7 Highest Rated Futon Mattresses – 2020 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Are you one of those people who believe that futon mattresses aren’t worthy investment when it comes to comfort? A lot of times, we are afraid to make changes in our bedroom, even though they might improve our sleeping experience.

However, the bedding industry has come a long way to present you various models of futon beds that don’t skim on comfort, stability, nor design.

Originating from Japan, this type of unit has spread its influence across the globe, due to its versatile use. Now, you must be wondering, what is the greatest futon mattress? While the Japanese-inspired bed is a thin, easy-to-fold mattress, the American counterpart is slightly thicker, comprised of foam, cotton, and springs.

Based on your preferences, the choice might fall between these two categories. But, if you fail to make the right decision, then you are risking your health, which might lead to chronic pain and back issues. Therefore, to save you some time and money, we’ve done extensive research to provide you our top picks available on the market!

Keep reading to discover the fantastic world of possibilities futon mattresses have to offer!

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Most Comfortable

small product image of DHP 8 inch
Most Comfortable
Made of coilsClick Here for Price
Best Durability

small product image of Classic Brands 8 inch
Classic Brands
Best Durability
540 individually wrapped coilsClick Here for Price
Best in Support

small product image of EMOOR
Best in Support
Polyester pad and soft fillingClick Here for Price
Best Reversible

small product image of Mozaic
Best Reversible
All-foamClick Here for Price
Best Design

small product image of Royal Sleep Products
Royal Sleep Products
Best Design
Gel-infusedClick Here for Price
Best Quality

small product image of Springaire
Best Quality
Pocketed coils, cotton fillingClick Here for Price
Best Lightweight

small product image of Serta 8 inch
Best Lightweight
FoamClick Here for Price

Top Picks for Futon Mattresses Reviewed

DHP - Most Comfortable


  • 8” thick
  • Hybrid
  • Made of coils
  • Comes with a cover
  • CertiPUR-US – certified

In our opinion, DHP is the best futon mattress. Made to provide supreme comfort, the DPH mattress contains 522 individually wrapped coils. The coils are designed to provide a suitable level of support, similar to traditional beds.

When it comes to composition, both sides are enwrapped in layers of foam and polyester, while the filling material is CertiPUR-US – certified, which ensures that DHP is free of harmful and ozone-depleting chemicals. 

According to numerous reviews, this bed is considered to be one of the top-rated products on the market, mostly because it gives off the feel of a traditional mattress. Therefore, you may experience a comfortable sleep experience and enjoy the compact size. In short, DPH offers you the best of the two worlds.

Even though it comes in one size, you can choose among two different thickness settings, in this case, 8”. On top of that, it features a microfiber cover, which is easy to clean and maintain.

Classic Brands - Best Durability


  • 8” thick
  • Hybrid
  • 540 individually wrapped coils
  • Contains a cover

Classic Brands is one of the companies that tend to provide everything you need in a bed, comfort, stability, durability, and design. Therefore, this mattress is made to last. Featuring individually encased coils, and topped with a sturdy microfiber cover, Classic Brands can offer you plush and comfortable sleeping surface.

Classic Brands are made of 7-inch wrapped innerspring coils, which are topped with a plush microfiber cover. Additionally, a quality foam layer is placed between coils and cover, for extra support and optimal comfort. This unit can be used on bed frames, with foundation and box spring because it doesn’t include a futon frame.

You can store it easily, while it bounces right back to its original shape. Therefore, Classic Brands might be a suitable solution for guest rooms, dorms, or kids’ bedrooms.

EMOOR - Best in Support


  • 2.5-inches tall
  • Polyester pad
  • Bacteria and odor-free
  • 100% cotton outer fabric

Emoor is a Japanese-based company, and Classic mattress is one of their bestsellers. It resembles the look and design of traditional Japanese futon beds while being only 2.5 inches thick. 

This product contains a polyester pad that includes a soft filling. The company uses unique material, Teijin Mightytop, which prevents odor, dust mites, and bacteria from developing. On top of that, the pad is sandwiched between layers of soft polyester quit, that aims to deliver cushioning, durability, and comfort.

The 100% hygroscopic cotton covers the Emoor and further increases the softness and ensures additional comfort. Many would think that this unit is uncomfortable and plain, but don’t let its design fool you. A lot of sleepers consider Emoor to be incredibly comfy and soft.

Since it’s not thick, this mattress is easy to fold and store away. For that reason, it may be great for people with limited living space.

Mozaic - Best Reversible


  • 8” tall
  • All-foam
  • Reversible             
  • Comes with a cotton twill cover

The Mosaic memory foam mattress is another nice-looking and modern option that combines traditional performance and contemporary design. Considering it’s reversible, this unit is used in a flat or upright sofa position.

In terms of composition, Mozaic features a bottom layer of Visco memory foam, which is topped with three layers of 1-inch polyurethane foam. The cotton cover wraps all the layers and improves comfort and extends durability.

Reversible design makes the Mozaic quite versatile and unique since you can flip the mattress from one side to another, to additionally prolong its lifespan and adjust the comfort level. You can easily fold the bed and store it when not needed.

But, when it’s unfolded, it can be placed on a futon and bed frames.

Royal Sleep Products - Best Design


  • 8” tall
  • Hybrid
  • Pocketed coils
  • Comes in eight different shades

Royal Sleep futon mattress is another product on our list that combines stability, comfort, and durability, to provide suitable sleeping experience. Additionally, due to its trendy and stylish design, this bed can complement any décor since it comes in eight different shades.

The memory foam filling is probably the best thing about Royal Sleep bed, which aims to deliver maximum comfort. The foam will assume the shape of your body, relieving pressure points, and keeping your spine properly aligned.

At the same time, this unit features pocket coils in a combination of memory foam and premium cotton and fiber bland. Therefore, it minimizes motion transfer and ensures additional comfort.

Springaire - Best Quality


  • 8” tall
  • Hybrid
  • Pocketed coils
  • Cotton filling

When it comes to futon mattresses, quality is one of the features you shouldn’t compromise on, especially if you need versatility, for instance, sleeping and sitting. Therefore, the Springaire Loft might be one of the units to deliver all of that, since it combines the feel of a traditional bed, and sofa. Available in various shades, this mattress might fit different décor preferences.

Even though Springaire Loft contains 13 inches of materials, it is compressed to a loft at 8 inches, ensuring the necessary inside out pressure for resilience, durability, and long-term comfort. The outer layer features 5-inch pre-compressed long-staple and cotton batting. On top of that lies polyester batting, while 350 coils make the core.

All layers are protected and sealed by a comfortable and attractive cover. You can easily fold the mattress, or choose to maintain the sofa shape. For that reason, Springaire Loft offers traditional comfort and yet is great for everyday use.

Serta - Best Lightweight


  • 8” tall
  • Foam
  • Lightweight
  • CertiPUR-US-certified

Wight plays a significant role in your mattress selection because heavyweight beds are quite challenging to move around the house. Therefore, the Serta unit has a feathery and lightweight designed, which is easy to manipulate and store when not in use.

Serta is 8” comprised of two pieces of convoluted foam, which aims to distribute your weight evenly and ensure suitable comfort. The Wolf’s cotton blend is placed between foam layers to provide proper spinal alignment and minimize pressure points. At the same time, 18 machine polyester and nylon tufts are added for extra stability.

All layers are CertiPUR-US – certified.

image of buy futon online

Shopper’s Guide for a Sleeping/Bedroom Futon

Bed Frame

Each frame style has different pros and cons. For instance, bifold frames tend to save space, but skimp on quality, and you can hardly ever find any high-end trifold frames or loveseats. However, the bed frame has a significant impact on the type of mattress you will get.

It is simple; you won’t buy a cheap-quality bed and pair it with a premium frame, and vice versa. If you have a wooden frame and you plan to buy a futon mattress, then make sure it matches your interior. On the other hand, if you need a guest bed or something for occasional use, then you can afford to buy something cheaper.

Many sleepers prefer queen size futon mattresses, as they provide most comfort and space. However, this implies you’ll already have to purchase or own a queen size frame, which might not be a great solution for small rooms.

So, before you go shopping, consider the size of your frame, as well as the room space. For different types and sizes you can check our list of best bed foundations here.


When it comes to your selection, support is everything. Keep in mind that a comfortable bed doesn’t only allow you to sleep well but also to sit comfortably. Therefore, if you plan to use futon mattresses for a living room, then there are higher chances; your guests will sit on it every time they visit.

In that case, it might be best to purchase a unit that is suitable for sleeping and sitting. Additionally, the type of material further determines the level of comfort and ensures a pleasant sleeping experience. These days, these products are designed to match the traditional mattresses, so they are made to appear and feel as comfy as the regular sleeping units.


Use is another feature that determines the type you will choose. Will it be used regularly or not so often? Do you intend to use it as a bed all the time, or as a sofa? How often will you convert it?

If you are navigating between bed and sofa, then consider getting a lightweight, thin mattress that won’t break your back. Make sure to focus on quality because regular bending and flexing may cause tear and wear over time.

On the other hand, futons for sofas should be a bit thicker and heavier to offer better comfort and support (see our sofa bed options) . Additionally, these types of units look more stylish and luxurious. Also, consider who will be using the mattress.

If you have an elderly couple staying over every weekend, then you should look into beds that provide proper spinal alignment and alleviate pressure points (check out mattresses for elderly people here)​.

Number of Folds

Compared to Japanese traditional style mattresses, which are placed on tatami mats, Americans have adopted another method and use frames instead. In that case, the frame and mattress are directly linked. For instance, if you buy a trifold frame, then you will have to get a complimentary bed as well.

  • Bifold – it resembles a sofa when placed in an upright position, with the futon mattress folded in half. You can also fold the unit in the down position and lay it completely flat.
  • Trifold – it can function as a non-sleeping sofa, as well as a traditional bed, while the mattress folds in two places. Usually, trifold mattresses are thinner, lightweight, and easy to manipulate.

See our selection of best foldable mattresses (bifold and trifold).

Design and Style

Call it style, décor, personal preference, or fashion, we all have some projections of how we want our stuff to look like. In most cases, you’ll what your bed to match the rest of the furniture.

As we mentioned before, nowadays, you can choose between bifold and trifold futon beds, with addition to loveseats and bunk beds. The style you want will mostly depend on the frame you have.

Even though these units resemble sofas, they have versatile use; therefore, before picking one model, make sure to pay attention to the materials and types of frames currently available on the market.

Refer to Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, you’ll want something that fits with the rest of the room. For that reason, it’s particularly important where your unit will sit. If you are set on one design, then you can always throw a mattress cover to get the look you want.

Also, you should think about the future because a lot of mattresses tend to get lumpy and out of shape over time. If your futon is placed in a living room where there is a lot of traffic, then maybe you should consider getting a memory foam bed.

Mattress Size

These days, bedding companies offer a wide variety of mattress sizes, and you can go from twin beds to king-size units. However, the most common are twin, full, and queen size futon models, while the king and California king are rare and quite challenging to find. Keep in mind that size doesn’t overly affect how well the futon will feel, and sometimes you might have to compromise.

For example, if you face a limited space, you won’t buy a queen bed. On top of that, consider how your furniture is organized and choose a unit that fits accordingly.

Mattress Thickness

While thinner and sleek models may appear better than bulky ones, you might have to go for a thicker option if your frame is made of wood. In most cases, the unit should match the structure to provide the best sleeping experience.

It’s quite apparent that 8” bed will offer more comfortable sleep for adults than a 6” mattress. However, the materials also play a significant role, as well. Additionally, a person’s weight and height might influence how thick of a model you will get.

For instance, curvier individuals should go for thicker mattresses (see best rated beds for heavy people) because they will feel plush and comfy, while lightweight sleepers might opt for thinner bed options. Nowadays, the majority of futon models feature an 8” thickness.


Lifespan is mostly linked to materials used in the manufacturing process. Therefore, you should choose models that are made of materials that will last longer. Before finalizing the order, check the warranty because it might provide you valuable insight and help you determine whether that particular product is worthy of your time and money.

On the other hand, even if you choose a high-end unit, no one can guarantee you, it won’t come faulty. In that case, focus on structure, design, material, and brand. When you combine these features, you will probably avoid buying a low-quality bed.

image of coil bed structure

Common Materials Used in Construction


Latex comes as the latest trends, and as many manufacturers claim, it’s an incredibly comfortable sleeping surface. Latex is a dense material, but due to its elastic properties, it still provides yielding, bending, and conforming feel.

In that case, people who have a hard time falling asleep, or can’t find a comfortable sleeping position, should consider getting a latex futon. Even though it has a different feel, latex provides a high level of comfort and eliminates pressure points.

Additionally, many brands use natural latex, which is hypoallergenic, dust mites, and bacteria-free. Therefore, it can help people who have allergies or suffer from respiratory disorders.

See our top rated latex beds.

Innersprings & Coils

Though relatively rare, some futon beds contain a coil-based support core. Compared to traditional mattresses, they are made with metal coils and are covered with a quilted layer, which ensures that your bed stays firm and comfortable at the same time.

However, coil-based futons are on the firmer side, so keep that in mind when you are shopping for a new bed. Additionally, they are budget-friendly and won’t break your bank account.

In the last couple of years, we have seen advancements in the manufacturing process, and now more and more brands are adopting pocketed coil technology. Each coil is individually wrapped to minimize motion transfer and ensure longevity.

If you are one of those actives couples, or you tend to toss and turn at night, then innerspring bed might be a suitable solution. But, be aware that spring units are heavy and awkward to move around.

Cotton & Fiber

Futons with cotton and fiberfill can be a great solution for those on a budget. They are lightweight, easy to fold, but not as reliable as spring units. This type resembles more Japanese traditional futons and tends to be very firm.

Even though cotton is the most basic material, sometimes manufacturers add a layer of foam to sustain the rigidity of futon and provide additional comfort. Usually, the more cotton a bed has, the denser and firmer it will appear.

Over time, cotton gets compressed and can become too hard and lumpy for sleeping. Therefore, the more foam it has, the better it will be.

Sometimes, a layer of wool is spread on top to increase the comfort level, but at the same time to minimize stiffness. Moreover, the wool can keep your body fresh at night and prevent hot sleeping.


Instead of cotton fill, these type of mattresses uses polyester, which is lightweight and plush material. Polyester has been on the market for some time, and a lot of manufacturers use this synthetic fiber. It helps the bed maintain its shape and is considered to be one of the best in the bedding industry.

Additionally, they tend to last much longer than the previously mentioned models. Polyester is usually the top layer, which provides the medium-firm feel. However, comfort will mostly depend on the thickness of the polyester layer.

The flexibility is one of the features why people choose polyester futons. But, the cotton-to-poly ratio plays a significant role in how plush and comfortable bed will feel. The more polyester it has, the more rigid it will be.

However, when compared to cotton models, it’s definitely softer and resilient because it can maintain the loft. On top of that, polyester mattresses are lightweight and easy to move around the home. Keep in mind that their price might be a bit higher than the previously mentioned models.

Therefore, when choosing a polyester bed, make sure to pay attention to these details because they can make a significant difference.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is probably the most used and abused material in the bedding industry. Initially, NASA developed memory foam, back in 1966, to ensure the safety of aircraft cushions and later announced it was quitting this project.

Nowadays, a wide variety of companies and brands use memory foam to manufacture different types of bedding accessories. When it comes to futons, we usually have up to 4 inches of Visco foam on top, while beneath lies multiple players of high-density foam for additional support. 

The foam provides better bendability, as well as flexibility, which makes it easier for the bed to open and fold. We would say that this category of futons is for everyday use and it might be great for living rooms.

You feel like sitting on a traditional sofa since cushions maintain its shape without leaving body imprints. Alternatively, you could sleep on memory foam futon, and it’s like having a foam mattress topper, but already infused in the bed.

However, some people aren’t big fans of memory foam because it tends to retain heat and cause hot sleeping.

Futon Mattress Overview

What is a Futon?

This might seem like a simple question, but there is still some confusion about futon mattresses and what they stand for? Based on Japanese tradition, futon simply means a bed that is laid on the ground. On top of that, it’s about three inches thick and generally too firm for side sleepers.

On the other hand, an American idea of the futon is similar to a sofa that doubles as a guest bed, along with the construction, these features set apart futon from traditional mattresses. They are made of compressed layers of material, such as cotton, latex, wool, and others, and are at least 8 inches thick.

View our top rated futons here.

Futon vs. Japanese Futon Vs. Traditional Mattress

An American style futon mattress offers a contemporary design, featuring eight or more inches in thickness. It’s usually filled with latex, memory foam, cotton, or made of coils, to improve comfort and durability. These types of beds resemble sofas and have a dual purpose, for sitting and sleeping.

While they might not be an ideal solution for the bedroom, American futons could be a great addition to living rooms and guest rooms.

The Japanese-style futon mattress is thin, long, and narrow, typically stuffed with cotton, and measuring up to 4 inches in thickness. You can find some luxury mattresses stuffed with silk, but they are more expensive compared to traditional futons. Since there are no springs inside, they are designed to be folded after use and to save space.

However, when it comes to traditional futon mattresses, it’s more of a sleeping system combined of parts:

  • Shiki Futon – the main component responsible for the comfort
  • Kakebuton – the comforter
  • Soba Gara Makuta – buckwheat hull pillow
  • Trifold – mattress pad
  • Tatami Mat
  • Platform

Some people consider that traditional mattresses are a better option than previously two mentioned models. However, it all comes down to personal preferences. Of course, with conventional beds, you can choose the thickness, the level of firmness, as well as materials, which in some way makes them more convenient.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are a better choice since we all have different sleeping habits.

Benefits of Futons and Japanese Futon

If you still have a hard time deciding which model to get, the following table illustrates the differences, as well as potential benefits.

Japanese Futon
TypeSeveral types, such as bifold, trifold, and loveseat, which allow sleepers to choose the best model according to their needs.Only one type, but it promotes a traditional sleeping experience.
SizeEight or more inches in thickness, twin, full, and queen – size mattress.Between, 2” and 4”, while the design is long and narrow.
MaterialLatex, memory foam, cotton, coils, and polyester.Usually filled with cotton fibers.
ComfortComfort depends on a model, but typically, the more layers the mattress has, the more comfortable it will be. Recently futons have improved a lot in terms of design, so now they can match regular beds.It can be comfortable for back sleepers but tends to emphasize pressure points in side sleepers. However, if you prefer a firm sleeping surface, then you shouldn’t experience any comfort issues with Japanese style futons.
VersatilityThe American inspired futons can be used for sleeping and sitting. The mattress is made to fold, so whether you have someone staying over, or you need a place to sit down and relax, this model provides you with endless possibilities.It features only one, minimalistic design, mostly used for sleeping, but it saves bedroom space.
SpaceIn terms of space, futons are quite useful. Since they are foldable, you can save tons of space in your guest room or living room.You can roll the Japanese futon and store it away when you need additional space.
DurabilityDurability depends on outer covering and filling inside. More premium models are made to last for years. Keep in mind that less cotton inside, the less clumping and settling.Japanese futons filled with silk can have a significant lifespan.
MaintenanceSome models feature cover, which is removable and washable. East to maintain – spot cleaning, no cover, but you can add one.
HypoallergenicMore resistant to bed bugs, dust mites, and bacteria than traditional mattresses. Therefore, they might be great for people suffering from allergies.Bed bugs, dust mite, and bacteria-free, since it combines natural materials.
Pain reliefDepending on the type, it can be great for all sleeping positions.Suitable for back sleepers, it keeps the spine properly aligned and minimizes back pain.
PriceReasonably priced. Reasonably priced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Futon Beds Ideal for Everyday Sleeping?

Futon mattresses have long been considered a great addition to guest bedrooms and living rooms. But the main question still remains, can you sleep on a futon bed every night? Well, it all depends on your expectations and the materials you choose.

For instance, if you select a high-quality frame and supportive mattress, then you might be able to sleep on a futon comfortably. Additionally, some companies use the latest technology, which promotes the highest industry standards to help their customers have a peaceful and soothing sleep, and it’s the reason why some people prefer futon beds over traditional ones.

How Can You Make Them More Comfortable?

Sometimes the best way to make your bed comfortable is to support it from beneath. You could add wooden bed slats to ensure additional firmness and to minimize sagginess.

Alternatively, you could change the mattress, since they come in different thickness and firmness settings. Obviously, the thicker beds will be more comfortable, while foam mattresses tend to maintain shape better than cotton ones.

Another way to improve comfort is by combining Japanese and European styles. You could add a featherbed, something similar to a comforter, which you sleep on, rather than pulling it over you at night.

Can You Use One for Sitting?

Nowadays, there are a lot of futon mattresses designed for sleeping as well as sitting. However, to be able to sit on a futon, it has to be foldable. They are usually made of memory foam and don’t contain cotton.

More often than not, mattresses for sitting are thinner and keep their shape longer. Additionally, if the bed is slightly flat, then it allows more sitting debt to provide better circulation for your legs because they can touch the floor in the sitting position.


Futon mattresses have been in use for centuries, due to their elegant and convenient design. But, modern futons have a slightly different use than traditional ones. Improved materials and quality-crafted mattresses have the ability to alleviate pain in shoulders, back, and hips.

Some sleepers even claim that once they’ve tried sleeping on futons, they would never go back. However, finding the right model is easier said than done. We hope our selection of beds can help you make the right decision and provide peaceful nights of sleep.

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