4 Top Rated Cat (Puncture Resistant) Air Beds

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You are in search of a quality air mattress to have at your hand’s reach when accommodating guests overnight. There may well be a couple of models that seem to be a good deal. But how can you keep it safe from your lively pet cat, who is always up for scratching? 

We have some good news for you, as several brands have made their names in this field, offering a range of reliable products sold at affordable prices. In this article, we provide you with a quick guide through the top cat-proof air mattresses.

So, what do you need to know before narrowing your choices down to one of these models? We will try to give you a hand in providing relevant buyer’s guidelines and tips.

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Ideal for Travel

small product image of Intex 22 inch
Ideal for Travel
Sturdy vinylClick Here for Price
Best Heavy-duty

small product image of Lazery
Best Heavy-duty
40 air coilsClick Here for Price
Best Comfort

small product image of Etekcity
Best Comfort
A puncture-free materialClick Here for Price
Best User-friendly

small product image of SoundAsleep
SoundAsleep Dream Series
Best User-friendly
40 air coilsClick Here for Price

Our 4 Highest Rated Cat Proof Air Mattresses Reviewed

Intex - Ideal for Travel


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Higher resistance to punctures
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Easy storage and transport

In our opinion, the best cat proof air mattress is Intex. The above-average quality and high ratings of this product make it our top pick in this category.

If you are traveling far away from the comfort of your home, this popular queen-sized airbed can help you to get a good deal of sound sleep, as you enjoy its cloud-like feel. 

This quality bed will provide an excellent surface to sleep on. It is made to be durable, featuring sturdy vinyl, both on the sides and the bottom. Innovative inner vinyl beams give it a right basis, ensuring proper support. Velvety sides are more resistant to puncture, making it an optimal option for cat-owners.

The plush flocking makes its top surface easy to maintain. It is water-resistant, which will help you keep it clean at all times. Moreover, it will prevent the slipping of your bedsheets.

The inflation and deflation processes are swift and simple. It can be conveniently packed and stored, and it is particularly handy to transport.

This comfy bed stands 22’’ from the floor level. Its maximum weight capacity is 600 lbs.

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Lazery - Best Heavy-duty


  • Dual chamber construction
  • Reliable support and excellent comfort
  • Extra-firm top
  • Seven levels of firmness

If you have set your mind on finding a product that will be handy, easy to use and store, yet affordable and reliable, the Lazery Sleep 19’’ Air Mattress is a smart choice. It combines cutting-edge, innovative technology with quality materials to deliver excellent performance and ultimate durability.

If you look inside this quality product, you will find its dual-chamber design in combination with 40 air coils. Its bottom is gripped, while it features the extra-firm, puncture-proof top. They all contribute to the product’s outstanding durability, an extra sense of comfort, and the proper support it offers. Unlike many standard air mattresses, this widely-sold product keeps your spine properly aligned.

One of the most significant advantages of this inflatable bed is the option to choose your preferred firmness level. Whether it is plush comfort or extra firm, you will be able to create your personalized sleeping surface. The product incorporates a built-in electric pump and comes with an LED remote. You will have it ready to use in about 4 minutes.

Its maximum load capacity is 500 lbs. For convenient storage and transportation, it comes with a carry bag.

Etekcity - Best Comfort


  • High level of comfort
  • Extremely stable and durable
  • Puncture-proof top cover
  • Built-in pump for easy setup

Are you in search of a practical, temporary solution to sleep on, equally convenient both outdoors and inside your home? Etekcity’s air mattress offers an elegant combination of support and coziness, helping you get a lot of good night’s sleep. And the best bit of all – it is easily put away in no time, until the next occasion you may need it.

It is marked by the unique wave veins type of construction, which contributes to the reliable support it provides. At the same time, it makes a comfy environment for a pleasant sleeping experience. Many customers rate it highly due to its sturdiness and longevity.

This air mattress features a waterproof flocked top surface. That makes its maintenance rather simple. On top of it all, it is double-layered and uses a puncture-free material, which is essential for cat owners intent on purchasing this item.

To inflate it quickly and efficiently, use the built-in electric pump, and have it fully inflated in 3 to 5 minutes. This resilient bed holds up to 650 pounds.

SoundAsleep Dream Series - Best User-friendly


  • Excellent support
  • Great durability
  • Extra-durable top cover
  • Built-in electric pump

Whenever you are in need of extra sleeping space to put up a guest for the night, this quality air mattress by SoundAsleep will have you covered. Convenient and portable, it will take only a few minutes to install wherever you find it suitable. It will also offer proper support and help you relax fully.

It relies upon the ComfortCoil technology, known for its resulting durability and product reliability. A total of 40 air coils build up this model’s stability, making it equally supportive in all parts, for proper body position and sound sleep.

It features a soft-to-touch flocked top, which is also waterproof. Your bed sheets will stay in their place, as it prevents slipping. One of its vital features when cat owners are concerned, is that it is extra-thick and puncture-proof – a quality that will help your bed last for many years to come. 

Its internal high-capacity pump will inflate it fully and get ready for you to use it in about 4 minutes.

Tips When Shopping for an Unpoppable Blow-up Bed

Choose Quality Materials for Construction

Once you start your quest for a quality inflatable bed able to withstand your pet’s claws, the very first thing you ought to keep in mind is the way in which it is constructed. Equally important is the type of material used in its construction. These are the two crucial factors that will have an impact on the overall durability and performance of your new air bed. 

The most substantial proportion of items from this group of bedding products has PVC or polyester as the primary materials. Whichever type you opt for, do not forget the critical fact that the claws of your pet cat pose a severe threat to your inflatable bed. Hence, always look for products based on extra-durable, reinforced materials both on the sides and the top cover as well.

Finally, as most of these materials are actually based on chemicals, double-check the product safety. In other words, rule out the presence of any potentially hazardous substances that may put your health in danger.

image of comfortable air bed

Choose Claw Resistant Vinyl or PVC

Some materials are marked by a higher degree of durability. PVC and claw-resistant vinyl belong to this group of more resilient ones and are more certain to ensure the longevity of your new mattress.

They will give your frisky cat a harder time trying to stick her claws into your new air bed. As challenging as it may look to scratch against or jump on, these materials will most likely keep it puncture-free.

Buy a Mattress Topper

Toppers often come in handy when you need to improve the comfort of your bed. However, with a pet cat lurking around the corner at your new mattress, it can be an effective tool for protecting it from getting damaged or even worse – destroyed.

In most situations, damage to your air bed will occur as soon as the cat jumps on it – if the bed itself does not feature specially reinforced materials. A topper can be a smart solution to prevent this, as it will keep the most vulnerable part of your bed puncture-free.


You can never know what kind of issues you may experience with your air mattress, despite the fact that it has been purchased only recently. For this reason, it is advisable to pick those products covered by at least one year of warranty.

A comprehensive warranty coverage indicates the manufacturer’s certainty and confidence about the quality of their product. Make certain damage types, such as punctures, are included in the warranty as well.

Instances Where Your Cats Can Damage Your Inflatable Bed

Cat Waste

A potty-trained pet is an ideal pet – when your inflatable mattress is in question. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and mishaps of this kind are quite frequent. Kittens are more likely to pee or poop on your airbed, and this can be a serious nuisance.

The smell of feline urine can be completely unbearable. Once you feel it coming from your bed, it can make it impossible to carry on using it. To make things worse, it will probably take some time to locate the stinky spot, and it will require a great deal of effort to get rid of it successfully.

Cat's Sharp Nails

Cats are curious by nature, and they will waste no time setting out to check what your new inflatable bed is like. They are also one of the cuddliest creatures of all, which makes them one of the favorite pets. You will often find them sneaking into their owners’ beds, for endless purring and sleeping sessions.

The same behavior is to be expected once a new air mattress is set up in your room. To your air bed’s misfortune, cats’ claws are razor-sharp. Jumping and walking on it puts your bed at great risk. Punctures are often a probable outcome of feline activity taking place on or around these beds.

Constant Scratching at the Sides

Cats are crazy about scratching, and your household furniture often falls victim to this irritating habit. Even if you provide your feline pet with one of the toys specially designed to satisfy their urge to scratch, it is not a guarantee that they will not attack your newly-purchased air mattress.

Your bed’s sides are at particular risk of being pierced by your cat’s sharp claws. These scratching raids will usually happen during the night when everyone is asleep, and your beloved pet is not getting enough attention. Beds made of less durable materials will typically be unable to survive to be nearby your cat for too long.

image of cat laydown

How to Protect Your Air Mattress From Your Cat

Buy Only A Quality Air Mattress

Cats and inflatable beds are not the best combination to have around your house. However, now and then, these items will make the most practical solution for putting up overnight guests. 

To save yourself from unnecessary stress (and unforeseen expenses), make sure the air mattress you pick uses only durable, puncture-proof materials such as tight vinyl or PVC both on the top and its sides.

Store the Air Mattress Properly

Once you are done using the inflatable bed, the smartest thing to do is to deflate it, fold it up, place it in its storage bag, and put it away until the next time you need it. Keeping it inflated and left in the room can be too tempting for your inquisitive cat. To minimize the risk of your pet damaging the air bed, simply keep it out of sight.

Regular Trim Your Cat's Nails

Reproaching your feline pet every time it sticks her claws into a piece of furniture will not keep it away from your air bed. Objectively speaking, these claws will make small, almost invisible punctures in your inflatable mattress in a split of a second. In other words, every contact between these two will potentially result in tiny holes and gradual loss of air.

Your cat’s claws grow all the time, getting not only longer but sharper, too. Trimming them regularly can be a way to avoid the issues mentioned above. Several cat nail clippers available on the market can facilitate the trimming process considerably, making it safe and painless.

Clean Urination or Feces Right Away

Keeping your air bed clean at all times is imperative. If your cat pees or poops on it, this situation requires immediate action. The most efficient way of dealing with this situation is to clean the mattress when inflated to its maximum. Water, adequate liquid soap, and bleach should be used to wash the bedding item thoroughly. 

Before using the bed again, make sure it is completely dry – either out in the sun or in a well-ventilated room.

No Cats on the Bed

Some cats can be incredibly affectionate and will literally jump at every opportunity to be by your side. When you sleep, they may cuddle comfortably next to you, and your bed will usually become a favorite spot in your home. Some lower-quality products will simply not be able to stay puncture-free, with your pet spending quite a lot of time in it.

So, what are you supposed to do to keep your cat’s claws off your air mattress? The answer that, according to many, makes the most sense would be to keep your cat away from it.

Not allowing your kitty to spend the nights in your bedroom can be rather stressful for both of you. However, if that is the way to save your air mattress from getting pierced and losing shape, it is probably not too high a price to pay.

Make sure your cat has no access to the room where the new sleeping surface is placed. Keep the room door closed at all times, and the problem is likely to be avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Best Sat Proof Mattress Protector?

A mattress that is not cat-proof is much more in danger of getting damaged by your cat. If the material it is made of is not strong enough, punctures are likely to occur on its top or sides sooner or later.

If you have been exploring various options of how to make your bed resistant to punctures, you have probably considered the idea of buying one of the mattress protectors.

These can be effective if you tuck your bed up carefully from all sides. However, it will take some time to figure out which available products are the most worthwhile.

For all these reasons, getting a cat-proof air bed in the first place seems to be the most optimal solution. Yet, when, for some reason, it is not possible, a quality protector may well be your bed’s lifesaver.

Can Dogs Sleep on An Air Mattress?

Dogs also make popular pets and are present in a vast number of homes nowadays. Should dog owners keep an eye on their pets, preventing them from damaging a newly purchased air mattress?

Dogs enjoy sleeping on this type of bed. It is the result of a great sense of comfort they offer. In some cases, it can be extremely beneficial for your dog or even bring some pain relief in dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, for example.

Items made of thinner, less sturdy materials are far more prone to get pierced by your pup’s claws (or teeth). Consequently, with a pet canine in your house, more resilient, puncture-proof units will present an adequate choice.

Can I Use These Brands for Camping?

Many of us are thrilled by the idea of going camping and spending several nights out under the starry sky. With an inflatable bed as part of our camping gear, the overall experience will most likely be unforgettable. How can we be sure our sleeping surface will remain undamaged when used outdoors?

If you own a cat-proof product, you can be more relaxed when using it on a camping trip, provided it is waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. These items are known to be far sturdier than their standard counterparts, owing to stronger materials and reinforced construction they are based on.

As a result, uneven surfaces with potentially dangerous things such as sharp stones, branches, thorns and so on will usually not cause any significant problems.


Owning a pet cat is a wonderful experience, and this is what all cat lovers will agree on. Yet, having in mind your pet’s playful, or sometimes even naughty, nature calls for certain adjustments you are to make around your house. Choosing a proper air bed is one of the things that require particular attention.

Keeping your cat away from your newly purchased piece is almost a mission impossible. You are thus left with no choice but to go for one of the cat-proof items available on the market.

These durable products stand much higher chances of surviving the presence of your feline pet and the impact of her super-sharp claws. To make the best pick and the value for your money, buy an item made of extra sturdy materials, constructed to withstand this type of contact.

You will be able to enjoy the high level of comfort and a good night’s sleep, with your furry little friend nestled cozily right by your side.

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