8 Top Rated Bed Foundations for 2020 – Which One Fits Your Mattress?

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You have spent a fortune trying to find the perfect mattress for your bed. Still, you don’t seem to get enough of good night’s sleep you need so desperately. What if the problem lies in your bed foundation, which is not providing the right type of support?

Finding the best bed foundation may not be as easy as you think. As a matter of fact, it can take some time to figure out which one will cater to your needs most efficiently.

So, what are the features of a good foundation that you should consider before you hit the store?

A wide array of available options is only making this task more complicated. For this reason, we have come up with a list of characteristics you should pay particular attention to, hoping it will help you bring the sleepless nights to an end.

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Easy to Assemble

Small Zinus Shawn product image
Zinus Shawn
Easy to Assemble
SteelClick Here for Price
Best Noise-free

Small Product image of AmazonBasics Metal Platform
Best Noise-free
SteelClick Here for Price
Best Anti-Slip

Small Product image of Olee Sleep
Olee Sleep
Best Anti-Slip
SteelClick Here for Price
Great for Average Weight Users

Small Product image of Simple Houseware
Simple Houseware
Great for Average Weight Users
Steel Click Here for Price
Best Foldable

Small Product image of LUCID Metal Platform
Best Foldable
MetalClick Here for Price
Perfect for Kids

Small Product image of SimLife
Perfect for Kids
MetalClick Here for Price
Best Smart Base

Small Product image of Night Therapy
Night Therapy
Best Smart Base
MetalClick Here for Price
Best in Support

Small Product image of eLuxurySupply
Best in Support
American PineClick Here for Price
Best Easy Storage

Small Product image of GIME
Best Easy Storage
MetalClick Here for Price
Most Heavy Duty

Small 45Min Product image
Most Heavy Duty
Steel SlatClick Here for Price

8 Highest Rated Mattress Foundations Reviewed

Zinus Shawn - Easy to Assemble


  • Strong metal frame
  • SmartBase support
  • Noise-free
  • Good value for money

In our opinion, the best bed foundation is the Zinus Shawn.

Simplicity and sturdiness are the best words which describe this modern-style bed foundation. It is extremely easy to assemble, and you can have it ready for use in a blink of an eye. 

A durable metal frame, in combination with the SmartBase, will provide a solid support for any mattress you choose. It will prevent sagging and extend its lifespan considerably. With its base positioned at 14’’ above the floor level, it leaves plenty of room underneath to use as storage space.

It comes in several different sizes and is stable due to the position of its legs. Each of them has a plastic cap, to prevent any damage to your floor. It is constructed in a way which makes it easy to fold too, adding to its convenience when it comes to storage. This noise-free piece will allow you to relax and regain your energy by getting a lot of peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

AmazonBasics - Best Noise-free


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and stable frame
  • Makes no noise
  • Convenient storage space underneath

If you are in search of a metal platform base which is both practical and quiet, AmazonBasics foldable bed frame is the right pick. This sturdy, yet lightweight foundation will provide strong support to your favorite mattress, contributing to a great sleeping experience. 

It features an enduring metal frame, with a top coat of glossy black paint. Six legs ensure the proper level of stability, and the rows of wires hold the mattress in place. It requires no box spring either.  

Even if you tend to sleep more restlessly, there will be no loud, squealing sounds typical of certain related products. Plenty of space to store your things under the bed is available, too. When not in use, folding it up and putting away will require minimum effort. 

It comes in several sizes and can hold up to 250 lbs of weight.

Olee Sleep - Best Anti-Slip


  • Anti-slip frame
  • Extremely durable
  • No box spring needed
  • Modern design

You want your mattress set firmly in place while you are sleeping, but some bases simply fail to do so. This heavy-duty foundation by Olee Sleep fixes this irritating issue.

It features a super-strong steel frame, offering a great deal of both stability and durability. It encloses the mattress from all sides, keeping it in one position. At the same time, the system of steel slats provides reliable support. It will not make noise even if you tend to turn from side to side frequently during the night. 

Its contemporary design is a beautiful addition to modern living spaces. Plus, it is possible to install a headboard, too. It is not necessary to use a box spring with this base, and it will only take a short amount of time to assemble. 

With 15’’ of height, it will leave you with a lot of room underneath to put your stuff away.

Simple Houseware - Great for Average Weight Users


  • Lightweight, but durable
  • Suitable for individuals of average eight
  • Allows for good storage space
  • Easy to install

If you are in search of a substitute for a traditional bed frame, this compact and practical foundation by Simple Houseware might be just what you need. It will provide reliable support for the mattress you prefer, and does not call for a box spring.

The rectangular metal frame, available in a couple of sizes, rests upon six legs which keep it stable and positioned in one place. It features a wire mesh which holds the mattress firmly. This type of bed base will be ideal for individuals of average body weight

Elevated 14’’ above the floor, it leaves an abundance of space underneath. It can be a convenient solution as a spare bed, kids and teens’ rooms, as well as students dorms. 

It is lightweight and can be assembled in a couple of steps, without investing too much effort.

LUCID - Best Foldable


  • Easily foldable and convenient for storage
  • Extremely strong
  • Supports any mattress
  • Great weight capacity

The foldable bed platform by Lucid combines both endurance and practicality in this outstanding mattress foundation. It serves as a reliable and firm base for any kind of mattress that may suit you – including latex, innerspring, or memory foam ones.

As a result of its sturdiness and a strong latticework, there is no need to use a box spring underneath the mattress. Welded cylinders increase its weight-holding capacity substantially – it can withstand a load of up to 2000 pounds.

Once it is delivered to your door, you are only required to install a few bolts, unfold the frame, and your foundation is ready to use. Putting it away in storage is equally simple. When unfolded, it will enable you to use a significant volume of storage space underneath to keep your boxes, clothes, or bed linen out of the way.

SimLife - Perfect for Kids


  • Contemporary design
  • Firm and stable
  • Adjustable position of steel slats
  • Simple assembly
  • Plenty of under-the-bed storage space

Liven up your kids’ bedroom with this modern-looking metal bed frame manufactured by SimLife. This sturdy piece of furniture will add it a special touch of elegance. It will offer reliable support to any type of chosen mattress, keeping it in place for the peaceful sleep.

It is very durable, as a result of heavy-duty metal construction. Steel slats support the mattress firmly. Plus, you can adjust them to meet your preferences for an ultimate sleeping experience. A central beam increases its stability and resilience.

If you pick this frame, you will not need a box spring to place under the mattress. 12.7″ of height under the bed enables you to stow an abundance of things away. Sleepers of average weight will experience the highest level of comfort with this foundation.

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Night Therapy - Best Smart Base


  • Easy assembly
  • Extra durability
  • Great weight capacity
  • Storage space underneath

The construction of Night Therapy Foundation SmartBase makes it a good quality substitute for traditional bed frames and a reliable sleeping option. It includes headboard and footboard brackets and also comes with a fitting white bed skirt, placed under the mattress.

Its durable frame made of steel, combined with a wire base, holds any mattress firmly, guaranteeing a high level of comfort and proper weight distribution. It eliminates the need for a box spring, too. This platform is marked by an excellent level of stability and will contribute to a rejuvenating sleeping experience.

The assembly of this reliable product is quick and straightforward, as it requires no tools. Once it is set up, it will leave plenty of storage space underneath for you to make use of. 

You can always count on its endurance, as it has been tested to withstand up to 2400 lbs.

eLuxurySupply - Best in Support


  • Strong wooden frame
  • Durable pressed wood slats
  • Great design
  • Easy assembly

This beautiful wood frame by eLuxurySupply incorporates both classiness and reliability. Assembled without tools in only a couple of minutes, it will bring a touch of luxury into your bedroom, for an ultimate sleeping experience.

The frame comes in king size, its dimensions being 81.5″ × 77.75″ × 13.5″. It is made of North American Pine, which makes it even more appealing to those in favor of natural materials. It is available in several stains, including walnut, almond and gray barn wood. Each one is protected by a finishing layer of a Protective Clear Coat.

The frame features a high level of endurance and ensures solid support to your mattress, without the need for a boxspring. Wooden slats placed at 3″ make an ideal base for memory foam mattresses, keeping them firmly in place. Proudly made in the USA, it adds a new sense of coziness to your home.

GIME - Best Easy Storage


  • Nice and compact design
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Adjustable slats
  • Good storage space underneath

Modern and compact design of this bed frame will be a perfect fit for small rooms, too tiny to accommodate traditional bulky ones. Your kids or teens should love it, as it will help them sleep peacefully and comfortably.

It is constructed out of strong tubular metal and supported by a total of six legs for better stability. The headboard and footboard are integrated into the frame. 

Metal slats are used to hold the mattress of any kind – innerspring, memory foam or latex. The slats can be curved downwards and adjusted to your own preference. A central beam increases the durability of the frame, which can hold up to 350 lbs.

With 11″ of clearance space underneath, it ensures plenty of storage room – convenient to put away boxes, toys, old clothes. It can be assembled in a few steps in less than an hour.

45Min - Most Heavy Duty


  • Reinforced steel frame
  • Extreme durability
  • Anti-slip system 
  • Storage space underneath

If you expect your bed frame to provide extra sturdiness and stability, go for this outstanding foundation by 45Min. Its reinforced steel is 2.4″ thick, making it stronger than most similar products on the market. Seven legs build up its stability as well. 

Its metal slats provide excellent support to any mattress you prefer, and there is no need for a boxspring. It encloses the mattress from all sides, preventing it from slipping and moving while you are sleeping. The frame has a headboard option, too.

Elevated 14″ above the floor level, it enables you to store plenty of your stuff underneath. The frame will remain silent even if you tend to turn from side to side in your sleep. The tested weight limit goes up to 3500 lbs, and comes in several sizes.

The product is delivered with a simple assembly kit, and can be completed in several easy steps.

Image of bed foundation parts

Key Features to Consider When Buying Bed Foundation


Bed foundations come in different sizes. Depending on the manufacturer, these usually include Twin, Full, King, or Queen, with some specific variations. It is essential to determine which one would be the best fit for you, having in mind the size of your bedroom. You don’t want a bulky frame which will always be in the way in your tiny room.

Moreover, if you have already picked the mattress that offers the best sleeping experience, make sure its size matches the one of a frame, for maximum stability and firm support.

Wooden Slats

Quite a few bed foundations feature wooden slats as the support for the mattress. These have several advantages, as they are sturdy yet lightweight. They add extra durability and are usually easy to install.

Wooden slats are positioned in a way to allow plenty of airflow, as there is a several inches gap between each of them. That is very important for temperature regulation. Plus, they will keep the mattress in place, as they are less slippery compared to metal bars. They will also cause no sagging and will increase its life-span.

Life-span and Warranties

You want your bed to remain in good shape for many years. That is more likely to be the case if you opt for a quality foundation, featuring a high level of durability and stability. The one made up of stronger materials such as steel or hardwood by renowned manufacturers will probably last longer compared to budget ones.

Warranty is usually one of the decisive factors when picking a product from this group. The warranty period varies across manufacturers. They typically allow for a testing period as well or make it possible to replace a faulty part. Customer support services are a regular practice nowadays, too.


Buying a bed base is a long-term investment.  For this reason, you need to make sure you pick the optimal dimensions to fit your room easily.  More importantly, it has to match the size of your mattress. There are several standard dimensions,  with some specialty ones also available in stores.

Standard frame dimensions include the following: Twin (35″×75″), Full (54″×75″), Queen ( 60″×80″) and King (76″×80″).  With some makes, it is also possible to find Twin XL (39 “×80”) and California King ( 72 “×84”).

Weight Capacity

Not all frames feature the same weight resistance. Quite the contrary – their capacity can vary considerably when different makes are in question. You have to keep this factor in mind, as you do not want your bed to fall apart or snap under your weight.

Manufacturers typically provide the information on weight testing and recommend the maximum load for their product. Hence, some foundations will be more suitable for kids or adults of average weight. On the other hand, certain reinforced, high-quality pieces can withstand as many as incredible 3500 lbs of weight.


Most foundations feature three basic elements: the frame,  several legs, and a mattress-supporting base. Their methods of construction and the choice of materials vary, having an overall impact on the product sturdiness and its life-span.

Some models include certain extras, which either come with the product in its basic version or can be purchased additionally. Headboards and footboards are an example of these additional elements. Bed skirts are parts of some foundation sets, too. In some models, special plastic caps are supplied to prevent any damage to the floor surface as well.

As an ultimate luxury, some models are adjustable and even come with a remote control.

Style and Design

Your bedroom is a special place, and you certainly want to make it as appealing and cozy as possible. The bed, as its centerpiece, give it that precious feeling of being your haven. That is why the style and design of your bed foundation can make a real difference. 

A broad palette of choices is there for you – from simple, compact designs in the minimalist style, to those more rustic and massive ones. Some may have added features such as canopy, or be with or without storage options. Take some time to figure out what is it that will blend in your space perfectly, providing you with good quality sleep in the first place.

Image of metal bed frame design


You don’t have money to burn, so you want your investment to be a smart one. With such a large number of makes and prices, how can you be sure what the best buy is?

Though it is not always the case, you can expect better quality products to cost more than the basic ones. It is the material and construction style that determine the price ranges of different types of bed foundations. Leather and wooden ones are likely to cost considerably more than those made of metal. 

Unlike some budget models which can be purchased at only a couple of dozen dollars, luxury ones reach the figures of $2000 or slightly more. However, you can obtain a decent piece, paying between $200-500.

Materials and How it’s Made

You are probably more in favor of certain types of materials and are likely to base your choice of bed foundation on the kind of material it is made of. They are generally made of metal, wood, leather, or fabric and can reflect various styles of construction. 

Each of these has its specific characteristics and can affect the quality of a product. Properties such as durability, firmness, stability, and longevity are also closely related to the type of material and construction style. All these will be the starting point in deciding on the most optimal combination that will cater to all of your needs.

Constructing and Deconstructing

Have you ever been faced with what seemed to be an impossible task of putting a piece of furniture together? Well, you definitely do not want your new bed foundation to be one of those backbreaking and nerve-wracking endeavors. That is why most manufacturers make an effort to come up with pieces which are easy to assemble and deconstruct.

Once it gets delivered to your door, a frame should not take too long to unpack and put together. In most cases, it takes only a few minutes and requires no tools at all. Some of the packages include a simple assembly kit. You may need to fasten several bolts and wingnuts or put slats in their position. 

Occasionally, some teamwork is advisable, as it can be too hard for a single person to do all the work.

Type of Mattress

The combination of a proper frame and an adequate mattress will be the key to your sound, rejuvenating sleep. This is why you have to opt for a bed foundation that will provide the best support for your favorite mattress. Since there is a wide array of them available in stores, it is the best idea to check out manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the type of support a mattress requires for the maximum performance.

For example, an optimal base platform for a memory foam mattress should be firm and sturdy, such as the slatted ones. It should also be strong enough to withstand the weight of large-sized mattresses, too.

Type of Bed Foundations

Leather and Fabric

These can be found in many homes today, as people seem to like their combination of softness and sturdiness. They add a feeling of warmth to your bedroom and are available in plenty of colors and patterns. Velvet is the most common type of fabric used in bed frames.

Faux leather, an artificial material easy to maintain, is also trendy, as a result of its classy look. Bed frames made of these two materials may not be as heavy-duty as the metal or wooden ones. Due to their larger size, you might find it a bit more challenging to move them around, too.

Slatted Bed

It is a standard solution for providing strong support for your mattress, utilized in a large number of foundations nowadays. Slatted beds are known for their endurance and reliability, as they make an excellent base and enable proper distribution of body weight.

Slats are easy to install, and they keep the mattress in good shape, preventing damages and deterioration. Another reason many choose this option is an excellent level of airflow they allow for.

Solid Platform Bed

Some contemporary bed foundations come with solid platforms, which may have both pros and cons.

On the positive side, they provide strong support to the mattress, require no box spring and can be used with mattresses of different dimensions. There is often some storage space (see top storage beds) provided under these platforms. 

However, some people may find them too firm, as they diminish the quality of their sleep. Since the whole lower surface of a mattress is covered up by such bases, they tend to retain moisture and build up allergens, due to poor airflow.

Metal Platform Base

Metal Platform Bases are widely used as a part of bed foundations. The primary reason for this is their sturdiness and firm support for any type of mattress. Although they can withstand a lot of weight, they are not heavy themselves.

No particular skill or strength is required for assembling or disassembling them, which is another positive feature. The most common downside stated by customers is the fact that some tend to be a bit slippery and do not keep the mattress firmly in place.

Wooden Bed Foundation

Wooden bed foundations are a synonym for elegance and sophistication. Whichever style you are in favor of – modern or more traditional – you will be able to find a desired piece relatively easy. Wooden beds give your room a sense of warmth and serenity – creating an ideal environment for relaxation and peaceful rest.

Oak and pine are the most common types of wood used for bed frames. They are marked by high endurance and stability. However, to get all this, you should be prepared to pay more than for other related products.

Adjustable Bed Frame

If you want your bed to offer more than a regular foundation does – you should definitely go for one of the adjustable frames available on the market. In this way – you can customize your bed fully to your preference, and enjoy hours of comfy lounging or energizing sleep. 

These products can be of great use for people with various health issues, as they contribute to considerable pain and pressure relief. With top-class models equipped with remote control, you literally have to lift a finger and find the perfect position for maximum comfort.

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Metal Bed Foundation

You have always liked sleek and elegant-looking metal beds you have seen on the pages of magazines. If you haven’t already gotten one yourself, you should consider one these endurable, but simple minimalist solutions.

Metal foundations feature great sturdiness, owing to their resistant metal frames. Most of them can be folded quickly and are easy to store or move around. Easy assembly makes them additionally attractive. 

Metal bed foundations are available in a vast number of models, from basic, budget ones, to high-quality pieces with added features for a better sleeping experience overall.

Box Spring

A box spring is another type of platform used underneath some mattresses. It can be placed either on the bed foundation, or the floor. Its frame,  made either of wood or metal, is covered in material. In the past, they used to contain springs, which is not the case in most models today.

A box spring comes in several sizes compatible with standard mattresses. They make adequate support for almost all types, but it is always advisable to check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Bunkie Board

Your old bed platform may have lost some of its sturdiness over time, but you have just purchased a brand new memory foam mattress. To make sure it gets the proper kind support and to prevent any damage to it, a bunkie board may be the best way to fix this problem. 

Bunkie boards are wooden or metal flat surfaces that are used to reinforce old box springs or bed foundations. They add extra durability and are particularly convenient to be used in bunk beds.

Why Invest in a Good Foundation for Mattress

Better Airflow

Your mattress absorbs your sweat and body heat while you are sleeping. You certainly don’t want them to stay there forever.  That is why a good foundation needs to allow your mattress to breathe – i.e., enable a sufficient amount of airflow. 

If this is the case, it will retain no moisture or potential allergens which can be a real drag. It will regulate the temperature much more efficiently, too.


Sleeping on the floor can indeed be charming, but it is not the best idea when hygiene is concerned. It is advisable to keep your mattress clean by elevating it above the floor level. Getting a sturdy frame is a right way to fix this issue. 

By doing so, the cover of your mattress won’t have to be changed and washed so frequently. At the same time, you will sleep at a safe distance from all the dust or mold. It is of particular importance for people who tend to develop various kinds of allergies.

Additional Height

You may not mind sleeping with your model placed on the floor. But most people will admit they find it pretty hard to get in and out of bed at such a low level. If you want to do something about it, simply pick a good bed foundation. It will elevate your sleeping surface considerably, from 11″ to as much as 16″.

The vast majority of nightstands match the approximate height of standard beds, too. That can be another reason why you should consider investing in a good foundation.

Additional Weight

Don’t be surprised if your mattress changes its position while you are sleeping. If it is not fixed in its place firmly enough, it can have a detrimental effect on the quality of your sleep. To avoid such inconvenience, a good quality foundation can help you overcome this situation. 

A sturdy frame will add extra weight to your bed, and help keep it in place. This added stability will help you sleep comfortably and without frustrating interruptions.

Additional Support and Assurance of a Strong Foundation

Some foundations are too flimsy, and they prevent you from relaxing completely. They tend to loosen over time, become noisy, and do not provide you with a feeling of stability and comfort you desire.

Strong and top-quality ones, on the other hand, are very reliable and enduring and will stay motionless no matter how restlessly you may sleep. This strong support and assurance are what many customers value the most.

Helps Mattress Keep its Form and Shape

Your mattress needs the support of a quality foundation if you expect it to last for many years. This is a fact you must  remember – the synergy of the two will result in a much longer life-span of your bed.

Unless supported properly, mattresses tend to sag and lose their shape. Sleeping night after night on such a surface is no one’s idea of fun. It can cause severe pain in the upper and lower back, and deprive you of the precious sleep you need so badly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Type for Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses (especially top gel memory foam mattresses) are on the heavier side if compared with innerspring ones. To get the maximum performance and fully enjoy its high level of comfort, it is essential to pair it with an adequate foundation. 

An adequate foundation has to be sturdy, stable, and strong enough to hold the mattress weight. Manufacturers often recommend wooden slatted or metal bases as the best options.

A box spring is also one of the options, provided that it is new or in really good shape. Handling your mattress in a reckless way can lead to it getting damaged, and eventually – useless.

Is a Split Foundation Better?

Both options have their pros and cons, and several factors influence the choice of the better one. It is true that buying a split foundation has proved as a better solution in some situations.

Split foundations are easier to handle, carry, and maneuver,  so if you tend to move places frequently, it is reasonable to go for one of these. Moreover, there is extra weight added by each piece, giving the bed a higher level of stability.

Finally, each individual piece is much more lightweight, making it considerably easy to carry, assemble, or deconstruct.

What Sturdy Bed Frame Brand is Best for Active Couples?

Sleeping may not be the first thing active couples have in mind when we talk about beds. Yet, a bed can sometimes be a great source of frustration – with all the noises and sagging of a shaky old bed frame.

So, how can you pick the one that will not get in the way of your love-making? Simply – pay attention to the following features. Go for a sturdy, extra-strong foundation that will offer strong support for the added weight of a couple. It needs to be both responsive and spacious enough. Finally, an ideal frame will be quiet and rule out all those distracting sounds.

Take a look at amazing options for couples.


Stressful and hectic lifestyles call for a good deal of rest on a daily basis. It is vital for you to regain your energy and strength for the upcoming day. Your bed is where these important activities take place.

A quality bed foundation is an integral part of a comfy bed. In combination with a mattress you prefer, it creates a perfect symbiosis, helping you to wake up rejuvenated and fresh.

Solid and reliable foundations provide substantial support and stability, extend the life-span of your mattress, and enrich your home interior. So make sure you invest enough time and energy in finding the best pick for you. Your body and mind will feel all the benefits of your smart choice.

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