8 Top Rated Adjustable Bed Mattresses – Our Buyer’s Guide

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We usually associate this piece of furniture with a hospital stay, right? But, have you ever tried resting on an adjustable bed? While most people are familiar with the entire concept, others still have misconceptions regarding its purpose.

However, if you’ve already tested its features, then you probably know how comfortable it can be, especially when paired with the best mattress for adjustable beds. On the other hand, if you are still new to this idea, then now might be the right time to change your sleeping habits and upgrade to something new.

Over the last decade, adjustable beds have made their way to private homes and allowed sleepers to enjoy all the benefits of modern technologies, as well as find the most comfortable sleep position.

For that reason, we researched a couple of brands and compiled a list of top mattresses that can offer you a customized and peaceful sleep experience.

Best Cooling

Small Product image of Classic Brands
Classic Brands
Best Cooling
Gel-infusedClick Here for Price
Best Hypoallergenic

Small Product image of Lucid Latex
Best Hypoallergenic
Aloe Vera and charcoal-infused layerClick Here for Price
Best Eco-friendly

small Product image of Live and Sleep Elite
Live and Sleep
Best Eco-friendly
All-foamClick Here for Price
Best Bed in a Box

small product image of vibe 12 inch
Best Bed in a Box
Gel-infusedClick Here for Price
Best Comfort

small product image of DynastyMattress HD GEL
Best Comfort
All-foamClick Here for Price
Best Support

small product image of SLEEPINC
Best Support
All-foam, Free of chemicalsClick Here for Price
Best Motion Isolation

small product image of Flash Furniture
Flash Furniture
Best Motion Isolation
HybridClick Here for Price
Best Pressure Relief

small product image of Ssecretland 10 inch
Best Pressure Relief
Gel-infusedClick Here for Price

8 Highest Rated Mattresses for Adjustable Beds Reviewed

Classic Brands - Best Cooling


  • 12” tall
  • All-foam
  • Gel-infused
  • Comes with a cover
  • CertiPUR US certified

In our opinion, the best mattress for adjustable beds is Classic Brands.

The Classic Brands has managed to strike the right balance between its medium firmness, cooling capabilities, and soft and comfortable feel of its outside cover. Even though memory foam products are notorious for their heat retention features, this manufacturer has found a way to bypass this issue successfully.

In terms of composition, the Classic Brands combines three layers of memory foam. The top one is gel-infused to prevent hot sleeping and pull the heat away from your body, while beneath lies airflow gel-supportive layers that offer a highly effective cooling performance. The support base comes as the last layer, which absorbs motion transfer and provides extra support.

Additionally, Classic Brands features the cover, which holds all the layers in place. The cover is made of soft knit material – quite breathable and thin. When it comes to firmness, this is a medium-firm mattress and should appeal to an average sleeper.

For that reason, the majority of sleepers find this model very comfortable since memory foam quickly responds to the body and creates a cozy hug that isn’t too excessive.

View more outstanding Classic Brands mattresses in our list.

LUCID - Best Hypoallergenic


  • 12” tall
  • Hybrid
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Has a cover

Even though Lucid is an affordable brand, the price range doesn’t diminish its performance, especially when it comes to hypoallergenic features. Due to its Aloe Vera and charcoal-infused layer, Lucid prevents dust mites and bacteria from spreading out and reaching your body.

When it comes to construction, this brand employs advanced technology to create the most comfortable sleep experience. The bamboo charcoal and Aloe Vera infused layer minimize odor and provide hypoallergenic properties, while individually encased steel coils respond to movement and boost airflow.

While you can definitely tell it has memory foam, there is no stuck feeling, which makes this model accommodating and comfortable. It will relieve pressure points and keep your spine correctly aligned. Even though foam beds tend to retain heat, pocketed coils will offer additional airflow and help prevent hot sleeping.

Live and Sleep - Best Eco-friendly


  • 10” tall
  • All-foam
  • Eco-friendly
  • Comes with a memory foam pillow

Many people consider environmentally friendly mattresses as something luxurious they can hardly afford. However, the Live and Sleep online retailer makes it their mission to offer supportive and comfortable beds at an affordable price.

Live and Sleep Elite integrates three layers of memory foam, each of them designed to target a specific issue. The top layer includes pressure relieving foam, while the second layer is gel-infused to promote hot sleeping and additional contouring. Last but not least, the core base is made of high-density foam to offer support and stability.

We should point out the fact that all layers are the CertiPUR US and OEKO TEX certified, which makes this product free of dangerous chemicals. All the materials are typically used for the crib mattresses as well. Additionally, low motion transfer might be a suitable option for couples sharing the bed.

This 10” mattress is adjustable base friendly, which means you can pair it with an adjustable base instead of the traditional bed frame. It is durable and supportive enough to withstand all the bending, even after continuous use.

Vibe - Best Bed in a Box


  • 12” tall
  • All-foam
  • Gel-infused
  • CertiPUR US

The Vibe is a newcomer to the mattress industry and offers low-cost solutions for anyone looking for a high-quality bed-in-a-box. It works well with adjustable bases, meaning you customize your sleep experience, should you want more softness or a bit of firmness.

This product blends three layers of memory foam, and the first one features 2” of premium Certi-PUR-US certified, gel-infused foam, which promotes airflow, offering more refreshing sleep. The gel instantly shapes according to your body and adjust to temperature level.

Next is the gel comfort foam, specially designed to provide additional support and make sure your spine is aligned correctly. On top of that, the gel is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to bacteria, dust mites, and mold. The third layer contains a high-density base, which prevents motion and relieves pressure points.

As soon as you remove the plastic, your purchase should fully expand within 72 hours.

For more overall bed-in-a-box options, follow our guide.

DynastyMattress - Best Comfort


  • 12” tall
  • All-foam
  • Gel-infused
  • Comfortable
  • Medium-firm
  • Machine washable cover

Another bed on our list, DynastyMattress, aims to deliver the best comfort, or at least that’s what this company claims. In most cases, comfort comes at a high price since it’s one of the features that determine the quality of the mattress. However, DynastyMattress has managed to find a balance between customer’s demands and reasonable prices.

When it comes to design, this model features four innovative layers of foam, which might alleviate chronic pain and keep your spine properly aligned, due to gel-infused foam. Many customers, including ones suffering from arthritis, claim this model offers pain-relieving benefits. Additionally, two layers of cool airflow foam promote ventilation and minimize hot sleeping, by dispersing the heat evenly.

Even though comfort is a highly individual thing, DynastyMattress is designed to remember the shape of your body and provide a soothing sleep.

SLEEPINC - Best Support


  • 10” tall
  • All-foam
  • Gel-infused
  • Free of chemicals

Finding a mattress that offers a suitable level of support is easier said than done. A lot of brands promise remarkable results and a lot of them fail to deliver. But, SLEEPINK might be one of the few that offer great support properties.

This unit contains two layers of memory foam, the top one, gel-infused layer offers optimal comfort and reduces hot sleeping. Beneath lies high-density base, which prevents sink in sensation and minimizes motion transfer.

The resilient design fully supports the body and offers great recovery time, while edge-to-edge support ensures you don’t roll off. Additionally, a cool sleep surface contains open-cell technology, which improves airflow and regulates body temperature. On top of that, SLEEPINK is free of any chemicals or heavy metals.

Flash Furniture - Best Motion Isolation


  • 12” tall
  • Hybrid
  • Medium-firm

Flash Furniture Capri 12-inch mattress is a medium-firm unit that combines memory foam and innerspring pocketed coils to minimize motion disturbance and offer peaceful sleep. Therefore, if you are a light sleeper or you share the bed with someone, then you may want to consider getting Flash Furniture.

In terms of design, Flash Furniture comes equipped with memory foam on top, while beneath lies 6.5 gauge pocketed coils that provide effective motion isolation. Additionally, springs make this bed bouncier and the layer of foam shapes according to your body, to create a comfortable feel.

Each coil is separately wrapped to act independently and create superior motion isolation. Once you unwrap the bed, it takes at least five days to expand fully. The manufacturer suggests you get a mattress protector to prolong the lifespan of your unit.

Since Flash Furniture requires a foundation or box spring, it might be a great addition to your adjustable bed.

Ssecretland - Best Pressure Relief


  • 10” tall
  • All-foam
  • Gel-infused
  • Medium-firm
  • CertiPUR-US certified

Patients suffering from chronic pain require the best pressure relieving mattresses. Almost every brand nowadays claims its products offer excellent pressure relieving properties, but in reality, you get a sagging, hard as a rock unit. Well, Ssecretland might be one of the companies which can actually help you get rid of pain and promote comfortable sleep experience.

Ssecretland combines three layers of memory foam that conform to your body and create a comfortable sleep surface. This additionally cradles your neck, shoulders, and hips and prevents waking up sore and in pain. We should mention that the top layer is gel-infused to minimize hot sleeping and to maintain constant body temperature.

All layers are CertiPUR-US certified and free of heavy metals and harmful substances.

Buyer's Guide for Mattresses for Adjustable Bases

Warranty Coverage

A mattress is made of multiple different parts, which include internal components, as well as the cover. Usually, the warranty covers defects or flaws in any of these parts, but it’s essential to read the warranty thoroughly because some terms and conditions may limit your claim.

Typically, the companies or online retailers cover indentation no less than 1.5”. This means that the company doesn’t provide coverage for minor sagging that occurs as a result of everyday use. When it comes to adjustable beds, they often cover structural defects, similar to the ones we mentioned above.

On the other hand, components such as motor and other electrical parts may have a limited warranty claim. A lot of warranties require users to ensure proper foundational support to avoid tear and wear over time. Additionally, some adjustable beds might be banned due to their construction and the use of materials.


The size can significantly affect your mattress selection. Nowadays, there are six bed sizes available on the market:

  • Twin – 39” wide by 75” long
  • Twin XL – 39” wide by 80” long
  • Full – 54” wide by 75” long
  • Queen – 60” wide by 80” long
  • King – 76” wide by 80” long
  • California King – 72” wide by 84” long

On top of that, a couple of adjustable units are divided down the middle to fit Split King, Split California King, and Split King, to accommodate couples. One the other hand, you will find a few models available exclusively for Queen sizes or larger.

When choosing a mattress size, pay attention to personal preferences and frame dimensions. Just because California King sounds nice, it doesn’t mean you actually need one. Also, beds that are too long, short, or wide may cause discomfort and support issues.

Adjustable Bed Height

When choosing a mattress, ensuring the suitable height is very important to provide safety and comfort, while getting in and out of bed. In this case, it should be thick enough, but also not too thick. Otherwise, the base won’t respond well to the mattress and won’t be able to adjust to various angles.

For example, heavier units, such as latex or innerspring, need a thicker base, while mattresses made of memory foam, work well with thinner bases. They are lighter and don’t need a sturdy frame. A lot of sleepers consider mattresses between 10” and 12” to be the most comfortable ones.

Basically, the bed frame significantly affects how thick of a mattress you will choose.


Typically, lightweight units are more suitable for adjustable beds, while heavier models might cause an adjustable bed to angle more. But, nowadays, technology has improved significantly, and newer and sturdier frames should be able to fit the majority of mattresses, regardless of their weight.

Cost of Mechanical Repair

Adjustable beds are composed of mechanical and electrical components; therefore, they are more prone to hydraulic and mechanical failures. On top of the mattress price, mechanical repairs lead to added expenses, which can reach a couple of hundreds of dollars down the road.

Mattress Thickness

The best mattresses for adjustable beds tend to be in the range of 8” to 12”. Keep in mind that if you purchase something thicker, it might not be as flexible as a thinner unit. On the other hand, if you choose a thin mattress, then it might not be as durable and may have a shorter lifespan, especially if you are a side-sleeper.

When it comes to shopping, pay attention to your bed frame, as well as weight. The heavier you are, the thicker the mattress you will require, and vice versa. Of course, there are other considerations, but this one can significantly affect lifespan and comfort.

Learn more:

image of four bed layers


This again depends on the composition and material used for construction. The price can vary between a couple of hundreds of dollars to a couple of thousand. Usually, innerspring and memory foam beds are cheaper, or less expensive than hybrids, airbeds, and latex units.

However, when you combine the mattress with an adjustable bed frame, then the price can be surprisingly high. If you work on a limited budget, then you should find a product that offers you most for that price, and later you can upgrade when you have more money (check out our best budget beds here).

Nowadays, there are a lot of decent mattresses that won’t cause you to break your bank account.

If you’re searching for specific price tags, here are some resources that can help:

Best Type of Mattress to Use


Even though it’s similar to memory foam, latex beds tend to have a couple of differences. First of all, it’s an eco-friendly alternative to foam, as long as you choose natural latex. Additionally, it’s more durable, since it’s made of natural materials such as rubber tree.

If you are a hot sleeper and you prefer a bit of bounce; then you’ll probably like latex.


Generally, air mattresses could work well with adjustable frames, but eventually, the base can ruin your mattress. Compared to memory foam, airbeds lack flexibility and conformity, and you are risking of blocking the air chambers.

Also, some models feature a single chamber that is too rigid to use with an adjustable base. You could customize the support by increasing or decreasing the air pressure. Additionally, the adjustable angles are quite limited; therefore, airbeds might not be a suitable option.


Innerspring mattresses are top-rated among sleepers since they offer comfort and minimize hot sleeping. However, their lifespan tends to decrease over time. If you want an innerspring mattress for your adjustable bed, then choose one with individually pocketed coils instead of continuous ones.

Pocketed coils will offer you better support, relieve pressure points, and keep your spine properly aligned. Even though this type is initially cheaper, they aren’t quite as durable, and you will end up paying more for the same unit. Also, a lot of brands in this category aren’t designed to accommodate adjustable bed frames.

Memory Foam

Last but not least, a memory foam mattress is probably the most suitable model for an adjustable base due to its flexibility and comfort. Nearly all units in this category will fit the adjustable bed frame, but you should go for the higher-density base because it’s more durable.

On top of that, premium brands have mattresses with multiple layers to increase customer satisfaction.

image of pregnant lady on comfortable bed

Adjustable Bed Overview

What is an Adjustable Bed?

For decades, adjustable units have been perceived as beds for the elderly, or senior people and those with mobility issues. While this was their primary role, they have grown in popularity, and individuals of all ages use them. Basically, this unit enables you to customize the bed’s alignment to get restful sleep.

On the other hand, some people, especially those with health conditions, may benefit from using an adjustable bed. For example, if you want to lift your head in a comfortable position to read a book, or you just want to relax, then you can do it all by pressing a button.

On top of that, adjustable beds might help you relieve chronic pain, improve circulation, and provide better sleep. Let’s not neglect lifestyle benefits such as reading or watching TV, different sleep positions for couples, work-life, and comfort.

What are the Special Features?

Massager Function

Some models feature a massage function in the form of a full-body wave running through the entire bed, or as a localized vibration in the head and foot area. No one can deny the benefits of a good massage, especially after long working hours, or in case of chronic pain.

The users can adjust the intensity level with a remote control or even with the help of an App. While this isn’t a must-have feature, it’s nice to have it on your adjustable unit, especially if you prefer regular massages, or need something to alleviate the pain.

Keep in mind that motor, which enables a massage function, also generates a certain level of sound. Therefore, choose a bed that doesn’t create too much noise to disrupt your sleep.

Head and Foot Lift

Head and foot lift is probably one of the main features of why people opt for adjustable beds. The majority of models allow users to raise the head section to 60 degrees, while the foot section can be elevated by 45 degrees.

Raising the head helps sleepers sit upright while reading, eating, watching TV, or working on a laptop. However, that’s not all; by assuming this sleep position, you can fight numerous health conditions, such as sleep apnea (see top beds), snoring, and more.

The lower lifting feature helps with swollen ankles, reduces the pressure that causes lower back pain, and minimizes restless leg syndrome.

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USB Ports

Another trending feature in adjustable brands is a built-in USB port. It is usually hidden, so it doesn’t disrupt the aesthetic of the unit. Even though the USB port isn’t necessary, it adds a useful convenience to your adjustable base.

In this case, you don’t have to get up to charge your phone or tablet device.

Remote Control

The majority of adjustable beds come with remote control included. However, you will have to press the foot or head feature several times until you achieve the desired position. This might be tiring and annoying for some people.

For that reason, it’s essential to get a unit that includes programmable memory features. Usually, you can incorporate it into a remote or an App. 

Once you reach the desired position, simply save it for future use. From there, with one press of a button, you can achieve the previous position.

Zero-Gravity Position

Zero-gravity happens when both legs and head of the bed are elevated. This not only reduces snoring but also minimizes pain in lower back and hips. Additionally, zero-gravity might help with heartburn and acid reflux symptoms.

But, not everyone prefers the zero-gravity, and the beauty of an adjustable bed lies in its ability to accommodate almost any sleep position.

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Other Features

  • Pillow tilt feature – for some people, head and foot elevation isn’t enough. Therefore, some models offer pillow adjustment where you can tilt the pillow up to 90 degrees.
  • Anti-soring option – if your partner snores, then choose a model that comes with anti-snoring features. In this case, the head is elevated by 7 degrees, which helps airways stay open.
  • Under-bed lighting – it lights the path, which is handy if you wake in during the middle of the night, so you won’t disturb your spouse.
  • Stylish frame – if you want to avoid using a metal frame, then some brands offer a furniture style decking which keeps the metal parts covered. This overall improves the décor of your room.

What are the Advantages and Drawbacks?

Pain relief – numerous users reported a significant reduction in chronic pain. Therefore, people with osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, and other conditions may find this unit particularly beneficial. Your current mattress might not work – even though the majority of adjustable beds are made to fit various mattress sizes, they require certain thickness and material build, to achieve desired bendability.
Adjustable sleep position – sleepers can angle foot and head areas to create a better-suited sleep position. Expensive – compared to traditional units, adjustable beds can run up to a couple of thousands of dollars.
Built-in gadgets – some models contain massage option, USB port, Bluetooth, anti-snoring feature, and under-bed lighting. Everything is controlled through an App, or with remote control. Time-consuming – while conventional beds are plug and play, the adjustable ones require a bit of time until you find a custom angle.
Independence – you can move without disturbing your sleep partner by opting for a split king or a split queen mattress. Mechanical failures – since a motor and other electric components power adjustable bed, there is always a possibility of them failing.
Durable and robust construction. A touch of danger – if you stuck your hand between the mattress and base while it’s being lowered, you can get injured.
Lumbar support – helps people with lower back pain. Heavy and difficult to move.
Comfortable.High noise potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Adjustable Beds Damage Mattresses?

Well, this question depends on numerous factors. For example, what type of base do you have, and what kind of mattress do you plan to get. To be honest, some mattresses don’t go well with adjustable bases.

So, instead of focusing on a frame, pay attention to the mattress. On the other hand, if you are familiar with adjustable bases, then you know how they work. Some units are simpler; some are more complicated, some are sturdy, others not so much, some are more flexible, ensuring different types of mattresses fit in.

Therefore, to avoid your mattress get ruined, make sure to pair it well with a base.

Should I Pick a Soft or Firm Mattress?

As we mentioned before, sometimes soft mattresses don’t tend to last very long. Also, you may sink too deeply, especially when you assume the zero-gravity angle. On the other hand, if you choose a firm bed, then it might not bend well, or not allow you to settle into the base.

The general rule is to go with a medium-firm mattress because it offers enough flexibility as well as comfort.


People always look for a way to improve their sleeping habits and ensure better sleep. This is one of the reasons why Americans turn to adjustable beds in the hope of achieving a customized and healthier sleep experience.

These units not only complement your décor but also take your sleep hygiene to the next level. In this article, we reviewed some of the top-rate models, their features, and tried to cover as much as information possible concerning their use, construction, and quality.

We hope that our insight will put a new perspective the next time you are shopping for an adjustable bed.

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