7 Best Rated Inflatable Air Beds Reviewed for 2020

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Maybe you really love the outdoors but need some extra comfort at night. Or perhaps you’d love a solution for visiting guests. There are many options to choose from to accommodate your needs.

Fortunately, air mattresses have come a long way and you can get a pretty comfortable solution for an affordable price. That should provide more support as you sleep, helping you get better rest.

This guide will give an overview of top-rated air mattresses so that you can at least know what to look for. We’ll also provide you with more than enough information to help you understand the choice and know what to look for.

And for a more permanent solution, take a look at our top mattresses page.

Best Eco-friendly

King Koil small product image
King Koil
Best Eco-friendly
Coil supportClick Here for Price
Most Comfortable

small product image of Intex 22 inch
Most Comfortable
Strengthened with polyester fibersClick Here for Price
Best Skid-free

small product image of OlarHike
Best Skid-free
Inner air coilsClick Here for Price
Best Waterproof

small product image of SoundAsleep
Best Waterproof
Air coils reinforce the topClick Here for Price
Best Support

small Product image of BAYKA
Best Support
Built-in pillowClick Here for Price
Best Luxury

small product image of Cumbor
Best Luxury
Flocked topClick Here for Price
Ideal for Camping

small product image of NXONE
Ideal for Camping
40 air coilsClick Here for Price

Our 7 Inflatable Bed Reviews

King Koil – Best Eco-friendly


  • Coil support
  • Built-in pump
  • 2-minute inflation
  • Twin, Queen, or Cali King sizes
  • Black or beige colors

In our opinion, the best air mattress is King Koil.

If you’re the type to take your air mattress outdoors, you’ll probably want something eco-friendly. This King Koil model is made of such material, its flocked PVC top and bottom should cause no disturbances when in nature.

The layers should be more difficult to puncture, which should help boost its durability, especially when used outdoors. It is also waterproof, so you shouldn’t worry about getting it wet when camping. As it’s 20 inches thick, it should provide enough distance from the ground, as well.

To make sure that it supports you properly, air coils throughout the middle provide additional reinforcement and help maintain the integrity of the surface. And, with a built-in pump, it should be fully inflated and ready in under two minutes.

Overall, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution, you should consider this mattress. It will provide a solid sleeping surface, one that should correctly support your body regardless of your sleeping position. And when not camping, you can use it as an extra bed when needed.

Intex – Most Comfortable


  • Flocked surface
  • Strengthened with polyester fibers
  • Built-in pump
  • Queen size
  • Inflates in under 5 minutes

Those searching for the most comfortable air mattress should look at this great Intex model. It is reinforced with polyester fibers to strengthen it and boost its support, while its top is softly flocked to make the surface even more comfortable.

The fibers should also make the whole much more stable and supportive, as well. They’ll also increase its durability, and they also help keep its weight down. 

Its built-in pump should have it inflated in several minutes, and it should help you maintain constant pressure inside. That should also help keep the surface as firm as you need it to be throughout the night. And, if you find it too firm or too soft, you can adjust it until you find a level you enjoy.

As it is a 22 inches thick queen-sized option, it should provide you or your guests with plenty of space, regardless of how long you intend on using it. While it won’t be quite as comfortable as a traditional bed, it should come close enough to make you forget that you’re sleeping on an inflatable mattress.

OlarHike – Best Skid-free


  • Skid-free top and bottom
  • Inner air coils
  • Twin or queen size
  • Built-in pump
  • 18-inch thickness

A large drawback of cheaper air mattresses is their instability. Their surfaces can be too smooth, which can be a problem if you put sheets on them. They can also have problems remaining in place throughout the night.

This OlarHike model should have that problem under control with its skid-free top and bottom. The top is flocked to help keep the sheets in place, while the bottom is reinforced to help keep it in place. That way, it will stay in place even when you’re getting up, making the whole experience much easier.

The pump is built-in and should help maintain the pressure for several days. If you find it too soft or too firm, you can easily adjust it until it is comfortable enough. Most owner reviews have, in fact, praised its stability and comfort.

This model should provide a well-balanced solution for those that are looking for an extra bed but don’t have that much space. It should provide an extra sleeping surface that is almost as stable and comfortable as a traditional bed but at a fraction of the cost.

SoundAsleep – Best Waterproof


  • Flocked top
  • Air coils reinforce the top
  • Built-in pump
  • 7 inches thick
  • Twin, Twin XL, Queen, or King sizes

If you’re looking for a waterproof inflatable mattress, this SoundAsleep model should cover your needs. Apart from being resistant to water, its top is also flocked and reinforced to make it more comfortable. That should also keep the linen in place during the night.

To further boost the comfort, the middle is reinforced with air coils. That will provide additional support for your body while you sleep on it, keeping you in a correct position and helping prevent any aches and pains that may arise from an uncomfortable surface.

And, as this model is queen-sized, if that’s too large for you, it also comes in Twin and Twin-XL sizes. If, however, you need more space, it is also available in King size, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Apart from that, this is a waterproof air mattress that should also be resistant to scratches and punctures, which should help it remain inflated for longer periods. And, should it ever deflate a bit, you could turn the built-in pump on for a few seconds, and the problem is fixed.

BAYKA – Best Support


  • Built-in pillow
  • Built-in pump
  • 18 inches tall
  • Pink or dark brown colors
  • Twin or Queen size

Support can be crucial, especially on airbeds. Traditionally, this was their weak point. They didn’t maintain your body in a correct position, and after a while, you’d start to feel it. Fortunately, this Bayka mattress provides a level of support that is comparable to traditional beds.

Its air coils should help keep your body in a proper position, which should also increase the quality of your sleep. And, because it supports your body correctly, you should awaken feeling refreshed and rested, almost as much as if you slept on a proper bed.

Its top is flocked, which should make it more comfortable, and its reinforcement should help it remain puncture-free longer. It also has a built-in pillow to help maintain your posture regardless of your sleeping position.

While nothing can replace a proper bed, if you or your guests must sleep on an air mattress, it should be one that can keep your bodies properly propped up in a proper position. That way, everybody will sleep better, and there shouldn’t be any neck or back problems.

Cumbor – Best Luxury


  • Flocked top
  • Built-in pump
  • 18 inches tall
  • Grey or black colors
  • Twin or Queen size

If you want the most lavish inflatable mattress, this Cumbor model should fit that bill. It is a luxurious 18-inch airbed that should provide most of the comforts of a traditional bed. Like most modern inflatables, it uses air coils to reinforce the middle and keep it from sagging under your weight.

With improved support that it provides, your body should remain in a correct position regardless of how you like to sleep. That way, it should relieve the tension and help you relax better. And, with a more relaxed night’s sleep, you’re sure to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Its top is flocked to make it even more comfortable, and its bottom is slip-proof, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting up. Its pump is built-in and it should inflate it in several minutes, and it also includes a handy compartment for the cable, making it extra tidy.

So, if you want the best inflatable mattress, this one should provide you with more than enough comfort. It will support your body correctly throughout the night, and you can adjust its firmness simply by inflating or deflating it to an appropriate level.

NXONE – Ideal for Camping


  • Flocked top
  • 40 air coils
  • Built-in pump
  • 18-inch height
  • Twin or Queen size

When you’re looking for an airbed that can double as a sleeping surface when camping, there are several factors you need to consider. It should be waterproof, more durable, with a reinforced bottom, and if you don’t have electricity, it should have an alternative means of inflation.

This NXONE model provides just that. It is reinforced on the top and bottom, while air coils strengthen the middle enough to correctly support your body while you sleep. The bottom is also slid-proof, which should help it remain in place.

The reinforcement should also keep it free of punctures, making it safe for use outdoors. With its 18 inches of thickness, it should remain as inflated longer. And, if you’re in the wilderness without access to electricity, it has a valve that you can use with any standard pump.

While it may be too bulky for smaller tents, you could use it if your tent has enough space or if you plan to sleep outside. It also comes in Twin size for those without space. Otherwise, it should be a safe choice if you intend to use it on your camping trips.

image of mom and daughter jumping on bed

Ways to Choose a Quality Blow Up Mattress

When you’re choosing the right airbed, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind. This section will cover the basics, which should tell you what to look for and how to make the final decision.

Choose the Right Size

Size can be the most important factor. You have to know what you’ll be using it for. If you plan to use your air mattress as an extra bed for your guests, you should know how much extra space you have. That way, you won’t order a queen-sized model only to find out you don’t have a place for it.

While they don’t take up much space when they’re deflated, you need to know how big the extra space is before making a final decision. A Twin-sized model could be the safest choice in that case, as it won’t take up too much space, and you’ll still be able to place an additional person.

If, however, you plan to use it when camping, you need to know how big your tent is. Some models are also taller than others, and an 18-inch queen-sized solution won’t fit into most tents, no matter how spacious they may be.

Choose the Right Type of Air Bed

This is another aspect you need to be clear on when buying an airbed. You need to know what type you need. If you need something that you’ll use only occasionally, when you need an extra sleeping surface (like a good floor mattress), you could buy a raised mattress.

Most models are above 15 inches, some even going above 20, which should be as tall as a traditional bed. Best of all, those also don’t take up too much space when deflated, and you can simply put them away until the next need arises.

You could also buy a convertible air mattress, one which can double as an extra piece of furniture, such as a sofa. That way, you have extra seating when you need it for a movie night, for example.

There are also self-inflating mattresses, and most raised airbeds come with a built-in pump. In that case, it should be inflated after several minutes.

Choose the Right Thickness & Comfort Level

This choice comes down to a delicate balance. Thicker models are usually more comfortable, but they take up much more space. They can take longer to inflate and deflate as well. They also retain air much longer than thinner models, which means they’ll provide better support.

Thinner models, on the other hand, are much more versatile. You can use them in more situations, for example, camping or traveling. They’ll fit into most tents without problems, and they are much more comfortable than sleeping on the floor.

They don’t, however, retain air as good as their thicker counterparts. You could start the night fully supported by air, only to awaken to a deflated mess and aching back. They also mostly don’t have a built-in pump, so you’ll have to own one to inflate them.

Check Warranty Coverage & Customer Support

This is also a vital consideration, especially if you’re buying a self-inflating model. Those have a pump built-in, and it could be important to know that you have some sort of coverage if that pump gives out.

You also need to pay attention to the finer details. Some offer limited coverage after a while, offering to cover only a part of the costs of repairs. Others don’t cover punctures, while some won’t accept mechanical errors on the pump. Some could also have other requirements, such as no stains or punctures before accepting the warranty.

That’s why you should read the conditions about the coverage before buying it. If you can’t find it on the store page, they could be hidden on the manufacturer’s website, so you should do some research before settling on an option.

Cheaper models usually have a shorter warranty, about a year or two. More expensive options offer more, some even over five years.

image of couple on air bed

Other Factors to Consider Before Shopping

Apart from these, there are several other factors you should consider before you make a final choice. While these aren’t as important as the others, they can still help you narrow your list further.

Use the Right Pump

Whether your chosen model comes with a pump could be significant. Some more expensive options have it built-in, while others have it as a separate unit. Cheaper models could come without one, leaving you to either use a hand or foot pump or buy a separate electric solution that could further set you back.

This can be significant for several reasons. Hand or foot pumps usually take a long time to fully inflate an airbed, especially if it’s on the thicker end. It could take you an hour or more to achieve the desired firmness, too. And in the case that it loses some pressure during the night, you could be looking at more pumping.

Those that come with a separate pump can be a bit better, but it can be a chore to set up during the night. They could be noisier, as well. That’s why you should preferably buy one with a built-in solution, as that can be easier to work with. It should fully inflate or deflate within several minutes, and if you need additional pressure, you could turn it on for several seconds.

Consider Your Pets (Dogs or Cats)

If you have a cat or a dog, you could buy an airbed that is further reinforced and puncture-resistant (see top cat models). Whether they mean it or not, your pets could damage it during the night, and you could wake up all stiff and sore, sleeping on a fully deflated mattress.

You should also consider whether your pet shares your bed. While cats usually don’t add much weight, dogs can get heavy, especially if you have a large breed. Most airbeds have a maximum weight they can take without losing support, so you should consider that as well.

Even if you don’t have pets, if your guests do, you could be forced to consider these factors. So, if you think you might need something heavier or more reinforced, there are such models. Some come with reinforcements to their tops and bottoms, while others offer more on the sides, as well.

Capacity to Hold Air

Usually, this means that you need to consider how much air needs to go into your chosen model before it becomes firm enough. This should mostly be a factor if you’re looking for something without a pump. After all, it could be vital to know how much you’ll spend pumping before the bed is ready.

This isn’t referring only to its capacity, though. It also signifies how well the airbed keeps the air you pump in. Smaller models usually don’t hold as much air, and if they don’t retain air well, you could find yourself on a deflated mattress in the middle of the night.

That’s where the larger models have a distinct advantage – they take longer to deflate. While they won’t be as comfortable, you should at least be safe and somewhat supported throughout the night.

Some more expensive models are further reinforced in the seams, and they can hold the air in them for several days. Similarly, those that have a pump built-in could easily be inflated to an optimal level, even during the night.

Your Budget

This is another factor that you need to carefully balance. Sure, you can buy something more expensive that will last much longer, but after a certain price-point, you’ll start receiving diminishing returns.

You should also keep in mind that an airbed is meant for occasional use and that it could wear down sooner if you sleep on it all the time. If you need something that can withstand more consistent use, you are going to have to pay for it. If you buy a cheaper model for that, you’ll only end up replacing them frequently, which could end up costing more in the long run.

If your needs aren’t that big, you could buy something cheaper. If a queen-sized 20-inch option won’t fit into your tent, you could buy something smaller and cheaper, and it could serve you just as well as a more expensive model might.

So, you should set a budget based on the durability and features that you need, and then try to find the right model within that range.

Reasons Why You Need an Air Mattress

You may be wondering, do you even need an airbed? Maybe you already have a foldable mattress in case somebody needs to sleep over. Maybe your sofa pulls out into an extra bed. Why would you need something that seems so flimsy and unstable?

This section will give you several advantages inflatables have, which should also answer these questions.

Perfect for Guests

When you need to accommodate your guests, you’ll want them sleeping on something comfortable, even if it is only for several days. You don’t know their special considerations – maybe they have back problems, and sleeping on your couch could make things worse.

While you could also use a folding beds, those take up much more space when folded, and they can be heavier. Similarly, while being more comfortable, rollaway beds are much bulkier and heavier, and they can be a pain to store.

Airbeds are a solid alternative in this case. When deflated, they don’t take up too much space and they’re easy to put away. And even if you already have a rollaway bed for your guests, you could buy an airbed for the times you need to accommodate more people.

Perfect for Camping & Travel

When you’re traveling, you don’t have many options. You could sleep in a motel, but if you’d rather save the money, and you have space in the back of your car, airbeds can provide a comfortable and supportive surface for your rest.

And while you could also use a portable mattress for that purpose, they are bigger and bulkier, and they take up more space, so if that’s a rare commodity, an inflatable solution could be the best. Many low-profile models could be perfect for this purpose.

Similarly, if you’re tired of sleeping on the ground when camping, you could place an inflatable mattress under your sleeping bag to drastically improve your rest. As with travel options, you’ll probably be better off with a low-profile model that can fit into your tent.

Can Relieve Back Pain

If you have back problems, you probably shouldn’t sleep on the floor when camping, and your backseat could probably make things much worse. In those cases, an airbed could be just what you need. It should support your body much better than a sofa.

Most modern solutions use air coils to improve the support of the middle, which means your body will remain in a proper position. That should, in turn, reduce the tension and help you get a more relaxed night’s sleep while giving your body enough time to heal.

Some more expensive models also come with a layer of latex or foam on top. That should further boost the support inflatables provide, and if you have no other options, they could prevent your back problems from worsening.

View the top back pain relieving mattresses.

Comfortable Mattress

While airbeds usually aren’t as comfortable as traditional solutions, they still support your body correctly and can be a solid alternative. Some people, in fact, prefer the experience of sleeping on an inflatable mattress.

Even though the experience could be jarring at first, once you adjust to it, you could find yourself enjoying the experience. The feeling is a bit different than with traditional beds, but if you have back or neck problems (see top pain picks here), you could find the type of support this provides much more accommodating.

And since it doesn’t take up much space when it’s deflated, you could buy one as an alternative. That could prove to be valuable if you can’t sleep on your usual bed for whatever reason. For example, you could find yourself having trouble sleeping, and simply changing the surface could help alleviate the problem. Airbeds could be ideal for that purpose.


While firmness can also be a matter of taste, it is important to consider that most foldable mattresses use firmer foams, primarily because of their limited thickness.

Side sleepers and those that prefer softer sleeping surfaces may need to look for alternatives. Some toppers can be placed on them to soften the sleeping experience. They are an inexpensive way to make your mattress softer.

Protective Cover

As we’ve mentioned, airbeds are light and take up very little space when deflated. With that in mind, you could take it with you when you go on a trip, especially if you’re unsure about sleeping arrangements.

They could be more comfortable than motel beds, and if you find yourself far from one, you could also use it in your car. You can take them camping, where they could dramatically help your sleeping experience.

You can also put them away when they aren’t needed, and they don’t take up too much space on your shelf. That means that they’re much easier to store, especially when compared to rollaway or folding beds, which can get bulky and heavy.

Tips on How to Care for Your Air Mattress

In case you’re worried about the durability of your airbed, you should know there are several steps you could take to make it last longer.

This section will cover the basic maintenance tips to help you get the most out of your inflatable mattress.

Inspect the Mattress

This doesn’t only mean you need to inspect it when it first arrives. Before each use, you should spread it out on the floor and check if there are any signs of trouble. First and foremost, that includes punctures or scratches, but there are several other things you should check for, as well.

It could happen that, while in storage, insects found their way into the package. They could drastically reduce its lifetime, so you need to make sure there are no signs of them. Also, mold could develop if your storage space isn’t as dry, like, for example, your basement.

Use Toppers or Blankets

By using a protective layer between yourself and the mattress top, you could help it remain intact longer. For one, it should dramatically reduce the wear and tear of the PVC, which could prevent punctures in the top layer.

Beddings also help by keeping your dead skin cells and sweat away from the surface, and they can be the additional protective layer against your pets.

Keep Away from Pointy Objects

Before you inflate it, you should check the surrounding area. Look for anything that could puncture, scratch, or otherwise damage your airbed. That could mean anything from pebbles or branches on the floor, as well as any sources of heat, whether that’s a campfire, or your radiator or fireplace. That should also prevent damage and wear to the PVC, which should increase its lifetime.

Filling the Right Amount of Air

If you overinflate it, you place additional stress on its seams, which could start to leak in time. When you don’t inflate it enough, you put its structure under stress. That’s why you always need to inflate it to just the right level.

And, should it lose some firmness in the night, you should make sure that it remains at the right level by turning on the pump for several seconds. That should help it remain intact longer.

Clean it

Before you deflate and store it, you need to clean it first. That way, you’ll remove all the dirt and potential problems, and you’ll prevent bacteria or mold from developing while it is stored. You should also make sure that it’s completely dry before packing it, as that could reduce its longevity.

Proper Storage

If you store it properly, its lifetime should dramatically increase. Make sure that it’s fully deflated before you fold it, and when you do, make sure that you do it neatly, as that will reduce its strain when stored.

Then, place it in a container and store it in a place that isn’t too hot or too cold, and that you can easily reach when you need to.

Quality Checks

To make sure that it remains intact as long as possible, you need to check on it occasionally. You should take it out of its container and spread it, inspecting it for weird smells or signs of damage. Then, once you find no problems, you can store it once again.

That way, you won’t get any surprises when you actually need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe For Everyday Or Long-term Use?

While they aren’t meant as long-term solutions, you could still use your airbed as a primary sleeping surface. You should be aware that your neck or back could start to ache, or you could wake up stiff. They also aren’t as supportive as traditional beds, and they lose air frequently. However, if you inflate them regularly, they should provide enough comfort.

Are These Comfortable For Guests?

That primarily depends on your guests’ sleeping preferences. Airbeds do have a distinct advantage, though. They could be appropriate for those that prefer something firmer or softer, and adjusting its stiffness should be as easy as inflating or deflating it until it’s ideal. Traditional beds don’t have that option.

Are There Brands With a Headboard?

Yes, but they’re generally more expensive, they take up more space, and they’re heavier and more difficult to store.

Are Air Mattresses Durable?

It depends. Cheaper PVC models usually aren’t as durable, especially if you use them while camping or on uneven surfaces. That increases its strain and can dramatically reduce its lifespan. More expensive models made from better materials such as rubber, and with better stitches generally should last longer even with heavy use.

Are These Ideal for Sleepers Who Are Heavy?

They can be, but it depends on the model. Those with a lower profile usually aren’t as effective as their thicker counterparts, as they can lose their air more quickly. Most thicker models can withstand around 600 pounds, so you should be safe on them.

You can always check out our guide to brands for heavier people.


While inflatables aren’t as comfortable as traditional beds, they can still provide a comfortable sleeping surface. They aren’t as uncomfortable as they used to be, and their middles are regularly reinforced with coils or PVC fibers. That means you’ll no longer sink into them.

Whether you’re planning on getting an extra bed, or you need something for your camping trips, airbeds could be an ideal solution. They don’t take up too much space when they’re not needed and they’re easy to set up and pack.

Any of our chosen models should provide you or your guests with plenty of comforts. And, if you’re still unsure about them, our buying guide should give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

That way, you won’t find yourself without a bed if the need arises.

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