10 Top Rated Beds to Buy in 2020

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Your old mattress is giving out and it is finally time to replace it. When you try and find something, however, you’re flooded with choices. There are so many different options, materials, and price points.

So what is the best mattress for you? How do you even approach this problem?

Sure, you can always go to a mattress store and try out different options until you find something you like. If, however, you want to save some money, you can buy one online. That option doesn’t allow you to try different models before purchasing, but many brands provide a lengthy trial period.

This guide should provide you with a selection of top-rated options, all in different categories with different purposes, so you should be able to find something you like.

Best Memory Foam

small Product image of Best Price 10 inch
Best Price
Best Memory Foam
Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best Innerspring

Small Product image of Signature Sleep Coil 8
Signature Sleep
Best Innerspring
InnerspringClick Here for Price
Best Hybrid

Small Product image of Lucid Twin XL Hybrid
Best Hybrid
HybridClick Here for Price
Best for Back Sleepers

Small Product image of Live & Sleep
Live and Sleep
Best for Back Sleepers
Memory Foam Click Here for Price
Best for Side Sleepers

Small Product image of Nectar
Best for Side Sleepers
Gel Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best for Stomach Sleepers

Small Product image of Signature Design by Ashley
Signature Design by Ashley
Best for Stomach Sleepers
HybridClick Here for Price
Great Quality

Tuft & Needle small product image
Tuft & Needle
Great Quality
T&N Adaptive FoamClick Here for Price
Best Budget Option

Small Product image of Linenspa
Best Budget Option
HybridClick Here for Price
Best Cooling

Small Product image of Olee Sleep Galaxy
Olee Sleep
Best Cooling
HybridClick Here for Price
Best Infusion

Small Product image of Zinus 12 inch
Best Infusion
Memory FoamClick Here for Price

Our 10 Highest Rated Mattresses Reviewed

Best Price - Best Memory Foam


  • 3-inch memory foam top
  • 6, 8, 10, or 12-inch profiles
  • Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Medium-firm feel

Out of all the materials that mattresses are made of, memory foam usually provides some of the best support. This Best Price model presents just that: 10 inches of foam to fully mold to your body and reduce the pressure points.

It consists of three foam layers: beneath the 3-inch top is a 2-inch comfort layer, and at the bottom, the 5-inch high-density base. Together, they provide more than enough support to help you relax and get a restful night’s sleep. No more aches and pains every morning.

The top layer is made of open-cell foam, which should dramatically increase breathability and prevent heat from becoming trapped around you. That should also help boost its support, as the material becomes firmer as it cools.

Customers have largely recognized these qualities, praising its superior support and affordable price. It is a medium-firm foam, so you should keep that in mind if you prefer a softer sleeping surface.

So, if you’re looking for such a mattress for its superior support, this model should have you covered. Its 3-inch thick top layer should be enough for most people, and if its thickness isn’t right for you, it also comes in different profiles, as well, so you’re sure to find something you’ll like.

Signature Sleep - Best Innerspring


  • 800 individually wrapped steel coils
  • 8, 10, or 12-inch versions
  • Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes
  • Dual-sided and flippable
  • Medium-firm feel

Even though innerspring is the oldest type of mattresses, nothing can beat its responsiveness and bounciness. If you’re looking for something like that, they should still be a solid choice. This Signature Sleep model comes with 800 individually encased coils, which should keep the motion on your side of the bed.

Above and below the innerspring core are several layers of foam to further boost its comfort and support, which makes this model flippable. That should help with its longevity, as well – by changing its sides regularly, you’ll limit its deterioration and help it last longer.

As it doesn’t use memory foam, it doesn’t retain your body heat, and it should remain cool no matter how hot it gets outside. Most owners have praised these factors, while also mentioning its affordable price.

It also comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from Twin to King, and a profile ranging from 8 to 12 inches. This should give you plenty of sizes to choose from, and with its superior support and responsiveness, it should be an ideal choice for those that prefer the innerspring feel.

Lucid - Best Hybrid


  • Memory foam and innerspring hybrid
  • Bamboo charcoal infusion
  • 10 or 12-inch versions
  • Twin to Cali King sizes
  • Medium-plush feel

Hybrid beds can be a preferred option, as they bring the best of both worlds. They combine the responsiveness and bounciness of steel coils with the comfort and support of memory foam. This Lucid model should provide just that – its individually wrapped base produces a durable and bouncy feel, while the top supports your body correctly and brings comfort.

The top layer is also infused with bamboo and charcoal to help reduce odors, as well as provide better control over the moisture. And, between the top and the base is a comfort layer infused with aloe vera extracts. All that should make the sleeping experience even more comfortable.

Customer reviews have praised its responsiveness and support, as well as its superior odor control. This model has a medium-plush feel.

Overall, this hybrid model should provide you with all the benefits of both innerspring and foam while avoiding their common disadvantages. And, as it comes in a wide variety of sizes, you should be able to find one that will fit your bed perfectly.

Live and Sleep - Best for Back Sleepers


  • Memory foam
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • 10 inches thick
  • Twin to Cali King sizes
  • Medium-firm feel

Sleeping on your back can have many health benefits, and it is a preferred position of many people. It usually needs a firmer surface to correctly support your body, and if you sleep on a plush mattress, you could wake up with neck or lower back pain.

This Live and Sleep model provides just the right medium-firm surface, so if you sleep on your back, it should prop up your body in just the right places. And, as the top layer is made of 2.5 inches of memory foam, its support should be superior to other similar solutions.

Its top layer is made of breathable, open-cell foam to take the heat away from you and distribute it along the surface, so it should avoid the most common pitfall of this material – its heat retention. Most owners have recognized these qualities, as its reviews mostly praise its support and comfort, as well as its affordable price.

This mattress could be the ideal solution for back sleepers who want their mattress to relieve the tension in their lower back and help them get the most out of their rest. It should provide enough support to do just that, all without retaining your heat and warming you up during the hot summer nights.

Nectar - Best for Side Sleepers


  • Gel memory foam
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • 11 inches thick
  • Twin to Cali King sizes
  • Medium-firm feel

Side sleepers can be tricky to predict. Some sleep on their sides the whole night, while others use different positions at different times. That’s why can struggle to find the mattress with the right firmness and support.

This Nectar model should provide just that. While it feels medium-firm, it should still correctly support your body regardless of your position.

The memory foam should be soft enough to mold to your body when you sleep on your side. That should remove the pressure from your shoulders and hips. Still, it can be firm enough to support you if you end up sleeping on your stomach.

And, as the top is infused with a cooling gel, its surface should remain fresh no matter how hot the night gets. Most customers have recognized all these factors and their reviews have mostly praised the comfort and support, as well as the refreshing sleeping experience and affordable price.

That’s why, if you’re a side sleeper, this mattress can correctly support your body while relieving the tension in your shoulders and hips. Apart from that, it should also provide a stiff enough surface should you ever wind up on your stomach or back.

Signature Design by Ashley - Best for Stomach Sleepers


  • Innerspring and gel memory foam hybrid
  • Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes
  • 8, 10, and 12-inch options
  • Firm feel

As a general rule, those that sleep on their stomachs prefer firmer surfaces. If you rest on a mattress that is too soft, the sinking could increase the pressure on your diaphragm, which could make breathing difficult.

If that’s your preferred position, this Signature Design model should provide just the right firmness for you. As it uses a combination of an innerspring base and a gel-infused memory foam top, it can reinforce your body in the right places, relieving the tension, and helping you breathe easier. It can also be firm enough not to cause back pain.

You should be prepared that it is firmer feel if you’re considering this model. Most users have, however, praised its comfort and support, noting its versatility and adaptability to any sleeping position.

So, if you sleep primarily on your stomach, and are looking for just the right mattress to correctly support your body, this one might be what you need. Its combination of an innerspring base and a memory foam top should provide the best of both worlds.

Tuft & Needle - Great Quality


  • Adaptive T&N foam
  • CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex certified
  • Twin to Cali King sizes
  • 10 inches thick
  • Medium-firm feel

If you’re looking for a higher quality mattress, this Tuft & Needle model could provide you with what you need. It uses a proprietary Tuft & Needle adaptive foam, which should have the bounciness of latex and support of memory foam, without the heat retention and the sinking feeling.

Its surface should be perfectly balanced, not too firm or too soft, and it shouldprovide just the right amount of bounce. That movement, though, should primarily be isolated to your half of the mattress. So, if your significant other is a restless sleeper, the motion should remain on their half of the bed.

Customers have praised these qualities, pointing out its comfort and the cold surface as its standout features. 

All these factors should make this mattress easy to recommend to those that want a higher-quality product. It can suitably support your body regardless of your sleeping position, all without excessive bounce or heat retention, which are its greatest advantages.

Linenspa - Best Budget Option


  • Innerspring and foam hybrid
  • Twin to Cali King sizes
  • 8 and 10-inch profiles
  • Medium-firm feel

In the old days, if you wanted a cheaper mattress, you were left with little choice. You had to take the inferior options and live with their shortcomings. The excessive bounce and squeaking were the chief gripes of innerspring models, while foam solutions got flat quickly and lost their supportive abilities.

This Linenspa model, however, should avoid those pitfalls. As it uses a combination of an innerspring base and a memory foam top, it should limit the bounce of the former, while also providing the longevity and support of the latter type.

Its top layer is thick enough not to flatten under you, and it is strong enough to contour itself to your body, relieving your pressure points and tension. That should also help prevent neck and back pain, as well.

While most customers have praised its support and comfort alongside its affordable price, some thought it was a bit firm at first.. As the 8-inch version boasts a medium-firm feel, if you prefer something plusher, you could choose the 10-inch model, as that has a medium feel.

That’s why this mattress could be the ideal solution for those that want support and responsiveness but within a more limited price range. It can provide both of those, and its price won’t break your bank.

Olee Sleep - Best Cooling


  • Gel foam and innerspring hybrid
  • Full, Queen, or King size
  • 13 inches thick
  • Medium feel

A common gripe about memory foam is its heat retention. And, as the material usually becomes softer the warmer it gets, it can lose its supportive abilities if it gets too hot. That’s why they must have some sort of a cooling solution.

This Olee Sleep model’s top has been infused with a cooling gel. That way, it can absorb more heat and distribute it along the surface, making the sleeping experience fresher and helping it keep its support no matter how hot the nights are.

And, as it uses an innerspring base, it can be more responsive than those that use only foam. It should be quick to adapt to the changes in your position, all while keeping your body propped up correctly.

As this model has a medium feel, it may be too soft for back or stomach sleepers. But most customers have praised its comfort and freshness.

This model should be the ideal choice for those that want or need such a mattress but are worried about its heat retention. Its gel-cooled surface should remain refreshing no matter how hot it gets, helping it provide just the right amount of support for your body.

Zinus – Best Infusion


  • Foam
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Narrow Twin to Cali King sizes
  • 6, 8, 10, or 12-inch versions
  • Medium feel

Some manufacturers infuse their mattresses with herbal extracts to help prevent the spread of bad odors. They also help keep the bacteria and mold away, making it safer for those with allergies. This Zinus model uses a green tea extract to maintain its freshness in the long run.

Its top should provide the correct support for your body, and it should relieve the tension in your pressure points regardless of your sleeping position. That way, your sleep should become more relaxing, and you should wake up feeling more refreshed and energized.

Most consumer reviews have praised its pleasant odor and superior support, as well as its price point.

Overall, this is a dependable mattress that will support your body correctly no matter what your sleeping position is. At the same time, its green tea extract infusion should keep bad odors at bay while boosting the quality of your rest.

image of beautiful white and gray bedroom

Buyer's Guide for Top of the Line Options

Shopping for a mattress can seem daunting. There are so many different options to choose from. Different builds and materials can affect everything, from the price to the comfort and support that the surface provides.

Then there are individual preferences. While these usually stem from your sleeping position, other factors can determine what you like. Maybe you prefer a firmer surface even though you sleep on your side.

And then there are other special considerations. Maybe you need a mattress for your RV, or an extra bed for guests, or a comfy surface for your sleeping bag when you’re out camping. There are products for all these considerations.

This guide should help you understand what the basic factors are when choosing the right mattress regardless of your specific needs.

When Is the Right Time?

The general rule is, you should change it as soon as you start feeling like your mattress isn’t as supportive. The easiest way to spot that is if you start to wake up feeling stiff or sore, or you could feel like you’re sinking further than when you first bought it.

The symptoms also vary by the material used in its construction. Memory foam, for example, will usually lose its support, allowing you to sink deeper. The polyfoam layer under it could also start sagging. It could take it longer to return to its shape, as well.

Innerspring models, on the other hand, usually start squeaking after the first several years, and that’s the first sign that it may be nearing its end. The models with individually packed coils could become noisy in other ways. The foam layers around the springs could also give in, and in more extreme cases, the coil could break through the barrier.

Things to Consider Before Buying

This section will help you understand in what ways are your preferences formed and what that means for the whole selection process.

We’ll go over the various sleeping positions and how they affect the various qualities of the surface, and we’ll also go into some detail about several special considerations that you’ll need to keep in mind.

Sleeping Positions

This is probably the most significant factor when determining your preferences and, consequently, your preferred product. The position you sleep in can affect what kind of a surface you find comfortable, and therefore, what material might be right for you.

Back Sleeping

Back sleepers have it pretty straightforward – to correctly support your body, the surface should be on the firmer end. That should keep your spine correctly aligned and keep you from sinking too low and ending up in an awkward position.

Side Sleeping

The choice is a bit trickier for those that sleep on their side. To keep them properly aligned, they need a softer surface. If it’s too soft, however, then their bodies end up misaligned on the other end. So, to get the right firmness level, you’ll probably need to try out several bed models for side sleeping before making a final decision.

Stomach Sleeping

This is probably the most difficult category. Like back sleepers, they need a firmer surface to keep them from sinking too far. If they sink too far, they can put additional pressure on their diaphragm, which can lead to problems with breathing.

There are other considerations, too. The ideal stomach sleeper mattress will find a way to keep their bodies in a correct position even if they fold their legs, which in turn rotates the pelvis, and can, with poor support, lead to lower back problems.

That’s why their mattress needs to be at just the right level. If it’s too firm, it can lead to neck and lower back problems, and if it’s too soft, it can lead to breathing difficulties.

Combination Sleeping

A large subset of people will change several positions during the night. They might fall asleep on their sides, only to wake up on their stomachs. That’s why they need a mattress that can keep their bodies correctly aligned in all these positions.

Usually, a model that has a cushioned and firm surface should do just that. The firmness should keep their body propped up in a proper position, while the cushioned cover can provide a bit more comfort.

Specific Needs for Mattresses

Apart from your sleeping position, there are several other factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right mattress.

Recovery Boost for Athletes

If you do lots of physical activities, a good mattress for athletes is crucial in your recovery. It should shape itself to your body, which should, in turn, relieve the tension and allow your body time to regenerate.

Memory foam should be ideal, but it should have at least some cooling system – an infusion of gel or copper, or an airflow layer under it. A surface that can cool your body while you sleep should also help reduce the inflammation, which should further boost your recovery.

Bed Sharing/Couples

This can also be a relevant factor, and not only regarding the size of the mattress. Sure, it goes without saying that you might consider a Twin or a Full-sized bed if you sleep alone, and a Queen- or King-sized model if you share a bed.

To further complicate the matter, you and your partner could have different preferences. You might prefer something firmer, while they like to sink into the surface. In those cases, you could invest in a Split King option, or you could buy a customizable mattress.

If that’s out of your budget range, though, you should pay attention to motion isolation – you’ll want to keep your partner’s restless nights on their side of the bed. Memory foam is usually good at this, as are pocketed coils.

See our top mattress picks for couples.

Sleeping Lightly

This is another area where motion isolation can have a significant impact. If your sleep is light and you wake up to the slightest disturbance, you might want a mattress that is quiet and that doesn’t transfer the motion across the surface.

Memory foam is good in this regard, as latex can be bouncy, and innerspring or hybrid options can get noisy after a while.

Making Love

If you want a mattress that is good for sex and romantic activities, you might want to stay away from memory foam, especially if it doesn’t have a cooling solution. Those can get quite hot, and they aren’t nearly responsive enough.

Also, if you prefer some bounce for your lovemaking sessions, you could do well with latex or innerspring solutions, or a hybrid of those. Those should provide the quickest response and the bounciest surface.

Weight-Related Issues

Primarily, your weight will affect the firmness of the surface as well as the thickness of the product. As a general rule, the heavier you are, the thicker the mattress should be.

As far as firmness is concerned, the situation is similar. If you’re lighter, you might want something with a softer surface, as a firmer model might not allow you to sink enough to keep you properly aligned. If you’re heavier, though, you’ll want something stiffer, something that can keep you from sinking too far.

Check our list of outstanding beds for heavy people here.

Sleeping Hot/Cooling

This can be especially relevant if you live in a warmer climate and need a refreshing surface to help you through the hot summer nights. Innerspring models should provide the coolest surface, as should latex. Memory foam on its own is the worst choice, as it retains most of your body heat.

However, if the model has an infusion of cooling gel or a similar agent, it might provide enough freshness to keep you from sweating through the night.

For top cooling bed options, check our guide.

Firm (Supportive)

There are many reasons why you might want a firmer surface. You might have back problems, and something like this should keep you in the correct position while you sleep. Maybe you sleep on your back, or maybe your weight is in the above-average range.

In those cases, a firmer bed model might be ideal for you.


Likewise, you might want something softer if your weight is low enough. Also, if you sleep on your side, a softer model should keep you in the correct position. You might want to make sure that it isn’t too soft, as that could have an opposite effect.

Read more: Highest Rated Soft Mattresses


If you have an adjustable bed frame, you might want to make sure that your chosen mattress can support such a feature. Not every model will work on such a foundation, and you don’t want to spend all that money only to find out that your mattress is too stiff to be adjusted.

For our great overall adjustable bed mattress, click here.

Bed Foundation

Your bed’s foundation should dictate what kind of mattress you can place on it, as well. For example, memory foam or latex options go better on a solid base, as box springs or floorboards can cause it to fold around those areas, which can, in turn, reduce its lifespan.

Innerspring options, on the other hand, go better with floorboards or box springs as they allow more room to move, making the whole bed even more comfortable.

That is, of course, only a guideline, not a firm rule. You can check our top choices for bed foundations here.

image of couple ordering online

Benefits of Ordering Online

When you order a mattress online, you don’t get to try it first. That can be the biggest advantage of stores – you can go around trying different options until you settle on one that works for you.

However, when you buy a mattress in a store, you’ll probably end up overpaying. You’ll have to pay for the overhead the store has, and the product could have a hefty mark-up. When you buy online, you usually buy directly from the manufacturer, bypassing any middlemen along the way.

You can pocket the savings, or you can spend the same amount of money you are prepared to spend in a store, only this time, you could get a mattress with more features, or a model that is even better suited to your specific needs.

Mail Order

When you order your mattress online, it usually arrives rolled and tightly packed in a box. You simply need to unpack it and give it several days for it to fully deflate and air out any smells.

You should be prepared, though. These boxes can get heavy, especially with larger models. You might want to get some help, especially if you need to take it up some stairs to reach your bedroom.

Ideal Beds Based on Material and Type

To further understand what’s the best mattress for you, you need to understand the different types that exist on the market. Several main build technologies exist and are using the most common materials. This section will go over them.

Apart from construction and material, different models also differ based on their purpose. Some serve as extra beds; others are meant for camping or RV frames.

Memory Foam (Viscoelastic)

This is probably the most common material used today. It’s used in all price ranges, from cheap to luxury,

In most cases, mattresses made from this material use at least two layers: the memory foam top, and the high-density polyfoam base. Some models use a comfort layer between, usually made from polyfoam. It’s mainly used to increase the thickness and boost the support of the model.

Some models also use a layer of convoluted foam to increase the airflow and guide the warmth away from you, distributing it across the mattress. That’s primarily used to reduce the heat retention memory foam is known for.

Check out our top memory foam mattress picks.


Another way to decrease the heat that such mattresses retain is to infuse a cooling material, most frequently gel, directly into the top layer. The gel then absorbs the heat and helps cool the surface down.

View our top gel memory foam bed picks.

Cheap Memory Foam

Cheaper models that use this material usually have only two layers – the top and the base. They don’t typically have any additional cooling system. They also use lower density foam for both layers, leading to a softer surface and lower longevity. They can still provide plenty of support.

You can find our selection of cheap memory foam beds here.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam, or polyfoam, is another frequent material used in mattresses. As it can go flat relatively quickly, it’s usually used as the only layer only in the cheapest models. Most other models use it as a base for a top layer made of memory foam or latex.

Its high-density version is the most common kind used, as it is firmer and more durable than other types. That’s what makes it a good choice for a base layer.


Convoluted foam is more frequently used in sound-proofing, but when used in a mattress, it is usually placed between the top layer and the base. It can provide additional comfort, all while improving the airflow and helping keep the surface cool.


This is another frequent type, though it is usually on the more costly end. On the more expensive side are the models made exclusively from latex, while the cheaper models use a thinner layer on top of a polyfoam base.

There are two kinds of latex, natural and synthetic. The natural type comes from the sap of the rubber tree, and it is generally safer because it is organic and requires minimal processing. The synthetic kind is made from petroleum, and some potentially dangerous chemicals can be used in its manufacture. It is cheaper, though.

It’s primarily popular because of its bounce and quick response, almost on par with innerspring models. It also doesn’t retain heat, unlike memory foam, and it is much more durable. The mattresses based on latex have the longest average lifespan.


This primarily refers to all the materials used in the mattress. Most of them are made from natural latex with a cover of organic wool or cotton, but some cheaper models can use polyfoam or memory foam. Hybrids can also be organic if they have latex on top, and their cover is made from natural materials.

View organic and natural beds.


This is the traditional method of making mattresses. It consists of steel coils that can either be offset or individually packed. Offset coils are joined together in a grid and are more common among cheap models. They aren’t as durable, are much noisier, and they transfer the motion across the surface.

Individually packed or pocketed models consist of many springs that are kept separate. That helps reduce the noise and motion transfer while increasing the lifespan.

Most innerspring mattresses, regardless of the build, have a layer of polyfoam on top and bottom to help isolate the sleeper from the coils.


Some organic mattress can use cotton as padding to soften the layers under it. In those cases, it can be a quality replacement for foam. It is breathable, hypoallergenic, and durable, all while being natural and organic. It can be expensive, though.

Cotton covers are more common in the more affordable range. Models that use such a cover are usually breathable and hypoallergenic, and they can help keep the surface refreshing throughout the night.

See our top cotton beds here.


This is another common natural material used to make the cover. It is more frequently used in organic mattresses, but it can also be used with polyfoam or memory foam. Bamboo is known for its breathability, and models that use it are better at temperature regulation because of that.

It is also good at keeping the moisture away, all while drying quickly. That should help prevent the development of mold or bacteria. And, as it can also keep common allergens away, it is usually used in hypoallergenic mattresses and pillows.

Find some outstanding bamboo beds here.


Hybrid beds are products that have a layer of memory foam or latex on top of an innerspring model, all packed together. They should provide the best of both worlds – the bounce and quick response of coils are combined with the superior shape-changing and support of memory foam.

Some models use an innerspring base in combination with individually packed coils in its comfort layer, while others layer the top directly on the base. Microcoils are common among the thinner models.

Latex Hybrid Beds

These refer to hybrids that use latex for its top. Depending on the material the covers are made of, they can be organic, as well. As their prices are usually lower than beds completely made from latex, this is probably the most affordable way to get such a product.

Air Mattresses

They are primarily used as an extra bed for your guests, or as a comfortable surface for your sleeping bag while camping. The more expensive models can replace a traditional mattress, however, as they come with several layers of foam on top of the air chambers.

Their primary advantage is their adjustability – you can quickly and easily customize the firmness of its surface by manipulating the pump.

Check the most popular air bed models in our guide.

Cat Proof

If you own pets and wish to use an airbed, then you’d need to find one that is more durable. Some models are reinforced at the top and bottom to help boost their longevity, and if you want something that can withstand your pets, you’d probably want a puncture-proof cat model.


Similarly, if you use an air mattress on the ground, you’re placing it on an uneven surface, where various sticks and stones could puncture the bottom. That’s why you should get a model with a reinforced bottom. Some also come with built-in cots.

image of bed for camping


Waterbeds were at the height of their popularity in the 70ies and 80ies, but can still be purchased if that’s what you want. They’re great at relieving pressure because they are quick to change their shape to your body. They don’t isolate the motion, though, which could be a problem if you share your bed.

As they’re filled with water, they are better at regulating their temperature and keeping the surface refreshing, making them ideal for people with chronic pain. They can also be a great choice for those that suffer from allergies.


These are foldable mattresses that can be spread on the floor when you need an additional sleeping surface and packed away when they’re not needed. As they use common materials such as steel coils, memory foam, or latex, they can be more comfortable than air mattresses.

American-style futons can be placed on the floor or a bed frame, and it can be used as a sofa when you don’t need an extra bed.

Check out our top futon mattresses.

Japanese Futon

This is the traditional Japanese futon type, and it’s primarily thinner than their American counterparts. It’s primarily meant to be placed on the floor and put away when not needed.

Roll Away

Rollaway beds combine a foldable frame with wheels and a thin mattress on top. They are meant to be folded up and wheeled away when they’re not needed, and can serve as a more comfortable alternative to futons or airbeds. They take up more space when folded, though, and they can be heavier.


Bunk beds can be tricky to equip. You’ll need a bunk bed mattress that can fit onto the frame, and you’ll need a model that has a limited profile so that it leaves some space for the sleeper. As its thickness needs to be smaller, you can sink to their bottom more easily. In those cases, a firmer option might be what you need to keep you propped up.

Beds in a Box

When you order a mattress online, it usually arrives compressed, rolled up, and packed in a box. Such a bed then needs to be unpacked, immediately after which it begins to inflate. It can take up to several hours for it to reach its final shape and firmness level, and up to several days for the smells remaining from the manufacturing and packing process to dissipate.

The advantage is that you get a quality mattress for a smaller price than what you’d pay in a store. You can find the most convenient bed-in-a-box models in our list here.

Mattress from Canada

If you’re in Canada, you have several special considerations when ordering online. While some manufacturers don’t deliver to Canada, most will, but you’ll need to keep an eye out for costs. You’ll need to pay the sales tax, and the delivery cost will usually be a bit higher.

Alternatively, there are several reputable Canada-based manufacturers where you can avoid these additional costs.

Camper (RV)

RV mattresses are a bit different. The frame is usually shorter than traditional beds, and you’ll need to keep that in mind when choosing the right option. They can also have less space, so you’d probably want something with a smaller profile.

Luxury RVs, on the other hand, can come equipped with a regular queen-sized bed, and you can place a traditional mattress on top of it. Some manufacturers also offer special RV sizes in addition to regular options. If you have something more exotic, you may need to order a custom mattress, though.

Smart Bed

If you want a state-of-the-art high-tech mattress, you can get that as well. Smart beds join the Internet of Things, or IoT, and can help with a wide variety of issues. They can, when properly networked, start working on your coffee when you start to wake up, they can regulate your temperature while you sleep, and they monitor your sleeping and breathing.


Sofas are usually used as an additional bed your guests can sleep on. They serve as a sitting space when they’re not needed, and when your guests need a place to rest, they can be unfolded into a full bed.

See our top picks of stylish sofa beds suitable for any room.

Pull Out

Pull-out sofas exist in a wide variety of styles. Some are folded, others hide a whole bed under their sitting surface. Some have simple mechanisms with which they transform into a bed; others can require a bit more work to prepare. With some you sleep on the same surface you sit on, while others hide a mattress within.

image of girl in yellow sweater

Foldable Items

This is another commonly used solution for guests, especially after you run out of extra beds and sofas. They can be more comfortable than airbeds, but they take up more space when folded.


Foldable mattresses are usually divided into three parts. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging all the way to California King, and are usually made of a combination of memory foam and polyfoam. Their profile rarely exceeds 6 inches, making them mostly under 18 inches tall when folded.


These come in a wide variety of styles, as well. Some are similar to roll-away beds, others look like cots. Some can be folded into the furniture; others need to be stored away when not needed. They usually cost a bit more, and they take up more of your storage space, but they can be a more comfortable alternative to airbeds and foldable mattresses.

Find out more about folding beds by following our guide.


If you need to accommodate more guests than you can, your best and cheapest option is to get a floor-based solution. Usually, your choices are either foldable mattresses, futons, or airbeds. You could also get rolling floor beds, and sleeping bags can also be a temporary solution.

If your guests need to stay a little longer, you might want to consider something more comfortable. Foldable mattresses are usually made of memory foam, and futons and rolling beds can be built from layers of cotton. Airbeds can also be comfortable, as their firmness levels can be adjusted.


While thicker mattresses are known to provide better support, sometimes you need a thinner model. Maybe you’re looking to equip a bunk bed, or you don’t have too much space. Thinner models can still correctly support your body, and if you need to find something like that, they can be a quality solution.


There are many reasons why you might need a portable bed. You might need to accommodate more guests, you could need a comfy surface for your sleeping bag when camping, or you might want a supportive surface when traveling, especially if you want to avoid motels.

Portable beds come in a variety of styles, and you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Some are more similar to foldable mattresses, others look like futons or rolling beds.

Pillow Top

This is a type of mattress that features a cushioning pillow top layer. The top provides a softer sleeping experience without sacrificing the support that the main product provides. By doing that, it also helps the product mold to your body better, which should help reduce the tension in the pressure points, leading to a more relaxed sleep.

They also help prevent excessive sinking, and they also boost motion isolation. They’re usually made of softer materials, mostly memory foam or latex.

Storage Bed

This is the type of bed that can provide additional storage. Some can have drawers hiding under them, others can have a whole crate under the mattress. In fact, those are the main two types – those with built-in drawers on their sides, and those that can be lifted to reveal a large storage space.

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Drawers are easier to operate but may need more space around them to open them fully. Liftable beds, on the other hand, don’t need the extra space but can be difficult to manipulate.

For more details about storage bed models, see our guide.

Platform Bed

These are the types of frames that provide a platform for your mattress. They can be low-profile, closer to the floor, or they can be taller. That’s the primary factor that determines what the mattress you place on it will look like, with low-profile options that are usually meant for thicker models.


Flippable models usually have two different firmness feels on each side. Most frequently, one side is firmer, while the other is softer. This is primarily valid for memory foam and latex mattresses, where the softer side will have an additional comfort layer, or it will be made of a softer type of material.

Innersprings are, on the other hand, usually made to be flipped regularly, as that can dramatically increase their lifespans. They, too, can be made with different firmness levels on each side.

For Rental Purposes

You’ll probably want to steer clear of cheaper models for your rental property. It might not seem like it, but a more expensive mattress can lead to higher reviews and ratings, which can lead to more guests, primarily those willing to spend more money.

Customizable (Adaptable)

There are many reasons to choose a customizable mattress. Maybe you and your partner have different preferences, and this is the only way you can successfully share a bed. Some models are split into two distinct halves, and each can have different materials, arrangements, or firmness levels.

Some models will even allow you to rearrange the layers yourself to get the ideal sleeping surface.

Mattresses Suitable for Medical Conditions

If you suffer from any medical condition, you should probably take that into account when buying a mattress. After all, a comfortable surface should help you manage the symptoms and allow your body a more relaxed rest.


If you’re looking for an orthopedic mattress, you’ll probably want something tailored specifically to your problem. In general, such models have a firmness level based on your symptoms and are usually decided with your doctor.

Some models offer varying firmness levels in different zones, usually softer under your shoulders, and firmer under your hips and legs. As far as materials are concerned, most people find latex beds preferable due to their quick response and additional bounce, but those with back problems could find memory foam more comfortable.

Back Pain

Back problems are, unfortunately, common, but a quality mattress can help alleviate the symptoms and allow your body to recover. The right model, however, depends on your sleeping position. Back and stomach sleepers should find their backs more correctly aligned on a firmer surface, while those that sleep on their side might prefer something softer to maintain that alignment.

Take a closer look at bed options specially designed for back pain sufferers here.

Hip Pain

If you sleep on your side, and you’re starting to feel pain in your hip, your mattress may be too firm. You might need to find a softer alternative, one that is better at shaping itself to your body. That will, in turn, distribute the pressure on a larger surface, which should relieve the tension in that area, allowing for a more relaxing sleep.

Neck Pain

Similarly, neck pain can also be caused by a mattress that is too firm under your shoulders, which can lead to an awkward sleeping position. To relieve that pain, you’ll probably need something softer (check out top beds for neck pain), and you could also invest in an orthopedic pillow to keep your head and neck in a correct position.

Poor Posture

This can be a problem, especially for office workers who spend most of their time hunched over their computers. Correcting your posture can be tricky in itself, but your bed can make things even more difficult. To help you correct this problem, you’ll want a mattress that provides good support for your core. Memory foam, latex, or hybrids are the common solutions.


If you have arthritis, your bed could help relieve the symptoms. It could also help you relax better, which can help your body heal and recover. In most cases, you’ll want something made from memory foam, latex, or a hybrid, as those can keep your body correctly aligned and relieve the tension.

See our top mattresses for arthritis here.


This can be a tricky condition to manage. It can involve medication, regular exercise, and plenty of rest, which is where an appropriate surface can help. A quality mattress that can shape itself to your body can distribute the pressure of your weight along a wider surface, which can, in turn, ease your tension and help you relax better.


This condition causes your bones to lose their integrity. And, when you sleep, you can be even more sensitive to an improper surface. Your pressure points are even more important here, and a mattress that can relieve the tension there can be vital.

You’ll want something that can shape itself to your body while still keeping you propped up correctly. Latex and memory foam are great at this, as are hybrid beds. Those can relieve the tension around your pressure points and with that, help relieve some pain.


Scoliosis is another condition with symptoms that are difficult to manage. With an improper mattress, you might make the pain and discomfort even worse. And, as back sleeping is the recommended position for those suffering from this condition, you’ll need a model that is on the firmer end and can still shape itself to your body and help alleviate the tension.

And, as side and stomach sleeping are discouraged, you’ll want a firm mattress that can relieve your pressure points. Latex and hybrid beds are the most common choice, but you might get good results with memory foam, as well.

Herniated Disc

If your disc slipped, you’ll need a comfortable and supportive mattress (see top picks for herniated disc) to keep you properly aligned to help you recover. Any product with memory foam or latex should do just that, and some hybrids can be a valid choice, as well.

Asthma and Allergies

Dealing with such respiratory problems can be tricky, and if you want to improve the quality of your rest, you could invest in a mattress that is made of hypoallergenic materials. Polyfoam and memory foam are naturally resistant to mites and bacteria, which could make them a safe choice.

You should also pay attention to the material the cover is made from. You’ll preferably need something organic, such as wool, cotton, or bamboo. Those are good at keeping the most common allergens away from you.

See top choices for asthma, allergies, and hypoallergenic picks.

Spinal Stenosis

This is another common chronic condition. And as such, you’ll need a quality mattress to help with spinal stenosis so you can ease the pain and manage other symptoms. As with all back problems, your resting surface needs to be able to conform to your body, as that relieves the tension in your back. It also needs to keep you propped up in a correct position.

While an appropriate mattress won’t heal this problem, it could make your life much easier.


Like all the other common back problems, sciatica also needs a comfortable mattress to help ease the pain. You’ll need a model that can support your body and keep your spine correctly aligned while you sleep. Memory foam and latex are great at this, as are some hybrids.

Menopause and Hot Flashes

Menopause can be a tricky period to go through. The physiological changes can affect your daily life, as well as your sleep cycle. You could find yourself not sleeping as well as you used to, and the hot flashes could make your nights even more difficult.

To help you go through the process easier, you could invest in a mattress that can shape itself to your body, allowing you to relax better. A cooling system would be preferable if you plan to use memory foam. Otherwise, latex should be the safest choice.

Cooling pads or blankets can also help make your nights more bearable.


To help you get through your pregnancy, you might want to invest in a mattress that can relieve the tension in the most affected areas. It will need to support your body correctly and distribute the pressure more evenly across a larger surface.

image of man who can t sleep

Top Sleep Disorder Beds

Sleep disorders can be difficult to deal with. Fortunately, some products can help you manage the symptoms better. This section will go over the most common disorders.


Snoring can be a difficult problem to address. It could be a result of a cold or a stuffy nose, or it could be caused by extra weight. Your sleeping position will also affect the amount of snoring, with back sleepers being the worst offenders.

A combination of a quality pillow and mattress can help ease the problem, though. Adjustable beds will usually yield the best results.


There could be many causes of insomnia. It could be a result of a stressful event in your recent life, or it could come from poor lifestyle choices. It can also be caused by an uncomfortable mattress. If that’s the case, you could invest in a model that you’d find more comfortable, and that should help clear your insomnia, as well.

You should, however, also consult your doctor just to be safe.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition in which your breathing starts and stops several times during the night. That can, in turn, lessen the quality of your rest, leaving you fatigued during the day.

As with snoring, an adjustable bed with an appropriate mattress can help you manage the symptoms and help you get a more restful night’s sleep.

Restless Leg

While not as serious as the other conditions, restless leg syndrome can still impact the quality of your sleep. You might find yourself not being able to fall asleep because of it. That could, in turn, have consequences on your daily life.

A good mattress that can conform to your body can help you relax better, which could help reduce the problem in the long run. Memory foam is a solid choice for this issue.

Recommendations Based on Sleeper's Age

Different life stages can have their own specific needs that a mattress needs to fulfill. To help you match the changes in those needs, this section will go over the basic factors you should keep in mind.


This is the most sensitive stage, and the mattress needs to reflect that. You’ll want a model with a firm surface, as babies still aren’t stable enough for something softer. That’s why some products have two sides – the firm one is meant for babies, while the soft side is for toddlers.

Crib mattresses come in a standard size, with a width of 28 and a length of 52 inches. As far as materials are concerned, you might consider an organic model just to be safe. Those are usually made of latex.

Alternatively, there are also those made from thermo-bonded polyester fibers, as well as memory foam and polyfoam. If you choose foam, however, you should make sure that it has all the necessary certificates, mainly CertiPUR-US or Greenguard.

Kids and Toddlers

After the first year, your child has enough coordination to be able to sleep on a softer surface. If you bought a dual-sided model, this is when you should flip it to its soft side. That mattress should be able to accommodate your toddler until they are ready for a proper bed.

When equipping a kids’ room, you’ll need a mattress that is appropriate for their sleeping position, all while keeping them correctly supported and aligned to help them grow and develop. Children that sleep on their side might prefer something softer, while others usually prefer a firmer surface.

Twin-sized beds are the most common option for this stage.

See our full recommendation of kid’s mattresses here.

image of cute little girl sleeping


Teenagers can be a bit more difficult. Their tastes are a bit more developed, but they still don’t know what to look for. That’s why you need to use your best judgment when buying a bed for teens (see top picks). You’ll want something appropriate for their sleeping position, and for it to be able to support their bodies correctly.

Like with children, teenagers will mostly be fine on a twin-sized bed. If they need more space, you might invest in a full-sized option.

Seniors/Elderly Folk

The elderly can have their own set of specific needs that the mattress needs to fulfill (check out our top rated bed options for seniors). They are more sensitive than adults, and an uncomfortable model will affect them more. They’ll need an option that can support their bodies, and help them relax better.

They might prefer innerspring models if they’re more used to that style of rest, but some might be more open to memory foam or latex. Hybrids can be a good compromise – it will provide a familiar feel while still adapting to their bodies and keeping them propped up correctly.

Best Value Beds Based on Budget and Price

Your budget is probably the most important factor. It will determine what materials, builds, styles, and sizes you can find, and that will, in turn, determine how well your body is being supported, how long the warranty will be, and how long the mattress itself can last.

While the cheapest options are normally the worst in all these categories, they can still provide you with a comfortable sleeping surface. It might not be as comfy as something more expensive, but you’ll be set, at least for a time.

More expensive models will usually have more features to provide better support, and they will be built from higher-quality materials, making them last longer.


This is the most expensive category. While it doesn’t have a strict range, any bed model that costs over $2,000 (see top luxury picks) can be considered luxurious. They will usually be built from higher-tier materials, mostly latex, cotton, or higher-quality steel coils.

These are the most comfortable options, but you might find yourself paying much more for a small gain in quality.

Under $2000

Mattresses that fall into this range should provide you with a comfortable surface while still including many features more common among high-end models. This is also where you’ll get the biggest advantage if you find a product online – you could get something luxurious within a more approachable price range.

The products themselves are of higher-quality, as well. The materials are usually more durable, they support you better, and they have additional systems to help keep you cool. While the price may seem steep, you should be aware that these products can last up to a decade, and they could be cheaper when you factor in their increased lifespan.

Under $1000

This is where the products start to lose some of their premium features, especially larger ones. While you can still find a quality mattress in this range (see our top picks for beds under $1000), they can be increasingly hard to find. If you’re looking for a Twin- or Full-sized bed in this price range, you might find something made from higher-quality materials.

If, however, you’re looking for a Queen or King-sized mattress, you’ll start to feel a decline in quality. There still are great products in this price range, though, but finding them could be difficult without help. Our guides could help you make that search more manageable.

See more:

Under $500

In this range, you’ll generally see fewer features. The mattresses will be made from lower-quality materials, and their warranties will usually be shorter. You can still find a quality mattress, though, especially if you’re looking for a smaller solution.

Larger models, however, can be lacking in this range. They might not have the same durability, or the materials might not be as good. There may be more off-gassing, especially in the beginning, and they could start to sag sooner.

You can still find a quality product in this category, though. It might not be a top-of-the-line model, but it could still provide you with a solid and stable sleeping surface.

You can find top mattresses under $500 in our guide.

Under $300

Mattresses in this price range (top picks under $300) can still be an acceptable short-term solution. You could use them as a temporary option if your old bed is giving out, and you don’t have the funds to buy a replacement. With a little research, you could find a model that is good enough for these needs.

You’ll also encounter some not-so-great models, as well, and finding the right one might take some effort. But if you’re aware that you’re only getting a few years before they start sagging, you could still find something you’ll find comfortable.

Under $200

Like the previous category, you can find quality mattresses even for $200. If you want a larger model, though, it could prove difficult. However, if you’re looking for a Twin-sized bed that can support your body correctly, or a model that can cool you down during a hot summer night, you still might find something like that.

Finding the right model might be tricky, though. You’ll need to know what to look for and what to avoid. Our guide could point you in the right direction.

Budget (Bargain)

Budget options could be tricky. You’re sure to find some not-so-great models here, and you’ll probably want to be careful. The materials will usually be lower-tier, and the warranties will either be short or nonexistent.

You could find something good if you keep an eye out for discounts and promotions, though. Our guide can also help you get started. We introduce our top budget bed options here.

Guest Room

Guest rooms (see top beds) can be easier to equip. The mattress won’t be used daily, and for the amount of use it gets, you could get away with a cheaper option. Suboptimal support won’t cause problems if you sleep on such a surface for a few nights.

You can check our choices in this category if you want to know more.

Top Mattresses by Brand

After a bit of research, you’ll probably start to consistently encounter these brands. They are, after all, the most prominent manufacturers, and their products are frequently found in online stores.


While they’re not a manufacturer themselves, you can still find plenty of choices on Amazon. They’ll usually sell a wide variety of other brands, and their products can range in quality and price, so you’re sure to find something you like there.

You could also check the prices regularly, as they have regular promotions and discounts.

Classic Brands

While this is a relatively new brand, starting in 2002, they were around before as a waterbed manufacturer. When they rebranded, they brought their expertise and knowledge of proper support with them.

They offer a wide range of products, primarily focusing on memory foam and latex mattresses (see top Classic Brands options here). You’ll also find beddings and bed frames in their offer, as well.


This is one of America’s most well-known mattress brands (top Sealy picks here), having been in the business for well over a century. They specialize in products using Posturepedic-based technology, and their models are usually in the higher-tier range, both in price and in quality. They are also known for their longevity, as well.

While they’re more known for their hybrid solutions, they also offer mattresses made from memory foam and latex, all while covering the most common sizes, as well.


Tempur-Pedic is another well-known brand. They’ve also been around since 1992, having been originally tasked by NASA to find the best material to cushion aircraft seats. They brought that expertise over to produce comfortable memory foam mattresses.

Even though Tempur bought Sealy Corporation in 2012, they both still manufacture mattresses under their own brands. Tempur models should offer a higher-tier quality, but that may come with an increased price.

See top rated Tempur-Pedic mattresses here.


If you’re looking at air mattresses, you’ll probably encounter the Intex brand frequently. They’ve been offering such products for over 40 years and are a well-known name in the industry. Their offer includes airbeds of varying dimensions, from thin to thick, from Twin- to King-sized. Our guide should provide you with more information.


PuraSleep mostly specializes in hypoallergenic products. They offer a variety of mattresses, primarily made from natural materials, though most of them are made using memory foam. As their products are mostly in the lower-priced range, they still provide plenty of comforts.

So, if you’re looking for a quality mattress that won’t break your bank, you’ll probably see this name frequently.

Serta iComfort

Serta is another name you’ll frequently find when shopping for a mattress. They’ve been around for over 80 years, and their products reflect the decades of experience they have. They primarily specialize in memory foam models, while providing many options and keeping the price manageable.

image of family in bedroom

Mattresses by Size

The size is probably the most significant factor when you’re choosing the right model. If you’re looking for something larger, you’ll most likely have to pay more.

California King

This is the largest standard mattress size (check top Cali King beds here). Most models offer a version of these dimensions, but it is often the most expensive solution. Their price is usually close to the King-sized version, so the choice depends on your preferences.

It primarily differs from the ordinary King size with a decreased width and an increased length. With 84 inches in length, it should accommodate the tallest individuals with no problems, while its width of 72 inches can still fit two.


This is the most spacious option among the various sizes (top King size beds guide). It is as wide as two twin-sized models, so it should be able to comfortably accommodate two people with its width of 76 inches. At the same time, its 80 inches of length should be enough for all but the tallest sleepers.

This is usually the most expensive option, too (check our list of affordable, cheap King models), being similarly priced as California king models. Apart from the mattress itself, if you’re purchasing something of these dimensions, you should be prepared for the increase in bedding price, as well.


This option is primarily meant for couples with a smaller bedroom (check out our top Queen mattresses here), as its reduced width of 60 inches should fit almost everywhere. It may not be as spacious as a King-sized model, but it can still provide plenty of space for its two sleepers. And, its length of 80 inches should be more than enough for most people.

Even though they’re smaller, the cost can still be quite high, and the selection process could be further complicated by other factors, as well.

Full (Double)

Full-sized beds are primarily meant for single sleepers who need the extra space. With a width of 54 inches, it provides 16 additional inches to sprawl on, making them the ideal choice for those who can appreciate the additional sleeping space.

Full XL

Full XL beds are just as wide as standard full-sized models, they just provide the additional 5 inches in length. As they’re 80 inches long, they should comfortably accommodate taller sleepers, while still providing them with enough space.


These two sizes are the typical children’s bed, even though they provide enough space for adults as well. Their 38 inches of width is just enough to comfortably fit a single sleeper, while the length of 75 inches should be enough for all but the tallest people.

See more:

Twin XL

Like with full-sized models, this one primarily offers the extra 5 inches in length, making it the ideal choice for taller single sleepers.


Daybeds are a combination of a sofa and a bed. They usually come with a twin-sized mattress and are primarily used as a space for lounging. And, they can easily be made into an extra bed if the need arises.

Mattress Types on the Market to Think Twice About

Now that we’ve explained what to look for, you’ll also need to know what to avoid when shopping for a mattress. This section will guide you through the most common mistakes you can make.

Memory Foam if You Sleep Hot

If you regularly overheat when you sleep, or you live in a warmer climate, you might want to avoid memory foam. It gets softer the warmer it gets, which is what makes it superior in adapting to your body. That, however, also means that it retains your heat, trapping it around you.

You should preferably find a solution with a cooling system such as an infusion of gel or an improved airflow.

Ultra-Budget Mattresses that Lack Quality

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the price dictates the quality. If you’re hoping to find a queen-sized bed for less than $500, you’re more than likely to find something that is severely lacking in that department. The materials could be inferior, and the mattress will start sagging much sooner.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Innersprings That Transfer Motion

Motion transfer is more typical among cheaper innerspring models, primarily those whose coils are offset, or joined together in a grid. If you invest in a more expensive model with pocketed coils, all the movement should remain isolated at the point it is made.

Extra Thin Beds That Don't Support

Ideally, you’d only need thinner models if you have special considerations. After all, if you’re equipping bunk beds, you need the extra space. You could also get away with a smaller profile if your weight is low enough. Otherwise, you’d want something thicker to support you better.

Promotional Products

These are special discounted products, usually of cheap or very cheap variety. While you can get them at a bargain, their quality normally leaves a lot to be desired. Another way to get the price lower is by reducing or removing the warranty, or not offering any sleep trials.

They can, however, be a great choice for your guest bedroom, as long as you know what you’re getting.

Beds Without Return or Exchange Policy

While you can get these mattresses cheaper, they might not be worth it in the end. You don’t know whether the product will be right for you, and by the time you find out, you’re stuck with it. These are also common on the cheaper end, so if you can, you should invest a bit more to get a product you can return if you’re not satisfied.

Low-Density Foams

There are many reasons why you should avoid anything using low-density foam. They are generally softer, which means that they won’t support your body correctly, and their durability is questionable at best. After all, there’s a reason why most mid- to high-end products use high-density foam as a base.

Too Soft or Too Firm Options

This can be tricky to assess when buying online, but it can also happen if you shop in a store. The mattress you tried there could have been a bit older and more used, so the new one you received could be softer or firmer than what you were expecting.

That’s why return policies are important. After all, sleeping on a bed that is too firm or too soft could prove to be unhealthy in the long run.

Mattresses Without a Warranty

This is another method with which manufacturers lower the price – the lack of coverage is more typical among the cheapest of models. And while you likely won’t need the warranty, if something goes wrong and the mattress gives out, you’re stuck with a faulty product with no means of fixing it.

Extra-High Prices and Enticing Discounts

If you’re operating on a more generous budget, you’re likely to encounter diminishing returns after a certain point, where the model will be more expensive only to offer a minimal gain in quality. Some manufacturers also artificially inflate the price so that they can offer a larger discount, tricking you into believing that you’re getting a great deal.

You should be able to avoid this pitfall if you do a bit more research before buying it.

A Selection of Factors We Consider

When we look at the different models, there are specific factors we analyze. This section goes over the basics.

Quality of Material

The quality of the materials can determine the level of support, as well as the longevity of the product. Cheaper models use foam with a lower density or coils made from inferior steel. While they can be comfortable for a while, after some time, they will start sagging, and their support won’t be as good anymore.

The Reputation of the Company

The manufacturer’s reputation is also a vital aspect. You’ll preferably want to buy a product from a brand that shows more care towards their customers, and there are plenty of ways to judge that. You could examine the customer reviews, as well as any warranties, sleep trials, or return rates if you can find such information.

Overall Value

This is mainly a concern of how much you get for your money. Some brands can offer similar features and builds as a more expensive model, but at a more reasonable price. In those cases, you should examine more closely what you get for that increase in price, and whether that difference is worth it to you.

Key Features

There are several main aspects you should pay close attention to when you’re shopping for a mattress.


While comfort can be difficult to define, it usually refers to the mattress’ ability to shape itself to your body. That, in turn, reduces the tension, which helps you relax better while you sleep.

It can be a matter of personal preference, though. Some people prefer the sinking feeling of memory foam, while others find innerspring options more comfortable.


The firmness of the product can depend on your sleeping position, as well as your weight. Side sleepers need something softer; others will do fine on a firmer surface. Similarly, heavier people might need something firmer to keep them in the correct position.


This is relevant primarily for memory foam models, as those can warm up during the night. You’d preferably want something that has at least an infusion of cooling gel into the top layer. More modern types of memory foam use open-cell structure, which improves the airflow, which helps keep the surface more refreshing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are ILD Ratings and Firmness Scales?

ILD, or Indentation Load Deflection, is a measure of how much weight you need to place on a mattress before it sinks 25%. The higher the number, the firmer the product is.

However, ILDs are not common among product descriptions. While you can find that number if you look for it, you’ll usually find a different system to rate the firmness level. It will start with ‘Soft’ or ‘Plush’ on one end, and ‘Firm’ or ‘Extra firm’ on the other. Between those two extremes, you’ll usually find ‘Medium-soft,’ ‘Medium,’ and ‘Medium-firm.’

Manufacturers also use a scale of 1 to 10 to describe the feel, with 1 being the softest, and 10 being the firmest. In that case, a medium-feeling mattress will be at about 5, medium-soft at 4, soft at 2-3, and very soft at 1. On the firmer end, you’ll see medium-firm at 6, firm at 7-8, and extra firm at 9 and 10.


Mattresses these days come in a wide variety of options. Some are made of foam, others of steel coils. Some use more expensive materials, while others aim to provide the most features for an affordable price.

Once you understand what these options are and how the different materials behave, you should have a clearer picture of what the selection entails.

In the end, the choice doesn’t have to be as tough as it was at first glance. With enough research, you’ve hopefully started to understand what could be the best model for you. Once you reach that point, the choice should become apparent.