5 Highest Rated Mattresses Under $200

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One of the biggest household expenses out there today is your mattress. They’re big, bulky, and come with a hefty price tag. Right? 

Wrong! A comfy bed with top-notch support doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many fantastic – and highly affordable – options out there. So, which is the top mattress under $200?

We’ve rounded up some of the finest choices on the market today. We’ve also put together the features you should take into account before you buy. Best of luck!

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Ideal for Kids' Room

Small Product image of Linenspa
Ideal for Kids' Room
Memory foam and InnerspringClick Here for Price
Best Cooling

Small Product image of Lucid 5 Inch
Best Cooling
1" ventilated, gel memory foam layer with a 4" foam base layer Click Here for Price
Best Comfort

small product image of Best Price 6 inch
Best Price
Best Comfort
Multi-tier systemClick Here for Price
Best Support

Small Product image of Olee Sleep 9 Inch
Olee Sleep
Best Support
Layered with a cooling gelClick Here for Price
Best Inflatable

King Koil small product image
King Koil
Best Inflatable
Eco-friendly PvcClick Here for Price

Top 5 Best Mattress Under $200 Reviews

Linenspa - Ideal for Kids' Room


  • Variety of sizes
  • Mid-range thickness
  • Compact
  • Memory foam
  • Innerspring

In our opinion, the best mattress under $200 is Linenspa, which is impressively affordable. As well as this, it comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, meaning you can choose the best option for you. 

This product may be particularly ideal for children’s rooms. The mid-range thickness is perfect for kids, and it’s compact enough to fit in smaller rooms or bunk beds.

Made from memory foam, it adjusts to your body shape. A medium-firm bed, this product can help with spinal alignment. An innerspring system provides added support.

Even better: this is a bed in a box, meaning it’s incredibly convenient to transport and unpack. It will arrive compressed and rolled up, so you can easily remove it for quick set-up.

LUCID - Best Cooling


  • Well-ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Durable

The LUCID model is a fantastic choice for those who like a more refreshing sleep. Well-ventilated with excellent breathability, this bed promotes proper airflow and thereby prevents overheating. This is wonderful for hot climates or clammy summer nights.

Many consumers were delighted with how durable it was, especially given how inexpensive it is. They said it was practically brand new even after years of use.

It would also work well for children’s rooms, as it is not oversized and can fit tidily in a variety of frames. It’s also great if you’re on a budget and need to buy multiple units. 

Do bear in mind that the LUCID is more of a lightweight option, so it may not be ideal for those craving extra thickness. Its compact nature, however, makes it extremely convenient to transport and store.

Best Price - Best Comfort


  • High-grade comfort
  • Pressure relief
  • Breathable
  • Multi-tier foam system

The Best Price product offers delicious comfort all night long. And, as the name suggests, it comes at an affordable cost.

This model prides itself on pressure relief, which is essential for an undisturbed night’s sleep. Its personalized memory foam enables a deep rest that takes pressure off sensitive points, such as your hips and shoulders. It is an excellent choice for those who wake up with aches and pains.

Consumers are often thrilled at how quickly it adjusted to their own body’s shape. 

The Best Price unit is comprised of several high-quality materials. It works on a multi-tier system that consists of memory foam, soft foam, and high-density foam. This combination of layers fosters softness in addition to essential support. 

The product is also well-ventilated, enabling excellent breathability – perfect for avoiding night sweats.

Olee Sleep - Best Support


  • Weight dispersal
  • Luxurious comfort
  • Cooling gel
  • Temperature regulation

The Olee Sleep mattress is a deluxe product that offers top-notch support to the sleeper. Its multiple foam layers seek to disperse weight and relieve pressure points, resulting in comfortable nights and pain-free days.

Many buyers were shocked at how a product could be both so affordable, yet so luxurious.

As well as offering immense support, it also helps you to stay cool. Layered with a cooling gel, this model uses materials that enable constant airflow. This prevents hot air from being trapped inside the mattress and helps to regulate your temperature as a result.

This is a medium-firm choice, which is optimal for many different kinds of sleepers. It is also easy to unroll from its compressed state and plumps up fast.

King Koil - Best Inflatable


  • Inflatable
  • Built-in pump
  • Built-in pillow
  • Soft quilt layer

Inflatable mattresses may, at first, fill you with dread – and memories of terrible, uncomfortable nights of sleep on friends’ floors. But the King Koil luxury inflatable product, with a soft flocking layer and built-in pillow, is here to make you rethink what you thought you knew about these beds.

The King Koil comes in three sizes: Twin, Queen, and King. It’s extra thick with firm support for excellent spinal alignment and posture. 

Extremely easy to use, this product comes with a built-in pump for convenient set-up. It reaches full size in a mere 2 minutes 30 seconds. For this reason, it’s easy to transport, put into storage, or take away on trips. 

Many said this bed was a lot more comfortable than they expected. Some were concerned that the Queen wasn’t as large as expected, however, so if you’re looking for full comfort, it might be best to opt for the King.

Image of woman buying online

Features to Look for When Searching for an Inexpensive Mattress

Check the Foam Density or Coil Count

Let’s be real: with a product that costs below $200, you can’t expect it to come with every single fancy feature. You can, however, expect it to have the basics – and robust and durable support is the cornerstone of most good beds. 

For this reason, it’s essential to make sure products aren’t cutting corners on foam density or coil count. These can significantly impact the comfort and lifespan of a mattress. While neither alone can determine quality, they are certainly worth taking into account. 

Generally, the more coils and the higher foam density in a product, the more robust it is. Usually, this information is readily available on a manufacturer’s website.

Check the Firmness Level and Motion Transfer

Naturally, firmness is a personal preference. Some people prefer a bed they can sink into, while others crave the vigorous support offered by an extra-firm product. Before you buy, it’s important to check what level of firmness a mattress provides. 

Some cheaper beds may be too flimsy for your liking. Other inexpensive products may not be sufficiently layered, thereby leading to a lack of softness and comfort. 

It is also critical when considering firmness to check if the manufacturer has taken into account motion transfer. There’s nothing worse than a shaky bed that wobbles like jelly whenever you or your partner move. Remember to ensure that whichever model you choose, it reduces motion transfer if that’s important to you.

Check if this was Manufactured by a Reputable Brand

You might think you’ve found a sweet deal, but before you click buy, make sure to check the manufacturer. Can you trust this brand? If not, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

There are many ways to check if a brand is reputable. Have a look on their website to see what kind of guarantee they offer. 

Don’t forget to read around many different kinds of review websites to see what people are saying. Search widely, as a lot of reviews these days are sponsored.

Check Edge Support

A supportive edge can be a key safety feature. Material wrapped around the circumference of a mattress adds necessary support and props up the bed’s structure. This ensures that you don’t fall off the bed.

Edge support may be particularly crucial for young children, who roll around a lot in their sleep. It is also useful if you tend to sleep or sit near the product edge.

Check if it Can Regulate Temperature

Particularly if you’re living in a warm climate or have hot summers, a bed that can regulate temperature is vital. Ideally, a product should have excellent ventilation and be built with proper airflow in mind. 

Some beds are also layered with a cooling gel designed to ward off heat. Don’t forget to check what materials the bed is made from, as some foams and fabrics are naturally superior when it comes to temperature regulation.

Other Important Factors to Find the Best Value

Cheap and Economical Types of Mattress

Coil (Innerspring)

You may have heard of a coil mattress, which is also known as an innerspring. Coil options, which are a very traditional type of product, tend to be highly affordable. This means that many are available below the $200 mark.

In general, the more coils, the higher the support and quality. A good minimum to look out for is 400. There are other factors to consider, of course, but do ensure to do your research about not only the number, but the kind of coils used.



Despite the name, convoluted foam isn’t all that difficult to understand. This material is often called egg crate foam due to its resemblance to egg cartons. It has distinctive peaks and valleys, meaning it can be easily recognized.

This foam is known for its cooling qualities. Because of its rigid nature, it is excellent at promoting airflow. 

As well as this, convoluted foam has an edge when it comes to distributing weight. Its design means that it can respond well to body mass and adjust to your shape.

Despite its many benefits, this foam is often best used as a mattress topper rather than as supportive material. Alone, convoluted foam lacks the firmness necessary to prevent excess sink.


This material is also known, more simply, as polyfoam. In many ways, this foam bears a resemblance to memory foam. It’s often cheaper, too. On the flip side, though, it’s usually less resilient. While comfortable when you first take them home, polyfoam models tend to sag after extended use.


One of the big pluses to latex is that it’s a natural material, meaning it is eco-friendly and can promote overall health. As well as that, it is highly durable.

On the other hand, latex beds can sometimes be quite firm, which is why it tends to be layered and quilted with softer materials in a bed for a more comfortable sleep.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a popular choice in today’s market, and for good reason. This material tops the pile in terms of comfort, contouring support, and promoting blood circulation.

As the name suggests, memory foam is distinctive for its ability to remember you. The indentation of your body stays in the material, meaning that the bed is personalized just for you. Many compare the feel of memory foam to that of being cradled like a baby in a parents’ arms.

As well as this, memory foam can relieve pressure on sensitive points like hips and shoulders. 

One of the downsides of memory foam is that it isn’t the most natural. This material is regularly made using harsh chemicals. 

See more great value (cheap) memory foam options.

Reflex Foam

Reflex Foam is a branded kind of polyurethane foam. It comes with benefits such as excellent durability, motion transfer, and temperature regulation. It is a high-density foam with remarkable firmness.

The main downside is that reflex foam can be quite a costly option.

What to Expect from an Affordable Mattress

Just because you’re paying less doesn’t mean all expectations fall by the wayside. You still want your bed to be reasonably comfortable and durable. And indeed, there are many options out there that can provide this.

A mattress below $200 may not have the premium features as more expensive models. It may not last quite as long. The materials used may be of lower quality. You also won’t have as wide a choice if you’re shopping on such a tight budget.

On the upside, however, you can still find many products for this price that provide adequate support, are comfy to sleep on and don’t sag five minutes after you unpack them. Just make sure to shop around to check that the manufacturers aren’t cutting corners.

If you’re willing to pay slightly more, see our mattresses under $500.

Who can Benefit from this Mattress?

There are many cases when a costly, luxury mattress isn’t necessary. 

You might need a cheap bed under $200 when setting up an RV bed or trailer. It may also be the best choice for kids who are likely to outgrow their beds quickly. For temporary homes like college dorms, an inexpensive option may be a good fit.

More generally, if you’re on a tight budget or your wallet is a bit lighter than usual, you may need to opt for a more affordable model. Many people who are furnishing a new apartment or house find that they can only fork out for one or two expensive beds. For the second bedroom or guest room, then, a mattress below $200 may do the trick.

Are there Disadvantages?

What are the drawbacks to opting for a cheaper model? Well, as discussed, many potential pitfalls can be mitigated with proper research. But even with that, there are, of course, some issues you need to be very wary of when choosing an affordable bed over a premium option.

Some cheap brands don’t offer adequate support. If the foam and coil system used are not of a high grade, then the base support provided may be insufficient. This can be detrimental to sleep quality.

Durability is another common snag. While many inexpensive models feel great when you take them home, they may begin to sag or deteriorate after years, or even months, of use. Remember to do your research and check out the reviews to see what other consumers are saying.

Off-gassing is another frequent problem. Many new beds release an odor upon unpackaging. This smell results from chemicals used in the manufacturing process. While usually temporary, it can be deeply unpleasant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheap mattresses recommended for back pain sufferers?

If you suffer from back problems, finding the right mattress is key to pain-free days and nights. When we sleep, we need something that provides the right spinal support. Choosing the wrong option can seriously exacerbate your discomfort, so make sure you research firmness level, thickness, and material construction before making a final decision.

Many say that a medium-firm option is optimal for back-pain sufferers. The idea is that these products are firm enough to provide adequate support, but also have some cushion for side sleepers. If there is too much sink, this can lead to poor spinal alignment.

Your sleeping position and weight must also be factored in. Heavier body types may thrive on firmer options as these prevent excess sag, while more petite sleepers may prefer a softer option that offers pressure relief. 

There are varying opinions out there on minimizing back pain, so make sure to not only do your research but also talk to your doctor before purchasing.

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Sure, a bed below $200 may not come with all the trimmings. They may not be gold-plated or laced with diamonds. But, as we’ve outlined here, you don’t necessarily need to compromise on the basics, such as comfort and support. 

There are some fantastic options out there to meet all needs. Whether you want a cooler sleep, greater support for your back, or a compact product that you can transport at will – there’s an affordable bed out there for you.

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