7 Top Rated Innerspring Mattresses – 2020 Updated Reviews

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Do you remember your childhood days when you used to spend hours jumping on the old innerspring mattress at your grandparents’ place? Yes – these have been around for so long, that it is probably the first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about different types of beds. 

Innerspring beds have come a long way since their early days. As a matter of fact – the bedding product market is flooded with a vast number of options.

If you have set your mind on buying one, how can you be sure what makes the greatest innerspring mattress?

The best way to summarize their main features is to describe them as a combination of steel-strong support and outstanding comfort.

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Best Pressure Relief

Small Product image of Signature Sleep 10 inch
Signature Sleep
Best Pressure Relief
Cozy dense foam top and bottom layersClick Here for Price
Best Safety

small product image of LINENSPA 6 Inch Innerspring
Best Safety
Soft foam for comfortClick Here for Price
Best in Support

Small Product image of Advantage
Classic Brands
Best in Support
Comfortable foam topClick Here for Price
Most Durable

Small Product image of Zinus iCoil
Most Durable
High-density foam to reduce pressureClick Here for Price
Best Luxury

Small Product image of Home Life
Home Life
Best Luxury
Pressure-relieving foam and polyesterClick Here for Price
Best Motion Isolation

Small Product image of Modway Jenna
Best Motion Isolation
Comfy top layerClick Here for Price
Best Breathability

small product image of Swiss Ortho Sleep 12inch
Swiss Ortho Sleep
Best Breathability
Memory-foam comfortClick Here for Price

7 Best Rated Coil Spring Bed Reviews

Signature Sleep - Best Pressure Relief


  • Firm innerspring support
  • Cozy dense foam top and bottom layers
  • Can be reversed
  • No harmful materials

In our opinion, the best innerspring mattress is Signature Sleep.

Nothing should be preventing you from getting maximum comfort when sleeping. It is the guideline followed by the designers at Signature Sleep. They implemented their long experience and expert knowledge to create this high-quality bed. 

Particular emphasis is put on the firm and reliable support, ensured by 7’’ 15 gauge steel coils. They are foam – encased individually, holding the body firmly and relieving pressure from critical points. Moreover, this system neutralizes motion, eliminating this type of disturbance for sounder sleep. 

Both its top and bottom side consist of high-density foam. It creates the feeling of additional comfort, serving as a kind of a ‘’buffer’’ between the coil core and the sleeper’s body. What is more, this comfy mattress is reversible, which will extend its longevity and slow down the wearing out process. 

The product rules out the use of dangerous chemicals and is labeled by the CertiPUR-US certificate. Convenient delivery package and easy set up are another of its advantages.

Linenspa - Best Safety


  • Strong coil support
  • Soft foam for comfort
  • Beautifully quilted cover
  • Fire-resistant

Support, comfort, and safety are the primary three characteristics of this traditional coil mattress. It offers reliable support to your body, owing to its system of steel coils which constitute the product’s core. If you pick it for your kids’ bedroom, bunk or daybeds, it will make a fabulous base for many nights of sweet dreams.

The manufacturers of this widely-sold model have not neglected the feeling of comfort either. With its soft foam layer covering the inner support part, it makes a cozy sleeping environment, especially for sleepers of average or lighter weight. Quilted fabric cover adds an extra touch of softness for a more pleasant sleeping experience.

Product safety is what makes this bed stand out due to its fire-resistant barrier. You can feel carefree sleeping in this quality bed, which meets the high flammability standards. Once it arrives at your door, compressed and rolled up in a box, it will take just a minute or two to set it up.

Classic Brands - Best in Support


  • Adequate support
  • Neutralization of motion transfer
  • Comfortable foam top
  • Good edge support

Whether your mattress ensures a quality sleep depends on several factors. One of them is the type of support it provides. The designers at Classic Brands created this 8″ innerspring mattress to meet the needs of sleepers seeking optimal support.

Each of the 13 gauge tempered steel coils is placed inside individual pockets. When encased in this way, they feature a high level of responsiveness and adjust comfortably to the contours of the body. Plus, they prevent the transfer of motion from disturbing your sleep, even if your partner tends to sleep restlessly.

Comfort is another essential element which affects the amount of rest you get. Adjustable 2″ polyfoam layer is thus placed on top of the mattress core. It additionally reduces the level of pressure and cuddles your body gently.

You will also like the product’s beautifully-looking, quilted knit cover, ensuring the proper edge support, too.

Zinus - Most Durable


  • 10% more springs in the coil
  • High-density foam to reduce pressure
  • Comfort foam top layer
  • CertiPUR-US certificate

Good things can get even better! The 10% more inner springs compared to the previous version significantly improve the overall quality of this popular mattress by Zinus. It will provide you with an excellent surface to sleep on – properly supported and with even weight distribution.

Individually pocketed and encased, these coils make sure your body is held in an optimal position throughout the night. You should not even feel the movements of the person sleeping next to you, which often used to be such a nuisance in case of your old mattress.

Feeling any pain or pressure while trying to sleep is out of the question with this comfy bed. An inch thick layer of density foam, paired with a 1.5″ comfort foam, make your body sink slightly in, for an extra level of comfort.

High-quality materials used in this bed meet the safety standards of the CertiPUR -US certificate. It testifies of its quality, durability, and performance.

Home Life - Best Luxury


  • Excellent support
  • Comfort firm feel
  • Pressure-relieving foam and polyester
  • 100% Green Foam certificate

Getting great value for money is not so hard to achieve, with this outstanding, yet affordable mattress by Home Life. Positive feedback from countless satisfied customers classifies this budget-friendly product as one of the favorites on the market. According to all the positive reviews, it goes high above the expectations in terms of its performance and luxury.

Its system of steel, 15 gauge tempered coils responds to your body’s weight distributing it evenly and aligning your back properly. Because they are pocketed and wrapped individually, each makes an active motion isolator as well.

To make you feel fully relaxed and pressure-free, quality foam and another level of polyester are placed above its core. Sleepers facing back issues may find this bed particularly appealing, owing to its comfort firm feel. Your neck, shoulders, and hips will also feel its many benefits.

100% Green Foam certificate is another positive feature of this highly-valued item.

See more top rated luxury mattresses here.

Modway - Best Motion Isolation


  • Strong support
  • Comfy top layer
  • Motion isolation
  • Suits all types of sleepers

You are in great need of quality, undisturbed sleep, but your partner’s endless tossing and turning keeps you awake for most of the night? The bedding products experts at Modway know how big a problem this is. Their Jenna 8″ innerspring Queen size mattress is there to fix this irritating issue.

The use of premium materials is what makes this bed stand out from the competition. Individually pocketed 6.2″ steel coils create a stable and durable sleeping surface, firm, and disturbance-free. The egg-crate foam combines with a responsive foam layer to ensure breathability, comfort, and pressure relief.

It is covered by a quilted polyester top for an added sense of coziness. This bed will make an excellent choice for all types of sleepers and their preferences. Easy setup and a practical delivery package are things that customers also value about this product.

Swiss Ortho Sleep - Best Breathability


  • Strong, individually-pocketed coils
  • Great support and pressure relief
  • Outstanding thermo-regulation features
  • Memory-foam comfort

The creators of this elegant model do not compromise when it comes to the quality of sleep you get. They joined forces to produce this outstanding innerspring mattress featuring nothing but the best type of support, coziness, and breathability. It will contour around your body gently, keeping it adequately supported and disturbance-free each and every night.

13 gauge durable steel coils are integrated into the core of this bed. They are encased separately and offer an excellent support surface, made to last for many years. Except for being efficient motion neutralizers, they successfully deal with the pressure in the commonly affected body parts.

It also utilizes two types of foam – waved and memory, to add a sense of comfort you need to relax fully and regain your energy. On top of them all, a highly breathable bamboo cover responds to your body temperature, creating a pleasant and fresh sleeping environment.

Best Characteristics of Innerspring Mattresses

Cooling Feature

Natural tendency to sleep hot is often a serious issue with many sleepers. It stands in the way of getting enough rest, as getting overheated and sweaty in the middle of the night usually results in poor or no sleep at all. The good news is that innerspring beds normally feature higher levels of breathability compared to other mattresses. They do not retain the heat and are considered suitable for warm sleepers.

More great options for hot sleepers you can find in our guide for great cooling mattresses here.

Edge Support

These beds feature a system of coils evenly arranged across the entire mattress surface. Those placed around the edges make sure a bed retains its form and does not sag or lose its structure. That is significant since many people tend to sit on the bed’s edges and expose them to a higher level of pressure.

image of gray edge

Pressure Relief

If a mattress incorporates an innerspring structure, it typically provides a firmer type of support unlike other models including latex or memory foam. This can suit sleepers with specific back issues. It means that it is less conforming compared with the mentioned models and its conforming and pressure-relieving effect is somewhat lower, according to customers.


Coils built in the core of an innerspring mattress are usually strong, but elastic. They contribute to creating the so-called bouncy effect of these beds. You may find some people complaining about their inability to neutralize motion. On the other hand, sexually active couples find the high responsiveness of these mattresses to be a positive feature.

Additional Considerations Before Buying

Coil Count and Gauge

Before you buy a new type of mattress, it is advisable to make yourself familiar with its basic features. If we talk about innerspring beds, some of the most frequently encountered terms are the words gauge and coil count. So, let us have a look at what these features refer to in practice.

Gauge is the measure of the coils’ thickness. It can be expressed in numbers and determines their width. It is one of the parameters that impact on the degree of firmness. 

The gauge value in the majority of beds on the market ranges between 18 and 12. We should note that gauge 18 beds belong to the group of thinner ones, while the 12 gauge mattresses are the thickest. By increasing the coil thickness, a firmer sleeping surface is created.

Thicker springs are, at the same time, marked by a longer lifespan and are less likely to lose their original shape. It is also possible to determine a product’s firmness by studying the angle the springs form with the top surface of a bed.

What you also may want to know is how many individual springs there are inside a mattress you have opted for. The reason why this is significant is because it is another essential factor that reflects on the bed’s overall performance.

What the majority of manufacturers offer is the range between 500 and 1000 springs. Some less pricey options may have as few as 300, but their overall quality may be questionable. Numbers as high as 2000 or even more can also be found in some versions.

However, the mere numbers are not what you should be misled by. Both customers and sleep experts agree that mattresses equipped with 600-1000 coils ensure the most optimal type of support, durability, and responsiveness.

In the end, we should definitely repeat that it is the synergy of several factors that determines the overall feel and quality of a bed. So, get ready to do a bit of more thorough research beforehand.

Warranty Coverage and Lifespan

You are tired of being forced to change your mattresses much sooner than you had planned to in the first place. Yet, the fact that some of them wear out far too soon is what many customers face quite frequently. How can we be sure that our new pick will not let us down in the same way? 

Different manufacturers compete to attract potential buyers by offering long warranty periods whose terms may vary considerably. Knowing that you are covered if a problem arises with your new bed is often a decisive factor in choosing one product over some other. 

On average, you can expect your innerspring mattress to last for around five and a half or more years. That will, of course, depend on several factors such as the coil type, count, gauge, and material used. 

If a mattress that you have purchased features a higher gauge index, it is likely to start showing signs of deterioration sooner than the ones with a lower value. Similarly, more densely arranged coils will probably withstand higher load and pressure with more resilience compared to those with a lower coil count. Tempered steel versions have proved to be more durable than their non-tempered counterparts.

Some warranties cover periods of up to 20 years or so. However, you may not be entitled to the same types of rights throughout this period. Replacement and refund policies are strictly defined when the time at which a complaint is filed is concerned.

Make sure you learn the difference between the two periods in which warranty coverage is usually divided. The non-prorated and prorated (usually longer) periods may have different rules regarding the refund or extra costs you may be charged. 

If your bed’s signs of sagging and indentation appear within this period, the manufacturer will first consider the extent to which it happened. You can expect your product to be replaced without any additional charges. In some cases, however, you will have to pay for the costs of delivery.

Price Range

Most innerspring mattresses make the most affordable buying options available on the market. That may be one of the reasons why they make the two-thirds of all items sold annually. As with other bedding products, the price often plays a significant role in shaping one’s choice.

How much an innerspring bed costs depends on several factors. These include the type of material, coil count and thickness as well as construction pattern. Offset spring system usually makes the costliest option, while pocketed coils, continuous wire, and Bonnell are on a more affordable side.

Super- luxury models in this group of products can hit prices ranging between $1500 and $2000. However, if your funds are limited and supreme quality models are out of your reach, there is a vast number of more economical, budget-friendly bed options. Many of them can be obtained for less than $200.

Shipping costs may in some cases be charged separately, so always make sure you check it in advance.

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Innerspring Mattress Overview

What is an Innerspring Mattress?

As their name suggests – these mattresses incorporate a system of coils, which constitutes their core part. In this way, they provide a relatively firm sleeping surface, which many users emphasize as their main advantage. These beds are prevalent on the market today, and there seem to be quite a few reasons why the customers both like and disapprove of them.

Are you wondering how it all started and who came up with the idea of combining coils with a pad used for sleeping? Centuries ago, this idea was first implemented in supporting cushions used in carriages driven by horses. It created a specific bouncy effect and generated better support, so the idea survived for many years to come. 

When first applied in making beds, it made a real breakthrough first in the States, and then around the world. The springs arranged inside a mattress increased its firmness, prevented it from getting distorted, made it far more durable. No wonder they have remained the world’s most preferred mattress models up to the present day.

Innerspring mattresses are nowadays available in a broad palette of design patterns, materials, types, and prices. They are facing serious competition in the form of other mattress types, including air beds, memory foam, hybrid, and latex ones. Still, owing to a lot of positive characteristics they have, they remain equally competitive. 

What makes these beds so appealing to an average user? There is obviously more than one reason to account for this. They ensure firm support and proper weight distribution, helping you get more rest. Different types of sleepers find them satisfactory, regardless of their favorite sleeping position. 

Getting a decent coil mattress does not have to be a rip-off. Indeed, some really good pieces can be obtained for a reasonable sum of money. 

As for the downsides, some more inferior quality models tend to sag in a short time. They do not always isolate the motion, too.

What are the Different Types?

Pocket Spring

There are two other names used to refer to this kind of beds. They are also known as encased or Marshall coils. 

This system is based on springs which are wrapped up in cloth. This mattress does not use any additional wires to join these springs together, but they are attached with fabric and hot glue.

Pocketed spring mattresses vary in quality and hence deliver different performance. The material they are made of makes the most significant impact of how long they will last and how well will they owners be able to sleep. Do not raise your expectations too high when it comes to cheaper versions using non-tempered thinner steel.

These beds are supposed to provide a solid firm-comfort surface to sleep on. That is why they are appealing to people seeking stronger support and pressure relief. At the same time, high-end models successfully reduce motion transfer, helping you to sleep uninterrupted.

Continuous Coil

Owing to the specific type of construction, beds from this group are likely to last for many years without showing too many signs of deterioration. However, what customers often tend to criticize is a rather limited ability of this bed to adjust to the contours of your body. As a result, the level of support to your spine, for example, is far from that of some of the better quality versions.

If we look inside one of these mattresses, we will find arranged lines of individual wires, shaped into a circular form and attached on both sides by helicals. The result is the specific “hinging” motion created by this system.

Offset Coil

The inner part of an offset coil mattress incorporates a group of springs and helicals that join them. The material used to produce them is durable tempered steel. It considerably increases the resilience of these products.

Each spring is shaped to resemble the hourglass. However, to create the hinging effect similar to that of pocket coil mattresses, the bottom part of each spring is straightened.

Double Offset Coil

Together with free arm offset coil, double offset coil beds make a subgroup of offset coil mattresses. Unlike the latter, both their ends have been straightened to achieve the greater hinging effect, alongside a better type of support.

They are typically able to endure a good deal of pressure and body weight load, maintaining their shape for many years. Knowing all this, be ready to invest a bit more into buying one of these.

Open Coil (Bonnell)

The long tradition of these mattresses makes them very popular even today. These beds are widely sold and still make the preferred choice of a vast number of customers.

What they seem to value the most is the excellent level of durability of these products. They usually maintain their shape and are not prone to wearing out in a short time. Bonnell coils are reasonably priced, too – another reason to take them into serious consideration.

Tempered-steel coils in the core of these beds use spiral-shaped wire at joint points. They often incorporate thick wire to reinforce the existing structure. It adds extra durability and sturdiness to these products.

Bonnell coil beds are commonly encountered in hotels and student dormitories.

image of white nice bed

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks?


It cannot be a mere coincidence that innerspring beds have survived and have been in constant use for such a long time. What is more – they have maintained the leading role on the bedding product market, always a step ahead of the fierce competition. So, why do sleepers like coil mattresses so much?

  • These beds are highly responsive, owing to the system of coils placed at their core. Their bouncy effect is particularly appealing to sexually active couples.
  • Your new innerspring mattress can be of excellent quality without you having to spend a fortune on it. These beds make the most affordable options
  • Unlike some other types of beds available in stores, you will not face the issue of unpleasant odor, due to their low off-gassing potential
  • Innerspring beds are real lifesavers for hot sleepers. They feature a much higher level of breathability and present a fresher and more pleasant sleeping environment.


Coiled beds do have their downsides. In this section, we outline some of the most commonly discussed weaknesses you may find in your bed. Why do customers frown on these beds and their features?

  • These beds are prone to sag quite quickly, and in comparison with other types of mattresses, their lifespan is considerably shorter.
  • Many customers find these mattresses to be too firm to sleep on comfortably.
  • Do not get too surprised if your coil bed starts making noise at some point. Plus, it probably won’t make the best motion isolator you can think of, either.
  • Some models of innerspring mattresses are not marked as very conforming, so you should know in advance that their contouring potential is pretty low. Similarly, they are not the most effective in reducing the pressure from critical body parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Types Good for Side Sleepers?

Not all types of bed suit particular sleeping styles. When side sleepers are in question, we should remember that their ideal sleeping surface will be medium to soft, when firmness is concerned. They prefer beds with an ability to conform closely to the shape of the body, leaving the shoulders and hips pressure-free.

Many side sleepers prefer sleeping on memory foam mattresses, rather than those incorporating the system of springs.

Check out perfect bed options for side sleepers here.

What is the Best Flippable Coil Brand?

Flippable mattresses feature several benefits. The first and foremost one lies in the fact that by flipping the mattress from time to time, you can prevent sagging and wearing out of sections exposed to the greatest amount of pressure and load weight. 

As a result, they tend to outlive and outperform their counterparts which do not have this option. Our list of best innerspring beds offers some models worth considering.

Are Spring Mattress Ideal for Back Pain Sufferers?

Addressing back pain is a delicate task, and the right (or the wrong!) choice of a mattress can make a significant difference. It is the type of material, construction, thickness, and support that are seen as decisive factors in choosing the proper mattress.

Innerspring beds are generally known to be an excellent solution to this type of health issue, provided that they are of sufficient quality. Individually encased coils of tempered steel keep your back properly aligned. The role of comforting memory foam top layers must be neglected, too.

Find more top rated beds for back pain in our guide.


We have all probably slept on an innerspring bed at one point of our life. Some could not even imagine going for some other type of sleeping surface, whereas others find different innovative types of mattresses much more appealing.

Whether we personally like them or not, these beds remain on the top of the sales and are what many sleepers still go for. Many satisfied customers highly value their firmness, responsiveness, breathability, and price.

If you are dealing with less severe back pain, if you prefer firmer sleeping surfaces and sleeping on your back or stomach, you should give these popular beds a chance. It will probably help you understand why they are so loved and so frequently criticized at the same time.

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