10 Top Rated Folding Mattresses – Reviewed and Compared for 2020

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So, you have people coming over, and they need a place to spend the night. Your apartment or house, however, doesn’t have any extra beds. What do you do?

There are many potential answers.

They can sleep on your couch, for example. Maybe you have a futon or an air mattress. Why would you need something that seems so uncomfortable?

While there are cheap foldable solutions that flatten out the second you lay on them, they have come a long way in the last few years.

This guide will provide you with a selection of top rated foldable mattresses, each with their own purpose. We will also provide you with enough information to find the perfect bed should none of our choices work for you.

That way, you too can use the advances in foam technology to your advantage. While they may not be as comfortable as traditional solutions, they sure have come close.

However, if you’re looking for a more substantial solution, check our top rated mattresses.

Best Support

small Product image of milliard
Best Support
CertiPUR-US FoamClick Here for Price
Most Portable

small prouduct image of best choice products sky2760
Best Choice Products
Most Portable
High-Density FoamClick Here for Price
Best Packaging

Small Olee Sleep product image
Olee Sleep
Best Packaging
Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Most Durable

Small product image of American Furniture Alliance
American Furniture Alliance
Most Durable
Ultra Soft poly sleep surface & Pro FiberClick Here for Price
Most Comfortable

Small Product image of Cozzzi
Most Comfortable
High-Density FoamClick Here for Price
Ideal for Travel

Small Product image of Best Price Mattress
Best Price Mattress
Ideal for Travel
Memory Foam top layer and High-Density FoamClick Here for Price
Best Designed

Small Product image of Best Choice Products Tri-fold
Best Choice Products Tri-fold
Best Designed
Memory and High-Density FoamClick Here for Price

Small product image of sleeplace
Dura Had and Dura I Gel FoamClick Here for Price
Best Bamboo Cover

Small Product image of Inofia
Best Bamboo Cover
Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Most Convenient

Small Product image of Giantex
Most Convenient
Mesh Fabric and 25D Super Slim Rebound SpongeClick Here for Price

10 Top Rated Fold Up Mattress Reviews

Milliard - Best Support


  • Good support
  • 4-inch thickness
  • Medium-firm foam
  • Tri-fold design
  • Easy to store

In our opinion, the best foldable mattress is the Milliard Tri-Folding mattress. It is our top choice for several reasons, its standout feature is the way it supports your body.

As it uses medium-firm foam, it is sure to reinforce your body. And, it has breathable mesh sides so that all the excess air can leave, which should also increase its support. Its top should be soft enough even when used without linen.

Many owners praise its small dimensions and lightweight form, as well. That makes this option easy to store when not in use. While firmness may be a matter of taste, those that prefer something more solid are sure to find this a comfortable solution.

On the other hand, some have found it a bit narrow, with a width of only 25 inches. Also, it may not be as comfortable as more expensive mats using memory foam, but at its price point, it should cover most needs.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable foldable mattress that will support your body without breaking your bank, this may be your ideal solution. While it uses polyurethane foam, it is still durable, solid, and comfortable enough for most uses.

Best Choice Products – Most Portable


  • Large queen-sized mattress
  • Can be used as a sofa
  • Handles for portability
  • 4-inch thickness
  • Medium-firm foam

If you’re looking for a foldable mattress that is easy to move around, this Best Choice Products bed should provide everything you need. With a thickness of only 4 inches, it is thick enough to be comfortable, yet slim enough not to take up too much space.

When not in use, you can fold it and use it as a sofa, or you can store it. When unfolded, it forms a queen-sized bed that is soft enough to be comfortable and firm enough to support your body. It also includes handles that make it even more portable.

Most customers enjoy it for its comfort, portability, and ease of storage, with some also praising its sofa form. Some have found it uncomfortable, finding it too firm, but for a  foldable option of this price, that is expected.

While it isn’t as supportive as a mattress using memory foam, this one should still reinforce your body as you sleep. It should be ideal for those looking for a queen-sized foldable option that can be folded into a sofa, or easily put away when not in use.

Olee Sleep – Best Packaging


  • 4 inches thick
  • Memory foam
  • Tri-folding
  • Usable as a topping
  • Removable cover

Sometimes you want to pack your foldable model up and not have it take up too much of your space. This Olee Sleep mattress is only 12 inches tall when packed, so it should be easy to put away when not needed.

It comes in two colors, blue and gray, and in both cases, the cover is removable and washable, which makes maintenance easier.

As it is made of memory foam, it should be comfortable and supportive regardless of its thickness of only 4 inches. It can even be used as a topping for your bed. And, because of its small size, it can be comfortably used outdoors as well as indoors.

While its width of 25 inches may not seem that great to some, its portability and lightness more than compensate for it. It should be easy to pack into your car, use on the floor as a spare bed, or in a tent.

For those looking for something that can easily be packed away when not needed, this is a great option. And, as it uses memory foam, it should be comfortable enough whether you use it as a spare bed, or as a sleeping surface while camping.

American Furniture Alliance – Most Durable


  • Durable
  • 3.5 inches thick
  • Tri-folding
  • Portable
  • Comfortable

If durability is what you’re after, this American Furniture Alliance model should have you covered. Its bottom and sides are covered with a sturdy non-slip mesh, while still having a soft top.

When folded, it takes up little space, which makes it easy to put away. Thanks to its carry strap, it is also easily movable. That means that you can use it as an extra bed in cramped apartments, you can take it with you when you go camping, or you can use it as an exercise mat.

Owners have praised its soft materials and comfort, as well as its portability. It’s seen its use as a spare bed, as a mat used on outdoor benches, and as a camping bed.

While some owners have complained about the quality of the foam used, it should show more than enough durability for most uses, especially at this price range.

So, for those looking for a spare bed that will endure most uses, this should cover all your needs. It can be used as a guest bed, as a sleeping surface in a tent, or as an exercise mat, and it should perform all these tasks well enough for most people.

Cozzzi – Most Comfortable


  • Tri-folding
  • 4 inches thick
  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Easy to maintain

When choosing a folding mattress, comfort should be an important factor. We picked this Cozzzi bed specifically for this among a wide selection of foldable options. Its high-density foam should be firm enough to support your body healthily.

At the same time, with its width of 31 and a length of 78 inches, it should provide enough sleeping space for all but the tallest of people.

While it’s comfortable enough to be used as a bed, it can serve other purposes, as well. You can also use it as a foldable sofa, as a camping bed, or as an exercise mat. In fact, most customer reviews have praised its versatility.

On the other hand, some people have had problems with the foam. In some cases, it didn’t puff up as it was supposed to, while in others, it flattened out too soon. Those cases are in a clear minority, however. Most owners are more than happy with what they got.

This should overall be a good, comfortable guest bed, and it can have other usages, as well. It should be firm enough for comfortable sleep, and durable enough for most other uses.

Best Price Mattress – Ideal for Travel


  • Queen-sized
  • 4 inches thick
  • Memory foam top
  • Easy to maintain
  • Portable

When traveling, you may need a reliable folding mattress that doesn’t take up too much space when folded, and that is light enough to be carried around where needed. This Best Price bed should cover those needs.

It is a queen-sized option that is portable enough to be used as a traveling mattress. It also comes in a wide variety of different sizes if this one is too large for your needs.

At the same time, its cover is zippered, and it can be machine-washed, so if it gets dirty while traveling, you can clean it easily. And, its firm foam base is covered with an inch and a half of memory foam, so it should be more than comfortable enough for most people.

On the other hand, there have been a small number of complaints about the strong off-gassing smell, but in most cases, it can be aired out easily.

If you’re looking for a queen-sized traveling bed, you can’t go wrong with this one. It is comfortable and durable enough for most needs, and it is easy to maintain should it get dirty during your travels.

Best Choice Products Tri-fold – Best Designed


  • 3 inches thick
  • Tri-folding
  • Attractive design
  • Uses memory foam
  • Portable

While design usually isn’t on the top of the list of factors that foldable beds must satisfy, sometimes you want your folding mattress to look right. This Best Choice Products Tri-fold model looks the part.

It is also designed to be used in a variety of ways. You can use it as a topper for your bed, for example. It can also be a spare bed for overnight guests, or a sleeping space when camping or traveling. It can even be a floor sofa when you need it.

Made with gel-infused memory foam on top of a hard-density foam layer, it should be comfortable enough for most people, and it should last a long time.

There have been a few complaints about its smell, but it should be completely harmless, and it should air out in a few hours.

So, for those that are searching for an aesthetically pleasing folding option, this will work well. Apart from its attractive design, it is a well-made, solid, and durable solution that should serve all of your needs.

Sleeplace - Best Multi-Layer Feature


  • 4 inches thick
  • Uses memory foam
  • Portable
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile

Multi-layered mattresses usually combine a foam base with a memory foam topping, which should provide the best of both worlds: it should be as comfortable as a memory foam model without costing as much.

This Sleeplace provides just that, a 2-inch hard foam base covered with 2-inch gel-infused memory foam. Because of that, it should be more than comfortable for most people, and its price shouldn’t break your bank.

As with other foldable options, it is also small enough when folded that it can easily be put away. It is also appropriate as a travel mat, a spare bed, or a floor sofa.

Most owners praise its comfort and flexibility, as well as its price. Some have, however, pointed out its small dimensions, with a width of only 25 inches, which could prove to be too narrow for some people.

This, however, wasn’t meant as a permanent solution, and it was designed with portability in mind. In that way, it serves its purpose. It should provide you with a firm and comfortable sleeping surface without taking too much space when not needed.

Inofia - Best Bamboo Cover


  • Washable bamboo cover
  • 4 inches thick
  • Uses memory foam
  • Tri-folding
  • Easy to maintain

There are many benefits to using a mattress with a bamboo cover. They help regulate your body temperature, they support your spine, all while being hypoallergenic. All these benefits can also be applied to folding beds, and the Inofia should prove that.

Apart from bamboo covers, to maximize comfort, it also uses a layer of memory foam over a high-density foam base. And, with a width of 38 inches and 78 inches of length, it should be big enough for all but the largest of people.

The bamboo cover is removable and washable, so it can easily be maintained. Its sides are made of mesh to allow breathability, and its bottom is slip-proof. When not in use, it doesn’t take up too much space, and as it is light, you can move it around without any problems.

Those who have it have mostly praised its comfort, portability, and ease of maintenance. Some people have complained about its softness, and for others, it was too small. It should, however, more than satisfy most people’s needs.

With its bamboo cover, memory foam layer, slip-resistant bottom, and easy maintenance, this mattress should provide you with all the comfort you need, whether you’re using it as a guest bed, a sleeping surface while camping, or as an exercise mat.

Giantex - Most Convenient


  • XL-sized
  • 4 inches thick
  • Uses high-density foam
  • Removable cover
  • Handles for portability

This convenient Giantex XL-sized mattress can be used as a sofa when folded. The top of the trifold structure is divided into two pieces which, when folded, form a backrest, making sitting on it more enjoyable.

When used as a bed, it should be comfortable enough for most people. As it uses 4-inch-thick high-density foam, it shouldn’t be too soft, and it should maintain its form for a long time. To further boost the ease of maintenance, its cover is removable and can be machine-washed.

With a width of 54 and a height of 80 inches, it should be large enough for everyone. If that’s too big for you, it also comes in twin size, and it has a queen-sized alternative for those that need the extra space.

Owners have praised its versatility, using it for anything from a spare bed to a yoga mat. While some people found it too soft, most praised its comfort and portability.

Overall, this is a quality XL-sized mattress that can double as a sofa when folded up. You can use it as a spare bed, or as a sleeping surface while camping, or as an exercise mat. And when you don’t need it, it is light enough to be moved around and small enough to be safely stored away.

What Are the Factors to Consider Before Shopping?

Shopping for a foldable mattress can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what to look for. This section should point out the main factors you should consider to make things easier.

Check the Cost of the Foldaway Mattress

The first factor when choosing a foldable mattress should be its price. If you have a limited budget, you should know how much it could cost. While there are mattresses that cost under $200, some can cost more than that.

In some cases, those cheaper models can be good enough for most people. However, if you have special considerations such as back problems, they may not be enough.

Check the Warranty Coverage

Warranty coverage for foldable mattresses is around five years. Some models give an extended warranty, while others, primarily those on the cheaper end, don’t offer any. You should generally pick the ones with more warranties.

Also, since you can’t know in advance if a mattress will be comfortable enough, you should pay attention to the return policy.

Check the Number of Folds & Size When Folded

This is also a significant factor, but it can be largely a matter of taste. Some people don’t like the folds when sleeping on a folding mattress, usually preferring either two-fold or roll-away models.

The number of folds is also important for packaging and portability. You should check how big the mattress is when folded up. That way, you’ll know if you have the space to put it away when it’s not needed. Three-fold mattresses generally take up less space than two-fold beds.

Also, some tri-fold models can further fold the top part in two, which can then serve as a backrest. So, if you need a mattress that can double as a sofa when not in use, you should check for that, as well.

Check the Weight of the Mattress

Weight is usually a factor in portability. Lighter mattresses can be moved around more easily. It can also help if you use it as a sleeping space while traveling. It can also be a factor when planning its storage.

Most foldable options usually weigh around 15 pounds. Some more expensive models use different materials, and because of that, they can weigh even more. That’s why it’s important to know how heavy they are, especially if you plan to move them around.

image of extra bed for lounging around

Best to Use When...

Foldable mattresses have their specific uses. While they can’t fully replace a proper bed, there are certain cases where they can be invaluable.


If you’re the type who travels frequently, you know how hard sleeping arrangements can be. A lightweight foldable mattress can be the answer to that. It is small enough that you can take it with you, and it can be used anywhere.

So, if you’d rather avoid sleeping in a motel or on someone’s couch, there are plenty of comfortable foldable beds to choose from.


Whether you use it in your tent, outside, or in your car, a folding mattress can be a more comfortable alternative to sleeping bags. They don’t take up much space when packed and can be unfolded anywhere. Some models also have carrying bags to make them easier to move around.

Extra Bed for Those Who Love Lounging Around

Foldable mattresses can also be used as an extra surface to lounge around on. You can spread them on any surface and read a book or watch a movie. You can have a movie night with more people that can fit on your couch or sofa.

You can even use them as a surface for your kids to sprawl on when they need to rest.

More floor models to consider.

Extra Bed for Guests and Sleepovers

Sometimes, you need an extra bed. Maybe some relatives are in town and need a place to stay. Maybe your friend needs a place to stay for a few days. If your apartment is cramped and you don’t have an additional bed to place them, a foldable mattress can be a lifesaver.

They are more comfortable than inflatables and cheaper than folding beds. That’s what makes them an ideal temporary solution. And, when the guests leave, you can fold the mattress up and put it away until it is needed again.

What to Look for in a Foldable Trifold Sleeping Mat

Now that you know what its use is, here is a list of things you should pay attention to when buying a foldable option.


This is one of the most important characteristics of foldable beds. When folded, they are small and light enough to be moved around freely. Some even have handles or carrying bags to make portability even easier.

That’s why you should pay close attention to these factors. Check to see if your chosen mattress has handles and how big is it when folded. That way, you’ll know what you’re dealing with when you move it around and when you need to put it away.

Mattress Size

Like ordinary models, foldable models come in a wide variety of sizes. The most common sizes are twin, full, or queen-sized. Mostly, the difference is in the width. Twin-sized mattresses are about 38, full-sized ones are about 50, while queen-sized models are about 60 inches wide.

There are also smaller versions, some going to as little as 25 inches wide. At the same time, there are also larger models, even king-sized, at about 76 inches of width.

Alongside the width, there are also variations in length. Most of the smaller ones are about 75 inches long, while some larger can go up to 84 inches of length.

As far as thickness is concerned, foldable models are much smaller than normal ones. They are usually about 3-5 inches thick, with most being at around 4 inches.

We put together this table to give you an idea of what the dimensions can be:

California King7284Couples
King7680Couples or tall individuals
Full Extra Long5480Single tall individuals
Full/Double53-5475Single sleepers
Twin Extra Long38-3980Tall single sleepers
Twin38-3975Single sleepers or children
Small31-3375Single sleepers or children
Extra Small2575Single sleepers or children

Of course, not all foldable options come in that many versions. Some come in only one size.


Most foldable mattresses are made of foam. It is a lightweight material, and because of that, they are easier to move around and store.

Foam is also good at holding body heat, which can be good for the people who prefer warmer beds. Those that prefer a colder sleeping surface should probably find an alternative.

There are two types of foam used in most foldable mattresses. Polyurethane, or latex, foam is primarily used in cheaper models, while memory foams are more expensive.

Some models use a combination of the two, primarily in layers. That way, you get the comfort of memory foam with a more affordable price.

Memory Foam

While memory foam is a form of polyurethane, it has some characteristics that make it a more comfortable option. It reacts to body heat and becomes softer, but otherwise, memory foam mattresses are harder, heavier, and more expensive than those made of ordinary latex foam.

They are, however, desired because they mold to the sleeper’s body, and in the process, they relieve some pressure points, leading to a more relaxed sleep.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam is more common among cheaper foldable mattresses. While they can be comfortable, they are not quite as comfortable as those made of memory foam. They do have their pluses, though. They are lighter and cheaper. They aren’t as durable and are known to become flat much earlier.


These are much thinner mattresses than conventional ones. While there are differences among models, most range from 3 to 8 inches. Thickness is primarily a matter of taste. Some people prefer thicker models because they are more comfortable.

Apart from comfort, their thickness is also a factor in portability and ease of storage. A trifold mattress when folded can range anywhere from 9 to 24 inches. That makes thinner models lighter and easier to store, which can be important factors when buying a foldable mattress.


While firmness can also be a matter of taste, it is important to consider that most foldable mattresses use firmer foams, primarily because of their limited thickness.

Side sleepers and those that prefer softer sleeping surfaces may need to look for alternatives. Some toppers can be placed on them to soften the sleeping experience. They are an inexpensive way to make your mattress softer.

Protective Cover

The type of protective cover is also essential. It primarily serves a hygienic purpose. It protects the foam from moisture, dust, and dirt.

Ideally, it should be removable and washable, preferably in a washing machine. The cover is also important if you plan to take your foldable mattress outside for camping, for example.

Some mattresses have a cover that has a mesh on its sides, which allows air to freely leave the foam when under pressure. Some also have an anti-slip bottom, ensuring they stay in place all night.

Most are made of polyester. In some newer models, however, they can also be made of other materials such as bamboo or rayon.

View more bamboo options here.

little girl relaxing on trifold mattress

Advantages of a Foldable Bed

Foldable mattresses have several clear advantages over their conventional counterparts. Here are the most common:

Doesn’t Break the Bank

In most cases, they are much cheaper, especially if you take into account that conventional beds require both a frame and a mattress. That can increase the cost manifold.

Foldable mattresses are also cheaper than foldable beds and sofas. So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add an extra bed to your cramped apartment, they can be the ideal solution.


While comfort can be subjective, in most cases, a good foldable bed can be a good deal more comfortable than the alternatives at similar price points. For example, they are comfier than the following:

While they won’t be as comfortable as more expensive folding beds, they are also much cheaper.

Easy Storage

This is the most significant advantage of this type of model. When they are not needed, they can be folded and put away. They are light enough to be moved without problems, and they take up little space. In most cases, you can buy a carry bag, as well.

Perfect Bed When Traveling

Foldable beds are an excellent solution for those that are looking for a sleeping surface when they travel. It doesn’t matter if you spread it on your backseat, in the back of your station wagon, or the back of your truck. If you don’t want to sleep in motels, they can be a lifesaver.

Can be Used in Different Situations

Their versatility is also a bonus. Apart from being extra beds that your guests can sleep on, these can do so much more. Because of their portability and small size when packed, they can be ideal sleeping surfaces when camping, for example.

You can use it as a surface to lounge around on in your home, as well. You can also use it as a mat for your exercise or yoga needs. You can even use them as toppers for your bed.

Best for Guests and Kids

Apart from all the other uses that you can find for your foldable mattress, their primary function is to serve as an extra bed for guests. That way, if your relatives need a place to sleep, or if your friend needs to spend a night or two, you have a place they can sleep on.

You can also use your folding mattress as a safe surface on which your children can play on. That may be especially important when they’re young, and their moves aren’t fully coordinated. It should protect them from nasty falls and potential injuries.

Discover further kids options here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make a Bed a Tri Fold for Adults?

Generally, if you already have a foam mattress and want to fold it to make storage easier, you shouldn’t attempt to make it a tri-fold.

Foldable solutions are made that way. They are cut up into two or three pieces and joined together with their cover. If you take an ordinary foam mattress and fold it, it can create a crease on that place, which could, in turn, make it flatten or not as comfortable.

That’s why it’s best that you purchase a foldable mattress if you want one.

Is This Similar to a Portable Bed?

Not really. A portable bed or a cot are a more expensive alternative. They also usually provide the base on which you can place a mattress. While you can place a mattress on top of a cot, you can also put it on the ground or any other surface.

Portable beds that are foldable also usually come with mattresses that are specially made for them.

So, while there are similarities because they are both extra beds that may be put away when not needed, foldable models are usually cheaper, lighter, and take up much less space.


While it’s easy to underestimate this type, they can be a great alternative to more expensive products such as futon mattresses, foldable beds, or couches. They are also more comfortable than air mattresses or roll-away beds.

You can move them around freely because of how light they are. They can be a safe and comfortable sleeping surface when traveling or camping, for example. You can even use them as an exercise mat.

We hope you have enough information about what to look for when choosing a foldable mattress, and, maybe, learn to appreciate them for their portability and versatility.

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