5 Highest Rated Mattresses for Bunk Beds

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Getting a new mattress (or two!) for your bunk bed should be no different from any other type of product, right? Well, this is a common misconception, as there are some additional factors to consider. 

We have already identified these essential considerations to be made by doing a lot of research and analyzing customers’ reviews. So, let us give you a hand in picking the best mattresses for bunk beds.

In addition to being practical and space-saving, these pieces can make a comfortable and pleasant sleeping environment. All you need to do is combine them with a good quality mattress of suitable size, type, and thickness.

Our list of best picks is definitely a proper starting point for your search. 

If you want to explore other types as well, have a look at our list of top mattresses overall.

Best in Support

Small Product image of Lucid 5 Inch
Best in Support
Dual-layered structureClick Here for Price
Best Hybrid

Small Product image of Linenspa
Best Hybrid
Hybrid technologyClick Here for Price
Most Comfortable

small product image of Best Price 6 inch
Best Price Mattress
Most Comfortable
Adjustable memory-foam topClick Here for Price
Ideal for Any Position

small product image of Nectar Gel
Ideal for Any Position
Several different types of foamClick Here for Price
Best Reversible

Small Product image of Signature Sleep Coil 8
Signature Sleep
Best Reversible
7 inch innerspring systemClick Here for Price

Top 5 Mattresses for Bunk Beds Reviewed

LUCID - Best in Support


  • Dual-layered structure
  • Pressure relief
  • CertiPUR-US certificate

In our opinion, the best bunk bed mattress is Lucid.

Outstanding features and countless positive reviews by customers led us to choose LUCID 5″ memory foam model as the best pick for supportive bunk beds. This quality product has all that it takes to turn your sleeping experience into a relaxing and ultimately pleasant time.

This dual-layered item incorporates two types of materials to deliver maximum performance. Its 4″ base foam of high density provides firm support and distribution of weight. Another inch of gel-infused memory foam creates a cozy and conforming surface that cuddles your body gently. Together they considerably reduce the pressure from critical body parts, making your nights pain-free and restful.

The safety of this product is one of its manufacturer’s priorities. That is why it holds the CertiPUR-US certificate, which confirms that no harmful chemicals are used in the product. It will suit allergy-sufferers in particular since it is resistant to dust mites.

LUCID memory foam mattress gets delivered to your door in a practical package; it is easy to lift and can be set up in just a few minutes.

Linenspa - Best Hybrid


  • Hybrid technology
  • Sturdy innerspring support
  • Comfy memory foam top
  • Excellent breathability

We all know how significant the role of proper support is when you are sleeping. At the same time, its level of comfort is another essential feature all of us desire. This hybrid model by Linenspa does not neglect any of the two but combines them successfully to ensure plenty of good quality sleep. 

The core of this 8″ mattress integrates the traditional system of inner coils, each made of tempered steel for reliable support. Your body weight will be distributed evenly, with the medium-firm feel appealing to lots of sleepers. To keep you cuddled and reduce the level of pressure in the neck, shoulders or hips, the soft memory foam layer generates the feeling of ultimate comfort.

The hybrid technology results in a highly breathable product, which is suitable to everyone with a natural tendency to sleep hot. Its beautiful knit cover adds an extra sense of softness to the product. Convenient packaging and simple set up will save you precious time and effort.

View more top rated hybrid beds here.

Best Price Mattress - Most Comfortable


  • Good support to the body
  • Pressure-relieving layer
  • Adjustable memory-foam top
  • CertiPUR-US certificate

Unless your bed makes a highly comfortable sleeping environment, you may not be able to rest fully and regain your energy for the upcoming day. For this reason, the experts at Best Price Mattress joined forces to design a product that will be cozy and enjoyable to sleep on. This 6″ version integrates three levels of foam to deliver the best performance.

Its base layer consists of high-density foam, responsible for ensuring the proper type of support. The middle section features a 2″ thick layer of breathable, pressure relieving materials, which takes away a considerable amount of pressure a lower-quality version puts on your shoulders and hips. To generate a feeling of coziness and conformity, a 1″ memory foam piece is placed on top of it.

Owing to its comfort, support, and suitable thickness, Best Price Mattress makes a smart choice for any bunk bed. The jacquard cover adds an extra sense of softness. Tested for content, durability, and emissions, it holds the CertiPUR-US certificate and marked as a safe product for you to use.

Nectar - Ideal for Any Position


  • Excellent support
  • High level of comfort
  • Cooling features and breathability
  • Suits all types of sleepers

None of our sleeping preferences are the same, as we all have our little sleeping rituals and favorite positions. But what we all have in common are high expectations when it comes to the level of comfort and type of support. This mattress by Nectar caters to the varying needs of all kinds of sleepers.

It makes use of several different types of foam, each featuring a specific set of characteristics, wrapped in a soft cooling cover. These include a durable base layer, adaptive memory foam, gel-infused foam, and quilted memory foam. Together they create a sleeping surface that will hold your body firmly, address the issue of aching body parts, keep you cool throughout the night, and contour around your body. 

What else is there to ask for in a bed? All of its elements have been tested for safety and rule out the use of potentially harmful chemicals. Its convenient package and easy set up are just another item on the list of its positive characteristics.

Signature Sleep - Best Reversible


  • 7″ innerspring system
  • High-density comfortable foam
  • Support and pressure relief
  • Can be reversed

High sales figures prove the quality and popularity of this reversible mattress by Signature Sleep. It combines the features of innerspring technology and high-density foam, resulting in the feeling of firm support, topped by a cozy foam layer. This model will help you sleep tight, free from disturbance, and in an optimal position.

The 7″ tight 15 gauge steel coils maintain the even distribution of your body weight. Each is encased individually and isolates motion successfully, for an undisturbed sleeping experience. A high-density foam layer is placed both on the bottom and the top side, to neutralize the coil firmness and increase the level of comfort.

The longevity of this product increases considerably, owing to the fact that you can reverse it occasionally, preventing it from getting worn out too soon. The product also adheres to the standards of flammability and makes a safe environment to sleep in.

image of bed for boy and bed for girl

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Bunk or Loft Mattress


The good news is that most of these options are more affordable (our top selection of best overall budget beds here), so you will not have to spend a fortune and will yet be able to get a quality product. It is not so surprising, keeping in mind that the majority of them come in a smaller size (check our top rated cheap twin beds) and are not among the thickest models. 

However, some items from this group can require a considerable amount of money. These are usually high-end models, which include materials such as latex, organic textiles, memory foam infused with cooling gel, and so on.

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Cooling Features

Sleeping in a bed that retains most of your body heat usually turns into an unpleasant experience. It often leads to excessive sweating, tossing and turning, and a high degree of discomfort overall. If you tend to sleep warm, pay particular attention to this matter when choosing a new product to buy. 

Some beds make better sleeping environments when the issue of temperature regulation is concerned. That largely depends on the types of material used and the design itself. Those known for their powerful cooling features usually incorporate natural materials such as latex or organic cotton and bamboo. Copper and gel-infused ones also deal with the issue of overheating successfully. 

In terms of construction, innerspring bed systems feature a great ability to disperse excessive heat, so you do not usually face this problem when sleeping in one of these.

To see our top picks for best cooling mattresses, check our guide!


Always make yourself familiar with what the maximum load capacity of your bunk bed is. You certainly do not want to purchase a model which is too heavy, thus raising the issue of safety. The capacities of the upper and the lower bunk differ, and typically amount to 200 lb. for the former, and up to 500 lb. for the latter.

You also must not forget that the specified capacity refers to the total weight including both the mattress and the sleeper. The weight of a standard twin-sized versions can vary considerably, so you should always check this feature carefully before making your purchase.

Memory foam mattresses typically tend to be lighter, whereas hybrid systems integrating the steel inner coils usually weigh significantly more.

Squeaks and Sounds

When sleeping in a bunk bed, you want your mattress to be entirely silent. But more importantly – you want the other one to behave in the same way, too.

Being woken up by the constant creaking and squeaking sounds can be terribly stressful. It is thus worth taking some time to find a bed that will remain soundless. 

Memory foam and latex options will make an optimal solution to light sleepers. Innerspring systems featuring individually pocketed and encased coils also have a low noise-making potential.


It is one of the crucial characteristics you need to consider before hitting the stores or shopping online. When it comes to bunk beds and the mattress thickness, there are certain limitations you should not neglect.

Safety of these pieces of furniture is one of the major concerns you should keep in mind. To keep the sleeper on the top level protected, they typically include guard rails. These will prevent a sleeper from falling off the upper section and getting hurt. 

Low-profile, or thin mattresses make the most optimal solution for these frames, especially their upper levels. If a mattress is too high, the rails will be of no use. To play it safe, go for those models which do not exceed 9″. But always check the frame specifications.

Mattress Size

The largest proportion of bunk beds nowadays is designed to fit three standard types of mattresses. These include the Twin (38″ × 75″), Twin XL (38″ x 80″ ) and in some cases the Full size (53″ x 75″) versions.

One section of these beds can comfortably accommodate one person, whether it may be a child or an adult. The larger versions, i.e., full-sized ones, can sleep two people, provided that they do not need a lot of space to sleep well.


It is advisable to try to find a mattress with a satisfactory durability level, as nobody wants to invest in a new one after just a couple of years. An item of average quality will typically last for about seven years or so before it starts showing the signs of severe wearing out. 

When we talk about bunk beds, their shelf life may be somewhat shorter. Parents of children who are going through a period of intensive growth should consider replacing the old ones even sooner.

Motion Isolation

We often get disturbed during the night when our partner moves right next to us That can be rather irritating and results from the inability of our mattress to isolate, or at least minimize, the transfer of motion.

In the case of bunk beds, it is possible to experience the same type of disturbance coming from the level above or beneath you. 

Several quality models available on the market deal effectively with this issue. They successfully confine the motion effect to a single section of the bed, so that it is not felt elsewhere. As a result, even if your partner is going through a restless night, you will remain undisturbed on your side. 

Types of products known for their ability to isolate motion are memory foam and latex ones. Individually pocketed and encased innerspring systems neutralize motion better than the traditional spring structures.

Conforms and Relieves Pressure Points

Feeling pain in your neck, shoulders, hips, and back is an awful way to start your day. But like it or not, this is what a lot of people go through on a daily basis. In many cases, this condition can easily be blamed on the type of surface they sleep on, as it fails to provide the right type of support and comfort our body needs.

Fortunately, plenty of models today offer just the right type of support and enable the proper spine alignment (check out different options in our top orthopedic beds guide), with a surprisingly high level of comfort as well. They usually combine materials such as various types of memory foam or latex. These are marked by a high degree of adjustability and conform to the shape of your body.

Cuddled cozily, with a lot of pressure relieved from critical body parts, you will soon start to feel the benefits of sleeping on one of such models.

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image of four beds

Which Type of Beds Are Used?


Some bunks are designed to sleep more than one person per bed. One such type is the so-called Twin-Over-Full, whose construction includes a full-size model in the lower level, and a twin-size upper level. They are comfortable and spacious enough for a maximum of three people and should use an adequate type of mattress.


As their name suggests, these are joined at a right angle, and the shape they form resembles the letter L. To get into the upper bed, sometimes the steps or a ladder are required. 

When it comes to the size of mattresses that fit these pieces, the upper section always goes with a twin mattress. The lower one, on the other hand, may require either a twin of a full-size mattress.


Some recent versions of bunks offer even more than their older counterparts in terms of space-saving and practicality. Trundle beds feature two traditional sections placed one above the other. Their special addition includes the third sleeping space, included in the drawer beneath the lower section.

Besides being able to accommodate more people, they make a convenient solution for rooms without too much floor space.


Futon bunks are designed to serve a double purpose. Their upper section provides a twin-sized sleeping space. It is placed above the lower part, which has a dual purpose. 

It can easily be converted into a loveseat or a futon, thus providing a place to sit or lounge. Dorms and teenagers’ rooms are often furnished with one of these pieces.

View our top futon mattress picks.

Triple Loft

These consist of three twin-sized beds arranged in a particular way. Namely, there are typically two upper levels which are joined to form an L shape. Beneath these two, there is another sleeping surface placed under one of the two pieces, with some empty space left on the other side.


There are three beds, usually of twin size, combined to form triple bunks. In most of the versions, these are placed one on top of the other, making a considerably taller structure.

In some cases, however, two of them can be joined one next to the other, with a smaller upper-level surface installed above them.

Standard Loft

A standard loft model will accommodate one sleeper on a sleeping area placed above an open space. The area beneath the bed is commonly used as work or study corner and is typically found in students’ dorms. Moreover, since it is minimally 40″ tall, it is rather convenient for storing things.


It is what probably comes first to our mind when bunk beds are in question. What constitutes their standard version are two twin-sized models, one placed on top of the other. 

The majority of them can also be separated and used as two individual items. They present one of the most practical solutions to rooms lacking in space.

Some general characteristics of different bunk bed types:

Triple Loft
Number of Sleepers2 sleepers1 sleeper3 sleepers3 sleepers
Mattresses Needed2 Twin-size mattresses1 Twin-size mattress3 Twin-size mattresses3 Twin-size mattresses
StructureTheir structure is based on stacked bedsThey are based on an elevated bed structureTheir structure is based on stacked bedsTheir structure is based on both stacked and elevated beds

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Mattress Height is The Best for a Bunk Bed?

What mattress height is the best for a bunk bed?

Higher models are usually thought of as being more comfortable. Yet, when picking the best option for your bunk, be somewhat cautious about its height. 

You certainly do not want to end up bumping your head against the upper section because your mattress is too high. Or even worse – imagine rolling off your top bed in the middle of the night, because your high mattress makes the guard rails useless. 

The recommended height of a proper mattress should not exceed 9″.

Which Mattress Type is The Best?

In our opinion, it’s the Lucid.

But, essentially, these pieces are like any other type, and it is a matter of our personal choice when it comes to the best mattress. Sleeping styles vary to such a great extent that it is extremely hard to label a single type as absolutely superior.

Take some time to figure out what works best for you. Our list of suggestions can come in handy for sure.


Your bed is your haven, and nothing should deprive you of good quality sleep. The first step to creating an ideal environment to sleep in is picking an adequate mattress.

Bunks are no different from any other sort whatsoever. With a couple of important features you need to take into consideration, they can offer the proper type of rest and rejuvenating sleep.

Before you make your purchase and have your new mattress delivered to your door, make sure it fits your bed in terms of size, height, weight, and type of surface. With all the boxes checked, get ready to enjoy many nights and wake up energized every single morning.

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