The 8 Most Comfortable Futon Beds Ever – Top Picks for 2020

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Maybe you have a small apartment with limited space, or a dorm room you’re looking to spruce up. Or friends that show up unexpectedly and you’d love a place to put them up for the night.

There are a lot of solutions on the market, but a futon is a great double-duty piece of furniture that is functional throughout the day and night.

A good quality futon can save the day (or the night!). So, how can you be sure to pick the best futon bed? What features should you be looking for? It doesn’t seem to be such an easy task, indeed.

Futons are available in a variety of designs and shapes nowadays. No wonder a walk around a furniture store will most likely make you feel somewhat baffled. The price ranges, as well as apparent differences in quality, won’t make choosing a good option easier either. 

Contemporary lifestyle and housing call for practical and reliable solutions. These compact pieces of furniture definitely meet these criteria. You can squeeze them in into almost any space. Some will leave you in awe about how comfy they actually are. Finally, this purchase does not have to be a rip-off.

So, which guidelines should you follow to pick the one that ticks all the boxes for you? 

In this article, we will try to offer some assistance, tips, and things to look out for. We base our choice of top products on a vast number of customers’ reviews, comparisons, and detailed analysis of relevant features.

We hope you will find them handy in making the best and most optimal choice for you. Or, if you’re just looking for the basics, check out our top futon mattress page.

And if you’re looking for a more substantial sleeping option, why not check out our highest rated mattress list?

Best Hypoallergenic

Small Product image of Divano Roma Furniture
Divano Roma Furniture
Best Hypoallergenic
Hypoallergenic fillingClick Here for Price
Best for Small Rooms

Small Product image of Kodiak Futon Lounger
Kodiak Futon Lounger
Best for Small Rooms
Cotton and FoamClick Here for Price
Most Comfortable

Small Product image of DHP
Most Comfortable
Foam and polyester fillingClick Here for Price
Best in Support

Small Product image of Mainstay Faux Black Leather
Mainstay Faux Black Leather
Best in Support
Memory Foam fillingClick Here for Price
Best Fabric

Small Product image of Mainstay Wooden Frame
Mainstay Wooden Frame
Best Fabric
Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best for Guest Rooms

Small Product image of Kodiak Frame with Drawers
Kodiak Frame with Drawers
Best for Guest Rooms
Springs and Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Most Durable

Small Product iamge of Frame and Mattress Set Futon
Frame and Mattress Set Futon
Most Durable
Foam and cotton fillingClick Here for Price
Best Modern Look

Small Product image of Mainstay Stainless Steel Legs
Mainstay Stainless Steel Legs
Best Modern Look
Leather or linen upholsteryClick Here for Price

8 Comfortable Futon Couches Compared

Divano Roma Furniture - Best Hypoallergenic


  • Hypoallergenic filling
  • Easy to assemble
  • Split-back system
  • Great design
  • Six modern color options

In our opinion, the best futon is the Divano Roma. Our editor picked this classy sofa futon as an example of an excellent price/quality ratio.

The designers at Divano Roma Furniture integrated an 18’’ thick cushion into a thin metal frame, to get this elegant Twin-Size piece. Its dimensions are 77’’ in length and 31’’ in width. 

It features a split back, allowing the owner to recline either one half for an afternoon nap, or both of them to transform it into an overnight sleeping surface. The hypoallergenic microfiber filling makes this futon ideal for people with this kind of sensitivity. This best futon is upholstered with soft tufted linen fabric, that creates an additional feeling of comfort.

Owing to its contemporary design, it will liven up any space. This futon is a great option for spare rooms, teens’ or kids’ bedrooms. It is available in six modern colors and comes with two extra pillows.

Kodiak Futon Lounger - Best for Small Rooms


  • Foldable back and arm holders
  • Comes with two pillows
  • Twin size
  • Cotton and foam mattress

You are rather short of space, but in desperate need of an extra piece of furniture to be transformed into a bed occasionally? The Best Futon Lounger manufactured by Kodiak is likely to be the key to your problem. This compact, yet comfortable piece will come in handy in any situation.

You can set its side arm-holders in three different positions to your maximum comfort. It is possible to recline the back, too. The bed is 79’’ long and 32’’ wide, supported by a black metal frame. There are wooden slats placed underneath the sleeping surface. The futon set includes two large pillows. 

When fully decompressed, this sofa futon with mattress has a height that reaches 5-6’’. The pillow fabric is suede, while the futon mattress filling consists of 80% blended cotton and 20% Polyurethane Foam. There is a broad palette of colors and patterns available, so you are sure to find the best one that will blend in your space easily.

DHP - Most Comfortable


  • Foam and polyester filling
  • Support provided by individual coils
  • Microfiber surface
  • Six attractive color options
  • Fits standard full-size frames

This 6’’- thick foam futon mattress by DHP is a handy solution if you are to put some up in a guest bed for the night, even better for frequent occasions than air mattresses. This futon offers both comfort and firmness of a coil-supported mattress, with 75’’ in length and 54’’ of width. 

Individual coils are coated with foam and polyester layering, for the ultimate comfort and support to the body. It has been designed to fit into standard dimension frames. Thus it leaves you with the option to use it both as a sitting couch or a sleeping space, with an equal level of convenience.

The cover surface is made of tufted microfibre, extremely smooth to the touch and adding an extra feeling of comfort. You can choose from six color options for this sofa futon set, and a fitting cover is available in stores.

Mainstay Faux Black Leather - Best in Support


  • Leather upholstery
  • Memory foam filling
  • Compact, but study
  • Reclinable back and arms

This sophisticated black leather futon set will bring a touch of elegance to your living space. Plus, this best futon has proved to be a reliable solution when you need to accommodate an unexpected guest for a good night’s sleep (in a sleeker design than an air mattress). 

Its memory foam mattress filling gives you a heavenly touch of comfort, both when using the futon as a couch to sit on, read or take an afternoon nap, or a place to sleep. At the same time, it gives the impression of a strong and enduring furniture piece that is also a futon mattress. 

The split-back system enables you to lower either one or both halves, depending on what you are using it for. The sides can be pulled up as well, giving it a sofa futon-resembling look. Its dimensions are 32.5 x 71.7 x 33.5 inches, making the futon a perfect fit for rooms without too much space, whether you need to sleep or craver versatility.

Mainstay Wooden Frame - Best Fabric


  • Soft upholstery fabric
  • Stable wooden frame with metal legs
  • Adjustable back and arms
  • Memory foam mattress

Excellent value for money is what you get with this memory foam mattress split-seat futon by Mainstay. It is compact and fits perfectly in spare rooms without too much space available. A solid wooden frame is supported by sturdy metal legs, making the futon stable and durable.

This loveseat with split reclinable back features adjustable sides, as well. You can easily set this futon in the position that suits you best, whether you are having an afternoon lounge or using it to sleep. Its memory foam filling makes it comfy and pleasant to relax /sleep on. The 100% polyester upholstery, smooth and soft, comes in a couple of color options. 

The quilted, cushiony sofa futon mattress reflects a contemporary design style, which will be a great addition to your space. This particular futon takes only a few minutes to assemble this great piece.

Kodiak Frame with Drawers - Best for Guest Rooms


  • Comfortable due to springs and memory foam
  • Breathable cotton layer
  • Storage drawers available
  • Adjustable side tables

Your guests will enjoy sleeping on this quality futon of outstanding design. A strong wooden frame provides stable support to the mattress, which can easily be transformed into a sleeping surface due to a unique hinge system.

Two drawers placed underneath the frame are an available option. These leave you with a significant amount of storage space. Many users see this as one of the main benefits of this stylish piece of furniture. Two side tables are another perk, and their position can be adjusted according to the owner’s preference. This best futon is available in two sizes – full and queen.

The 7’’ futon mattress itself features the innerspring spring system, to support your body weight and cushion the movement. Synthetic insulation layer, along with the memory foam coating, are added for the maximum comfort. It is encased with a breathable layer of cotton, with a top layer of tufted upholstery fabric to add to its durability.

Frame and Mattress Futon Set - Most Durable


  • Extremely durable hardwood frame
  • Innerspring system
  • Foam and cotton filling
  • Very stable and comfortable

If you are in search of a heavy-duty futon that will at the same time offer the maximum comfort, Colorado Reclaim Mocha Set by Raw Futons is the right pick. Its hardwood frame provides stable support to a quality futon mattress, ensuring a long life span of this excellent piece of furniture.

Regardless of whether you use the futon as a regular bed or an occasional extra sleeping space, it will live up to your expectations in terms of coziness and durability. This futon will be of great use as a reclinable couch to sit on, too. 

This 7’’ futon mattress contains a 294 coil innerspring system, for greater support and flexibility. Its dimensions are 75″L x 54″ W x 7″H. It is filled with foam and includes a breathable cotton layer, and it has been hand tufted for extra endurance. There are wide ranges of fabric types and colors available.

Mainstay Stainless Steel Legs - Best Modern Look


  • Modern design
  • Click-clack system
  • Converts into a bed easily
  • Elegant stainless steel legs

Looking for a multi-purpose alternative for a traditional bed marked by both quality and state-of-the-art design? Mainstay has made sure to incorporate all these into their convertible futon sofa bed with stainless steel legs. This futon is a perfect solution for modern urban condos, offices, or spare rooms, as you can convert it from a futon sofa bed into a comfy bed in no time. 

It features a click-clack system, allowing for a simple transformation process. The sleeper dimensions measure 71″W x 43″D x 15.5″H. Its split-back can be reclined according to your needs, providing you with a great space to chill, doze off or use as an extra sleeping space with both halves lowered to a flat position.

It comes in leather or linen upholstery options in a couple of colors.

Image of futon in the living room

How to Choose the Best Futon for the Money

What is a Futon Couch Bed?

The term futon is not always so easy to define, as some people find it hard to distinguish these pieces of furniture from sofas, beds, and mattresses. According to the original Japanese definition, the word stands for a traditional bed, consisting of a mattress, a comforter, and a pillow. 

Nowadays, the common American concept of a futon relates to sofa beds (see pull out sofa options) which can easily be transformed into an additional bed, e.g., the one to accommodate someone in a guest bed overnight. A futon typically comes with a metal or wooden frame, with reclinable backs and sides, too.

Owing to it to modern production technologies, futon mattresses today provide a high level of comfort and practicality. Renowned manufacturers use a range of quality, natural materials, and fibers such as organic cotton, wool, and organic latex to make them soft, smooth, breathable, and add to their overall appeal. 

In a nutshell, these convenient pieces of furniture today make an integral and irreplaceable part of a large number of modern households.

If this type isn’t quite for you, check out our selection of best rated mattresses.

Consider the Type of Mattress Used

Combination of Foam and Cotton

Some manufacturers of the best futon mattresses combine cotton and foam to achieve the best quality performance. The polyfoam base is typically placed at the inner part, whereas the cotton padding serves as the outer layer.

Cotton Layers

Cotton, as the number one natural material, often serves as the base for these mattresses. They contain one or more layers made of this material and are usually less thick compared to others. They are more suitable for individuals suffering from allergies or those sensitive to chemicals.

View more cotton options.

Foam Layers

Foam is the type of material that adds extra comfort and adjustability. It provides cushiony support to the body while sleeping. There may be one layer of polyfoam in basic, budget models, while high-quality ones feature as many as four or five of them.

You can also mattress toppers for an extra coziness factor.


Certain types of best futon mattresses have a core incorporating a system of coils. These generally increase the level of hardness and provide stronger support to the body. Several layers of cotton and foam coat the innerspring system.

Consider the Best Type of Frame for You

Love Seat

This type of frame refers to a two-seat futon frame. When placed in the upright position, it has the form of a sofa, and you can use it for sitting. The reclinable back can be lowered down to a flat position, so that you can use it as a sleeping space. In some types, it can also be adjusted at an angle suitable for reading or lounging.

Bunk Bed Futon

A futon frame sometimes comes with an additional elevated bed. This piece is known as a bunk bed futon. These are most frequently found in students’ dormitories, as they make a practical solution in rooms with a small amount of space available.


A bifold frame implies the double function of a futon. You can combine it with mattresses of various thickness, according to your preference. They can serve the purpose of a sofa, with the back set upright and the sleeping surface folded in half. When transformed into a bed, both the frame and the mattress are set into a flat position.

Image of beutiful futon


As the name suggests, these frames consist of three elements. These include the back, the seat, and the footrest part. Mattresses that fit into such frames are folded in two places. These, like their bifold counterparts, have multiple functions, serving both as a sofa to sit on, or a sleeping piece.

Find more great foldable options here.

Additional Things to Consider Before Buying

Your Budget

The price of these items may vary considerably, and in most cases, goes up in line with the quality of a product. Thinner, cotton-filled ones are usually on the cheaper side. The costliest pieces are generally the thicker and firmer ones, frequently containing an innerspring system. It is always a wise idea to do a bit of research before opting for a particular piece and try to find the best buy offers.

View more budget models.

Material Used for Cover

Hygiene and safety should always be one of the buyer’s priorities. For this reason, it is essential to pick a futon with a cover made of soft, breathable material. These typically include cotton or polyester. It should have the option to be removed, machine- washed, and dried.

Image of microfiber cover

Mattress Firmness

If you are going to use it for sleeping on frequent occasions or even regularly, it is essential to opt for a mattress of a suitable level of firmness. Those found in futons are thinner than a regular bed mattress, and the vast majority of them fit within the ”medium-firm” to “firm” range.

See more firm beds.

Mattress Size

These are normally available in three standard sizes, although there are a couple of less common options available. The vast majority of them come in Twin, Full and Queen sizes. Twin XL or King are encountered less frequently.

Mattress Thickness

The thickness of most futon mattresses ranges between 5″ and 9″. Those filled with cotton or combining cotton and foam layers are usually thinner. If they contain the innerspring system, they typically belong to the group of thicker ones.

Best Futon Mattress Types: Beneficial or Not?

Rating According to Type of Sleeper

There are two factors which can serve as a starting point in choosing the right type of mattress. The first one is your preferred sleeping position. In other words, whether you tend to sleep on your back, stomach, or the side, can make a considerable difference. 

Apart from that, it is your body weight that you need to take into account before hitting a store or making an online purchase. Not all mattresses will be equally comfortable and may not live up to your expectations, as they are not all suitable for each weight category. 

For example, side sleepers of average weight will find cotton mattresses least satisfactory. On the other hand, medium-weight back sleepers may find cotton and foam/cotton ones less comfortable. The same will be the case with stomach sleepers from the same weight group. Foam or innerspring options appear to be the best choice for all sleepers in general, no matter how heavy they are or how they tend to sleep.

Our High Quality Ratings and Judgement

There are several things you need to keep in mind when picking the mattress which will meet your needs and expectations. This section provides a list of positive characteristics you should look out for in each of four types of futon mattresses. We base these on users’ feedback and experiences, as well as on thorough product research, comparison, and analysis.

DurabilityThe majority will last up to five years, so you should be prepared to replace them after that. The lifespan of cotton-padded ones is somewhat shorter, typically reaching three years.
Conforming / Pressure ReliefDo not set the expectations bar too high when it comes to adjusting abilities of futon mattresses in general. However, those with foam layers appear to provide a higher level of conforming and pain relief when sleeping.
Temperature NeutralityNatural materials are more breathable, so cotton-padded mattresses will be a better option for those who tend to sleep hot. The spring system also allows a more significant deal of air-flow, too, unlike foam-layered products.
Odor PotentialOdor Potential
It is not uncommon for these products to maintain a certain level of odor for a while. It tends to last the longest in the case of ones with foam filling.
Noise PotentialMattresses comprising an innerspring system will most likely make some noise in the form of creaking or squeaking when used for sleeping. You are not to face this problem with other types.
Responsiveness / Good for SexThe greatest level of responsiveness is featured by mattresses containing an inner system of springs, as is the case with real beds as well.
Ease of MovementIn comparison to standard ones, you will not have too much difficulty moving a futon mattress, even if it contains a coil system and is heavier than the average.
Average PriceThough considerably less expensive than bed mattresses in general, the innerspring system adds to the price of futon mattresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Difference Between a Futon vs. a Couch?

Which one is more valuable or the best to have? The debate seems to be a heated and never-ending one. Despite several features they have in common, the differences between futons and couches are numerous, too. 

In this section, we make a brief overview of the main characteristics of both pieces.

Futons are convenient and practical, typically used for multiple purposes. Owing to their reasonable prices, yet contemporary design and decent quality, they make a great addition to urban homes, especially those with a space shortage. It takes only a bit of time to assemble one, and a wide array of colors and patterns can suit anyone’s taste.

On the other hand, a couch is a centerpiece of a traditional American home. Though much more comfy to sit on, they tend to be bulkier in size. A couch does not require assembling, but at the same time, it is not the best quality of sleep it will provide you with. Great designs and color options are available on the market. Compared with futons, couches fit into a higher price range. 

What is a Japanese Futon? A Luxury Alternative?

For centuries, Japanese people have used their Japanese floor futon, padded roll-up mattresses placed on the floor, as traditional bedding. A pillow and a comforter, along with a mattress itself, make a traditional Japanese bedding set.

See Japanese futon mattresses.

Modern futons made by renowned manufacturers provide excellent support to the body while sleeping. The materials used help them keep the body cool during the summer, and warm during the winter months. Quality futons will absorb body heat and sweat during sleeping, so it is of utmost importance to keep a futon clean and look after it properly.

For overall luxury models, click here.


Although sometimes looked down on, futons have proved to be reliable and satisfactory substitutes for beds, whether used only occasionally or on a regular basis. Compact and comfortable, often best sophisticated in design, they make a great addition to urban living spaces. And the best bit is that it all comes at a reasonable price.

Plenty of options regarding both frames and mattresses may make the selection of the one that will fit you best a bit more complicated and time-consuming. For this reason, we made an effort to make you familiar with a couple of relevant features that can make a difference.

With modern, top-class futons, accommodating a guest overnight does not have to give you a hard time anymore.

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