8 Top Rated Classic Brands Beds – Our Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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You’ve finally reached that point. Your mattress is no longer comfortable, and you wake up every morning more tired than when you went to sleep. Your neck hurts, and to fully recover, you need several hours.

In short, you require a new mattress, but you don’t have much money to spend on it.

You’ve heard of this brand, and you’ve seen the prices. Now you’re wondering, are they any good? Can they be any good with the prices of their products? And, among the wide variety of models they sell, what are the best Classic Brands mattresses?

This guide should help you with those questions. We will provide you with a selection of best products, as well as a brief guide should none of our choice seem appealing. We will also present some basic information about the manufacturer. That way, you should know what you’re getting into.

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Best Conforming Ability

Small Product image of Ventilated Gel 10
Best Conforming Ability
Gel-cooled Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best Temperature Regulation

Small Product image of Ventilated Gel 12
Best Temperature Regulation
Gel-cooled memory solution and poly gel foam for breathabilityClick Here for Price
Great for Kids' Room

Small Product image of Ventilated Gel 8-Inch
Great for Kids' Room
Gel-cooled top on a high-density foam baseClick Here for Price
Most Responsive

Small Product image of Innerspring 7-Inch
Most Responsive
Individually wrapped coilClick Here for Price
Best Breathability

Small Product image of Mercer
Best Breathability
Innerspring and Memory Foam hybridClick Here for Price
Best Pressure Relief

Small Product image of Gramercy
Best Pressure Relief
Hypoallergenic Innerspring and Memory Foam hybridClick Here for Price
Best Cooling Ability

Small Product image of Cool Gel 1.0
Cool Gel 1.0
Best Cooling Ability
Gel-cooled Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best Support

Small Product image of Advantage
Best Support
Individually wrapped coilClick Here for Price

Our Classic Brands Mattress Reviews

10-Inch – Best Conforming Ability


In our opinion, the best Classic Brands mattress is the 10-inch. A mattress’ conforming ability can be important for its overall comfort. After all, the better it can adjust to your body’s contours, the more comfortable it will be. This Classic Brands model has that ability.

As its top layer uses memory foam, it will slowly mold to your body. That will relieve the tension in your pressure points, which, in turn, lead to better sleep. And, to prevent overheating, the top is infused with cooling gel, while also relying on an airflow layer directly under it.

Its firm high-density foam base should also help boost its supportive qualities, as does its polyester cover. You can even use this product on an adjustable base without fretting about damaging it.

Most customer reviews have also been satisfied with its conforming ability. They have consistently praised its comfort and durability. Some have complained about softness and bad smells, but in most cases, those shouldn’t happen if you let it decompress and air out for several days.

Overall, this memory foam mattress should have above-average conforming ability you need. It should mold itself to your body and provide enough support to help you get a relaxed night’s sleep. Its cooling gel and airflow layer should help with overheating, as well.

12-Inch – Best Temperature Regulation


  • Gel-cooled memory solution
  • 12-inch thickness
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Self-ventilating
  • Medium-plush feel

Memory foam has a significant drawback – it retains heat. That means, when you sleep, all the body heat you radiate can get stuck in your mattress. To combat that problem, some models use different techniques. This Classic Brands product uses a combination of cooling gel and airflow layer.

The cooling gel is directly infused into the top, which should make it even more efficient, while the airflow layer is right below. That enables the hot air to freely flow away from you, cooling both the top and you at the same time. That is, in turn, further boosted with the breathable cover.

While most owner reviews were positive, some customers complained about its firmness, which is a known trait of these types of solutions. Others have, on the other hand, found it too soft, especially for those over a certain weight. Most others, however, have praised its comfort and cool sleeping surface.

For those looking for a memory foam mattress that has a good system of temperature regulation, this one should cover their needs. Its top layer is infused with cooling gel, and under it, the airflow layer helps take the heat away and provides you with a comfortable night’s sleep.

8-Inch – Great for Kids' Room


  • Gel-cooled memory foam
  • 8-inch thickness
  • Adjustable base friendly
  • Breathable cover
  • Medium-firm feel

When your kids get big enough, you will probably need to get them a bigger bed, one that will stay with them throughout their growth and development. This 8-inch memory foam solution should be perfect for kids’ rooms, whether on bunk beds or not. It is also appropriate for dorm rooms or guest rooms, as well.

While it has only two layers, it should still be at least as comfortable as other, more expensive models. It consists of a gel-cooled top on a high-density foam base. As it is cooled, the surface should be comfy enough even during the hot summer months.

Even though some owners have complained about its firmness or stiffness, most have been more than satisfied with its comfort, durability, and its cold sleeping surface. The stiffness is primarily a matter of taste and sleeping position, so those who know what they want from their mattress should find no problems here.

That’s why this model should be perfect for your kids’ beds. It will support their bodies, all while staying cool no matter how hot it gets outside. And even if you’re just looking to outfit your guest room with a comfortable bed, this one could be what you need.

Innerspring – Most Responsive


  • Individually wrapped coil
  • 7 inches thick
  • Noiseless
  • Knit quilted cover
  • Medium-firm feel

If you’re looking for a responsive mattress, nothing beats an innerspring option. It responds to your body and adjusts to any change immediately, unlike those with memory foam that need to warm up before they can mold to your body.

This 7-inch-thick model comes with individually wrapped coils, which helps negate the type’s chief drawback – its noisiness. That means, in most cases, there won’t be an audible squeal every time you change your position, which should help you sleep better.

Its responsiveness comes with a price, however. It doesn’t have practically any motion isolation. While individually wrapped coils help with this, as well, they can’t fully curb it. Those were the central complaints among owner reviews. The rest, however, praised its comfort, support, and durability.

So, if you’re looking for an innerspring mattress because you like its responsiveness, or you prefer it to other foam-based solutions, this model could be what you need. Its coils should also support your body correctly and provide you with a good night’s sleep.

Mercer – Best Breathability


  • Innerspring and memory foam hybrid
  • 12 inches thick
  • Cool sleeping surface
  • Breathable quilted cover
  • Cushioned-firm feel

Both foam and innerspring based solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. The former is more comfortable and less bouncy, while the latter is more responsive and durable. When combined, however, they can negate each other’s drawbacks.

This model should provide just that – the memory foam layer provides comfort and support, which is further boosted by its innerspring base. The base, on the other hand, provides a certain degree of responsiveness, while also being much more durable than other, foam-based solutions.

And, to ensure that the sleeping surface doesn’t get too hot, which is a common concern with memory foam, its top layer is infused with cooling gel, and beneath it, it has breathable support layers which should help take the heat away from you.

While some owners were disappointed with its bounciness and firm surface, an overwhelming majority had nothing but praise. They particularly singled out its comfort, support, and durability, while also commending its approachable price point.

Those that are looking for a hybrid solution should look no further. This model should provide you with the durability and bounciness of innerspring options, while still providing more than enough support and relieving your pressure points.

Gramercy – Best Pressure Relief


  • Innerspring and memory foam hybrid
  • 14 inches thick
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable knitted cover
  • Cushioned-firm feel

Pressure points are the points of contact between your body and your mattress. It can be your lower back if you sleep on your back, or it could be your shoulders and hips if you sleep on your side. Whatever the case may be, you might need a sleeping surface that relieves the tension on your pressure points to ensure that you get a relaxed night’s sleep

This model provides just that. Its innerspring base on its own should support your body more than adequately. To further boost this, it has several layers of memory foam, the top of which is infused with cooling gel. That few layers should mold to your body even better, which decreases the tension in your pressure points even further.

Most owners have recognized this model’s superior support and pressure relief, praising its comfort, cool sleeping surface, and durability. Some have complained about its firmness or heat retention, but those drawbacks are inherent to these types of solutions, and after a period of adjustment, you shouldn’t even notice them.

All this should make this product an ideal solution for those that need to relieve some tension in their bodies. If you have problems with your back or neck, this mattress could help alleviate them. And even if you don’t have such a problem, this model should provide you with a comfortable, if a bit firm, sleeping surface.

Cool Gel 1.0 – Best Cooling Ability


  • Gel-cooled memory foam
  • 14-inch thickness
  • Knit fabric cover
  • Medium-plush feel

With memory foam’s heat retention, it isn’t really the best choice if you have warm or hot weather throughout the year. Ordinary mattresses made from this material could become unbearable, especially during warm nights.

If, however, you want or need such a model, you might want to consider getting one that is properly cooled. This one, for example, has its top layer cooled with gel. It is also air-cooled and breathable, and warm air shouldn’t have any trouble moving away from you.

It also, however, has a gel-infused support layer under the top, and that should boost its cooling abilities even further. The high-density polyfoam base should also be breathable enough to help take the warmth away from you.

Customers have overwhelmingly recognized this feature, and most of their reviews have been glowing. Some have, however, complained about its firmness and unresponsiveness, but that is to be expected of a model based on these materials.

All things considered, if you live in a warm area and still want a memory foam mattress, this gel-cooled solution should be the ideal choice. It provides a refreshing sleeping surface all while supporting your body and relieving your pressure points.

Advantage – Best Support


  • Individually wrapped coil
  • 8 inches thick
  • Quilted knit cover
  • Cushion-firm feel

While memory foam solutions sometimes have better support, they do have their disadvantages. They don’t conform to your body as fast as innerspring models, for example. And while they do support your pressure points, innerspring solutions are more responsive, and if you are a restless sleeper, they can be invaluable.

This model provides just that – its individually wrapped coils will support your body, while also negating more common drawbacks of this kind of mattress – its noisiness, and bounciness. As the springs move independently, and not in tandem, they should also be great at motion isolation.

This means that it will mold to your body, relieving the tension in your pressure points, while not squeaking every time you move. The isolation of motion should help keep your movements on your side, which should help both your significant other’s and your sleep.

Owners have recognized these features while praising its comfort, support, and durability. While some have complained about its firmness, most have thoroughly enjoyed this mattress.

This product provides a balanced solution for those that prefer innerspring models. While it is firmer, it still molds to your body, and it still supports your pressure points. And, with its approachable price point, it should be a no-brainer if you need something like this.

Image of classic brands Innerspring bed

Things to Consider Before Buying a Classic Brand Bed

Purchasing a mattress can be difficult, especially if you’re ordering over the internet. That way, you don’t get to try it before you buy it, and you don’t know whether it’s the right fit for you.

However, if you pay close attention to these several factors, the odds are, you’ll buy something you like in the end.

Material Used and Construction

This is probably the most important aspect. There is a significant difference in feel between innerspring and foam mattresses. The former is more reactive and bouncier, while the latter is better at molding to your body.

Another significant consideration is whether the materials used are natural or synthetic. If eco-friendliness is important to you, you should probably choose products made from natural materials.

Density of the Foam

Whether you’re purchasing a foam mattress or a hybrid solution, foam density can be an important factor. Generally, the denser the foam, the firmer the surface. If you sleep on your back, a firm surface can be just what you need. However, if you sleep on your side, it can make sleeping difficult.

Memory foam is a bit different in that regard. It becomes softer in contact with body heat, which should make it more efficient in molding to your body. That, in turn, makes it appropriate for both back and side sleepers.

Gel Infusion

The gel is primarily used as a cooling solution for memory foam, which is known to retain heat and can get hot after a while. Some models have a gel layer under the top to help with that. Others infuse the gel directly into the top layer, and some others use a combination of both.

If hot sleeping temperatures are something you’d wish to avoid, you could find a product that has a gel-cooled top layer, or a cooling layer directly underneath. Those can make a difference and take the heat away from you.

See more wonderful gel infused memory models here.


Breathability helps with a multitude of issues. It takes the heat away from you, thus cooling the mattress down. It also helps keep the inside ventilated, which helps prevent a buildup of dust, moisture, bacteria, mold, or other allergens.

Some mattresses have an airflow layer between the top and the base to help with that, and others have a more porous cover that helps the air leave and enter as needed. In any case, you should preferably buy a model that has some sort of ventilation.


Whether you sleep on your back or side, a mattress that supports your body is essential. If it provides excellent support, it will relieve the pressure points, which are the points of contact between you and the mattress. For back sleepers, that’s the lower back and shoulders, and for side sleepers, it’s shoulders and hips.

When the mattress relieves the pressure in those points, it reduces muscle tension, which leads to a more relaxed sleep state. That, in turn, can prevent back, shoulder, and neck pains (see amazing options here).

Other Considerations to Look For

Apart from those factors, there are further considerations you should keep in mind when buying a mattress.

Know If This Is the Right Mattress for You

It can be challenging to estimate whether the mattress will suit you without trying it first, but if you pay attention to several factors and know what you’re looking for, the search should be more straightforward. Generally, though, Classic Brands products have their pros and cons.

Their advantages are, generally, these:

  • Their price is affordable and they provide great value
  • They are more on the firm side, regardless of the type
  • They support your body more than sufficiently
  • Memory foam mattresses air out quickly
  • Cooling gel solutions for those that want a colder sleeping surface

The disadvantages generally apply to individual products:

  • Their durability has been questioned by owners
  • They can be too firm for side sleepers
  • Sometimes, they don’t decompress properly
  • Also, the smell doesn’t occasionally air out fully

Firmness and Comfort

These can be a matter of taste. Some people find firmer mattresses more comfortable, while others can’t sleep without that sinking feeling of a soft surface. Generally, those that sleep on their backs find firmer solutions more comfortable, side sleepers prefer fluffier options.

Memory foam tops can be appropriate for both, providing firmness and support, while not feeling like you’re sleeping on the floor. They can get hot, though, and if they don’t have a cooling solution, that can get uncomfortable.

Durability and Warranty

This is also an important consideration. While you can’t effectively discern how durable a product can be before purchasing it, you can consider what other owners have said about it. The most common way to do that is to read some customer reviews.

The warranty is also important. You should know how much of it is covered fully, or if some part of it is under some sort of partial coverage. That, however, should be clearly stated at the manufacturer’s website, as well as some storefronts.

Type and Size of the Mattress

The type you’d want depends on your personal taste. If you prefer the bounciness and responsiveness of innerspring solutions, you could opt for that. If, however, you prefer the sinking feeling that foam provides, some models cover that need, as well.

The size, however, should primarily be dictated by your bed frame. Whether you need a twin-sized option or a California King-sized monstrosity depends on the space you have in your bedroom and the bed you’ll put it on. Most models, however, come in several sizes, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Image of classic brands bed in bedroom

Introduction to Classic Brands Mattresses

With all that in mind, are Classic Brands mattresses any good? What are they made of? What kinds do they manufacture? Are there any benefits compared to other similar brands? This section should provide the answers to these questions, and more.

All About the Brand

Classic Brands are an American manufacturer. They are based in Baltimore, Maryland. To cover the needs of the West Coast, they also have a warehouse in Los Angeles, California. They’ve been around since 1971 when they made a name for themselves selling waterbeds.

Since 2002, they have been producing mattresses, bed frames, pillows, and other accessories. They also started manufacturing and selling models based on foam and other similar materials, and have been doing it since. Their goal is to provide a consistent level of quality at an approachable price.

Available Mattresses Under this Brand

As we’ve mentioned earlier, among a variety of sleeping accessories, Classic Brands also sell mattresses. They aren’t limited to foam-based solutions, either. They provide a selection of product types, and in this section, we will go over the main kinds.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring is the oldest type of mattresses, having been manufactured and sold for over 150 years. Before the last several decades, they were the most prevalent types, too, so if you grew up during that time, you know their bouncy feeling and cool sleeping surface.

They have their drawbacks, as well. In addition to their bounciness, they can also get noisy, and their motion isolation isn’t the best. The ones made by Classic Brands, however, are overwhelmingly made from individually packed steel coils, which help negate those disadvantages.

Cool Gel Mattress

While nowadays, cooling gel is mostly infused directly into the top foam layer, there are still products that use it exclusively as a top layer. Its primary function is to provide a cold sleeping surface, and it does it by taking the warmth away from you and expanding.

They have their limits, though, especially if they aren’t infused into the foam. They can take in only a limited amount of heat before they too become hot, thus negating their primary purpose.

More frequently, however, cooling gel is used as a layer directly below a memory foam top. That way, it only takes the heat away from the top.

Memory Foam

This is the most popular type in the last several years. Memory foam gets its name from its chief property – it becomes softer when exposed to body heat, and it returns to its original shape as it cools.

It is the most popular solution because it provides the best support for your body. It relieves the tension in your pressure points, which help alleviate the tension in your body and, in turn, leads to a more relaxed night’s sleep.

There are drawbacks, however. They aren’t as responsive as either polyfoam or innerspring models, and they are known for their heat retention. That means that, if there isn’t a cooling layer under it, it will stay warm, and sleeping on it could get hot.

Latex Foam

There are two primary types of latex foam: natural and synthetic. The natural kind comes from rubber trees and is minimally processed. They are, however, more expensive and primarily used as a top layer. They are firmer than memory foam, but still as supportive. They also don’t retain heat, which is their big advantage.

Synthetic latex is usually used either as intermediate layers between the top and base or in cheaper foldable mattresses. They aren’t as good a solution, and they can get flat after a while. As a base, good high-density latex is a reliable option. (View more latex models.)

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid models are those that have several layers of foam above an innerspring base, combining the fast response of those solutions with the comfort and support of foam. Some more basic models simply have a layer on top, but some more expensive products can have several.

The tops can be either memory foam, polyfoam, or, in the more expensive models, natural latex. The intermediate layers can include cooling gel or airflow foam. The base is usually made of individually wrapped steel coils, which help boost the motion isolation while negating some of the bounciness.

Sofa Mattress

The Classic Brands sofa mattresses are usually sold as an alternative to those that come with a fold-out sofa. They are normally made of memory foam and provide a more pleasant substitute for those that don’t find the solutions usually found in sofas as comfortable.

They can also help if you have neck or back problems and sleeping on an uncomfortable surface is out of the question.

See more great pull out sofas.

Futon Mattress

Similarly, these models are meant as a substitute for potentially uncomfortable futon mattresses. They should fit on any good standard futon size and should provide a comfortable alternative if your futon is getting soft and uncomfortable.

Most models are made from a combination of memory foam on top of an innerspring base. They should be much more comfortable than the cheap sleeping surfaces that futons provide.

Therapeutic Benefits of Classic Brands

While mattresses can’t fully heal your back or neck problems, they can help if those troubles are caused by a faulty or uncomfortable sleeping surface.

Helps with Back Pain

Whether you sleep on your back or on your side, Classic Brands mattresses should mold to your body and support it. That should, in turn, help you relax the muscles around your pressure points, which should help alleviate back, shoulder, or neck problems.

If, however, you have more serious issues, the most they could offer is some relief. A quality mattress and pillow combo should help alleviate the symptoms.

But if back pain is something you struggle with, look at our guide with back pain options.

Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic

Foam is naturally resistant to bacteria, dust, pollen, or other similar allergens. When it’s combined with a good hypoallergenic cover, it should be even safer. Fortunately, most Classic Brands models are equipped with such a combination and should provide you with a safe sleeping surface.

Helps Sleep Better

By providing great support for your body, Classic Brands mattresses can help you have a more relaxed night’s sleep. Proper reinforcement will alleviate the tension in your pressure points, which are, most frequently, your lower back, hips, or shoulders.

That should, in turn, reduce the tension in your body, allowing you to relax a bit better and enhancing the quality of your rest. That means, no more tossing and turning until you find a position comfortable enough to fall asleep.

Feel Refreshed in the Morning

With the support Classic Brands mattresses provide, your slumber should be more relaxed. That can, in itself, lead to a more restful night’s sleep. And, when you wake up from a refreshing and relaxing rest, your mind will feel better, your thoughts will be clearer, and your energy levels greater.

Rejuvenates and Relieves Pressure Points

Along with the support, Classic Brands products should also help maintain your body in an ideal position throughout the night. That means you will no longer need to toss and turn to find a perfect and relaxing pose. The mattress will shape to your body and always support it properly.

Prevent Restless Sleep

Restless sleep can be a consequence of an uncomfortable mattress. If your body isn’t properly supported, you will not be able to relax. You will try to find a more comfortable position. That can happen throughout the night.

A comfy sleeping surface should be able to curb that. A quality mattress will change to your body shape no matter which position you sleep in, always keeping your pressure points reinforced.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Warranty Terms?

While warranty coverage varies by product, most should last at least several years. Classic Brand’s policy is to direct customers to contact the place of purchase with their receipt and proof of warranty, and they’ll take it from there.

Most products have a full warranty lasting several years. Some, however, extend the full coverage only to the first couple of years. After that, they should only partially cover the costs of repair or replacement.

That’s why you should make sure what the policy is with every product you purchase. That way, you won’t be surprised if something happens.

Does It Have a Good Cooling Ability?

It depends on the model. The cooling ability should only be relevant with memory foam solutions, and those generally have some cooling built-in. Some have airflow layers between the top and base, while others have a layer of two of either cooling gel or gel-infused foam.

If you live in a generally hot area, you should look for a model that has some sort of temperature regulation, as sleeping on a memory foam surface can get hot.

See more cooling options.


While Classic Brands have been around for decades, it was only in the last 15 years that they started to diversify their offer. They manufacture and sell various sleeping accessories such as bed frames, pillows, and mattresses.

Their mattresses, while affordable, are still made of quality materials. Our selection should give you an overview of their offerings. And, if none of them suit your needs, our guide should give you more than enough information about what to look for when buying their product.

While you can’t know whether a model will suit you until it’s already on your bed, this way, you’ll at least be aware of all the things you should consider before finally deciding on a solution.

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