9 Highest Rated Japanese Futon Beds – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Have you been thinking about choosing something a bit different from traditional western mattresses? Or are you simply tired from all those large and sturdy bed frames that take up all your room space?

With the futons, you won’t have to worry about any of it. To help you with your choice, we’ve made a list of top Japanese futon mattresses which are not only practical but also highly comfortable.

Or, if you’re on the hunt for something a little more familiar, look into our top mattress options.

Best in Comfort

small product image of EMOOR
Best in Comfort
100% natural undyed rush grassClick Here for Price
Best Antibacterial

small product image of Luxton Home
Luxton Home
Best Antibacterial
100% natural and organic cottonClick Here for Price
Most Versatile

small product image of MAXYOYO
Most Versatile
Memory foam and cottonClick Here for Price
Best Foldable

small product image of D&D Futon Furniture
D&D Futon Furniture
Best Foldable
Cover material is 100% polyester,the inside is stuffed with cottonClick Here for Price
Best Easy-Storage

small product image of MustMat
Best Easy-Storage
100% rush grassClick Here for Price
Best Quality

small product image of FULI
Best Quality
Surface is 100% cotton, stuffing made from 100% polyesterClick Here for Price
Ideal for Kids

small product image of Colorful Mart
Colorful Mart
Ideal for Kids
Cover material is from polyester fiber, filling is from microfiberClick Here for Price
Best Portability

small product image of J-Life
Best Portability
All cottonClick Here for Price

8 Top Rated Japanese Floor Mattresses

EMOOR - Best in Comfort


  • Made in Japan
  • Queen size (63 x 79)
  • Firm

In our opinion, the best Japanese Futon Mattress is EMOOR. The two-piece set from EMOOR will provide you the Japanese style comfort in your bedroom. Consisting of Japanese futon and a Tatami mattress made from rush grass in Queen size will enable you to sleep soundly and comfortably.

One of EMOOR’s most popular products, “Classe,” offers good support to your back with its firm yet pleasant surface. The mattress is constructed from a firm polyester pad that is lined with soft filling. Igusa Tatami Mattress contains 100% natural undyed rush grass that keeps the air clean, absorbs the sweat, and controls humidity, leaving a pleasant odor.

The product is not washable, and it is recommended to use a washable cover to protect it. The rush grass has a non-woven material attached to the back, and this item can be folded three times, and save you a lot of space.

Luxton Home - Best Antibacterial


  • Lightweight and antibacterial
  • Suitable for babies and people with sensitive skin
  • 39 x 83 inches in size

The twin-sized mattress, also known as Shiki futon, a traditional Japanese bed, is an affordable option for anyone looking for this kind of product. Its main advantage lies in its lightweight, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic materials that will make your sleeping trouble-free.

The mattress is made from 100% natural and organic cotton, which is a perfect choice for anyone having problems with allergies or sensitive skin. Although thin, the material is quite durable and soft to touch and easy to clean. The firm surface will allow your spine to align correctly, and you will wake up rested.

The easily foldable bed is a great choice not only for sleeping but also for yoga or meditation, due to its ability to fold easily. This item, being so light, is also a suitable choice for camping or traveling since it can be packed with ease. The mattress is tightly packed and will need around three days to inflate into its original size fully.

MAXYOYO - Most Versatile


  • Grey color
  • Queen size
  • Suitable for different purposes
  • Equipped with straps and storage bag for easy transport and storage

Japanese Floor Mattress by MAXYOYO in Queen size is a versatile item that you can use in different situations. Suitable both as a bedroom and living room futon, this mattress can also be used as kids’ play mat, guestroom bed, or you can carry it in your car wherever you go.

The 4-inches thick mattress in Queen size (60×80) is filled with memory foam and cotton and covered with 100% cotton. The middle layer is upgraded with memory foam, which prevents easy collapsing and provides a comfortable sleeping surface. The cover is also dustproof, which prolongs its durability.

The product is tightly packed, so make sure you dry it in the sun when you unpack it for the first time. This action will enable the futon to recover its original shape more quickly. It will need two to three days to restore the standard thickness after decompressing.

D&D Futon Furniture - Best Foldable


  • Made in the USA
  • Easily foldable
  • Twin size
  • Affordable

D&D’s futon is a practical piece of furniture that also comes at an affordable price. This twin-size Japanese traditional floor bed will be convenient in any occasion due to its easy folding and storage.

The product is three inches thick, and it’s twin-sized with a length of 80 inches a width of 39 inches. The cover material is black and 100% polyester, whereas the inside is stuffed with white cotton battings, a layer of foam, and two fiber layers.

The futon is very convenient both for small bedrooms or living rooms because it can be quickly rolled up and stored. You can also use it for guest rooms or as a children’s playing area. Many opt to use it for yoga or meditation, or any other type of exercise.

MustMat - Best Easy-Storage


  • Can be folded four times
  • The surface is from rush grass
  • Do not expose it to sunlight

MustMat’s traditional tatami mat/futon is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a Japanese style bed that can provide you with a firm sleeping surface. It’s easy to store since it can be folded four times.

The mattress is 35.4×78.7×1.2 inches in size, so if you are looking for a Queen size product, you should purchase two of these and put them together. The surface of the bed is 100% rush grass, whereas the backside is a non-woven fabric. Note that the rush grass has a very characteristic smell, so you might need a few days to get used to the scent.

The product offers a firm surface for sleeping, which will provide your body with full support. Apart from sleeping, you can also use this bed for meditation, relaxation, or yoga. It is especially convenient if you have unexpected guests since you can unfold it in a second and have a great bed for them to rest.

Rush is sensitive to sunlight, so make sure you never expose it to direct sunlight, since it may change color and shorten the duration of the mattress.

FULI - Best Quality


  • Made in Japan
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Twin-sized
  • Shikibuton

FULI’s traditional Japanese Shiki futon (known as shikibuton) is a Japanese-made bed that provides great comfort, and it is of the best quality. With its twin size (25×39 inches) and 2-1/2 inches in thickness, the futon ensures pleasant sleep for whomever sleeps on it.

The surface of the bed is 100% cotton with the stuffing made from 100% polyester. The high-quality Japanese bedding has three-layers of volume, which provides a nice sleeping base. The surface is completely hygroscopic, which ensures dry and pleasant nights.

Colorful Mart - Ideal for Kids


  • Queen size
  • Tatami mat
  • Solid gray color

Colorful Mart’s futon in queen size is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a tatami mat for their kid’s room. With its size (59.1 x 78.7 inches), this bed can be suitable as your children’s mattress for playing, but also as a sleeping option for a bedroom or living room.

The cover material is made entirely from polyester fiber, whereas the filling is from microfiber. The grey mattress is quilted, and it’s suitable for any season. Upon unpacking, it will take two to three days for the product to regain its proper size.

J-Life - Best Portability


  • Shikibuton
  • Made in the USA according to Japan’s specifications
  • Queen size
  • All cotton

J-Life makes this traditional Shiki futon in the USA according to Japanese specifications. This Queen size product offers a firm feel and offers the sleeper full support.

The mattress is four inches thick with an outer layer made from durable, unbleached cotton. The stuffing is also made entirely from cotton, which ensures durability and proper support. It is also possible to order a removable cover in some of the beautiful Japanese fabrics.

The futon is easily transportable because it can be folded three times. The long-lasting cotton ensures longevity, so you can expect to use this product for many years.

image of japanese style room

An Overview of Roll Up Sleeping Mats

Japanese Futon vs. American Futon

Japanese futon, other known as shikibuton, is usually half as thick as the American futon mattress, with the average thickness being between 3 and 4 inches. This kind of product is designed for floors, and they won’t work on western bed frames. The reason for this lies in the fact that they are intended to be rolled out every night and then rolled back in the morning and stored away.

If you were to put shikibuton on a classical bed frame, you would probably feel the sturdy base, which will make your sleeping rather uncomfortable. The alternatives are either buying a tatami frame, which is specially designed for them, and which allows the shikibuton to air properly. Another option would be putting two shikibutons, one on top of the other on the traditional bed frame and, in that way, make it more pleasant for sleeping.

American futons, on the other hand, are rather thicker and mostly used as a bed or sofa replacements. Also, unlike traditional Japanese ones, these futons, don’t need to be aired as often. Therefore, American versions are thicker and usually made with a variety of materials, which may include cotton, foam, latex, and wool, all tufted together.

See our great futon list here.

Shikibuton vs. Futon vs. Kakebuton

In Japan, a bedroom set consists of shikibuton and a kakebuton. The shikibuton refers to the bed cushion, and the kakebuton is the thick, quilted bedcover. Traditionally, when combined, they constitute a bed in Japan, and they are placed on the floor; optionally, they may be placed on a tatami mat, which is specially designed for this kind of mattress.

Japanese shikibutons are designed in such a way to be easily rolled and stored. Therefore, if you opt for this traditional version of the product, know that these mats must be properly aired and ventilated to avoid developing mildew or mold.

A futon is the western version of this product, and it’s usually thicker and used as a bedroom or living room bed. They are mostly made from a combination of materials, not only cotton.

For more overall floor bed options, check our guide.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Shikibutons



The western beds are prone to cause allergies with people due to several reasons:

  • The chemicals used in the construction and their off-gassing may cause allergies with people.
  • Dust mites, pollen or some pollutants can easily be trapped within the dense coils or the foam.
  • Japanese people regularly air their shikibutons by hanging them in the sunlight, which kills bacteria.
  • They also beat the mattress with a stick to remove the dust or pollen.
  • This kind of ventilation and natural way of cleaning is not possible with heavy western mattresses.

It is Portable:

  • These mattresses are easily foldable, or they can be rolled (check similar options in our best foldable mattresses guide).
  • Their lightweight and practical folding enable the users to move or store them with ease.
  • You can even take them with you when you go camping (portable beds can be pretty handy for it too).

A Real Space Saver:

  • They can be rolled or folded when they are not used.
  • These products, being so practical to store, enable you to use the whole bedroom space.
  • You can unroll them only when you go to sleep.

Recommended for Hot Sleepers:

  • The natural and organic cotton is the only material traditionally used for the production of Japanese futons
  • Cotton, being a natural material, allows the skin to breathe more and, hence impede excessive sweating which occurs when artificial materials are used
  • Cotton also absorbs the excess moisture, and sweat, leaving a cool and pleasant sensation.

If you need a great and sturdy solution, check our list of best cooling mattresses.

Recommended by Chiropractors and Doctors:

  • The firm surface of shikibutons works well for people with back pain or the conditions such as scoliosis.
  • Doctors and chiropractors have been recommending these kinds of products due to their firm and stable surface.
  • Sinking and soft beds have long been known to be inappropriate for serious back pain (instead of it, check the best mattresses for back pain sufferers here).

Budget Friendly:

  • Real beds are quite pricey, even those offered by online companies.
  • Futons usually cost at least half as much as a decent memory foam bed.
  • These products are also a great choice if you are looking for an affordable budget bed option for a guest room.

Made from Natural Fabric:

  • Japanese beds are usually made from green and natural materials such as cotton.
  • On the other hand, western mattresses are usually full of artificial materials such as foam and filled with hazardous chemicals.
  • The green and organic western mattresses cost more than double than natural Japanese futon.


Hard to Find:

  • These items are not commonly found.
  • Even futon stores will rarely have traditional Japanese beds.
  • However, you can order them online.

Can be Too Firm:

  • Typically, these beds are quite firm.
  • If you are used to plush, soft beds, this kind of surface might be too firm for you at first.
  • However, they are a very healthy option, so you should take time to get used to it.

Absorbs Moisture While Asleep:

  • Cotton will naturally absorb the moisture, but the excessive amount might stay trapped in the bed.
  • To prevent this, dry your shikibuton on sunlight or invest in tatami met which will help in regulation.
  • Also, always put removable sheets and flip the mattress if it is possible.
  • If the shikibuton can’t be flipped, rotate it regularly.

How to Make Your Shiki Futon Last

Roll and Store

The best way to prolong the duration of your mattress is to follow the instructions for this kind of product. You should fold or roll up your futon every day after getting up and store it into a closet. The storage will prevent moisture and prolong the life of your bed. 

image of roll up futon

Use a Cover to Protect the Mattress

Some shiki futons come with a cover that protects the mattress. If you didn’t get one, make sure you purchase one with a washable pad that will help you keep your bed clean.

Frequent Flipping

Another great tip that will help you have your mattress longer is to flip it. At first, you should do it every week, and after a few months, you can do it once a month.


To keep the shape of the bed and ensure it is dry, you should fluff it. To do so, hang it outside and beat it with a stick or a tennis racket.

Air Dry in the Sun

The key to a well-kept shiki futon is in regular exposure to sun and dry air. Japanese leave their mattresses out weekly, or sometimes even daily. If this is not possible in the place where you live, opt for this at least twice a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Best Place to Buy?

While there are some shops that sell futons, the most versatile offer and the best explanation will probably be online.

Is it Recommended For Heavy People?

There is no weight limit for futons since they typically go on the floor. The things a person should take into consideration are the size of the mattress and that they might not get any padding if they are very overweight.

View our list of overall beds for heavy people here.

Is it Safe to Make It as Your Primary Bed?

They are perfectly safe and appropriate to be a primary bed. Many people living in smaller apartments opt for this option because they get a bed during the night and free space during the day.


Futons, or to say more precisely shikibutons, have long been present in Japan, and have served as their primary choice of bed. There are many reasons why so many Japanese people still opt for this kind of mattress since the benefits of it are numerous.

Apart from saving you both space and money, these beds are usually made from natural materials and are easy to clean and store.  

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