7 Top Rated Beds for Sex – 2020 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Although it might not be the first thing on most people’s minds, people often wonder what the greatest mattress for sex is. Have you asked yourself this question yet?

You might be contemplating the size of the bed, the type of mattress, or how durable it is. You may have heard hilarious stories from your friends about their experiences. You may even have discussed the best option with your partner(s), reminiscing the past and planning the future.

In case any of this is true, we have prepared some reviews and tips that should help you find just the right place for activities other than sleeping. 

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Best in Support

Small Product image of Linenspa 10 inch
Best in Support
10-inch hybridClick Here for Price
Most Breathable

Small Product image of Classic Brands
Classic Brands
Most Breathable
Cool gel memory foamClick Here for Price
Best Cooling

Tuft & Needle small product image
Tuft & Needle
Best Cooling
Adaptive foamClick Here for Price
Best Non-toxic

Small Product image of Brentwood Home Cypress
Brentwood Home
Best Non-toxic
Gel Infused HD Memory Foam, Ventilated Cool Airflow and therapeutic support baseClick Here for Price
Ideal for Any Position

small product image of Nectar Gel
Ideal for Any Position
Memory foam with gelClick Here for Price
Best Durability

small product image of Response Essentials 13-Inch
Best Durability
Innerspring core and layers of memory foamClick Here for Price
Best Versatility

Small Product image of Signature Sleep Coil 8
Signature Sleep
Best Versatility
15 gauge independently encased coilsClick Here for Price

7 Highest Rated Mattresses For Sex

Linenspa - Best in Support


  • 10-inch hybrid
  • A thick layer of memory foam
  • Innerspring support
  • Bed-in-a-box

In our opinion, the best mattress for sex is Linenspa. This hybrid model by Linenspa boasts a wonderful combination you need for support, both for sleeping and other activities that you may be performing on your bed. 

The main reason behind this is the way the manufacturer combined a layer of memory foam with an innerspring section. Namely, the top layer provides comfort and gives you the kind of soft touch that is necessary for those special situations.

As with any hybrid, it is the innerspring segment that provides the maximum amount of support, even when the mattress is frequently used by active couples. This base, which is made up of 6 inches of premium quality springs, will provide the traditional kind of bouncy support that can only be felt in innerspring models. 

Also, this bed is a bed-in-a-box, which means that the packaging and delivery are simplicity itself. This model is very light in terms of weight when compressed, so setup should be a breeze.

Classic Brands - Most Breathable


  • Cool gel memory foam
  • Beautifully detailed design
  • Poly gel foam for breathability
  • Adjustable base friendly

Maximum breathability is brought to you by Classic Brands! We all know that breathability is vital, both for daytime and nighttime activities on the mattress. This 12-inch model is a splendid combo of three different layers of foam, each offering something unique.

First of all, the top layer is a cool gel-infused memory foam, which regulates temperature and provides a cool, contouring sleep surface. What follows is three inches of special airflow gel-supportive layer that supports your body, provides bounce, but also offers excellent ventilation due to its qualities.

The high-density support layer is 6.5 inches thick and brings about additional support and stability. The whole structure is also adjustable base friendly. In addition, the design is simply beautifully detailed with its waterfall edge cover as well as charcoal grey knit sides.

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Tuft & Needle - Best Cooling


  • Adaptive foam
  • High quality
  • More advanced than memory foam or latex

There are few things cozier than a mattress that, despite being active and sweaty during nighttime, still keeps you cool and fresh, Such is the Tuft & Needle with is supreme cooling qualities.

These characteristics come from the special T&A adaptive foam, and it offers as well as a supportive feel for all sleeping positions, even the most active ones. This kind of premium foam outperforms the old-fashioned memory and latex by avoiding the sinking feeling and sleeping hot. The bounce is localized, so even after a restless night, you will not be disturbing your partner when you finally get to sleep.

Another important factor is its durability, which is continuously tested and simulates years of use. All the products have also been tested and certified compliant with the demanding standards of the three leading independent certification programs: CertiPur – US, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX, and GREENGUARD Gold.

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Brentwood Home - Best Non-toxic


  • 2.5-Inch Gel Infused HD Memory Foam
  • 2-Inch Ventilated Cool Airflow
  • The 6.5-Inch therapeutic support base

Regardless of its use, everyone should be looking for a mattress that contains as few toxic materials as possible. Brentwood Home has just the thing for you. First of all, the cover, which is removable and replaceable, is made of bamboo and free of toxins that may be harmful.

The benefits of the New Zealand wool in the design are many – it is natural and sustainable, draws away moisture, and regulates the temperature of the body. This is the kind of feeling you strive for on those romantic nights, don’t you?

The top gel memory foam, other than possessing its usual qualities, serves as a par excellence motion isolator, which makes it a perfect solution for couples, no matter how active they may be. 

It also distributes your weight and relieves those nasty points of pressure.

Finally, an additional bonus is the 2-inch air ventilation zone to make you stay even cooler as well as the 6-inch base foam layer that muffles the noise, which, you must admit, can be really important in a house full of kids.

Nectar - Ideal for Any Position


  • Ideal support for any position
  • Molds and contours to your body
  • CertiPUR certified

Pardon our French, but very few of us like to remain in the same position throughout the night, no matter what you might be doing. If you find yourself matching this description, we may have just found the right bed for you!

Nectar has been specially designed for all kinds of sleepers, even the ones who tend to change the position frequently. This is mainly due to the several layers of well-designed memory foam, with gel and with the quality of adaptiveness that invokes the much-desired feeling of support and bounce. The breathing base layer reinforces the contouring ones and giving you a stable yet breathable foundation.

Sealy - Best Durability


  • 13-inch mattress
  • Several layers of comfort
  • Double edge

Oh, that’s right – it is undoubtedly among the top 5 requirements for a bed of an active couple – durability. So, the general rule of thumb is the thicker, the better. That is why Sealy’s Plush Euro Top takes the cake with 13 inches of pure pleasure.

Also, the very structure of the bed contributes to the overall feeling. It consists of an innerspring core that has skillfully been covered by layers of finest memory foam materials, soft and air foam with valleys and peaks for additional airflow and comfort.

As a bonus, the sides of the mattress have been reinforced to maximize the surface and provide a seating surface that is solid and durable. This system is known as “double edge” by the manufacturer.

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Signature Sleep - Best Versatility


  • 7”, 15 gauge independently encased coils
  • Top and bottom layers of HD foam
  • Reversible

With Signature Sleep’s model, you can simply reverse it and increase the bed’s longevity. The feeling of a brand new bed will still be there. That means double the pleasure, whatever the activities you choose to perform.

The core of everything good about his model is its 7 inches 15 gauge encased coils, independently connected. This independence means equal weight distribution, relieving pressure points, and contouring to your body regardless of the weight of the sleeper(s).

The top and the bottom 2 inches reduce the pressure the coils might have on your body. They actually add to the feeling of comfort, by comfortably embracing you and enabling you to feel the structure of this great model. 

Key Factors When Buying a Mattress for Sex

Type of Mattress


Latex, as we know so well, comes from the natural rubber that comes from trees, although there are synthetic varieties out there. The surface you get after boiling is solid and soft. It is most frequently combined with either memory foam or even innerspring into a sort of a latex hybrid.

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image of latex pillow bed


  • Conforming to your figure and relieving the pressure is the main benefit of a latex mattress – this is what makes sex on such mattresses much more comfortable.
  • With latex mattresses, you get a bit more response than traditional memory foam models; the downside is that you might miss the quick response time of other types such as airbed, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses.
  • Your nighttime activities will remain discreet with latex because it is practically silent and, as such, ideal for sex.
  • The bounciness with latex models is not exactly a pronounced quality, because these beds are designed with motion isolation in mind.
  • Durability is another main benefit: latex mattresses can last anywhere between eight and twenty years, which makes them the most durable on the market nowadays.
  • The traction that latex mattresses provide is almost negligible, despite the fact that there is a significant amount of comfort. 


  • A major disadvantage of a latex mattress is that a smaller amount of body heat is retained in comparison with standard foam models. This, however, is considered too hot for a considerable number of sleepers.
  • The support along the edges is minimal, especially when compared to hybrid models, mainly owing to the core made of support foam. 
  • The question of hygiene is very important to many – the majority of covers and top layers made of latex are difficult or impossible to remove if stained.
  • The question of price should be taken into account. An average latex model can cost anywhere between $1500 and $2500.


Innerspring models (our top picks here) will most likely never go out of fashion, regardless of how fast technology advances and how efficient new materials might be. A typical bed of this kind will contain a spring core in the form of an open coil system as the main support system. This layer is then topped with different combinations of polyfoam or memory foam segments for additional comfort. 


  • Being responsive is what innerspring models are all about. This is why a typical bed of this kind is the right type of solution for people who like changing positions frequently and effortlessly. 
  • Bounciness is another key factor: there is simply nothing bouncier than innerspring mattresses. This kind of bounce is said to be what many couples are looking for during sex because it reduces the amount of effort on one or both sides.
  • The edge support provided by innerspring models, almost entirely because of the traditional structure of such beds, is of better quality than many modern types of mattresses.
  • Being neutral temperature-wise is a massive bonus for this type of mattress. They retain comparatively small amounts of heat.
  • The price of innerspring models has been around $500 – $1000 for a very long time on the market, so they can easily be classified as affordable to the majority of people


  • Traditional innersprings simply do not provide the same pressure relief of memory foam mattresses. 
  • This is the only type of bed that must contain some form of metal or another. The consequence is that in time, these parts will start touching and rubbing against each other, which will, in turn, produce much more noise than desirable.
  • The traction that is brought on by these beds is sufficient, although the springs do not conform as closely as other types of beds.
  • These beds can be far less durable than other model on the market. An average model can last between five and eight years.
  • As with latex, most types of innerspring covers are not easily manipulated. Therefore, it is much harder to clean them.


The main and the most important feature of almost every air mattress on the market is the air chambers they consist of. They can easily be modified to suit every need or weight so they can be a very elegant choice of model for this activity. Furthermore, most of these models now have multiple comfort layers and even memory foam ones.

image of air bed inside


  • Judging by the opinion of many reports and surveys, the majority of airbeds offer sufficient response for sexual activities. This is especially true for the latest models on the market with improved quality of chambers and increased overall width and height.
  • Airbeds provide bounce that is below average – this is especially true in the latest models that strive to offer motion isolation as well as comfort, features commonly sought after by campers and nature enthusiasts. 
  • The effect of fluids, which is a matter of considerable importance, is minimal due to the presence of covers that are removable, so there is no impact whatsoever on the fabric or the chambers themselves.


  • Comfort while having sex is a completely different kind of comfort, so many airbeds will not provide sufficient pressure relief.
  • Traction and conforming in the case of airbeds rely heavily on the materials that provide comfort. Such materials present in these models are simply not built to withstand active couples.
  • Due to the amount and quality of the materials and the increased pressure on the air chambers, airbeds tend to be quite noisy compared to regular beds.
  • Heat retention can be an issue, especially in the latest models that combine certain qualities of memory/adaptive foam with the practical side of airbeds – excellent ventilation.
  • Being temporary beds in their essence, airbeds do not provide the durability required for nighttime activities. Increased pressure on the valves can often lead to their malfunctioning.
  • Edge support, an often overlooked quality, is lacking in these models.
  • Depending on the quality and the design, premium air beds can cost up to $2500, which is the amount of money you can easily spend on a top-notch hybrid.


There are multiple types of hybrid beds out there. A popular option is an innerspring base topped with a foam layer. However, there are also hybrids made with different types of foams.


  • Because of its combination of layers, the response in hybrids is more than sufficient. The surface is stable, so you can move easily and position yourself comfortably.
  • Bounciness is not as pronounced as in innerspring models, but there are beds where coils have been specially engineered to provide extra bounce, such as hybrids with microcoils.
  • Hybrids are well-known for their level of comfort (which can depend on the actual combination of the top layers) as well as pressure relief, which is a perfect blend of features required for enjoyable sexual activities.
  • Another feature is good traction and conforming that both might contribute to how satisfying the sexual experience is.
  • Although the coil segment might occasionally make a few squeaks and creaks, hybrids are generally quiet and perfectly suitable for active couples.
  • There are plenty of hybrid models on the market that provide satisfying edge support, so you need not worry. This comes from the fact that springs are typically close-fitted by support foam, even reinforced on the sides. 


  • Due to its top layers made of memory foam, there is some retention of body heat, which might be overwhelming for some active users.
  • Similar to foam and innerspring beds, many hybrid mattress comfort layers/covers cannot be easily washed off if stained, so you stand a risk of permanently damaging the fabric.
  • Hybrid models generally cost slightly more than average mattresses of the same size and quality. 

Foam Mattresses

Foam mattresses is a very wide term that encompasses a huge variety of polyfoam, memory foam, and/or adaptive foam combinations of layers. These models differ significantly when it comes to width, usage, quality, and, of course, price. You are spoilt for choice because there are also all sorts of sizes and an extensive number of infusions, including copper and gel.

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image of cool gel bed layers


  • Foam mattresses are well-known for conforming to the body as well as relieving pressure points. This might make a sexual experience much more enjoyable.
  • These models have no moving or metal parts, which, depending on the frame, contributes to the discretion and quietness of nighttime activities.
  • Mattresses made of foam, on average, can last for eight to ten years, which is well worth the money invested on the side of an average buyer.
  • Another key point is the price, which, in most cases, rarely surpasses the $1000 mark, even with the premium models and high-quality materials.


  • Foam mattresses — particularly those made with high-density foams — are slow to respond, and may not be as enjoyable for sex as more responsive options.
  • A major disadvantage is the absence of bounce, which can hardly be compensated by other qualities of foam mattresses.
  • Another issue is the traction, which is, compared with hybrids and innerspring models, quite negligible. The ability to conform is present.
  • As the body heats up during sex, so does the foam mattress. However, there are still many models on the market without gel infusion or other substances that might alleviate the problem. This is why many people complain about heat retention as a major issue.
  • These beds do not generally come with side/edge support due to their structure.
  • Damage from fluids is an ever-present danger with this type of beds as well, the only exception being models that come with waterproof covers.

Warranty Coverage and Sleep Trial

Both warranty coverage and sleep trial are important considerations when buying a new mattress. Sleep trials should be used whenever offered and usually last between 30 and 90 days, sometimes up to 180. A word of advice: read the comments online extensively. 

Make sure you use sleep trials as well as read the fine print that goes with it. Almost all companies will offer a partial or full refund but will not accept mattresses with any kind of damage, which also includes stains.

As far as warranties are concerned, most fall into the range of 10 to 25 or 30 years, some offering a lifetime warranty and support. Mind you, read the terms carefully – many companies will offer free repairs or even replacements within a time limit they state in the contract. 

However, this may not refer to the damage done by the owner, especially the obvious kinds like stains and tears. In such cases, it will void the product warranty, regardless of its length.

Cost of the Mattress

As with any kind of mattress, prices vary depending on the size, type, and quality. A $1000 should get you a decent memory foam model, and a couple of extra hundreds a few perks such as gel or copper infusions. It should also be sufficient to purchase a high-quality innerspring bed. 

Latex options will cost twice as much, with hybrids in the same range – around $2000. Finally, the prices of airbeds vary, so you can get hold of models ranging from as little as $500 (check top mattresses in this price range) up to $2500 per unit.

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Metrics to Consider When Choosing a Mattress for Sex

Is it Comfortable?

Being comfortable is one of the most important parameters to have in mind. This is especially true for people whose back is subjected to constant pressure during sex. It is also crucial to take care of all the pressure points on the body, such as the knees and elbows. A bed that provides additional neck support is also a good investment.

Is it Durable?

The so-called industrial standard in mattress durability is six to eight years. You should be looking for a model that can last at least so long and bear in mind that your nighttime activities should not influence its quality over time. The warranty can also be a good indicator here.

Is it Responsive?

Sometimes buyers do not have a clue what responsiveness is. In essence, it measures the time your mattress will respond to the pressure of the body by creating a stable or unstable surface. During sex, stability is usually of some importance, so you ought to be looking for a responsive, stable model.

Is it Easy to Clean the Covers?

This is a very intimate issue, but it surely can be objectivized. To put it simply, sexual intercourse is almost never the tidiest activity in the world, and your mattress needs to be protected. Unfortunately, most models come with a cover that is neither waterproof nor other-fluids-proof, so you need to pick one which can either be easily cleaned or easily washed and reattached. 

image of couple s feet

Is it Bouncy?

Now here is the money question for most active couples out there. The reason why bounciness is so important is that its effect (for many people) drastically increases the quality of the sexual activity. Apparently, it reduces the amount the energy invested by rebounding some of it during the intercourse. If you find yourself in this group, go for the bounciest one there is!

Is it Squeaky?

If your bed contains metal parts (innersprings and hybrids), it a few people may be able to tell when you get intimate with that special someone. On the other hand, foam models will muffle the sounds (of the bed, of course) almost entirely.

Does it Have Edge Support?

Due to the nature of many positions during intercourse, the edges of the bed may play an important role but also be part of the bed that suffers the most. That is why it is advisable to find a model that offers reinforced edges such as foam encasements or low-gauge coils.

Does it Retain Body Temperature?

Yet another issue that depends on the preferences of the couple buying a new bed (top picks here) is whether heat pockets and increased temperature will affect their favorite nighttime activity? Younger people tend to worry less, but experienced couples in warm climates know what it means when the bed gets uncomfortably hot. Stay away from older types of memory foam if this is you.

Does it Conform to the Body Shape?

If the mattress does not conform to the body shape, it becomes too smooth and loses traction, which is something that can seriously affect the quality of your sexual life. Go for the models that easily and swiftly conform to your figure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Bouncy Mattress Better?

As already mentioned, the experience of so many couples says that the bouncier, the better. This is simply because much less energy is spent on struggling with the bed and far more energy invested into the person you care about.

Should You Use a Firm or Soft Mattress?

Keep in mind a balance of your sleep and active needs. Many people are looking for medium-firm or split-mattress models so they can have their needs met.

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What’s The Best Bed Frame For Sexually Active Couples?

Sexually active people need to think of other things than just mattresses because the bed frame can be equally important. The bottom line is to choose one that will provide a solid and strong bed foundation, no matter which mattress you go for.


According to all the factors listed above, it does not appear to be easy to choose the right mattress for sex. Still, keep in mind that it is impossible to check all the boxes. Instead, talk to your partner about the boxes that absolutely need to be checked.

You might come to understand that there are several bed types that prove to be more functional and offer more than others, such as hybrids. If you are on a budget, an innerspring might be the perfect solution. At the end of the day, it does not matter where you are but who you are with, right? 

Good luck shopping!

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