to the way they support your body, it typically depends on the sturdiness of the mattress core. The system of individually encased steel coils keeps the body adequately supported, distributing the weight, and reducing pressure. Being wrapped individually in foam or other materials, they efficiently isolate the moves made by a person sleeping next to you. 

The level of comfort and support featured by the products from this group varies from soft to firm. However, most of them fit within the medium-firm range. You should definitely take some time to estimate your preferred sleeping style and the level of comfort before purchasing an item from this category.

Additional Features from Mattress Companies

To outdo the fierce competition on the market, manufacturers of bedding products include specific extra features. By doing so, they make their items more recognizable among customers, adding to their overall value.

One of these is undoubtedly the well-known CertiPUR-US certified label. It is a trusted guarantee that a product contains no substances that can be potentially harmful or pose a threat to your health. Moreover, some manufacturers make it possible for you to customize your mattress by picking the top layer of your preference.

Image of extremely soft bed


It is always wiser to purchase an item with an extended warranty period. In some cases, it may be valid for up to 10 years. That is when you are likely to go for a new mattress anyway. Therefore, it is good to know that you are covered in case of unexpected damages or poor performance of your product.

Mattress-making companies are well-aware of the nature of materials and overall durability and quality of their products. Their warranty policies are, hence, the results of this. So, always be cautious if you come across an item that appears to be satisfactory enough, yet its warranty period is too short.

Understanding Pillow Top Mattresses

What is a Pillow Top Bed?

Though a lot of people might find it unclear what this type of bed actually is, the explanation is quite simple. As suggested by its name, it is a type of mattress that features an additional layer attached on top of it. It is padded to give the effect of a cushion, thus adding to the level of overall comfort.

Pillow-top beds are convenient and practical. They combine the support and firmness of a traditional mattress with an additional sense of coziness generated by its comfy top. They are available in various sizes (most common are queen size), materials, and levels of firmness. Some even allow for the top layer to be chosen according to your preference.  

In most cases, the inner part integrates a system of coils, known for their reliability in providing sturdy support and neutralization of motion transfer. The ‘’pillow’’ layers, on the other hand, make use of softer and more responsive materials, such as latex, memory foam, or gel. Together they contribute to a cloud-like feel of your bed and help you get a sound night’s sleep. 

Pros and Cons of Pillow Top Beds

What Makes Pillow Top Stand Out From Other Types?

  • Good Motion Isolation feature

Being disturbed all night long by the constant tossing and turning of a person sleeping next to you is the last thing you want. Pillow-top beds deal with this frustrating issue in an extremely efficient way. Quality models featuring a system of individually encased pocket steel coils reduce the transfer of motion to a minimum. 

In his way, your side of the bed will remain undisturbed and still, and you will be able to get your energy back for a day to come. 

  • Recommended for Stomach Sleepers and Side Sleepers

People who enjoy sleeping on their side or stomach know how challenging it can be to find a suitable mattress. According to numerous customers’ reviews, pillow-top beds prove to be an optimal solution for such sleepers. They provide sturdy support to a sleeper’s body, with a soft direct contact with those parts that generally suffer the strongest pressure.

However, stomach sleepers may find they simply need a firm mattress.

(See top options for side sleepers.)

  • Relief from Medical Related Problems

An inadequate mattress can be the source of serious orthopedic issues, usually related to back, shoulders, neck, hips, and joints. Pillow-top beds, especially their quality models with orthopedic support, can bring about perfect relief when such problems are concerned.

They help to alleviate pain in these affected body parts by reducing the amount of pressure, distributing the weight properly, and offering the optimal type of support. 

  • Comfortable Layers 

What customers see as one of the most perfect advantages of these products is the level of comfort they offer. What is more, the sense of ‘’Plush Comfort’’ is what makes them stand out. By sleeping on one of these, you get a chance to fully relax, owing to its comfy memory foam or hybrid top.

Image of couple and pillows

Few Issues that May Cause Disapproval

  • Possible Indentations

No bedding product lasts forever, so it is unreasonable to expect your pillow-top mattress to keep the same shape as on day one. However, some differences in the durability of different items from the group are present.

Some cheaper versions may be prone to sagging and developing indentations. These can seriously hamper the quality of your sleep. That is why high-quality items made of reliable materials always pay off in the long run. 

You also may not be able to pair them with an adjustable base.

  • Need to Purchase a Special Bed Sheet

If you intend to minimize your expenditure when getting a pillow-top mattress, you may not be too happy about the fact that the bed sheets you already own might not be suitable for your new bed. In other words, these items may, in some cases, call for a fitted sheet, designed especially for these types of mattresses. 

  • Can be Very Hot to Sleep In

It is overheating and sweating while sleeping that can cause a great deal of discomfort. Some pillow-tops have received a negative review from customers in this respect. It is the material they are made of that retains excessive heat, usually including polyurethane or memory foam. 

On the other hand, more advanced versions like latex mattresses or memory foam gel seem to have successfully overcome this issue, and cause no trouble even for hot sleepers.

Pillow Tops vs. Euro Top Mattress

Though the two terms are frequently used interchangeably, there is a minor difference in design and construction between them. What’s more, Euro Tops are usually seen as a subcategory of Pillow-Top mattresses

The top layer of a Euro Top bed is attached to the total upper surface of a mattress, making it look like its integral part. Users consider it as a plus because of the slightly better edge-support it offers. The top layer in the latter type is attached in a way that it looks like a separate unit.

And if you’re looking for another solution entirely, you could get mattress toppers best suited for your needs. It’s all about finding your perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What firmness level is best for back pain sufferers?

The choice of an optimal mattress can be a real challenge for people with pain. If this is the case, medium to firm pillow-top beds for back pain are reported to provide an adequate type of support. The quality models are quite successful in helping your spine align into proper posture, reducing the pressure and resulting in less painful sensations.

However, more severe instances of chronic pain call for adequate medical treatment and should be addressed at several levels. The right type of bed can make some improvement, but not always bring pain to an end.


Nowadays, in our hectic daily lives full of stress, we all cherish the power of sound, uninterrupted sleep. Companies selling various bedding products compete to get our attention and talk us into purchasing items they advertise. Pillow-top mattresses are one group of such products, and according to users’ comments, the one that is worth considering. 

These beds incorporate all the features looked for in traditional mattresses. Their base ensures a strong foundation to hold the weight of your body. At the same time, the cushiony layer attached on top of it builds up the feeling of relaxation and helps you rest completely. 

A broad palette of models with different characteristics caters to various needs of all kinds of sleepers. So, if your budget is limited but you still want to make the most of it, give these convenient products a serious thought. You may end up being truly surprised about the level of comfort they offer.

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