6 Top Rated Luxury Beds – 2020 Ratings and Reviews

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It is almost a cliche to say mattresses are important because we spend a third of our lives in our beds.

People forget that you also rest, relax, learn, and do other enjoyable things there which is why it is even more important to figure out which is the best luxury mattress on the market.

It should be a combination of several features, so luxury isn’t just about the price. It is also about the high quality and the level of comfort as well as any other perks that might come with it.

We have done some serious research and came up with a list where you will find six options which are currently the best value for money. Read on, and you will undoubtedly make the right decision.

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Best Bed-in-a-Box Type

Small Product image of Leesa Queen
Best Bed-in-a-Box Type
Multilayer foam with cooling effectClick Here for Price
Best Odor Control

Small Product image of Lucid Twin XL Hybrid
Best Odor Control
Hybrid high-quality foam constructionClick Here for Price
Ideal for Back Pain

Small Product image of Home Life
Home Life
Ideal for Back Pain
Green eco-friendly foamClick Here for Price
Best Cooling

Small Product image of Sweetnight
Best Cooling
3 layers All- foam systemClick Here for Price
Best Air Type

Small Product image of King Koil
King Koil
Best Air Type
Eco-friendly Pvc Fully Flocked Click Here for Price
Perfect for Camping

Small Product image of EnerPlex
Perfect for Camping
Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly PVCClick Here for Price

6 High-Quality Luxurious Mattresses Reviewed

Leesa - Best Bed-in-a-Box Type


  • Premium foam layers
  • Beautiful and recognizable design
  • Cooling effect
  • Social impact, made in the USA

In our opinion, the best luxury mattress is Leesa. There are not one, not two, but three layers of high-quality foam! Leesa’s multilayer foam mattress does a great job when it comes to combining premium quality foam into a structured support system for your back and your body.

The top LSA200 2-inch layer has an additional feature – it helps you sleep cool and improves relief for side sleepers. The other two are memory and dense layers that relieve pressure and support all sleeping positions.

It’s much more than quality with this model. It is easily recognized due to its well-known four-stripe cover, which is almost seamless and without tapered edges. All this gives you a sense of luxury and comfort.

Lastly, you, as a buyer, should be aware of the fact that Leesa as a company wants to be known as one that contributes to local communities everywhere. It does so by donating one for every ten mattresses sold as well as by their employees volunteering in charities all over the USA.

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LUCID - Best Odor Control


  • Bamboo charcoal and aloe vera infusions
  • Hybrid high-quality foam construction
  • Soft and gentle support
  • Conveniently compressed and rolled for shipping

Are you tired of waiting for your mattress to gas off? Well, with this model, it is no longer an issue because it has got infusions of bamboo charcoal and aloe vera to minimize and eliminate odors. The charcoal component also attracts draws moisture away from the sleeper, while aloe vera in the transition layer soothes and relaxes him.

Its individually encased steel coils improve airflow and are ideally constructed to relieve pressure points while sleeping. On top of them is a soft 4.5-inch memory foam that creates an even feel. The infusions within it also help regulate the temperature of the whole bed.

Last but not least, this model comes compressed and rolled for easy shipping so you can easily place it anywhere. That’s why the setup is a breeze, even for inexperienced users.

Home Life - Ideal for Back Pain


  • 15-gauge pocket coils
  • Quality layering between cover and foils 
  • Euro Top for people with back issues
  • Green eco-friendly foam

The company motto says it all: “Sleep should be restful, not stressful.” This mattress offers back pain ease with all sorts of layers specially designed. It combines pressure-relieving 1.5-inch comfort foam with high-density foam and 4-inch pocket coil springs. 

The main goal of this model is the support of your spine by creating equal weight distribution. It also focuses on the main points of pressure on the body, such as the neck, shoulders, and hips. All this is accomplished by skillfully combining different layers of coils and foam.

Another thing which is worth a mention is that the foam is 100% green certified, which means it is very eco-friendly. It also can be a useful aid in treating allergies of the sleeper by not accumulating dust and small particles.

Sweetnight - Best Cooling


  • Three layer, all-foam system
  • Gel-infused memory foam for comfort and cooling
  • No harmful substances
  • All sleeping positions

We all know how important it is to sleep well, but also feel refreshed in the morning. This master is the champion in both categories. Not only does it contain three layers of foam, but it also offers a 3-inch gel-infused memory foam as the top layer.

This layer works with a 3.5-inch middle open-cell airflow one, providing a constant flow of air to make your sleep even more refreshing and satisfying. This is the secret of this model – a construction with your cooling needs in mind.

Another important part of this product is the absence of harmful substances. Also, it is by far one of the best for all sleeping positions due to its flexibility, back support, and outstanding heat dissipation.

(See more cooling models here.)

King Koil - Best Air Type


  • California King-sized
  • Enhanced airbed technology
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable, waterproof quilt top

Size does matter. At 84 x 72 x 20 inches and a weight limit of 600 pounds, King Koil is more spacious than any other air bed on the market. These numbers mean that there is more than enough space for two adults or three children. This is an excellent choice for a family of campers who still enjoy the feel of a traditional mattress. Also, this model is perfectly suitable for overnight guests in your spare bedrooms.

However, this bed is so much more than just the dimensions. It features a unique coil beam system that maintains the shape and comfort throughout the night, providing support for your spine and your whole body. The durable flocked top layer is also there to give you comfort as well as to prevent that “sinking feeling” many airbeds suffer from.

Finally, you just can’t beat its inflation/deflation time of only 2 minutes 30 seconds. The manufacturer assures you it’s twice as fast as other products of this size and quality. Also, you can always quickly pump some air in or out in a matter of seconds and set your desired level of comfort!

EnerPlex - Perfect for Camping


  • Waterproof comfort
  • Custom coil beam for comfort
  • Inflates and deflates in 90 seconds
  • Leak-free technology

EnerPlex knows just what a dedicated camper needs! First of all, it is the comfort. It is achieved by using special coil beam construction which aligns your spine properly and ensures a good night’s sleep.

Another great thing about this model is that it is watertight and, at the same time, resistant to punctures. It is made of PVC, but the top layer is soft and flocked, giving you a sense of durability and comfort. Campers know very well that the durability of the mattress is an essential characteristic for a pleasurable night under the stars.

Last but not least, the numbers related to this high-end airbed are simply astonishing. It can inflate and deflate in only 90 seconds, and you can easily change the level of comfort in seconds. Its wireless pump can inflate or deflate the bed four times before being charged again.

Special Features to Consider in Buying a High-Class Mattress


Memory foam has revolutionized sleeping through the world. It is quite dense but offers excellent support, in part due to its viscosity. 

There are also innerspring options, whose support comes from a well-crafted system of coils inside. Latex as a material is also a solid choice. It is a great choice because of its responsiveness and support. 

Finally, you can also go for a hybrid model that guarantees optimal support and cooling.


There are some universal sizes:

  • Single bed: 38 inches x 74 inches
  • ¾ bed: 48 inches x 74 inches
  • Double: 54 inches x 74 inches
  • Queen: 60 inches x 80 inches
  • King: 76 inches x 80 inches

In addition, there are XL versions (extra length, width or both) with many manufacturers. 

That is why it is imperative to take a few factors into consideration, such as how tall you are and the amount of space you have.

For more guides specific to size, see:


Despite whatever you have been told, there is one decisive factor  – it is how you feel on the mattress. People tend to make the mistake of sticking to what they are familiar with, so it is vital to actually try out the model you are after. The ideal one must provide absolute comfort for the whole body.

What this means is that you must consider your anatomy and the state of your spine. Doctors recommend that it must be aligned and that the muscles supporting it should be relaxed. Also, there is the subjective emotion of how hot you feel on the top layer and how easily you can breathe.


Don’t forget that the firmness can easily be adjusted and that most companies offer a trial period lasting anywhere between 30 and 180 days. So why not give them a try?

There is one issue when it comes to the firmness of a bed, including luxury mattress brands – there is no uniform scale regarding how firm the product is.

The ratings usually fall within three scales:

  • 1 to 5
  • 1 to 10
  • Soft – Medium – Firm

How to pick the right one for me, you may ask. Well, it all depends on the current health regarding the spine, your weight, and the preferred sleeping position. The best way to decide is to give it a go before the purchase.

Find the top firm options.


If you are curious as to the durability of your mattress, you should be fully aware of some of its characteristics:

  1. The materials used: Some are more durable than others.
  2. The density: As a rule of thumb, the more dense, the more long-lasting it is.
  3. The design of the bed: Some structures are more prone to sagging.
  4. The warranty offered: The longer the warranty, typically the more resistant the bed.


Support is, health-wise, the most critical feature of your premium mattress. First of all, your spine and neck must be aligned properly. A good-quality pillow is something you will also be looking for to pair with the bed.

Another thing is the pressure points of your body – essentially, all the joints, most important being shoulders, hips, knees, and elbows. What you should be looking for is additional cushioning to support these and keep them in line with the rest of the body.

Image of pressure relieving bed

Customer Support

Luxury is more than just the physical quality and the workmanship; it is also about how the manufacturer or the distributor behave toward their customers. You must be confident about the quality of the service and how responsive the producer is in terms of customer care.

First of all, pay attention to trial periods, warranty, and the fine print that goes with it. It might be beneficial to read customer comments and reviews online. Another thing is the perks such as white glove delivery, which can make your life a lot easier.


You can’t put a price on happiness, can you? Luxury mattresses require a bit more investment, but can definitely be worth it, in so many ways. High-end models offer you so much more, and in the long term, it can pay off to have one.

The most appealing feature is the quality of materials used, more durable and more eco-friendly. Another thing is zoned support which greatly improves the comfort at pressure points. Lastly, cooling mechanisms are more sophisticated and last longer.

Premium Bed Types


A hybrid bed combines the features of innerspring beds (a layer of coils) and different types of foam (regular or memory) or latex. A hybrid is an excellent choice if you are looking to get several different characteristics in one product.

Let’s cut to the chase with this one – the best hybrid is the one which combines the benefits of all of its layers. The coils should feel bouncy but safe, the foam has to have high density so as to avoid the trampoline effect and the top layer of either memory foam or latex should provide maximum comfort.

Check out the top latex hybrid mattress guide.


Innerspring mattresses in the premium segment are almost always a hybrid bed. The coils provide the support and are covered with different types of layers, each having a different purpose. 

The principal difference between the models is whether the coils are individually wrapped or mutually connected. The former option is more advantageous because the movements of the sleeper are not transferred to the whole bed. Also, pay attention to the number of coils – typically the more coils, the more comfort and support. (But this can vary depending on the gauge.) You should also be aware of the quality and durability of the coils, which is usually stated in the warranty.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses have become extremely popular in the last twenty years because of their original design and feel. This type of foam is made of a material that hugs your body and adjusts itself to your shape, providing you with unparalleled support and relief for your muscles during sleep.

If you go for a high-end memory foam model, you might consider the downsides as well. Some people are annoyed by the slow response of it while returning to its original form. However, what irritates many is the poor isolation of this kind of material. Still, modern premium options tend to deal with this problem efficiently, using special gels and open cell structure.

If you love to stay cool, look into our gel memory foam mattress guide.


Latex models could be a perfect solution for many sleepers, having so many advantages over other structures. First and foremost, no more night sweats! High-quality latex will keep you cool all night, minimizing the effect of global warming, well, at least in your bedroom.

If you suffer from allergies, this may be the best option for you: this material has proven to be unwelcoming to mold or dust mites. Additionally, the odor of a new bed of this type is virtually non-existent.  

Last but not least, it provides similar comfort to memory foam, springing back into its original shape faster than the foam does.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Luxury Beds

Why a High-end Bed is Worth the Investment?

Rejuvenates Body and Mind

A premium bed will certainly ensure a good night’s sleep, which is, as we know, vital for maintaining the levels of hormones in the brain and body, relaxing the muscles and revitalizing your memory circuits. 

Remember how we say “sleep on it” before making an important decision in life? This is because sleep enhances our decision making and problem-solving abilities by regenerating our neurons during the night.

Not only that, it improves the condition of the heart (cortisol), the skeletal system (being comfortable all night will ensure that) and even skin (collagen production).

Comfortable Sleep

Your high-end bed will make your sleep comfortable and enjoyable. This will affect your whole body in numerous ways, being most beneficial for your skeletal system. In a recent study, as many as 40% of sleepers with degenerative disk disease report that the pain was alleviated after upgrading the mattress and pillow. 

For people without medical issues, sleeping comfortably means that motor functions of the body stay preserved and unaffected the following day, which makes our lives much more pleasant and easier.

Great Support For Your Joints

This is an area where luxurious mattresses really excel, given the fact that cheaper models generally do not have special pads for pressure points. These specially designed spots on the side of the main sleeping position will help you feel less tension in the joints in the morning.

The familiar feeling of soreness in the shoulder or the knees can be prevented or minimized by choosing the model that fits your size and is equipped with those pads.

Quality Materials

Quality materials are an absolute must in deluxe mattresses. Quality is easily recognized and there is no layer that is an exception to this. Producers tend to stress the quality by stating complex certificates and offering long-term warranties.

Eco- Friendly

If you want to stay green and contribute to an eco-friendly society in a modest way, you should pick a model that guarantees a low amount of non-organic materials used in the process of production. This is usually coupled with the use of more natural and organic materials in the finished product. To put it simply, eco-friendly beds smell nicer and your sleep will be peaceful in more than just one way.

Surprise Bonus

Maintaining the reputation and occasionally justifying the price is one of the main concerns for manufacturers of luxury items. This is also true for high-end mattresses and their producers.

Most will offer special bonuses and benefits such as free shipping and return, long trial periods, lifetime warranties and a selection of gift choices.

Convenient Delivery Option

High-standard customer service means that your job is to provide the money and space for the bed. And nothing more. White glove delivery means a lot of things such as tracking your delivery with ease, being always on time and unpacking and setting up in the desired location. As a bonus, they will also get rid of any unnecessary packaging!

Added Features

The sky’s the limit when it comes to scents and smells, especially with top-of-the-range models. Some brands have a range of infusions that makes you feel cozy and warm. Also, firmness settings and controls can be completely digital and detailed.

Another thing is freebies – investing in high quality means gifts. They usually come in the form of pillows, sheets or duvets, but sometimes you can even get your hands on a pair of wireless speakers!

Downsides of Owning a Deluxe Bed


Premium mattresses may seem like an immoderate expense, but they can be worth every cent. It is typically a shared cost between the sleeping partners and in the long term it certainly pays off.

Additional Features Can be Confusing

Some additional features might be slightly bewildering for some sleepers. This usually includes complex digital settings that require some practice and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Most Expensive Mattress In the World?

Now, this is a trivia question that many people ask. What is it, who makes it, is it made of gold or platinum, perhaps? The answer will surprise you – it is the air that makes it so extravagant. Namely, this is a bed that literally floats in mid-air; it is a hovercraft that you can sleep on, 16 inches from the floor. It is even tethered on all four sides so it wouldn’t…guess what? Float away, of course!

If you want to sleep on a cloud, the price is slightly above 1.5 million dollars.

Can it Help Back Pain Sufferers?

A high-end mattress is what you need if you suffer from back pain. In short, the higher the quality, the less pain. Naturally, this is due to the durability of the materials used as well as the layered structure that has been developed to ease, minimize or prevent back pain.

You should also plan well ahead. Most people do not experience degenerative discus problems or back pain in general until well into their forties, something which a luxurious mattress might have either prevented or minimized, depending on the occupation or genetic predisposition of the sleeper.

Are They Suitable for People With Different Sleeping Positions?

Whether you are a stomach, back or side sleeper, these models are a great solution. It is where the engineering of these products kicks in, being so versatile and with so many additional options and settings.

Back sleepers will benefit from firm mattresses whereas stomach and side ones might want to opt for medium or even soft models. The trick is to find the most adaptable one to suit both you and your sleeping partner.


Comfort and health – the two most precious things a sleeper can ever desire. And you get them in a single package, helping you work out a third of your life. If that is not enough to make you go online right now or run to the shop, nothing will. 

All jokes aside, luxurious beds are a smart investment and one which should be thoroughly planned. We hope our reviews will help you choose the best luxury mattress model to suit your every occasion and need.

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