10 Top Rated Cheap Twin Mattresses – Our Budget Picks for 2020

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When it comes to finding the perfect bed, sprawling king mattresses often get the lion’s share of attention. As dreamy as these big, majestic beds are, we shouldn’t overlook the benefits of smaller and more compact alternatives.

Such options are needed when toddlers outgrow their cots, when young adults jet off to college dorms, or when you’re trying to save space in the cramped guest room. 

On these occasions, a cheap twin mattress comes in handy.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most affordable and best value twin mattresses on the market today. We’ve also outlined some of the things you’ll need to consider – from size to coil type to insulation – before you buy.

For more picks and additional sizing options, see our top list.

Perfect for Kids' Room

Small Product image of Linenspa
Perfect for Kids' Room
Memory Foam and Innerspring HybridClick Here for Price
Best Cooling

Tuft & Needle small product image
Tuft & Needle
Best Cooling
CertiPUR-US Certified and
Oeko-Tex 100 Certified
Click Here for Price
Best Odor Control

Small Product image of Zinus 12 inch
Best Odor Control
Green Tea Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best Pressure Relief

small product image of Best Price 6 inch
Best Price
Best Pressure Relief
Ventilated foam and
CertiPUR-US certified
Click Here for Price
Best Bed in a Box

Small Product image of Sleep Innovations 12-inch
Sleep Innovations
Best Bed in a Box
12-inch Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best for Pain Relief

Small Product image of Perfect Cloud Atlas
Perfect Cloud
Best for Pain Relief
CertiPUR-US certified and Gel-Plus Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best Durability

Small Product image of Lucid 5 Inch
Best Durability
Gel Memory FoamClick Here for Price
Best Reversible

Small Product image of Signature Sleep 10 inch
Signature Sleep
Best Reversible
High-density foame and coilClick Here for Price
Best Organic

Small Product image of Smith & Oliver
Oliver Smith
Best Organic
Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring MattressClick Here for Price
Best Motion Isolation

Small Product image of Dreamfoam Bedding
Dreamfoam Bedding
Best Motion Isolation
Comfort Foam and Innerspring HybridClick Here for Price

Our 10 "Best Deal" Twin Mattresses

Linenspa - Perfect for Kids' Room


In our opinion, the best cheap twin mattress is Linenspa.

The Linenspa Twin, Twin XL, and Full options may be perfect fits for children’s rooms. It comes in two thicknesses – eight and ten inches – which are ideal for younger, lighter sleepers who do well on firmer mattresses with less sink.

This product is made from highly comfortable memory foam, which adapts fit uniquely with your body’s contours. The medium-firm material also may help to align the spine.

This mattress is also propped up by the traditional support of an innerspring mattress.

Upon delivery, this bed arrives compressed and neatly rolled up into a compact box. This simple packaging makes it easy for you to carry upstairs or transport. The Linenspa product has an attractive knit cover finish.

For even more choices in a wider variety of sizes, see our best budget options overall.

Tuft & Needle - Best Cooling


  • Cooling design
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Oeko-Tex 100 Certified
  • Durable

The Tuft & Needle mattress uses high-grade foam that stops you from “sleeping hot.” For this reason, it’s an excellent option for hot sleepers or sticky summer nights. 

This mattress comes in Twin, Twin XL, and Full sizes. 

Many consumers have praised the easy set-up and lack of smell. Others said it was so comfortable they never wanted to get up. They felt the firmness relieved pressure for them and that motion transfer was minimal.

Zinus - Best Odor Control


  • Green tea infusion
  • Odor/bacteria reducing
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Good airflow

It’s hard enough trying to ward off stuffy smells from your bedroom. But the last thing anybody needs is a stinky mattress. That’s why Zinus’ odor control can be a lifesaver.

The product is infused with a lovely green tea scent, as well as with natural castor seed oil. These organic scents serve to keep bad odors and bacteria away. 

This product is a highly affordable twin mattress. It comes in two twin sizes: Twin and Full. It offers four different mattress thicknesses ranging from six to ten inches, so you have plenty to choose from depending on your personal preference.

Note that some owners felt the scent, while pleasant, didn’t necessarily help their sinus issues.

This mattress is a reasonably firm bed that molds to your body shape and helps to relieve pressure points. It is sturdy; while it changes in tow with your contours, it doesn’t lose its firmness or structural integrity. This resilience promotes undisturbed sleep and reduces motion transfer.

Best Price - Best Pressure Relief


  • Multiple thickness options
  • Ventilated foam
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Poly-jacquard cover

Pressure relief is vital for anybody to have an undisturbed sleep. This is why Best Price mattress, which offers a deep sleep upon personalized memory foam, may be the right option for sensitive, achy sleepers. You may be amazed at how quickly this product adjusted to their individual body’s contours.

Best Price is a particularly cheap twin mattress that comes in Twin, Twin XL, and Full sizes. It also comes in a variety of thicknesses, meaning you can easily save space with this compact model.

The Best Price bed works on a three-level system comprised of memory foam, soft foam, and high-density foam. These different layers provide support, ventilation, and essential base support. The product is quite breathable.

Sleep Innovations - Best Bed in a Box


  • Multiple cover options
  • Medium firmness
  • Pressure point relief
  • Made in the USA

Sleep Innovations – which comes in Twin and Full sizes – can be a dream to transport. Because it’s neatly rolled up and packaged, it makes for smooth delivery and unpacking. This makes purchasing your bed all the more convenient.

This bed, which offers medium-firm support, is not the cheapest twin mattress out there. However, it makes up for this in comfort and support. 

Sleep Innovations offers cooling gel memory foam at the top and a firm foam base. This means the temperature is well regulated. As well as this, high-quality foam means that sensitive pressure points, including your back, are looked after.

Many consumers have been deeply impressed by this mattress’ consistent firmness and said that it helped with backaches.

Perfect Cloud - Best for Pain Relief


  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Designed in USA
  • Gel infusion
  • Knit cover

This mid-priced twin mattress is one to consider if you’re looking to ease up on pain relief. If you wake up with your back and shoulders aching, it’s crucial to find an option that helps to relieve pressure and increase comfort. In such a case, the Perfect Cloud may be a good solution.

This bed is offered in a variety of thicknesses as well as in Twin and Full size. It is made from cozy memory foam and topped with a cooling gel. The comfortable foam molds to your body shape and releases tension from common pressure points. It is also a well-ventilated option with good airflow to regulate temperature.

Many people have complimented this bed on its comfort, pain relief, and lack of clamminess.

Additional pain relief models are here.

LUCID - Best Durability


  • Low profile
  • Cooling gel
  • Easy to move
  • CertiPUR-US certified

Considering how thin and compact this product is, the LUCID bed is a very durable, not to mention inexpensive, twin.

This lightweight model works excellently for children of all ages, including in bunk beds. As it is a low-profile five inches, it should work well in a range of frames, and you can move it with ease. Kids should have no problem getting on and off of it.

As well as this, it is well-ventilated to promote breathability and excellent airflow, meaning it is a cool option that should prevent overheating. What’s more, it comes with a hypoallergenic mattress protector.

Some people have been concerned that it just wasn’t sturdy or thick enough. This might not be ideal for those desiring extra thickness and support.

Many, however, were delighted with just how long-lasting it is. For its price, it has excellent longevity. Many claimed that after years of use, it still retained all its best qualities and that wear and tear were minimal.

Signature Sleep - Best Reversible


  • Reversible
  • Durable
  • CertiPUR-US certified

The Signature Sleep is a robust, ten-inch model comprised of strong coil support and nearly three inches of high-density foam. Even better, this support is built to last. This bed is reversible, meaning it can be turned over to preserve the structural integrity and reduce wear and tear in the long-term. 

You might expect such a versatile bed to come with a hefty price tag, but it’s a very affordable twin mattress. Durable, breathable, and comfortable: it’s hard to want more.

Many consumers have been surprised by just how comfortable this product was – they described night after night of deep, undisturbed sleep.

Oliver Smith - Best Organic


  • 15-gauge coils
  • Euro top design
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Cooling foam

In this era of sustainability, organic options for mattresses are in high demand. That’s where the Oliver Smith comes in. Its cover is made from 100% organic cotton and has supportive memory foam to boot. It comes in both Twin and Full size.

The plush organic cover is soft to the touch and non-toxic, while the memory foam below is cooling and promotes proper airflow to keep your temperature well-regulated. It also has tempered steel coils for added support.

Many customers have praised the lack of sink in this product has.

Dreamfoam Bedding - Best Motion Isolation


  • Hybrid design
  • Medium-firm feel
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Made in the USA

As the name suggests, Dreamfoam Bedding mattress may help to keep you in dreamland for longer than ever before. It helps to reduce motion transfer, which means that if you or the person you’re sharing the space with rolls around a lot, you’re less likely to wake up.

This twin comes in three twin sizes: Twin, Twin XL, and Full. It’s an affordable mattress with two medium thicknesses. High-density foam and an innerspring coil system combine to offer secure support.

This great bed in a box is straightforward to unpack and takes only a short time to decompress. Many have said the padding was excellent for masking the feel of the coils and others are impressed by how comfortable this option was, especially given the low price.

Image of twin bed with pillows

Considerations Before Purchasing An Inexpensive Twin Bed

Choose the Best Mattress Cover

A good cover will be an invaluable asset to your bed. Many are removable, and you can easily wash them. In general, keeping the cover clean is key to maintaining the bed and ensuring proper hygiene, which will contribute to the lifespan of the product. 

You should consider whether the material used in the cover is hypoallergenic, particularly if you tend to be sensitive to allergens. It is also essential to look out for fabric that promotes breathability and is adequately ventilated, especially if you are living in a warmer climate. If you prefer organic materials, you may want to opt for cotton or natural latex.

Know the Type of Material Used

Knowing what kind of material you’re looking for can make bed shopping much more manageable. Whether it’s memory foam (see cheap picks) or latex, these materials will determine the comfort, support, durability, and cost of your future mattress. 

Modern-day options are often made from foams such as memory, latex, and high-density. Several kinds of coils are also employed to provide optimum support, including continuous, encased, offset, and Bonnell. The bed will also be layered and quilted with various fabrics such as cotton, wool, or polyester. 

There are pros and cons to both synthetic and natural materials. The former may be more affordable, while the latter may be more environmentally friendly.

Pick Firmness Depending on Sleep Style and Body Type

Finding the right amount of firmness in a bed can be tricky. It depends mainly on how you sleep, and on your size and weight.

Back sleepers may require greater firmness as this contributes to increased back support and improved spinal alignment. If you’re sleeping on your back, you should avoid a lot of sink and try to keep your body on an even keel. 

Side sleepers, on the other hand, may thrive on a softer bed. A soft mattress will ensure that your body sinks lower than your head, thereby keeping your whole body well aligned.

Generally speaking, the thicker the coil, the more firm the bed. Fewer layers also result in more firmness. Many layers, on the other hand, creates softness.

Know Your Thickness Preference

Do you prefer a thick or a thin option? Both have pros and cons. Those on the market today usually range from 5 inches to 16 – quite a dramatic difference! 

Thinner mattresses often cost less, provide proper ventilation, are easier to transport, and can promote spinal alignment by preventing excess sag. Thick ones, on the other hand, can be more durable, offer greater body support, reduce motion sensitivity, and enable improved comfort. 

For children, the elderly (see wonderful options for seniors), or those with reduced mobility, a low-profile mattress can help them to climb in and out of bed.

When deciding on your preferred model, you can opt for super skinny, extra thick, or anywhere in between. Your bed frame, weight, and budget must also be factored into the decision.

Ask for Warranty

When purchasing a product as pivotal to wellbeing as a mattress, don’t forget to check the warranty. A warranty will protect you against faulty parts and structural defects. 

However, not all products are automatically covered by a warranty, which means it is imperative that you ask for one. When shopping around, check the length of different warranties offered to ensure you’re getting the best deal. 

Some of the most common issues covered by warranty are sagging, which is often caused by faulty springs, and lumps, also known as irregular bunching.

Check the Mattress Layers

Optimal comfort, support, and durability come from the interplay of many layers. The combination of materials and number of layers determines the overall quality of a bed. For this reason, it is important to check what layers a product has before you buy. 

Make sure to find out how the topmost “comfort layer” is formed, as well as the constitution of the core bottom layers. The quilting layer of a mattress, which is closest to your body, sits atop the other levels, and provides softness and extra padding. Beneath this are the middle upholstery layers, usually composed of sturdy materials such as memory foam, polyfoam, latex, and various coils. 

Many models also include a transitional layer that serves as a buffer between the top and bottom levels. This layer helps to promote insulation. 

Layers are critical to cushioning, pain relief, ventilation, and reduction of both noise and motion.

Additional Features Offered by Manufacturers

Manufacturers seeking to sell their product to you often offer extra perks to incentivize a buy. If you don’t do your research on these, you may well miss the bargain of a lifetime. 

Many manufacturers offer special features beyond the high-quality material or dependable warranty. Some beds, for example, are infused with gentle scents to ward off bad odors and maintain hygiene. Others are produced with a cooling gel that improves ventilation and temperature regulation.

Don’t forget also to check the certification. Many reputable manufacturers certify their products according to global standards, such as the Global Organic Textile Standard or CertiPUR-US.

Image of beautiful twin bed

Essential Info: What is a Twin Bed?

What are the Sizes Available for Twin Mattresses?

The word “twin” suggests two, but twin beds are also known as single beds. Apart from options for babies still sleeping in cribs, twins are the smallest – and often the cheapest – beds available on the market. 

Twin mattresses come in three different sizes: XL, youth, and standard. 

XL types come with extra length but are roughly the same width as other single beds. These are ideal for adults or in space-saving situations, such as college dorms. XL beds are usually 80 inches long and 38 inches wide.

The youth-size is perfect for younger children or tight spaces, such as a bunks or RV beds. They come in at around 66 inches long and 33 inches wide.

The final option is the standard single size. These are most suitable for adults or larger children. They can fit snugly in smaller rooms and are more compact than their king or queen-sized counterparts. They tend to measure 75 inches long and 38 inches wide.

Type of Material Used for Constructing Twin Mattress

High-Density Foam

High-density foam feels a lot tougher and more solid to touch than lower density alternatives. This foam can be excellent for adjusting to your body’s contours and relieving pressure points as you sleep. It doesn’t spring back to shape as quickly as low-density options.

Memory Foam

As the name suggests, memory foam remembers you. Over time, it molds to the shape of your body to provide extra comfort. Some memory foam has faster spring back than others. A popular choice for twins today, this foam is made mostly of polyurethane.

Latex Foam

Latex foam gets a lot of attention for being a natural, eco-friendly alternative to other materials. It’s also known for being very durable and long-lasting. Beware, however, as some latex is made synthetically – so always check the label. Another potential downside is that because it’s a natural material, it is not as cheap.


Coils are also known as springs. They are generally used in the support layer of an innerspring mattress. Both the number of coils and the kind used are integral to the comfort, durability, and support that a bed provides.

Types of coils

Marshall Coils

Marshall coils are also known as pocket springs. These coils are wrapped separately in a textile material, which together provides excellent uplifting support.

Bonnell Coils

Bonnell coils are the oldest coils out there. They make up the most straightforward innerspring formation and are a highly affordable option. They are hourglass-shaped and are usually laced through helical wire.

Continuous Coils

Continuous coils are a typical innerspring formation. These s-shaped coils are created from a single continuous line of wire and are the least expensive kind of coil. The high coil density leads to smooth support and improved sleep quality.

Offset Coils

The flexibility of offset coils means that pressure is relieved on sensitive points, and motion transfer is reduced. Offset coils come in two kinds: knotted and unknotted. The former is more stable, and the latter is springier. Due to their complexity, offset coils often cost more than other options.

Other Twin Bed Materials


Where is the insulator part of a mattress? Usually, it’s in the middle. The insulator separates the core coil system from the middle upholstery or comfort layers. It holds this upholstery in place and stops the comfort layers coming into contact with the coils.


All mattresses should have a protective cover. This helps to maintain the product over time, keeping it clean and fresh. A good cover also wards off mites and other unwanted bedbugs. Removable covers are particularly convenient for regular cleaning.


The upholstery layers of a mattress serve several functions. For the most part, they provide increased comfort and firm cushioning. The upholstery layer is made up of three parts: the insulator, the middle upholstery, and the quilt.

Middle Upholstery

The middle upholstery is one of the three upholstery layers and refers to the level between the quilt and insulator. It can be made of various foams, fibers, and other materials. Its primary role in the bed is giving comfort to the sleeper.

What's the Difference? Twin vs. Twin XL vs. Full?

There are a lot of confusing terms out there, so it’s understandable if you’re unsure of the precise differences between them. 

Firstly, a twin is the smallest size. Because it is so slight, it’s also the cheapest option on the market. A twin’s standard dimensions are 39 by 75 inches.

A Twin XL is a bigger option for taller sleepers. It’s the same width but will give you an extra five inches in length. Think tall children or growing teenagers!

As for a full size, this bed will give you an extra 15 inches width to play with, making it perfect for sleepers who toss and turn.

Know the Perfect Place to Put It


It can be tough to find a mattress small enough to fit in a compact trailer. Plus, if it’s an affordable holiday that you’re looking for, you don’t want to be forking out too much. In this case, a cheap twin will do the trick. They are lightweight, space-saving, and easy to transport.

Guest Room

If your guest room is a bit tight on space, there may not be room for a full-size double bed. Particularly if you use the guest room for some storage, a twin mattress may work better. They are also a more affordable option.

See highest rated options for guest mattresses here.

Children's Room

For kids’ rooms, twin mattresses are usually big enough. If your child is particularly tall or you’re expecting growth spurts, you can go for a twin XL. For bunk beds as well, a cheap twin will fit perfectly in the slim frame and cut double the costs.

Hotel Room

Twin beds are important features of many hotel rooms. Many double rooms come with an extra twin bed. Family rooms usually require at least one single option, too. For hotels looking to purchase beds, it’s critical to find a high-quality, low-cost twin option to keep guests happen and stick to your budget.

Adult Room

Many adult rooms need twins, too. In college dorms, for example, there often isn’t excess space for a broader option, and most students want to conserve space for their desk and bookshelf. As well as that, some adult rooms don’t have adequate space for more extensive beds, in which case a comfortable twin should do just fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Brand is Best For Adults?

Adults may thrive on different mattresses to children. Because of their height and weight, they might need slightly larger dimensions and a thicker options with extra support. 

However, that doesn’t mean they have to rule out a twin. If an adult is particularly concerned about a twin bed not being sturdy enough for them, they might opt for a Twin XL or Full bed. Which brand they choose should depend on the kind of support system they prefer, thickness, breathability, and firmness.

Can it Fit Bunk Beds and Daybeds?

Yes, a twin is an ideal option for bunk beds, daybeds, and other smaller frames. Make sure to check the dimensions of your particular frame before choosing between Twin, Twin XL or Full.

What Firmness Level is The Best?

The level of firmness you opt for in a bed should depend on your personal preferences. However, a medium-firm feel tends to suit many kinds of sleepers. Many find that soft cushions don’t provide adequate support or spinal alignment. 

However, firm beds can often be harsh on your pressure points, so don’t forget to try out many different brands before deciding.


At some point in their life, everybody needs a cheap twin mattress. They are a versatile bed that comes in various sizes, thicknesses, and many different support systems.

Whether you prefer a traditional coil system or a combination of foam materials, twins have you covered. There are also many organic, sustainable options out there if you want to be eco-friendly.

In this article, we’ve outlined some of the best affordable twins on the market today, as well as all the things you must consider before you make a purchase. Happy shopping!

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