5 Top Rated Beds for Neck Pain – Our In-depth Review for 2020

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How often do you hear people complaining about the soreness they feel in their neck every morning? Are you one of those who wake up grumpy, knowing that it will be there all over again? 

A painful neck can trigger a great deal of frustration and impact negatively on our daily mood and level of activity. But, did you know that sometimes you can easily make it go away just by choosing the right type of mattress?

The best mattresses for neck pain are designed to help you deal with this unnerving issue. Take some time to look at their most important features and select a model that will help you get rid of this nuisance.

We hope you will find our tips and reviews handy in making the best mattress

Best in Support

Small Product image of Purple
Best in Support
Hyper-elastic polymer, FDA-approved for safe useClick Here for Price
Ideal for All Sleep Positions

Small Product image of Layla Sleep
Layla Sleep
Ideal for All Sleep Positions
Copper-infused bedClick Here for Price
Best Hypoallergenic

Small Product image of DreamFoam Mattress
DreamFoam Mattress
Best Hypoallergenic
Latex and high-density foamClick Here for Price
Most Versatile

Small Product image of Amerisleep AS3
Amerisleep AS3
Most Versatile
Three layers of responsive Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best Organic

Small Product image of My Green Mattress Natural Escape
My Green Mattress
Best Organic
Organic latex for proper support and
organic cotton cover with wool
Click Here for Price

Top Mattress for Sore Neck Reviews

Purple - Best in Support


  • Quality hyper-elastic polymer
  • Proper spine alignment
  • CertiPUR-US memory foam
  • Free-Air-Flow technology

In our opinion, the best mattress for neck pain is Purple.

The creators of this superb product integrated their expertise in advanced aerospace materials, manufacture, and design to create a high-end mattress, ideal for pain relief.

This Queen size bed consists of two layers of quality memory foam. The lower one provides a firmer base, whereas the top one generates a softer feeling of coziness. It is certified by the CertiPUR-US safety certificate. 

Purple was designed to ensure proper spine alignment, no matter whether you tend to sleep on your back or your side. It equalizes the levels of pressure, reducing the existing pain to a great extent. It is sturdy and durable, too, and not likely to develop indentations.

One of the model’s most significant pluses is the ability to isolate motion, even if you have a restless sleeper by your side. Moreover, its excellent temperature regulation releases excessive temperature and keeps you pleasantly cool during the night.

Allergy-sufferers will find it particularly appealing, due to its antimicrobial features and material resistant to dust mites and other allergens. The FDA certificate confirms the quality of the hyper-elastic polymer used.

Layla Sleep - Ideal for All Sleep Positions


  • Copper for coolness and support
  • Double firmness option
  • Gel-infused cover
  • Suitable for any base

If you dream about a mattress that you will fall in love with instantly, your search might be close to an end. Layla Sleep came up with this superior model that leaves even the most demanding customers breathless. 

This copper-infused bed delivers high performance both in terms of thermoregulation and support it provides. Copper keeps the sleeper cool and ensures a proper shape of the mattress.

Your sleeping preferences will certainly be catered for, as it comes with two levels of firmness. All you need to do is flip it to the side that suits you best. This way, the chances of making a wrong choice with this premium model are minimal.

Its cover is enriched with thermogel, which monitors the level of your body temperature while you sleep, dissipating the excessive heat. This Queen size mattress will be an ideal match for any foundation or frame.

DreamFoam Mattress - Best Hypoallergenic


  • Latex and high-density foam
  • Bamboo cover with hypoallergenic features
  • Choice of firmness levels
  • CertiPUR-US certificate

Manufactured by a small American family company, this high-end mattress has customer satisfaction as its primary goal. With close monitoring of every step during the production process, a great deal of care, knowledge, and experience is invested in each item. It all resulted in a quality product which thousands of customers keep returning to, owing to its high performance.

The base level, responsible for sturdy and stable support, features a 5.5″ convoluted base form. A 3″ Talalay latex foam, marked by a high level of responsiveness and adjustability, cushions your body comfortably. It follows the contours of your body and relieves pressure. Finally, an inch thick quilted cover incorporates super soft reflex foam, generating the ultimate level of coziness. 

This queen size latex mattress possesses a bamboo cover, as one of the elements adding extra comfort. To suit your needs and sleeping preference, you can choose between three levels of firmness, including soft, medium, and firm. One of the product’s most significant upsides is its excellent breathability and temperature regulation, for the most pleasant sleeping experience.

View additional models for allergy sufferers.

Amerisleep AS3 - Most Versatile


  • Suitable for sleepers who change position
  • Three layers of responsive memory foam
  • Cover featuring good thermoregulation
  • Suitable for adjustable frames

You are not really a back sleeper, but you wouldn’t call yourself a stomach sleeper either. As a matter of fact, you are in search of a mattress which will be comfortable enough even if you change your sleeping position during the night. The AS3 memory foam mattress by Amerisleep, known for its versatility, sounds like just the right solution for you.

The product of the VPF technology, this USA made bed incorporates three layers, each serving a particular purpose. It rests upon a 7″ Bio-Core support layer. A 2″ Affinity layer in combination with 3″ Bio-Pur memory foam ensure a super-comfortable sleeping experience. 

Its Celliant cover plays a great role in regulating the temperature while you sleep. Finally, this model is compatible with adjustable bed frames.

My Green Mattress - Best Organic


  • The innerspring system divided into 3 zones
  • Organic latex for proper support
  • Organic cotton cover with wool
  • No synthetic foams or hazardous chemicals

After a day of hard work, you deserve nothing but the best. So, why don’t you indulge yourself by getting one of the greenest bedding products on the market? With My Green Mattress, you are just a step away from experiencing a superb night’s sleep. 

The manufacturers of this super-comfy bed only go for clean, organic, certified materials to create a product that conforms with the highest standards. It provides the right amount of support, even to most demanding customers, such as side sleepers. The key lies in its 3-zone pocketed innerspring base system.

A 3″ Natural GOLS organic latex combines with GOTS certified organic cotton cover, with the addition of All-Natural-Eco-Wool. The use of synthetic foams is ruled out in this product. All these features contribute to an ultimate, pressure-free sleeping experience.

To increase its durability, this outstanding mattress is hand-tufted. A natural flame protection in the form of wool eliminates the use potentially dangerous chemicals with the same function.

Discover more natural and organic options here.

Image of couple sleeping together

Mattress Features to Consider for Aching Neck

Type of Mattress

All those product descriptions and detailed labels may be of no use if you are not familiar with the features of different materials used. How does the type of material influence the quality of a mattress? In this section, we provide a basic guide to the most commonly used ones.


These newer generation mattresses aim to make use of the best of elements from other types of similar products. In other words, they combine various systems and a mixture of materials to achieve the best performance and ensure a pleasurable sleeping experience.

A system of inner coils is usually at the core of such products. Its role is to provide the desired type of support to your body. In addition to this, such products include one or more extra layers. These are made of different kinds of conforming materials, such as memory foam.

Overall, customers most commonly see hybrid beds as a successful combination of support and comfort.


Latex mattresses have been present on the market for several decades now, and are often compared with their memory foam counterparts. There are several benefits you might experience if you opt for this kind of products.

Latex is a natural material and contains no synthetic chemicals. That makes it eco-friendly and generally safer for users. They tend to feel firmer and have a lower level of adjustability, compared to memory foam ones.

Latex is a durable material and contributes to a longer shelf-life of your mattress. To increase its level of comfort, manufacturers apply different production processes such as the Talalay or Dunlop process.


One of the most frequently used systems in mattress-making, innerspring technology has advanced to a great extent. Though the opinions are divided, the quality bedding products from this group meet the highest industry standards and provide excellent sleeping options. 

The inner coils are in charge of providing proper support to the body. It is not the number, but the quality of these elements that contribute to a product’s high performance. If they are pocketed and individually encased, these also isolate the motion efficiently, helping you sleep peacefully without disturbances.

The innerspring system is often combined with other elements such as memory foam, to create what is known as hybrid beds.

Memory Foam

We so often hear about memory foam and its upsides. But what does it actually mean when it comes to mattresses we choose? There are thousands of models available on the market, and their price and quality vary considerably.

Memory foam is a synthetic polyurethane foam with a great ability to conform to the shape of your body. It thus generates a feeling of extra comfort, relieves the pressure, and minimizes the transfer of motion. 

Density and firmness are essential factors to consider when buying one of these products. The denser the foam, the better its quality. Addition of materials such as cooling gel or hypoallergenic fabrics improves its features, especially its tendency to retain heat.

Find some quality cheap memory foam options.


Nobody wants to find their new mattress sagged and worn out before they even get accustomed to it properly. Unfortunately, this is a commonly encountered situation. Many products on the market fail to maintain their shape and provide the level of quality you were promised to get at the time of purchase.

The nature of materials used, in combination with production technology, have the most significant impact when the longevity of any bedding product is concerned. Renowned manufacturers make use of resilient, quality materials and invest a great deal of knowledge supported by modern technology. Their products feature high performance and efficiently serve their purpose for many years.

Support & Pressure Relief

If the persistent neck and back pain is the first thing you know as soon as you open your eyes, your bed is the first one to point the finger at! And you are probably right, as inadequate support your old mattress offers can be the source of this irritating issue. That is why the choice of the one that will hold your body in an adequate, natural position is of utmost significance.

How is the adequate type of support and alleviation of pain achieved in these products? It all depends on the type of material and way of design and construction. Pocket steel coils with individual wrapping top the table when this criterion is in question. Some sorts of the firm, support base foam hit the target quite successfully, too. 

Your body indeed needs something to hold it firmly and support its weight. At the same time, it craves comfort and coziness for the maximum level of relaxation. For this reason, you are not to neglect the role of a conforming, gentle mattress layer that will contour around your body, giving you a feeling you dream about! When fully relaxed and tension-free, your body is much more likely to fight the pain in the commonly affected parts – neck in particular. 

Mattress manufacturers try their hardest to achieve this effect in their products. Various advanced versions of memory foam, latex, cotton, wool, and other types of materials, are used effectively to increase the level of comfort. With a broad range of available options, you are bound to find the one that feels just right for you.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Sleep Trial

Sleep Trial is definitely one of the greatest perks mattress companies offer to their customers. And they do it for a good reason. It takes some time to get a clear picture of whether a bedding item you purchased is the right match for your needs. 

Even if you visit a showroom in your area and try out several beds, it may not be enough to get an accurate impression of what a particular product is like. A trial period, extending up to 120 days offered by trustworthy sellers, provides customers with an excellent opportunity to estimate whether the choice they made in the first place was the wisest one.

Image of young guy sleeping

Type of Neck Pain

If the soreness you feel in your neck intensifies during the night and after you wake up, it is most likely caused by the inadequate support it gets while you sleep. Addressing this issue and finding the mattress that will ensure the right type of posture and alignment will make a real difference.

Your Budget

We tend to believe that quality comes with a higher luxury price, and in the vast majority of cases, this is true. That is why it is advisable to plan your purchase carefully.  Your aim should be to try to get the product with the best performance and also fits within your budget. Mattresses designed to relieve neck pain come in a broad palette of designs and construction technologies and their prices vary considerably. 

Always take enough time to consider all the options, as there are plenty of good buys around the corner.

Sleep Position

Different sleeping styles call for adequate types of support. Some people get the best deal of rest sleeping on their back. Others are most comfortable sleeping on the side, while there is a group of stomach sleepers, too. Some of us tend to change the position in which we sleep throughout the night. 

These personal preferences largely determine the type of mattress that will suit us ideally. Nowadays, many manufacturers design their products specifically for every kind of sleepers and their needs.

Foam Density

Before you opt for a mattress containing any kind of foam, make sure that it features at least an average level of density. This parameter is measured in pounds per cubic feet and is an indicator of how well it will support your body.

Higher-density foams feature a higher level of quality. They are more durable and wear out less than their low-quality counterparts. Traditional polyester foams are generally less dense. In the case of memory or latex foams, this index is considerably higher. 

It is advisable to go for products which are marked by at least an average density, ranging between 3.5 to 5 lbs/cu.ft. 

Coils from Innerspring Mattress

The position and density of coils in innerspring beds should also be taken into consideration before you make a final choice. Pocketed individual coils tend to relieve the pressure and provide sturdier support to a sleeper’s body. They also isolate motion successfully, which is not always the case with continuous coils.

Main Causes of Neck Pain After Sleeping

You're Using the Wrong Mattress

You must be asking yourself where all that neck soreness comes from. But the answer is usually right in front of you. If you fail to realize that the mattress you sleep on is not the one that suits you, pain is the most common outcome.

Not all types of beds are good enough for different sleeping positions. You may be a typical representative of a particular group of sleepers, for example, those who sleep on their backs. It will mean that the most optimal mattress for you will be the one that provides medium-firm support for your back and neck.

When you sleep on your side, your shoulders and hips tend to sink into the mattress. If it is too firm, these parts will be affected by an increased amount of pressure. That will result in stiffness and chronic ache. 

Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, call for the firmest support. If this is not the case, the entire weight of the body will create excessive pressure and cause similar health issues. 

Knowing all this, it is essential to pick the most optimal mattress according to your personal needs from day one. Not only will your quality of sleep improve immensely, but you will also prevent the incidence of common, sleep-related orthopedic issues.

You're Simply Addicted to Your Phone

Smartphone Chin(s)

How much time do you spend looking at your phone while in bed? You may be unaware of it- but do you want to get that unsightly double chin? Looking down at the screen of your cell phone while lying in bed can do this!

Blue Light Exposure

When the night comes, your body produces higher amounts of a hormone called melatonin. Its role is to help you fall asleep quickly. The light emitted by the screen of your phone prevents this hormone from accomplishing its task. As a result, you find yourself tossing and turning in bed in the middle of the night, unable to fall asleep and get your energy back for the day to come.

Text Neck

This term is used to refer to the unnatural position your head takes during the time you spend looking down at your phone. It covers an angle of up to 60 degrees, which is not typical of a healthy body posture. Having in mind the weight of your head, it is not hard to conclude that it puts an excessive amount of pressure on your neck.

Herniated Discs

Your spine is made up of 33 vertebrae. Discs which consist of a jelly-like substance cushion some of the vertebrae. Unfortunately, these discs sometimes slip from their position and cause the condition which is known as slipped or herniated disc. 

A herniated disc can result in excruciating pain. It can be located in different parts of the spine. Commonly affected areas are the lower back, neck, or even the thoracic spine. 

People suffering from this severe condition often have a restricted ability to move the affected part of the body. Pain is also an ever-present symptom. Finding the right type of support and the right position to sleep in is one of the greatest challenges for such people.

If you suffer from a slipped disc, all you want is to relieve all the pressure from the painful spot and maintain your body in a proper position/alignment while sleeping. That is where a quality mattress, or even a specially designed one, can make a real difference.

Look at specific mattresses for herniated discs.


Your body undergoes major transformations during pregnancy. You may find some of these quite unnerving, depending on their level of intensity and the stage of your pregnancy. Sleeping disorders associated with various kinds of more or less intense pain are commonly encountered among pregnant ladies. 

Lower back pain is what most pregnant women complain about. It is important to remember that our neck is linked to the lower back through our spinal column. It is not surprising to hear that quite a few women suffer the symptoms of neck pain during pregnancy, too.

What can be done to alleviate this kind of pain? Of course, painkillers are not an option. So, we have to turn to methods of providing the proper type of support to our body while sleeping. To keep your stomach safe and your back and neck properly aligned, use one of the body pillow models available on the market.

These handy products will help you overcome the current issue by taking the pressure of the critical body parts and provide the proper type of support.

Muscle Strain

Sharp and uncomfortable soreness of your neck can result from an injury, such as muscle strain. If this occurs, it is a good idea to consult a professional who will suggest a course of treatment. Physical therapy has proved to be rather useful in these situations.

If you suffer from a neck muscle strain, you may need to change your sleeping position or type of support your bed offers. This can bring about considerable pain relief.

Type of Pillows

Too Hard or Too Soft

Your pillow may not be your ally in dealing with neck pain. Quite the contrary – it can be the reason why this soreness keeps recurring. It may simply be too hard, not allowing your neck to relax appropriately.

One that is too soft will fail to provide enough support, allowing your head and neck to sink in it and twist.

Too Thin or Too Thick

The best way to determine the proper thickness of your pillow is to consider your body size and sleeping styles. Taller and stronger people with broader shoulders and of higher weight require thicker pillows. Tinier individuals will sleep more comfortably on a thinner pillow. 

If you sleep on your back, your pillow will ideally be a thinner one. Stomach sleepers also require extremely thin pillows or do not need one at all. However, if you tend to sleep on your side, a thick, high pillow will ensure the best spinal alignment and proper support.

Feather Pillow

Many are against these types of pillows, as they want to make sure no animals have suffered for the sake of pillow-making. If this is the case, adequate substitutes are available on the market.

However, there are those who emphasize several benefits of sleeping on feather-stuffed pillows. These are believed to be very handy in dealing with neck pain.

Feather pillows feature a high level of adaptability. They conform to the position of your head and neck, holding them in an adequate posture. Their ability to reshape is seen as the most significant benefit.

People who tend to change their position while sleeping might be the best candidates to try these kinds of pillows.

Orthopedic Pillow

The unique design of these pillows makes them ideal for back sleepers. They are curved so they can support the neck properly and contoured to be significantly more comfortable for your head, compared with some other models.

Likewise, check out our orthopedic mattresses.

Memory Foam

These pillows are cozy and comfy, and this is what makes them very appealing to such a large number of users. They conform to the shape of your head and neck, keeping them both supported and cuddled during the night. Memory foam pillows make an excellent choice for those who tend to sleep peacefully without moving too much.

However, if you tend to turn and move a lot, memory foam may not be an ideal solution for you. Namely, it takes too long to restore its shape and adjust to the new position you take in your sleep. You may not be feeling comfortable enough at some point during the night.

Body Pillow

The first thing that probably comes to your mind when we talk about body pillows is pregnant women. However, more and more people today rely on these handy products to improve the quality of their sleep and get better body support.

Body pillows come in several different shapes and sizes. They can have such a great effect in helping you find the right sleeping position that some people cannot even imagine their nights without their body pillows.

They will keep your head in the proper position, relieve the pressure in your neck, back, knees, etc.

Sleep Position

Back Sleeper

A lot of people find sleeping on their back the most effective in getting rid of the pain and tension in the neck. That is not unexpected, as lying on your back keeps your neck in a straight position, and not twisted to the side.

Nevertheless, you should keep one thing in mind. The ideal pillow for back sleepers is a thinner one, which does not elevate your head too high and thus stretches your neck. When sleeping on your back, your spine should maintain its natural curve, and your neck should be adequately aligned with it.

Always make sure that your body and spine stay in their natural position. This position will trigger no pain. What is more, it will reduce the intensity of the existing tension and soreness in your neck.

Side Sleeper

Statistics show that the majority of people prefer sleeping on their side. This position puts the most considerable amount of pressure on one’s hips, shoulders, and neck, too. If our bed does not provide adequate support, we are likely to develop severe pain in the neck and shoulder area.

What should side sleepers pay attention to in order to deal with neck pain? To start with, they need to find the best pillow. It should be high enough to keep the neck and spine properly aligned. 

In other words – when you sleep on your side, your spine should take the form of a straight line. If you pick a pillow which is either too high or too low, your head will take an unnatural position and cause discomfort and pain.

See top options for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleeper

Sleeping flat on your stomach is what some people find really enjoyable. However, if you feel pain in your neck and shoulders, you should definitely work out some other way to sleep. 

For the most persistent individuals, there are a couple of tips on how to achieve the highest level of comfort while sleeping on your stomach:

Probably the most significant challenge when sleeping this way is to prevent extensive stretching of your neck, as well as finding the best position for your arms.

Tips on How to Prevent Sore Neck

While we sleep, all the functions of our body slow down. That includes lower blood pressure, slower breathing, and heart rate, but an increased transfer of oxygen through our blood. In this way, our body rejuvenates, grows, fights the pain, and gathers the energy we need for our regular daily activities.

However, some factors disrupt our sleep and prevent our body from getting the proper amount of rest. Neck pain tops the list of these sleep disturbances. Dealing with this issue is thus a priority and can be done in several ways.

You should always try to keep your back and neck in a proper upright position, especially if you spend long hours sitting at your desk in front of a computer. Massage can have an incredibly soothing effect if you apply it regularly on your shoulder and neck zone.

Cooling or heating packs are a great way to reduce the tension in your muscles. Soft collars worn temporarily can also have a healing effect and alleviate pain. And last, but certainly not least, make sure the type of mattress you are using is not the source of your problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can These Brands Also Help Relieve Upper Back and Shoulder Pain?

Once you find a mattress that offers an ultimate sleeping experience, most of the issues such as neck pain will go away. It means that the new product you have chosen supports your body in a proper way, giving it enough comfort and ensuring good alignment of your neck and spine. 

You can also consider some of the products designed specially to address problems such as shoulder and upper back soreness.

What Kind of Pillow is Recommended?

Experts advise sleeping on either your back or side if you are dealing with neck pain. Moreover, they insist on getting the proper pillow, which can make a real difference. Feather and memory foam pillows are considered as the best options for neck pain sufferers. The former cradle your head comfortably, while the latter provides sturdier support to your neck.

How to Sleep With a Stiff Neck and Shoulder?

Avoid sleeping on your stomach at all costs. This position would typically mean twisting your head and neck for several hours every night, which will make the situation even worse. 

Sleeping on your back and side without a pillow, or with a specially designed neck pillow can bring about a considerable amount of relief.


The time you spend sleeping is invaluable and reflects on the overall quality of your daily life, routine, and above all – health. A sore neck can be one of the most frustrating, but also alarming issues you should urgently handle.

If your bed fails to provide the proper type of support to both your neck and the rest of the body, the incidence of pain is almost inevitable. Fortunately, a range of quality mattresses found in stores can be of great assistance in dealing with this problem.

So, be prepared to do some personal research and pick the model that will cater to all of your sleeping needs. 

Finally, we will all agree on one thing. It can be such a pain in the neck, but with the right mattress, your neck pain can be eased before you know it!

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